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Otherworldly Evil Monarch - Chapter 510


Chapter 510

Jun Zhan Tian and Jun Wu Yi stared blankly at the scene . Their eyes were fixed straight ahead . Both these men were great generals, and had commanded millions of soldiers over their careers . So, what kind of gory sights had they not seen? But, they had never seen something so damned . Moreover, the man in this particular instance was someone who only existed in legends . In fact, he could be considered a supreme master… However, they couldn't help but shudder when Huang Tai Yang had spoken-out about his oath before his demise…

[Was this the providence? Is God genuinely watching over us?]

[Are we all on the heaven's path?]

The corners of the Solitary Falcon's eyes trembled as he said with a sense of obscurity, "Is he dead?"

The Snake King's stunned eyes were staring at that dismembered corpse on the ground . She then spoke-up in a matter-of-fact manner, "Could he still . . . . be alive after something like this?

Solitary Falcon trembled with uneasiness . Then, he embraced his own shoulders and rumbled, "Damn it! This is such a f*ked-up way to die… . What kind of a messed-up oath did he take back then? Why did he take such an oath! Damn it! You brought this upon yourself . What kind of an oath would bring-upon a death wherein even the corpse wouldn't remain intact?"

The Snake King took another look at the corpse . She couldn't bear it, and retched . She then covered her mouth, and ran away… In fact, her present speed of movements was far superior to the one she had displayed in the fight a while ago;it had genuinely reached a level of greatness at this time…

Jun Zhan Tian had a complicated look on his face . He stood still for a moment . Eventually, he said, "Let's clean this man and give him a nice burial . The grudges die with the person itself . He must be buried nicely . After all, he was a Great Master of his generation . It's not morning yet . So, everyone should get some rest . "Then, Old Man Jun and Jun Wu Yi turned away, and walked away in silence .

The strengths of both these men had upgraded very recently . And, their strengths had now reached a level where it was hard for them to find a suitable opponent . The cultivation they now possessed had provided them a certain level of seniority in the society . Therefore, they were rather proud of their strength . But, their cultivations were still insufficient to participate in this battle . And, the Jun father-and-son were somewhat disappointed because of this .

Then, there was the matter regarding the Snake King and Mei Xue Yan . However, Jun Mo Xie hadn't taken the initiative to introduce them to his family . This indicated that these two individuals were some very mysterious personalities . And, Old Man Jun had obviously understood this point rather clearly . Therefore, he ignored this matter, turned to his room, and went to sleep .

Mei Xue Yan stood not far away . Her white dress fluttered as she sighed, "What a pity! An expert above the Great Master Level… died here instead of a battlefield… Human nature is so sorrowful!"

Jun Mo Xie smiled and said, "Human nature is indeed sorrowful . After all, a person who was even above the Great Master Level turned out to be a man of such despicable character… But, never mind! Miss Mei, you can't expect everyone to be like you . It's very rare for big-hearted saints to appear on this land… Tch Tch Tch… Anyways, I would prefer to commit suicide if we had were to rely on people like Huang Tai Yang to save this continent!"

Mei Xue Yan glanced at him . She then sighed and said, "One must consider the strength of the continent . After all, we only have a very few people who possess such staunch strength… And, every minute factor can determine the difference between victory and defeat . Moreover, there are even fewer individuals who possess the kind of strength he did! If those outsiders invaded the mainland… entire continent may…"

Jun Mo Xie rolled his eyes . He then sneered, and said, "The rise and fall of the continent is none of my goddamn business! So, don't talk to me about these irrelevant issues! What difference would it make if those outsiders invaded our lands? It will be a life and death struggle if worse comes to worst;that's all! Don't tell me that each of those outsiders is above the Great Master Level in terms of strength? I won't be able to kill the most powerful ones in case they invade . But, I can still slaughter the weaker? Damn right! The can be fu*ked with once the bird has taken the flight from the nest!"

