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Otherworldly Evil Monarch - Chapter 513


Chapter 513

Jun Mo Xie had acceded to those concessions because he had considered Jun Wu Yi's honor . Perhaps it could be said that he had given due consideration to that beautiful woman who lived in the snowy peaks . After all, she hadn't even stinted to risk her life for the Jun Family .

Han Yan Yao!

Otherwise, how were the Han and Xiao Family any different in the Jun Family's perspective? Weren't they both Silver Blizzard City? [Wasn't it the Han Family which had encouraged the Xiao Family's arrogance? Would the Jun Family have been blooded and slaughtered like chickens if it weren't for the Han Family? Oh, and you mentioned that you suppressed the Xiao Family's plan later…? You want my admiration for that? You want me to help in this situation of yours because of that? I spit on that argument! Why didn't you do it earlier? Didn't you wait for the Jun Family to cripple before you cracked-down on the Xiao Family's plans? Didn't you do that with the intention of giving some sense of revenge to the Xiao Family?]

[Didn't the Xiao Family give vent to their? Didn't that mess the life of our Jun Family's people?]

[Moreover, our Jun Family possesses enough strength to reap the spoils of the war between your two sides as long as we wait on the sidelines and watch . And, we could easily avenge our hatred in one go by doing so…]

"But, when will these operations start? I can't wait for it . We could reduce the damage to a great extent if we were to start earlier…"Mu Xue Tong breathed a sigh of relief after listening to Jun Mo Xie . So, he quickly spoke-up in excitement . He knew that Jun Mo Xie would certainly set some conditions on the Han Family in the light of this matter . And, he also knew that these conditions would be very harsh . However, anything would be fine at this juncture .

Jun Mo Xie was nothing like Jun Wu Yi . In fact, Jun Mo Xie was a person who wouldn't act without any incentive . That youngster didn't have the slightest trace of a noble character .

"The operation… there's no urgency for that . . . It's important for our side to handle a few things around here at first . Our present strength isn't feeble, but it isn't enough to shake the entire Silver City yet . We'll suffer many casualties without any gain if we act rashly at this time,"Jun Mo Xie smiled and continued, "Moreover, I don't think the Xiao Family will act anytime soon . So, we can still wait a bit . "

"Why wouldn't the Xiao Family make a move anytime soon?"Mu Xue Tong didn't understand this;neither did Jun Wu Yi .

"You mustn't forget that the Xiao Family has lost four Spirit Xuan experts of late . And, that's a huge loss to their overall strength . The Xiao Family still has enough strength to annihilate you and carry on . But, they would suffer a lot of casualties in this bargain . Therefore, they need to recuperate from this loss in strength…

"The Xiao Family wants to rebel because they wish to overtake the Silver City's reigns . And, they also wish to take over everything the Silver Blizzard City has gained in the past . They might be able to win if they move right now . But, it'll be a miserable victory . In fact, they would even feel that they let your Han Family off easily . The Xiao Family won't make a move till they have absolute assurance of victory . After all, they would've allowed your team to return to the mountain, and they would've annihilated you afterwards once you were all gathered in the same place . Why else would they have ambushed you halfway?"

Jun Mo Xie proceeded with his analysis in a calm manner, "So, we can say that the Xiao Family isn't fully prepared yet! This event is certainly an emergency for the Han Family . But, isn't it the same for the Xiao Family? You are at a loss when it comes to what's to be done next . But, the Xiao Family is certain to be more vexed . Therefore, we needn't worry too much since we can prepare with ease . Moreover, we can let the Xiao Family let their guard down . After all, this will allow us to strike like thunder when the right moment comes! And, we will consign the Xiao Family to eternal damnation with no hope of recovery in one strike in this manner!"

Mu Xue Tong nodded heavily . However, his mind had been eased to a great extent .

It is often the case that an individual involved in a matter gets confused about some details, while a spectator's vision remains very clear . Jun Mo Xie's analysis had made him realize that the situation was indeed very bad . But, he had also realized that it wasn't as bad as he had imagined;everything wasn't covered in darkness yet .

