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Otherworldly Evil Monarch - Chapter 51


Chapter 051 Do You Want

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The both of them descended from the floor. It was not that Jun Xie did not want to start his plans here, but his senses told him that someone was observing him in this building. This feeling made him uncomfortable. Thus, he had suggested going to the ’’quiet’’ Red Joy Establishment.

After Jun Xie and Tang Yuan had left the floor, a voice sounded out within a private lounge in the building. ’’Brother Li, they have left. What are your thoughts?’’

A gentle voice replied. ’’This Tang Yuan could be considered someone with quite the insight, but that is his only worth. He is too much of a debauchee. Even if someone like him harbours any ill intentions towards us, he would take actions against us in broad daylight. Thus... he is of no concern. As for Jun Moxie... His actions today seemed to differ from what I have heard.’’ Within the tone was a deep feeling of concern.

’’Oh? According to Brother Li... there is something wrong with that little Jun brat?’’ The first voice replied in a doubtful voice. ’’However, this brat seemed to be the same frivolous and greedy person. You can see it just now, he was even extorting Qin Hu to that extent. This brat's appetite is quite something. I did not expect that he would ask for all of the casinos of Northern City Clan. Haha... What nonsense! Is he not afraid of choking on them?’’

’’There are some matters that you are not aware of. This is not the only time that Jun Moxie had acted strangely. Something is definitely not right here. Get Li Yan on this matter, tell him to inform Qin Hu, go to Jun Moxie tomorrow afternoon. Qin Hu must note down every single word that Jun Moxie say without missing anything. After that, arrange it properly and send it to me. I need to analyse this matter properly.’’

This second person mused as his fingers lightly tapped the table. Recalling Jun Xie's actions earlier, he shook his head: From the way he talks to the way he acts, he is obviously just a typical debauchee, why would I feel something strange from it? Was I simply being too sensitive? No! It is better to be safe than sorry!

’’In the next few days, try to find an excuse to meet Jun Moxie,’’ the ’’Brother Li’’ slowly said. ’’There have been reports stating that this brat have been spending the past few days undergoing intense death defying training at home. There has been quite a few of these reports, making me feel apprehensive. Go check it out and see if it is true.’’

’’Me? You want me to go meet Jun Moxie?’’ The other person replied in a reluctant tone. His tone seemed to imply that the act of meeting Jun Moxie was something extremely shameful. A shame born of being seen together with this kind of debauchee.

’’You are still so arrogant! This arrogance will be your undoing,’’ The ’’Brother Li’’ raised his head, his features delicate. He was none other than Li Youran. Even though those words were spoken lightly, the other person suddenly broke out with cold sweat. ’’I understand, I will return to make the arrangements.’’

’’Good, when that happens, I will be there to observe. I will see just what is Jun Moxie planning,’’ Li Youran lightly said.

’’By the way, Brother Li, I received news that the Second may be making a move these few days;it seems he is already becoming impatient. However, it is uncertain if his target is the Third or Princess Ling Meng. Our source is being very careful;we have no more news...’’

’’Oh?’’ Li Youran gave out a ’’heng’’ with a gentle voice. Slowly lowering his voice, he replied. ’’The Second is being quite the fool. Whoever chooses to make a move at this time would be the one to fall. En... For now, we shall only observe at the sidelines. Not doing anything would be the best action for now.’’

’’But, Princess Ling Meng is the one you fancy...’’ The other person seemed fearful of continuing his sentence.

’’No matter, in the end, she is just a woman. If her life is the price I have to pay to cause a river of blood to flow from the First, Second and Third, then I would gladly wish for it,’’ Li Youran gently replied as he maintained a calm demeanour, though an absolute aura of coldness seeped out from him. ’’In the face of a historical great cause, a mere woman... heheh, is of no concern!’’

The lounge area became quiet.

On the road...

Jun Xie was seated as far as possible from Tang Yuan within the carriage, trying hard to maintain himself. Enduring the stench of fat coming off Fatty Tang's body was no easy feat. Even for someone who was the King of Assassins of his generation, Jun Xie felt as though he may not be able to hold on.

