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Otherworldly Evil Monarch - Chapter 516


Chapter 516

"What is this thing?"Old Man Jun tightly grabbed the bottle in the palm of his hands as he asked . He knew that his grandson wouldn't give him some ordinary item . Therefore, it wasn't necessary for him to know the facts of the matter beforehand . And so, he took the bottle first .

"This is the Vitality Linkage Pill,"Jun Mo Xie replied in a mysterious manner, "Taking one pill can increase the speed of the Xuan Qi's flow in your meridians by three times . "

"Can this supplement genuinely speed-up the Xuan Qi flow by three times? Is it such a legendary thing?"Old Man Jun's eyes suddenly opened wide .

"It does… in theory…"Jun Mo Xie scratched his head .

"…how is it possible? This kind of thing exists on this earth!?"Old Man Jun was thoroughly astonished . In fact, he was so shocked that he couldn't even think of anything .

"You should find a place to absorb its efficacy . Take the Solitary Falcon along for safety . There are two pills in this;one for each of you . Give him the second one when you're finished consuming the first one . It should be enough to act as compensation for keeping guard . After all, we obviously can't order him around like a servant of the family,"Jun Mo Xie suggested .

"Ok, I will go at once!"Old Man Jun stared at him, "You Little Bastard, why didn't you give this amazing thing to me earlier as your filial piety if you had it with you? I could've put up a great and powerful show in last night's fight! Ah, that would've been a great fight! When would I get such great chance again?"

Jun Mo Xie's head started to sweat, "No, I couldn't dare to give you this earlier . In fact, merely listening to your words has given me a scare . Its fortunate that I didn't give you this pill yesterday night… Otherwise, you would've gotten yourself finished like a flash sale if you had gone up to fight… That man was even stronger than the Great Master Level . So, even a three-fold increase in the speed of your Xuan Qi wouldn't have been enough…"

"That's disgraceful! What nonsense are you spewing? You think your grandfather can't handle himself?"Old Man Jun got agitated! Old Man Jun knew perfectly-well that it was needless to mention about the prospect of him facing-off against Huang Tai Yang . But, Jun Mo Xie had mentioned it out aloud . And, this had injured Old Man Jun's self-esteem to some extent . After all, his damned grandson had laid his failings bare…

Jun Mo Xie cried out in fear, and disappeared with a 'whooshing'sound!

Old Man Jun ferociously spat on the ground, and said, "You damned thing! You ought to know who you're talking to;I'm your grandfather… . . "He then went ahead to look for Solitary Falcon in excitement…

The rest was rather simple to explain . The two excited old men animatedly went to find a secret place in order to upgrade their strengths…

The people from the Illusory Ocean of Blood didn't come knocking on their door for the several days that followed . The people from the Silver Blizzard City didn't show up either . And, Tian Xiang's royal family showed no signs of movement as per usual . Therefore, Jun Mo Xie sensed that the situation of restlessness had temporarily settled down . So, he felt happy about it, and decided to immerse himself in his work . However, he didn't spend much time in his alchemic work . Instead, he mostly put his efforts in trying to allure the beautiful women with his supposedly 'romantic'talks . But, his obscenities were met with cold shoulders . And, he was left to feel very dejected as a result…

However, the Magnificent Jewel Hall's people visited several times during these days . But, Mu Xue Tong and Han Yan Meng had been hidden by the Jun Family in an efficient manner . Therefore, they weren't able to discover those two . And so, they had no choice but to bid farewell and leave . Moreover, the Jun Family was no longer the kind of force the Magnificent Jewel Hall could roll between their fingers at a moment's thought . So, how could they have dared to act rashly?

Princess Ling Meng had also visited several times in order to meet Ye Gu Han . But, she never met Jun Mo Xie . However, Guan Qing Han told Jun Mo Xie that Princess Ling Meng lost a lot of weight . She had also become very silent, and her face had seemingly become layered with worries . In fact, she had seemed very different from before . She used to be good friends with Dugu Xiao Yi and Sun Xiao Mei . But, she hadn't been interacting with these two women of late for reasons unknown . . .

Jun Mo Xie mere frowned when he heard about it . However, he didn't take it seriously, and returned to his work .