Therefore, he turned around to look at the Little Princess Han Yan Meng . However, she had already fallen asleep on the chair . The entire journey had been very laborious, and they had staggered the entire way in panic and fear . And, she had borne the entire brunt of that unbearable journey . However, her mind had relaxed when she had heard Young Master Jun Mo Xie agree to help them . She had thought of saying something, but had been overcome with exhaustion . She had opened her mouth to say something, but had ended-up falling sleep instead .

Mu Xue Tong gently and carefully put her on a bed . A tender feeling arose inside him as he saw her sleeping . He then said, "This entire journey has been full of bitter hardships . . . But, the Little Princess . . . she didn't utter a word of complaint throughout the journey . She has accompanied me through this entire difficult journey . She's very . . . "

Jun Mo Xie Xie also couldn't help but sigh . He had been chased to be killed throughout his previous life . So, he knew that feeling quite well from past experiences . [But, I had been through a very tough training . However, this little girl didn't have the experience I did . Getting here must've strengthened her . She certainly had Mu Xue Tong along with her . But, it would still have been very difficult . . . ]

"I need to know the exact strength of the Silver City's Han Family . And, this includes the hidden experts . I also wish to know about anyone who might have gone to the Three Holy Lands from the past generations . And, the same goes for the Xiao Family's members…"Jun Mo Xie organized his thoughts, and asked that question .

[One can only emerge victory in every battle if they know themselves as well as the enemy . ]

[We've decided to fight now . So, we can't neglect any factor which might affect the outcome of the war . Even the smallest of mistakes might result in our annihilation! That Huang Tai Yang from the Huang Family is a prime example of that . He had rushed-in blindly, but got buried here because he begrudged one of the strongest experts of an era . ]

Therefore, Jun Mo Xie had planned that they must remove every threat beforehand . They would take every factor into consideration before going-in even if they weren't able to remove every threat . This was the only way they could defeat the Xiao Family in one move .

In fact, there was a chance that they wouldn't be able to bear the consequences of even a single slip-up .

"The total number of Sky Xuan experts in the Han Family . . . "Mu Xue Tong hadn't even finished speaking when Jun Mo Xie interrupted him, "You don't need to take the Sky Xuan experts into account . Only Spirit Xuan and above have to be counted — only the fighting strength of the Spirit Xuan experts and above . "

"Oh, the Silver City has nine Spirit Xuan Elders who're present there throughout the year . Also, there are three elders in the law enforcement hall who belong to the Han Family . And, each one of them is at the Spirit Xuan level . "

Mu Xue Tong smiled bitterly, "These are the numbers we have left over after our losses in that ruinous battle . We also have the Lord of the city — Han Zhan Meng — and the Lady . Both of them are at the Spirit Xuan level . The Lord is at Level Four Spirit Xuan, and the Lady is a first grade Spirit Xuan expert . And then, there were four other elders who had gone off to the Snowy Peaks in seclusion . But, no one knows their exact location . Then, there's the Old Lord as well . But, he's been away in seclusion for twenty years, and hasn't been seen ever since . And, I don't have any knowledge regarding those who have gone to the Three Holy Lands . "

Jun Mo Xie calculated in silence with a serious expression, "So, we can use fourteen Spirit Xuan experts in that case . Moreover, those four Elders and the Old Lord aren't included in this list . But, they could be considered as possible help… What about the Xiao Family?"

"The Xiao Family . . . has around eleven Spirit Xuan Elders now — There are three in the law enforcement hall;six of them are Elders . And, the couple who leads the family… Plus, they also have about 5 people in seclusion . Moreover, I had heard that they had five or six more who had gone down the mountain several years ago . However, they didn't return for reasons unknown… However, a higher number of the Sky Xuan experts are also under the Xiao Family's command…"

Mu Xue Tong's recalled the relative strengths of the two sides as he spoke .