Jun Xie opened the carriage curtains to let the air in. ’’Fatty Tang, from what you have told me, it seems like you have been suffering quite miserably at home.’’

Tang Yuan who originally looked enthusiastic slumped down. He waved his hand as he feebly replied. ’’Third Young Master, if you consider yourself my brother then do not bring this up again. Once I think about it, I get the urge to just hang myself. How could I be so unlucky? You do not see others being hit by such a kind of circumstance. But why is it that this keeps happening to me again and again? Third Young Master, I really am... unlucky!’’

’’Then, do you want to rid yourself of this problematic situation?’’ Jun Xie gave out a sinister laughter, tempting Tang Yuan.

’’Of course I want, why would I not want? Only a real bastard would not want to! But, this is not a matter that can be easily resolved!’’ Tang Yuan scratched his head, his expression making his face look older.

’’Don't say things like easy or difficult. All I am asking is whether you want to rid yourself of this miserable life!’’ Jun Xie asked, as he led the ’’fish’’ towards the bait, his eyes staring at Fatty Tang!

’’I want, I really want!’’ Tang Yuan burst out with excitement. ’’Third Young Master, could it be you have a plan?’’

’’I do not have many plans, but I do have a few tricks. And any of these tricks will be enough for you to escape from your current predicament. Are you interested?’’ Jun Xie chuckled as he shook his legs.

’’I am interested! ... Third Young Master! My dear brother! Brother Jun! Uncle Jun! Ancestor! ... Please tell me quickly, I really cannot take any more of this,’’ At this moment, Tang Yuan felt as though he had grasped onto a life-saving straw, he became excited, panting for breath and almost bursting into tears.

’’Today, we saw how arrogant that Northern City Clan was, did we not? In addition, they also made you feel very unhappy, did they not?’’ Jun Xie mentioned while laughing lightly.

’’Unhappy? Those two sons of bitches made me really vexed! If not for the fact that there is a problem back at home, I would have already exterminated them! When he comes to send money tomorrow, I will not even go meet him!’’ Tang Yuan shook his head. ’’Third Young Master, quick tell me what your plan is. Why did you bring up these two rubbish for?’’

’’Is this not a method? Tang Yuan, I am certain that not many people are aware that a burglary happened at your home, am I right?’’ Jun Xie smiled.

’’There are many who knew that our house was robbed! Having items stolen was no big deal, but the information of what was stolen is something that nobody else knows. If people were to find out that that a Ninth level Xuan Core was stolen from our house, then my family would become a laughing stock for everyone. Externally, we only announced that we are chasing after some runaway slaves and some enemies,’’ Tang Yuan mumbled. He was becoming confused as to what kind of solution Jun Xie was trying to give him.

’’But if my guess is correct, Qin Hu is aware of all that,’’ Jun Xie shook his legs again. ’’You may have noticed earlier, but when you mentioned that something was stolen from your Tang Family, Qin Hu's face became flustered, his body seemingly breaking out in sweat.’’ In truth, there was only a slight change in Qin Hu's eyes whereas his face showed no change. As for the sweat, that was non-existent. However, Fatty Tang was not paying attention and could no longer remember.

’’You mean... Qin Hu is connected to this matter?’’ Tang Yuan instantly stood up, his body straight, his small eyes turning round. The importance of what Jun Xie had just said was too big. Any mistakes were simply unacceptable. If this were just something ordinary, then Tang Yuan would simply believe in anything the Young Master Jun said.

’’Fatty, you are overthinking things. It does not matter if he has any connection to this matter or not. What matters is if you think he has any connection to this matter. All you have to do is go back and tell your grandfather that Qin Hu and the Northern City Clan might be connected to this matter. That way, no matter what happens, regardless of whether Northern City Clan has any connection with this matter, the miserable situation that you are in will be lessened by quite a bit.’’ Jun Xie laughed sinisterly. ’’Besides, we are not accusing him for no reason. That flustered look on his face back then was certainly not false. If he was not feeling guilty, would he show such a face?’’

’’But if my grandfather finds out that... if Qin Hu was not involved, then would I not end up in bigger trouble?’’ Tang Yuan hesitated.


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