"How could you even say that?"Mei Xue Yan felt slightly annoyed, "The success or failure of this battle will affect the next ten-thousand years . In fact, the entire mainland would be in trouble if those outsiders were to succeed . You belong to mainland . So, how can you not feel any sense of responsibility towards it?"

"Sense of responsibility…? I obviously feel some! But, may I offer a piece of advice? Don't compromise on the basic principle of this society for the sake of this goddamned battle! Blind compromises will only help your opponent in proceeding forward in a step by step manner . After all, you may be trying to look at the bigger picture here, but others might not be capable of doing the same! Therefore, some disputes will always be there! Take this case for example… It was possible that he may have returned to take revenge if I hadn't killed him . Consequently, the Illusory Ocean of Blood and the Tian Fa Forest would've become arch-enemies! And, the disputes would've only gotten bigger and bigger . And, the number of dead Great Masters Level fighters would've been a lot more in that case!"

Jun Mo Xie gave her a cold look . "Miss Mei, I'm telling you this in all seriousness! Even a land full of Great Masters can lose if defeat is to come! And, even a single Silver Xuan can notch a comprehensive victory if defeat is not written on the cards! I'm never afraid of a powerful enemy . But, I'm very fearful of fools and pigs . And, those on our sides are extremely stupid! Anyway, can anything be taken for for granted in a world full of such fickle-minded people? In fact, its quite possible that the Pillars of Heavens Mountains may experience another landslide . And, its possible that those damned aliens might get smashed underneath it… Therefore, they aren't necessarily a matter of concern at this moment if you think about it… So, you might as well think for yourself if you have so much time to think! You must try to look for a charming and handsome husband who can handle you . This is a serious matter, and it's also a major event in every individual's life!"

Young Master Jun pumped some air into his chest at this point, "For instances… Me! In fact, you're also aware that I'm an elegant, talented, and good-looking person . I'm like that tree which stands bravely in the face of strong winds . I'm chivalrous and sharp;courageous and king-hearted . I possess enough talent to overshadow the heavens . This proves that I'm your best match . Besides, you even launched an indecent assault on me last night . So, you ought to take some responsibility towards me now . And, you must know that this Young Master didn't make a ruckus over that issue for your sake . This also goes to that I'm a very elegant and noble man…"

Mei Xue Yan blushed for a split second . Then, her finger stretched out towards this shameless man as her whole body started to tremble . However, she had been rendered speechless . She was unable to speak-up for a while at first . But, she eventually said, "You… You… How can you be so shameless! You have 'no teeth'!"

Mei Xue Yan had moved unhindered in the entire world throughout her life . It could be said that there was rarely a subject that she didn't know about . No matter how or what was said — Mei Xue Yan always had her own opinion on the matter . In fact, she was capable of refuting people's opinions to a point where they would be left speechless for a comeback . However, the matter of love and marriage was the only thing that could leave her embarrassed and speechless… .

This was obviously limited to Jun Mo Xie alone . In fact, it could be assume that she would've slapped anyone else into a meat-sandwich if they had dared to say something like this…

"What? No teeth? How is that possible?"Jun Mo Xie retorted as he flashed his teeth . And, the two rows of his teeth sparkled in the moonlight as a result . It must be said that they were white and spotless . He then smiled mischievously, "This Young Master has a mouthful of healthy teeth . I didn't even eat sugar in my childhood . Moreover, I've never had bad teeth habits . I brush my teeth twice or thrice a day . And, I don't have a single tooth that has decayed! So, how can you say that I don't have teeth? Miss Mei… you even felt my teeth last night! So, how do you not know that I have teeth? Oh, by the way… I've heard assaulting people in an indecent manner is the most shameless thing one can do . So, how can you even say that I'm shameless? How can you possible say the opposite of the truth? This Young Master is the one who has truly suffered the losses here…"

"In fact, you must take responsibility towards me! Miss Mei, you should think about it . Anyway, you were also harassed similarly . After all, you were kissed, and groped as well… I was surely helpless in that situation, but I'm willing to accept fate . After all, I've always been an honest and upright man… . "

Jun Mo Xie finished his speech in an ambiguous and rampant attitude . Then, he said 'good night'in a refined tone . He then hummed a folk tune with satisfaction as he joyously went to his room to sleep . The young girl — Mei Xue Yan — could only watch him leave from behind . However, his silvery teeth were making crackling sounds .

