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Otherworldly Evil Monarch - Chapter 515


Chapter 515

Jun Mo Xie was well-aware of his own psychology to be honest . He would've chosen to exterminate the entire Jun Family if he had been in Xiao Han's shoes! Why would he have cared about the City Lord's anger in these circumstances? Why would he have cared about Han Yan Yao's acts of self-mutilation? [You've already decided to elope with another man . So, why would I care if you mutilated yourself? We'll talk after I'm done slaughtering them!]

[Anyway, it's not like the Lord of the City would make my entire family pay in blood for killing-off the Jun Family!]

However, one would find that Jun Wu Yi was innocent if they were to stand on his side! [We didn't know anything about that woman . He met her by chance . How would he have known that this would bring such a brutish disaster? Is there no sense of justice in this world? How would he have known that his entire family would have to the price for his romance?]

[Besides, how would he have known anything about the woman before he had started dating her? He asked, but she never told him about her identity . However, the Xiao Family massacred a massive number of people in the light of this matter . In fact, it even implicated so many innocents . However, we have the capability to take revenge now . So, why shouldn't we retaliate?]

Consequently, their side of the story would make things even more muddled…

This situation was extremely muddled . Everyone considered that their actions were upright . However, that's because everyone had a different perception in this matter!

However, any individual would notice that each of the three parties were at fault if they were look . Han Yan Yao's mistake was her willfulness . After all, she should've told Jun Wu Yi about her identity when the two of them started to develop feeling for each other . Then, she should've returned to the Silver Blizzard City, and should've asked her father to take control of the matter . Consequently, these events of the future might not have happened in that case . And, this would've stood true regardless of his approval or disapproval . But, Han Yan Yao had decided to act willfully . And, these calamities eventually arose because she had wanted to amuse herself with romance for a short period of time…

Xiao Han's mistake was obviously the biggest of them all! His first mistake was that he had butchered countless innocents . In fact, he had brought-about an endless slaughter . However, his gravest mistake was that he should've killed the entire Jun Family at that time itself . He shouldn't have left behind any cause for future trouble . After all, even a single seed can have the power to bring out the most awful vengeance once it blooms!

Jun Family had a total of eight immediate family members at that time! He had killed two sons and two grandsons . And, he had crippled one more son of the family . Moreover, the family's daughter-in-law was left so grieved by this incident that she had lay in coma for next ten years . The entire family had fallen apart . Only one old man and one debauchee were left behind… However, such extreme anger and hatred would give rise to the kind of enmity which wouldn't allow them to live under the same sky as their rival . In fact, they would try to take revenge generations after generations . And, that would only give rise to oceans of blood!

It would've been impossible for them to understand each other's perspective . But, it was possible to destroy the other!

The Han and the Xiao Family were able to establish the Silver Blizzard City since the wheel of time had turned in their favor . So, why couldn't the Jun Family become a superpower if fortune favored them? Consequently, the Xiao Family was eating the bitter fruit they themselves had sown the seeds of!

In fact, all the three parties involved were being forced to swallow the bitter fruit they had sown the seed of!

This three-sided bitter consequence was obviously helped along by the involvement of many other elements . For instance, the Emperor of Tian Xiang had also made a mistake… His mistake was to plan on drawing support from the Silver Blizzard City's strength in order to cripple the Jun Family's military strength . After all, the Xiao Family's plan to destroy the Jun Family wouldn't have gone as smoothly if the Emperor hadn't helped along! In fact, the Xiao Family certainly wouldn't have been able to take-out four or five Generals across two generations of the Jun Family…

The result of this matter was exactly what the Emperor of Tian Xiang had deeply desired . But, this had also given rise to irreconcilable hatred in the heart of Jun Family's members . The Royal Family's involvement wasn't bright-as-day . But, Old Man Jun had faintly guessed it anyway . He certainly didn't wish to face this truth, but Jun Mo Xie had taken these events to heart . However, there were no concrete evidences of the Royal Family's involvement at present . And, Young Master Jun was very clear on one point — he would not make a move unless he had concrete evident first . After all, he was afraid that he might have to face his own grandfather in case he didn't have concrete evidence at hand .