Little Girl Dugu Xiao Yi obviously couldn't abstain from running to the Jun Family's residence from time to time . However, the little girl's eyeballs would inevitably seem to be dripping-wet when she'd come over to see Guan Qing Han . She would general have three to five different questions for Guan Qing Han . But, those questions would always revolve around the same topic . For instance… [Did you cook it yesterday?] Guan Qing Han would usually be left to flush with anger at the end of it…

This had made it rather obvious that the little girl's evil intentions hadn't subsided yet;she was still wishing for an opportunity to cook rice .

Jun Wu Yi's state of mind had undergone a sudden and drastic change . Even his facial features had also transformed rather heavily . He was particularly active these days . He had personally taken charge of Jun Family's affairs . He had even prepared a list of people who were to be invited in the adoption ceremony .

Fatty Tang was also busy with the intensive preparations for the auction . And, it could be estimated that it would happen in a day or two . . .

However, something happened suddenly this morning . In fact, it was an unexpected and huge event!

This event had even aroused extensive attention from all the influential families of the capital . Even the Xuan Families which had come from far-away places were left stunned by this! And, that was because this matter had once again been related to the most trending talk of the capital — Third Young Master Jun!

This incident happened at the south gate of Tian Xiang's capital . And, the other party involved was the Second Prince's well-known companion from the Cheng Family… Young Master Cheng — Cheng De Cao! This incident wouldn't have been a big deal if this was everything there had been to the matter . But, the worse had come to worst . But, he had also brought the Second Prince along with him over this matter…

It was no secret that someone was bringing large quantities of herbs to the Tian Xiang City from the Southern Heaven City . In fact, Tian Xiang City's medicine tycoons and merchants had been waiting for this with their sleeves rolled up for action . News had been coming over from time-to-time regarding this shipment of herbs . And, it was being said that this batch of herbs even contained millennium-old ginsengs, top-notch vermillion fruits, tri-colored mushrooms, and many other rarely-seen and precious herbs . Moreover, figwort roots, purple zoysia vines, unwitherable flowers, water nephrites, and many more of such treasures were also said to present therein . This much would've still been fine . But, the real terror lay in the fact that each of the herbs in this batch was legendary in its own merit!

These herbs were items which had existed in the legends . However, they had only seemed illusionary to anyone who had tried to look for them . They were said to exist, but remained absent nonetheless . In fact, it was said that they could an individual immortal…

That 'Immortality'part was obviously an over-exaggeration of facts . But, they could certainly grant a longer lifespan!

However, the things that had only existed in the legends were finally materializing before people's people's eyes . Moreover, their quantity wasn't very less either . How could this news not excite the hearts of people? Everyone's senses had been battered by a frightening wave of self-interest . And, they had obviously overlooked some basic things in their greed… Such as… Who owned these herbs? What kind of a background would such a person or party have?

Young Master Cheng — Cheng De Cao obviously presented this "good news"to the Second Prince the moment he received it . After all, this was a good opportunity to flatter the Second Prince . Besides, the Second Prince had surely been bragging about his prowess in the sheets over the past few years . But, his body had somewhat been deficit in that respect . The Second Prince had never said anything about it, but he had always felt bitter from within .

After all, lacking vitality was something that could even terrify the most awe-inspiring of men . Therefore, the Second Prince had never raised his head in front of his wife . Basically, he hadn't been able to the raise the head which stood above his neck since he couldn't raise the one below his waist . . .

However, it was believed that these legendary herbs could cure every defect! So, it was possible that his golden weapon wouldn't fall before the battle as usual . Instead, it would exhibit its great grandeur . In fact, there was a possibility that it would show such awe-inspiring might that his wife may not even be able to retaliate in the face of its prestige . Henceforth, he may even be able to woo the women in a fair and authoritative manner…

This defect wasn't visible from the outside, but the fact was… he felt inferior among the other men wherever he went . And, this was especially true when a bunch of men gathered together to talk . After all, wouldn't the topics revolve around…? And, he would obviously suffer much embarrassment if he didn't know what he was supposed to say . After all, a man could only raise his head once the thing below could be lifted…

Therefore, the Second Prince's eyes turned blue when he heard this news! And, he immediately issued the highest command — [Get me those herbs at any cost! Use silver to get them, use gold… use beautiful woman… use power and status to press them down! Steal and fight over it if nothing else works . But, get those herbs which can induce the desired raising effect… Do anything and everything . Don't stint from spending extra money . Go to any length to get those things for me!]

