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Otherworldly Evil Monarch - Chapter 511


Chapter 511

Huyan Xiao's justification was invulnerable . After all, this was a fact!

Therefore, they didn't dare to act blindly even if they were worried .

However, Huyan Xiao had thought of another reason — [Senior Huang's inability to compete this task will be proof that the Jun Family's strength has reached a point where it's extremely difficult to shake them . Moreover, they had what those Bone Tempering Pills my Illusory Ocean of Blood urgently needs . And, their expert seems unfathomably strong . Therefore, it is best if we don't get combative against this hostile enemy . ]

[We will feign politeness and participate in the auction . Then, we will take possession of those Bone Tempering Pills . We must focus on the situation at hand . And, we must think of the future matter when the time arrives . ]

[Besides, what could this remaining team do if Senior Huang is genuinely dead? How could they possibly match the opposition? Let's pretend to play the deaf-and-dumb for now… And, pretend as if we didn't even know about it… After all, we can't take revenge on our own even if we wanted to…]

[Moreover, this Old Man was always going about his own ways to show off . He was arrogant and bossy . In fact, he didn't even give me any respect even though I'm the Young Lord . Damn it! Damn, what was that old man's worth in front of the other super-experts of the Illusory Ocean of Blood? How did he even presume himself to be that great?]

The Young Lord of the Illusory Ocean of Blood was somewhat deriving pleasure from the other's misfortunes . However, this emotion obviously didn't show-up on his face .

They had first been made to handle the insignificant Huang Family's matter when they had arrived . And, that had delayed many things for their cause . This was obviously left the Young Lord very dissatisfied . After all, did that insignificant Huang Family deserve such a favor from the Illusory Ocean of Blood? However, the Huang Ancestor had still employed these members from the Illusory Ocean of Blood for his own family's matters instead . That was truly unbearable!

[Where do your family and children stand? Are they above such an important matter of the Illusory Ocean of Blood?]

[This was a complete disregard of the present situation . It was very short-sighted of him!]

[Senior Huang wouldn't have died if this Huang Family hadn't messed up things . I will have to take responsibility for this once we return to our Holy Land…]

The Young Lord then looked at the Huang Family with a somewhat ill-intended expression as this thought crossed his mind…

Then, the Young Lord said, "We mustn't lose out at this auction . A precious pill will be put up for auction at this auction . So, the amount of gold required for bidding would be tremendous as well . Huang Family's lord, how much gold can you put up for this auction? I believe that there's many estates your family can sell in order to get us some more gold . After all, a shortage in supply of gold will result in our failure . And, that will affect the outcome of the battles the Illusory Ocean of Blood will fight . And, that will have a negative impact on the future of common people across the entire world . So, I believe that the Huang Family will not stint from rising up to this responsibility, right?"

Huang Jun — the Lord of the Huang family — heard these words, and his nostrils flared in anger . He was left agonized and stupefied for a moment, and was unable to say anything .

[Why didn't you say this in our ancestor's presence? Our ancestor has been gone for longer than expected as of now . In fact, we can't be sure whether he's out of trouble… or perhaps… is already dead . However, this Young Lord has immediately turned hostile towards our family… . ]

[You didn't speak-up about taking advantages of our family over this auction before . But, you suddenly want us to sell of our estates since you've noticed that our family doesn't have enough strength to resist you . Moreover, this auction is obviously an important matter as far as the Illusory Ocean of blood in concerned . But, what does my Huang Family's money have to do with it? How can our small family and small business afford the Illusory Ocean of Blood's expenses? Let's say that we are willing to contribute to the Illusory Ocean of Blood — but, tell me once… what relationship you have with the world's people? Do you genuinely consider yourself the savior of this land?]

[Besides, how could our Huang Family shoulder the responsibility of the world's future? Would we sitting in front of you like this if we were capable of controlling the future of this continent's people?]

He pondered and cursed for a long time . But, he finally couldn't dare to refuse . So, he stammered, "May I dare to ask the Young Lord… how will we go about resolving that matter with those three great families?"

"How will 'you'go about resolving that matter with the three families? The Huang Family's lord has asked a strange question,"Huyan Xiao smiled politely, "As the saying goes — a man's work is his own . This was the Huang Family's matter from the start . We were only the pedestrians who were passing by like a friend . So, how could I say much about this topic? Moreover, this Young Lord has already done enough from the standpoint of a friend . After all, Senior Huang wanted to break our laws by participating in worldly disputes . But, this Young Lord didn't forbid it . And, that's because Senior Huang was born in the Huang family . Therefore, it was fine if he wanted to contribute in his family's matter… However, other people aren't required to do so…

"Lord Huang Jun, the rise of any family has always depended on their own strength and abilities . Let's presume that we made an exception for you this time… But, what would you do the next time around? Therefore, the Huang Family's lord must display his courage during these torrential times . After all, it's very inconvenient for the people of Illusory Ocean of Blood to get involved in this . Moreover, I've only asked the Huang Family's lord to raise some money for the welfare of the entire mainland and its common people . And, I must state that this isn't for the sake of the Illusory Ocean of Blood . So, I hope that the Huang Family's lord hasn't misunderstood it…? But, I must say that the Huang Family will obviously rise and stand proud in this world if it's capable of crushing those three major families at once . In fact, it would be a tale for the legends!"

Huang Jun was struck dumb by this!