However, another major element had come from within the Silver Blizzard City itself . And, that was the Xiao Family's prolonged desire to seize the throne of their city . Their plan had included two major tactics – to seize control over the military might, and to undertake a peaceful evolution strategy!

This so-called 'peaceful evolution'was basically a conspiracy against the Han Family . And, their intention was to proceed by inducing their own people in the Han Family's line of succession . The Xiao Family could only achieve this by marrying off their own sons with the daughters of the Han Family . Therefore, Xiao Han and his nephew — Xiao Feng — were set-up to marry Han Yan Yao and her younger sister . And, their plan would've succeeded if Jun Wu Yi hadn't got involved in the matter by accident . However, the Xiao Family's plan of many years turned into a soap bubble because Jun Wu Yi popped up . So, how could the Xiao Family not hate the Jun Family? How could they not wish to exterminate the Jun Family? This was also the main reason why the Xiao Family's lord hadn't stinted while using his entire strength to bully and suppress the weak!

However, the Dongfang Family also got involved into this mess as time passed . And, the Xiao Family's strength suffered a major decline as a result . Therefore, their plan to seize the military power was forced to a stop for some time . And, this stayed the same for nearly ten years . However, the Han Family's other daughter — Han Yan Meng — also grew up to become an adult during this period of ten years . Therefore, their plan of 'peaceful evolution'got an opportunity to recur . But, it's a pity that God's plan supersedes our own!

Their delegation to the Southern Heaven City was faced with many unforeseen events . The Third and the Fifth Elder hailed from the Han Family . However, the developments on that trip had made them realize that their age-old brothers from the Xiao Family had been conspiring behind their back this entire time . This obviously meant that the Xiao Family's 'Peaceful Evolution'tactics were doomed for failure . In fact, even their plan to seize the throne was no longer a secret . Therefore, they had only one alternative left – to lie in ambush out of desperation . And, all of this had happened because of the Jun Family!

The Xiao Family's arrangements were eventually successful in this instance . And, they were able to keep the upper echelons of the Han Family in the dark . Moreover, only two of the Han Family's members were lucky-enough to escape that besiege – Mu Xue Tong and Han Yan Meng .

Jun Wu Yi and Han Yan Yao would come out as the victims if one were to analyze everything that was mentioned above! After all, they were the victims of the Xiao Family's power and anger!

Jun Mo Xie had only heard her name, and had never gotten to meet her in person . However, he already had a rough idea what — Han Yan Yao — his third aunt's temperament would be like . She was sure to be a very daring and unique woman! Otherwise, she would've never dared to do those things! Therefore, Jun Mo Xie could guess that she would probably slash-off her neck if she were to find out about Jun Wu Yi's remorse over his family's sufferings…

[I persistently waited for you for so many years . I didn't stint to risk my life for your sake . I didn't even hesitate to go against my family for your sake . I only thought about you . This chaos has finally settled down, and I was finally able to meet you again . I had always dreamed that everything would be wonderful once we'd reunite . I had hoped for conjugal bliss . But, why did you have to say —"We can't be together because I feel guilty over what my family has had to suffer?"]

["What is this shit? Everyone knows that you have suffered, but didn't I suffer too?"]

Therefore… it was necessary for Jun Mo Xie to untie this matter for Jun Wu Yi! This affectionate couple was probably the source of all these misfortunes… everything! But, this entire guilt mustn't be put on their their hands . After all, this notion of guilt is the Heavens way of toying with men . The Heavens deliberately manipulates situations, and implicates guilt on men for its private amusement . Even a peerless man can become unwise if he starts to harbor sentiments of guilt . Moreover, such an individual often starts to overthink things that weren't even their fault . And, this leads the said-individual to blame themselves for things that weren't even their doing!

Consequently, Jun Wu Yi would've brought another tragedy upon himself if Jun Mo Xie hadn't untied this knot for him before the Silver City's matter was sorted out .

The timing was unsuitable tonight . But, Jun Mo Xie had no other choice .