This kind of task was naturally handed to Cheng De Cao since he was capable of handling this properly . It must be mentioned that even the most trusted advisories of the Second Prince weren't aware that he suffered from this defect . And, how would this Royal Prince be able to show his face if this news spread out by mistake…?

Therefore, this was something that other people simply mustn't know anything about!

The reason why Cheng De Cao was aware of this matter rested in a certain incident… They had gone for hunting outside the city . And, the Second Prince had to urgently urinate . So, Cheng De Cao stood guard while the prince was urinating . And, this was when Cheng De Cao accidently found out about this thing . And, that's because he hadn't heard the loud sound that is usually produced when a torrent rushes forth . Instead, the sounds had resembled the noiseless trickling of a slender stream…

Cheng De Cao had gotten extremely curious at that time . So, he had sneakily stretched his neck to glance at the Second Prince . And, he was surprised to see that Second Prince's sword looked very dejected . It couldn't even stand up to task of urinating in a proper manner . It was merely trickling the liquid out in a small stream . [It seems that the Second Prince's weapon can't stand tall . In fact, I'm afraid that he might end-up peeing in his pants…]

Consequently, Cheng De Cao knew about the Second Prince's defect… And, he had been very mindful about this aspect ever since . Therefore, Young Master Cheng instantly knew that is was a perfect opportunity when he heard about the news of these herbs!

It must be said that Cheng De Cao wasn't a hundred-percent idiot . He made discrete enquiring about the two people who were coming over to deliver these herbs, and found out that they weren't to be trifled with… [No kidding! How would those two men be capable of coming this far if it weren't rough and tough? Wouldn't they have been hacked into two before they had even covered half-the-route?]

[It's understandable if you two shouldn't be messed with . But, you people are still coming to deliver those herbs to Tian Xiang City . And, people come to this place to seek money, or to seek a government official… or possibly to meet someone… Why else would you people travel so far to get here?]

[There's a chance that you people may not be here for these reasons either . But, let's come back to the main point here… You people may be strong, but this is Tian Xiang City . And, who is the biggest authority around here?]

[The Emperor of Tian Xiang Empire is obviously the greatest! But, the Emperor's son can represent the Emperor!]

[This is akin to a God asking two country blokes to present a gift in offering . How could they dare to refuse?]

[Even someone with the courage of a leopard can't!]

[You dare not say no! Believe it, or we'll destroy your nine generations!]

Therefore, Cheng De Cao felt very confident since he believed that this matter was easy, and could be handled without much effort . In fact, he believed that he could merely stretch his hand and grab what he needed! This task was dedicated to the Second Prince, but it would count as a great service! However, he had still brought many experts along with him from the Second Prince's mansion . After all, this would help in dealing with any possible contingencies . [There's no harm in taking more people even if we are dealing with amateurs . These people may believe that they can handle ten enemies . But, can they deal with a hundred enemies? This is my turf, and I make the rules here . ]

However, Young Master Cheng had overlooked one aspect in this matter . Moreover, it was a very important aspect . His ideas and opinions made sense on normal days . There weren't many problems with them . In fact, they could even be considered as very pragmatic . But, exceptions have always existed in this world . The Emperor of Tian Xiang Empire was obviously eminent and unapproachable for common people! However, there existed some individuals who didn't an emperor as much . Such people would obviously pay no attention to the Emperor's son . And, he would merely be like that dog on the sidewalk to such people…

Young Master Cheng merrily patrolled the gate of the city in a very haughty manner for two days . In fact, he had been arrogantly ordering-people-about by using his mere facial gestures out of complacency . But, Young Master Cheng was completely unaware that he was waiting for two undefeatable Angels of Death!

And, that's because even the Emperor of Tian Xiang couldn't hope to look these two individuals in the eye! In fact, they were the kind of existence he would have to look up to!