[You're not even going to take my family's life and death into account when it comes to paying for your expenses? What is this logic? Is this how the people of the Three Holy Lands think? They look down on the society of common men with disdain…] Huang Jun couldn't think about much at this time . In fact, there were only three words in his mind right now — [we're done for!]

[Crush those three great families at once? It's easier said than done! How many forces across the entire world are capable of matching the strength of these three great families? None apart from the Three Holy Lands! Maybe the Silver Blizzard City… Moreover, the Jun Family also happens to be one of these three great families . And, the Jun family's strength is unfathomably deep at this time . Is the Young Lord of the Illusory Oceans of Blood also terrified because he can't see through it?]

[Anyway, forget about the three great families at once… We can't even dare to offend half the strength of any of these families… ah!]

[You came here, and started to instigate us against those three great families . You told us to not submit to them . It was your words of courage that have brought about this situation of endless lethal trouble . Moreover, the entire world is waiting to watch a good show now… But, you suddenly get terrified by the opposition's unfathomable strength at the last minute, and decided to idly stand aside . . . . ]

[Isn't akin to unadulterated fraud?]

[Even a fraudulent man isn't so fraudulent! This is the highest level of fraud! Your hollow words have consigned my Huang Family to eternal damnation!]

[First you cheated us like this . Now, you even want us to sell our property and give you gold for the auction… Oh, and it is for the future of the common people? Fu*k this! Even the thieves aren't this shameless… But, this Young Lord's attitude makes it seem that he might destroy our entire family if don't comply with his request!]

The Young Lord was talking in a very gentle manner at this moment . However, Huang Jun harbored no doubts of the possibility that this Young Lord would lift a butcher's knife if he was to be refuted . [However, this great man doesn't think anything of the common people . And, he won't stint at destroying my small family for the sake of his objective…]

[Moreover, there's still a chance that I can fawn a favor from the Illusory Oceans of Blood if they're able to buy more Bone Tempering Pills from the Jun Family . ] Therefore, Huang Jun didn't dare to make any sounds . ]

This case was very similar to that of a certain nation which had once attacked a much stronger one upon the instigation of its supporter . However, the stronger nation eventually charged out for a full-fledged counter-attack . Consequently, the weaker nation got defeated, and ran back to its supporter in hope for some back-up . However, the supporting nation turned around, and started to talk about world peace instead… Could one possibly think of drawing support from such a back-stabber?

This was Huang Jun's tragedy!

The Lord of the Huang family prayed everyday, but his prayers went unanswered . He wanted to cry, but found no tears to shed . He had completely fallen apart…

He even had an urge to lift a knife, and cut-open his abdomen…

Jun Mo Xie had barely fallen asleep when he was disturbed into waking up . Moreover, it was his Third Uncle this time;Jun Wu Yi had personally arrived, and had lifted his quilt . Jun Mo Xie looked down at his shiny-white thighs, and couldn't figure whether he ought to laugh or cry . Luckily, he had changed his habit of sleeping naked . Otherwise, this man would've seen everything, "Third Uncle, you only tell me what I'm supposed to say to this? It was Grandfather the last time . And, this time it's you! Will you still come over and lift my quilt so my quilt so rudely once I find a wife someday…? Are you two men are fond of lifting another man's quilt? Are you addicted to this?"

"Shut up . Quickly get up, and come with me . There's a serious matter!"The thick-skinned Jun Wu Yi gave a fierce slap on his nephew's ass . The slap landed on the Young Master's butt with a 'Bang'. So, he covered his butt in reflex, but jumped up to stand . He then put-on his clothes with a 'whoosh', and tailed after his third uncle even though his face still looked hazy with sleepiness .

Jun Mo Xie reached Jun Wu Yi's courtyard, and saw the two people who were standing in front of him . But, he got so shocked that his sleepiness disappeared in a flash . [This is too unexpected . How is this possible?!]

"You two… Why did you come here? And, how did this happen!"Jun Mo Xie looked at the man and woman who stood in front of him . Then, he attentively stared at them in order to identify them . And, he finally recognized them after a while – Mu Xue Tong and Han Yan Meng . However, both of them had bruises over their entire bodies . They looked extremely exhausted, and their clothes looked no different from those of a beggar . This was poles apart from the impression Jun Mo Xie had in his mind when it came to these two people — the refined and cultured Mu Xue Tong, and the smart and beautiful Han Yan Meng!

[What is going on?]

"Is it possible that… . Silver Blizzard City's people are dead?"Jun Mo Xie asked in a rather schadenfreude tone .

"No . Not dead yet… But, more-or-less dead!"Mu Xue Tong snorted as his eyes revealed a deep hatred . Suddenly, he raised his head to look at Jun Mo Xie, "We've come here with the hope of joining hands with the Jun Family in order to annihilate the Xiao Family . What does the Third Young Master think of it?"

Mu Xue Tong was aware that the Third Young Master of the Jun Family — Jun Mo Xie — was the key to their current prominence . Therefore, he had turned to face Jun Mo Xie while mentioning this .

"Join Hands? Annihilate the Xiao Family? Ah! What an awfully interesting proposal?"Jun Mo Xie's eyes flickered . He straightened up, scratched his chin, and muttered something . Then, he suddenly sneered, "We could also sit here in safety while the two of your families fight . Then, we could go and reap the benefits . After all, wouldn't it be more convenient for us if we were to wait for the Xiao and Han Families to battle-it-out?"


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