[The level of this person's shamelessness has genuinely transcended my expectation . How did I come across someone this shamelessness…?! Oh Heaven… Oh Mother Earth! I'm going to die from excess anger!]

[God, please give me another expert like Huang Tai Yang! I need to vent my anger!]

It was hard to say why Mei Xue Yan's prayers went unanswered… Perhaps God didn't not hear it… Or perhaps there were very expert of Huang Tai Yang's strength…

However, Mei Xue Yan knew Jun Mo Xie's words had come as a solemn reminder of one thing even though he hadn't mentioned it very specifically — [The Battle for Seizing the Heavens isn't to be taken that seriously! Preparing everything for this battle has become my own bondage! It's become my weakness!]

[In fact, the Three Holy Lands are contending amongst each other . So, it is possible that they may not be of much use at this time! Jun Mo Xie had said it in a very confusing manner . In fact, he had said this in a very vulgar manner . But, his intentions were very tactful!]

[For instance… toady! I should've killed Huang Tai Yang with my own hands!]

Mei Xue Yan's anger slowly faded away as she thought about these things, and slight smile appeared on her face . [It seems that this guy is earnestly thinking about me…]

The sun came out as usual the next day . . .

The world was precisely the same . It didn't matter who had died yesterday… or how many people died yesterday! The next day's sky still shone brightly above the lands…

Huang Tai Yang hadn't returned last night . And, this had left the Illusory Ocean of Blood's people rather panic-stricken .

The Huang Family was as anxious as a cat on a hot tin roof!

It must be mentioned that these two places were far apart were far apart . But, Huang Tai Yang was strong enough to make a round trip in a time period as short as an hour . However, a full night had passed by now . So, sufficient time had passed no matter how one looked at it…

However, Huang Tai Yang hadn't returned the entire night!

He had spoken-out in a confident manner before he had left —"That man is just a country clown . I should be enough on my own . So, why do we need to send so many people? This Old Man will be back before dawn! You people should arrange the wine for celebrations!"

In fact, he had strongly refused the Illusory Ocean of Blood's people for accompanying him!

The Huang Family had even started to prepare delicacies and drinks that very night . After all, they had hoped that their ancestor would return victoriously . So, they had intended to celebrate the glorious deed of their ancestor! But, the eastern sky started to brighten up as time passed, and everyone started becoming impatient .

Everyone had started to look desperate by the time the sun came up .

Everyone felt as if something heavy and gloomy was pressing down on their hearts . After all, there had been some major sounds of activity the night before . And, this was especially true when Huang Tai Yang had battled the other two Great Master Level experts — Solitary Falcon and Snake King! After all, the lands had been sent shaking by the impact of their collisions . And, even the people inside the Huang Family's residence had felt it . In fact, the soles of their feet had even felt a few vibrations in the ground beneath!

Therefore, it was obvious that Huang Tai Yang had come across an exceptionally powerful opponent!

Moreover, Huang Tai Yang hadn't yet returned . Therefore, all the speculations were slowly moving towards the possibility of the worst case situation!

The other four Great Masters from the Illusory Ocean of Blood had proposed to send reinforcements, but Young Lord Huyan Xiao had strictly rejected the idea! Huyan Xiao's reason for calling it off was quite simple —"Senior Huang is the most powerful man amongst our team! So, we won't go forth if he can't settle this matter and return safely! After all, we won't be able to resolve this matter if he couldn't . There's a possibility that he may not be able to match his opponent . But, what if he fails to escape his opponent? I'm afraid that it will be useless even if all of us follow after him . In fact, we will only add to the casualties!"

"Therefore, everyone will patiently continue to wait!"


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