The weather was particularly very clear and sunny on this day . And, the sun was shining brightly in the sky . Young Master Cheng's mood was also very delightful . In fact, he almost wanted to sing loudly in order to vent out his excitement…

His Highness — the Second Prince — had personally arrived here on this day! After all, the good news hadn't come for several days in a row . Therefore, the Second Prince had gotten very impatient and anxious . He was unable to resist the anxiety of attaining his awe-inspiring vitality in the end . Therefore, he decided to come-in while flying on his horse . It seemed that he was here to express gratitude towards Cheng De Cao for his toil, and the meritorious service that he was providing . However, he had arrived to see the progress in the matter in reality . [Did those two men arrive yet? Why haven't they arrived yet?]

The Second Prince valiantly jumped down from his horse, and affectionately patted Cheng De Cao on his shoulders . Cheng De Cao was overwhelmed by this gesture from the Second Prince . Then, the Second Prince moved closer to his ears while he was reveling in the excitement, and asked, "Why haven't they arrived yet?"

Cheng De Cao assured him with confidence, "Second Prince, don't worry . And, please be relaxed . Our reliable source states that they will arrive today!"

"Good;it is great! This Prince was very worried!"The Second Prince smiled heavily . He was evidently unable hide his excitement . In fact, he again patted Cheng De Cao on his shoulder and said, "This must be exhausting for you… This Prince will also not leave since the herbs will arrive today . I will also wait here with Senior Official Cheng for some moment . After all, I will also obtain some knowledge and experience about these exceptionally precious things! Someone get some dishes and drinks to sate this Prince and Young Master Cheng's mouths . "

"Second Price, you are so polite… How can this man dare to accept such generosity from the Second Prince!"Cheng De Cao's eyes squinted to slits from excitement . In fact, he felt as if his bones had become a little lighter .

"Oh, those are mere words of flattery!"the Second Prince made a face, "Senior Official Cheng, how can you say such things! You're saying out of politeness . Wouldn't it mean that you consider this Prince as a stranger? And, that upsets this Prince!"

 "Yes, Yes . You're right… Your Highness, you are right… This lowly man… He He… was mistaken,"Cheng De Cao couldn't stop laughing . So, he repeatedly nodded his head in agreement while he spoke .

A white pigeon flew over from the south, and landed on Cheng De Cao's shoulder with a 'whoosh'. Cheng De Cao took out the message from the bamboo tube, and read it . And, he couldn't help but pat his thigh in excitement, "Ha Ha, Your Majesty, you are truly a lucky star . You see… they've also arrived when you came . Ha Ha…"

"Really?"Second Prince got excited, and came closer to look at the parchment, "The heavens are also helping me!"

Cheng De Cao said happily, "Your Majesty, you are indeed a lucky omen . I waited here for several days, and not even the shadow of a ghost arrived . And, now that you came to look for those two men… the good news came in an instant! The chosen are truly different from ordinary men . You are surely chosen by the heavens to be the Emperor . You are genuinely favored by the heavens!"his words had made it seem as if he was mad at his situation . But, the smile on his face was merrier than anyone else's .

"Ha Ha Ha . . "the Second Prince also laughed out of complacency .

"Your Majesty, please wait for some time . I will go about a couple of preparations… He He… You are about to obtain those legendary herbs,"Cheng De Cao out on a courageous appearance, and it seemed that he was ready to face his death . It appeared as if he would even face a mountain of daggers and a sea of flames for the Second Prince's happiness . He seemed to be made of courage and loyalty . In fact, it seemed as if ten-thousand deaths wouldn't prevent him;he would strive with everything he had until the moment he died… as if he would go forwards even if he were faced with millions and millions…

Cheng De Cao's current facial expressions were sufficient to make him famous if they were to be recorded in the pages of a history book . In fact, his loyalty could become an example for the coming generations!

"Senior Official Cheng, you must've had a hard time . I'm thankful for the trouble you've taken for me!"the Second Prince said with gratitude .

Two tall and sturdy figures were rapidly striding towards them from the distant south .

"Second Prince, please wait for the good news!"Cheng De Cao waved his hands as he valiantly rode forward to meet them . His determined face was covered with shades of loyalty and bravery!

He then forged towards Tiger King — Earth Cracker, and Bear King — Big Bear!


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