There was no need to explain much on this point . After all, Jun Wu Yi's mind had spiraled into chaos after Mu Xue Tong and Han Yan Yao had come looking for help . Many things had become clear, and it had become extremely difficult for Jun Wu Yi to calm is thoughts! In fact, he couldn't prevent himself from thinking about landing a fatal blow to the Xiao Family, and rescuing Han Yan Yao thereafter .

However, it would've been hard for him to turn around that dead-end if he that knot of his heart hadn't been untied by then! After all, his heart would've been brimming with the feeling of guilt and atonement . So, he could've easily made irrational mistakes for the sake of his atonement!

Therefore, Jun Mo Xie needed to dispel these thoughts from his mind before they arose again . Otherwise, it could be reckoned that Jun Wu Yi's temperament would've doomed him in case it had persisted . This task would've obviously been far beyond the reach of this insignificant character named Jun Mo Xie in that case! In fact, even the author would've failed to straighten-out this mess if he were to show-up in person…

Tonight was certainly not the most suitable time, but it was the last chance!

The guilt of one's heart can only be cured with a stronger guilt . So, there was only one way to cure these kinds of heartfelt guilt – the medicine of a stronger guilt! Jun Wu Yi felt guilty for his sins in this instance . So, wouldn't it make sense to make him feel even more guilt over something else? Therefore, it was necessary to tell him that the glorious reputation of his past was also built on grave sins . Consequently, he was informed that he had committed endless sins the entire time . In fact, his entire family had committed countless sins over the generations in their line of work!

One would be able to see this angle if they were to read this . But, one would be doomed to feel a twinge of guilt if they couldn't read this…

However, Jun Mo Xie would run out of methods if this didn't wake Jun Wu Yi out of his trance!

Therefore, Jun Mo Xie left once he was finished talking .

And, that's because Jun Wu Yi needed some time to calm down, and think carefully! He needed to think clearly!

In fact, all the wealthy people in the world… all the great people in history… gained power and reputation on the foundation laid by their sins!

This is true for every king! And, even more so for a monarch!

One country's peace and prosperity is bound to be established over another;it always builds its foundation on the sorrow and misery of many!

Peace always comes after the war!

Let's assume that someone is doing business . . . But, rival businesses will always try to cheat their counterparts . The shrimp will eat the small water plants . The small fish will eat the shrimp . The big fish will eat the eat the small fish . Then, there's that frightening shark…

There's always many loser in the world of business . People commit suicide . They go bankrupt . They lose a family-worth of fortune . They squander their property . They fight and scheme against each other . They try to annex each other's business . And, this continues till someone emerges the winner with enough wealth to satisfy the needs of a nation . It pretty similar to a game of monopoly if one looks at it .

In fact, even this would be far from the end of this game of business . After all, this business battle would probably just pave the way to the next one . And, this wealthy winner of the first game of monopoly would likely become the stepping stone in the next round…

This is the very reason why no one should sit idly . After all, who would cling onto their riches if there would be no pickpockets around? How would the wise police authorities be established if there are no criminals in the society? How would the honest men manifest if there are no corrupt officials running amuck?

How many rabbit does a young tiger eats? Is the rabbit guilty? Should the tiger eat till his belly is fully satisfied?

The weak becomes prey of the strong . And, the strong is always honored . This is how the world works!

This is the fact! Anyone will realize this if they try to see with clarity . But, one won't be able to understand this if they don't possess clarity!

There are always two sides to a thing . After all, people always have their own viewpoints!

Pick up any book for instance… The protagonist will always seem correct when one sees things from the perspective of the protagonist . In fact, the protagonist will even appear very bright and frank! But, one will feel that even the villain was correct if they think from the said-villain's point of view! So, don't read a book to find happiness . Instead, try to find the tyranny! (Author's note: I'm trying to flatter the people who've been considering Xiao Han as a moral and upright man . A real man!)

The Young Master Jun Mo Xie was done with his admonishing . So, he patted his buttocks in a carefree manner, and went back to get some sleep . However, Third Master Jun Wu Yi remained standing in the cold and windy night like a silly imbecile as the night-dew continued to fall on his tall figure…

The sky had begun to brighten by this time . Jun Wu Yi's entire body was exposed to the dew . His head was covered in hoarfrost;his eyes appeared confused, and his brows were wrinkled . He seemed to be lost in bitter thoughts, and his body was standing motionlessly .