"That's to say that the high-end strength of both sides is nearly the same . Both can use around fourteen experts, and have an additional uncertain number of experts . The Xiao Family has made many schemes, but the Han Family has the profound mystery of an advantage in the Old Lord of the city . Each can more or less counteract each other in terms of strength . But, the Han Family will be in a bit of a disadvantage . The subordinate is strong and the senior weak . So, it's not surprising that such a situation has arisen!"

Jun Mo Xie lightly snapped his fingers, and his complexion became profound, "However, the Xiao Family is acting secretly, and the Han Family is out in the open . And, this is somewhat unfavorable…"

Mu Xue Tong nodded seriously, "That's right . So, we must find a way to inform the Silver Blizzard City about what's happening . Else, things will turn out very badly . After all, the Han Family's guard is completely down . So, I fear that it'll cost them very dearly . "

"It's not very easy to plot against a Spirit Xuan,"Jun Mo Xie smiled lightly . Then, he continued in a cynical tone, "One doesn't even need to move their hands to deal with a target once they've reached the Spirit Xuan Realm;even a glance is enough to incite a reaction . So, what could a Spirit Xuan expert do if they wanted to kill someone? The Xiao Family would've moved into action if it was that easy to kill a Spirit Xuan . Why would they have waited for so long? After all, don't they have enough to battle-it-out in a one-on-one case?"

Mu Xue Tong reddened with embarrassment . He knew this, but he hadn't thought of it owing to his concerns and confusion .

However, his eyes suddenly shone at this moment, "Moreover, the Xiao Family might have an undiscovered traitor within the Han Family . That was the case with the Seven Swords as well . We may not be able to defend against this aspect . aspect . But, when it comes to the fight . . . "

"That's something which regards the fight! So, there's no need to think about it now!"Jun Mo Xie stood up . He looked sleepy and tired . His cheeks were sunken deep, and there were deep rims around his eyes . He was both mentally and physically exhausted . In fact, he was extremely exhausted, "You're staying at the Jun Family now . So, be at ease and recuperate . And, take care that no one finds out about your whereabouts! I will take care of everything else . "

Jun Mo Xie took a deep breath once he had walked out after helping Mu Xue Tong settle down . Jun Wu Yi also walked over to his side from behind . He then asked in a serious manner, "Mo Xie, are you sure about this?"His eyes were brimming with worry .

The Han and the Xiao Family had over ten Spirit Xuan experts watching over each of them at this time . And, Jun Wu Yi was well-aware that the Jun Family didn't have enough strength to get involved in such a fight as of yet .

Jun Wu Yi obviously wanted to rescue Han Yan Yao . He even wanted to help the Han Family out with their predicament . But, he didn't wish to sacrifice the Jun Family's current strength . It must be mentioned that he was fine with sacrificing himself . But, he couldn't sacrifice his family . And, this cost would be even more unacceptable if it included sacrificing Jun Mo Xie . . .

Therefore, Jun Wu Yi would never agree to do this in case Jun Mo Xie had only promised to help because of him and his emotions .

"Relax . I know what's going on, Third Uncle . The Xiao Family owes our Jun Family a very heavy debt . That last time was only intended to settle some of the interest rate . But, we'll settle the full account now . We weren't able to settle it the last time since the time wasn't right for it . But, the time has come now . So, we'll sort this out properly . Third Uncle, I've got a feeling that the structure of the entire society will change if we get involved . The bones of the dead will pile as high as mountains!"

Jun Mo Xie seemed unusually calm and steady as he said this . Then, he clenched his fair fist, and slowly raised it . It seemed as if he wanted to stir chaos in the world . In fact, it seemed as if he wanted to hold the world in his palm! An indistinct trace of a densely bloody light was flitting in the abyss of his pupils!

[Its time that this world sees a change in its ruler! We will use the Xiao Family as our stepping stone . Then, we'll point our sword at the world, and ask "Who's the mighty hero?"]


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