The moon had descended, and color of the sky had gradually begun to brighten . Therefore, the people inside the Jun residence had also started to wake up one by one . Then, they started to bustle-about . However, they'd take a look at Third Master Jun, and would see that his entire body was getting drenched in dew while he stood motionless . So, no one would dare to disturb him by asking why . Instead, they'd tip-toe past him, and would slip away from one side to another…

The sun was gradually rising . The golden sunrays eventually broke past the dense fog, and shot into the courtyard in front of Jun Wu Yi's eyes!

"Ha Ha Ha… . "Jun Wu Yi suddenly burst into laughter . In fact, he laughed so crazily that his eyes filled with tears . He then crouched on the ground, and started to beat the ground with his hands . However, he continued to laugh wildly still…

He was laughing crazily and willfully . His usually emotionless face had turned red from laughing excessively . In fact, his body was trembling from all the laughter . His eyes had even started to flow with tears because of it . However, it didn't seem like he was going to stop…

"Ha Ha… So, this is what it is about! There's nothing completely 'right or wrong'in this world! The hero of this country is no more than a sinner in the other country! Therefore, I only need to be worthy of my own family . Everything is okay if I can live with myself . After all, why should I care so much if I haven't let my own conscience down…?"

He was still laughing like a madman . His entire face was smeared with tears . Then, he suddenly knelt down to the ground with a slam, and faced the East, "Eldest Brother, Second Brother! And, my brothers-in-arms… Wu Yi had managed to live-on! Are you happy for your Third Brother? Ha Ha, don't worry . I'll treat your children like my own . I will strive hard to make up for it . I will try hard to do something about their lives! But, I won't do it for anyone else . I will only do it for own conscience!"

He heavily thumped his head down on the ground . Then, he slowly stood up, faced the morning sun, and screamed!

It seemed as if this scream had marked the end of ten years of gloom and depression!

Old Man Jun comfortably looked-on from a distant place . He then stroked his beard to lean towards one side as he said, "Has he finally figured it out?"

Jun Mo Xie stood by his side . He smiled in a mischievous manner as he said, "It seems like he's figured it out . He has finally figured it out!"

"Well then, it is good . It is good to figure things out!"Grandfather Jun nodded again and again . He appeared very satisfied .

The knot in Jun Wu Yi's heart had always been Old Man Jun's greatest worry . But, he had no means to solve this issue . Old Man Jun had always remained calm on the surface, but he had always been very worried in his heart . So, he couldn't help but feel happy when he saw that his son had finally accepted things and moved on!

"What trick did you use? I had also tried in the past . But, they didn't seem to work!"Old Man Jun asked out of interest .

"I didn't use any tricks . I only told him the truth,"Jun Mo Xie seemed very pleased with himself . Therefore, he smiled in delight as he said, "I basically told Third Uncle that… the six of you generals from our family have fought in many wars . So, you've obviously ruined and stripped-apart countless human lives . And, which of those countless soldiers didn't leave behind a widow or orphaned children? So, how would you redeem yourself from all those sins if they were to be accounted for at once…? Then, Third Uncle realized this… Ha Ha…"

"It is true… Ah! All those were sins…!"Grandfather Jun hadn't expected to hear this . He then pensively looked up to the sky with his hands clasped behind his back . He then sighed, "Countless orphans and widows, ah…"

Grandfather Jun hadn't even completed his sentence when he suddenly placed his hands behind his back in a seemingly discontented and saddened manner . He then walked away…

Jun Mo Xie was struck dumb by this! [Crap! No way, right? I've barely fixed the one over there . Don't tell me that I have to fix another one over here…]

The Young Master followed after his grandfather with eyes full of anxiety . But, he got kicked in the backside by the old man instead, "Get lost! Why on earth are you following me? Do you think that you are capable of bewitching me like you did with your third uncle? What could you possibly say for that to happen?!"

Jun Mo Xie laughed mischievously as his heart suddenly calmed down . Then, he squinted his eyes, and took out a tiny jade bottle, "Grandfather, you misunderstood . I was following after you to tell you that you need to eat this supplement…" 


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