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Otherworldly Evil Monarch - Chapter 509


Chapter 509

This was the place he had just fought in . This was the place where he had fought the Solitary Falcon . This was the place he had bravely forced the Snake King to retreat! But, it was also the place where he had faced his greatest humiliation…

However, the most interesting part was that the Huang Ancestor hadn't realized this point at this time . And, that's because he hadn't had enough time! He knew that he had evaded the sword . But, his keen perception had made him realize that the sword was still chasing in order to kill him .

The sword's cold and piercing aura had tailed him closely . It was circling his eyes, throat, and other places . And, it would pierce his body the moment the opportunity would arise .

Huang Tai Yang's escape had come unexpected to his enemy when he had retreated in an attempt to fight for his life . Consequently, he had escaped with his life for the time being . But, his enemy hadn't given up on chasing him down .

Huang Tai Yang's sudden return to the courtyard had surprised the Solitary Falcon and the others . [This old man was cursing us so jubilantly a moment ago . So, how come he's come crashing back through the boundary wall like this?] 

[Is here to kill us while we're off-guard? Aren't his guts too damn big?]

Solitary Falcon and Snake King had defended against Huang Tai Yang's attacks with everything they had . But, they had still fallen somewhat short . Moreover, the energy they had consumed in this fight wasn't low . The fight had certainly lasted for a short period of time . But, those two knew that they had revolved around life and death for each moment of that fight . In fact, this fight had been far more dangerous than the one they had fought outside the Tian Fa Forest .

After all, an expert stronger than the Great Master Level wasn't an easy opponent!

Therefore, the two of them had snatched this time to circulate their aura instead of rising into the air and looking-on with hope . Consequently, they had missed that marvelous scene from a moment ago . Moreover, they could've never thought that Huang Tai Yang would run into an assassin as tyrannical that the supreme assassin Chu Qi Hun by some curious coincidence .

Huang Tai Yang had been forced to retreat while cutting a sorry figure since he hadn't chosen a proper escape-route in his panicked state . Consequently, had knocked through the wall, and had returned to where he was before .

However, everyone's doubts were cleared the next moment as a white-clothed figure followed after Huang Tai Yang's retreating body . This figure didn't even stop for a moment, and rushed in-through that big hole the Huang Ancestor's retreating body had created in the wall . In fact, this figure had flown through the chaotic dust and smoke in a graceful manner at lightning-fast speed . Moreover, the sword in his hand was shooting out dazzling sword-lights .

It was approaching while piercing through the air .

The man holding the sword was handsome and tall . His entire body was emitting a cold aura, and his face had a dark and icy expression .

It was Jun Mo Xie!

Huang Tai Yang gave a loud roar . Then, his body seemingly revolved in the midst of retreating . After that, he changed his direction and continued to retreat with urgency . His body was still rubbing against the floor . But, his body had started to leave a trail of the mangled bits of his flesh after he had made this turn .

His sleeveless armor had protected certain areas of his body . However, the rest of his body was exposed — such as his shoulders, thighs, hips . And, that frantic whirl he had made a moment ago had left the flesh on these areas to get grinded . Consequently, it seemed as if the ground had been stained with the mangled flesh of a pig that was being slaughtered by a butcher .

Jun Mo Xie's sword hadn't stopped . His facial expressions seemed calm and collected . The murderous intent in his eyes was still as vigorous as before . He was a man who could subject himself to cruelties in order to achieve something . So, one could well-image the level of fierceness he was capable of showing his enemies . He would never allow this person to live-on! In fact, his sword's tip had remained less-than-a foot away from Huang Tai Yang's throat even though the latter had changed directions .

Huang Tai Yang wanted issue a loud scream, but he couldn't find his voice . His eyes opened wide, and it seemed his pupils would explode . The corners of his mouth were already dripping with saliva . His feet were constantly brushing against the ground as a rapid pace since he wanted to get away . In fact, he was striving so hard that the hardened ground had been etched with trails of his footprints;this had also kicked-up much dust in the air…

He was trying to use the reactive-force from the ground in his futile attempts to escape . But, an increasing amount of the flesh on his shoulders, thighs, and posterior had started to become like minced meat he attempted to pick-up pace while retreating . In fact, these dregs of meat had seemingly started to melt on the ground…

This powerful expert from the Illusory Ocean of Blood was even stronger than the Great Master Level . However, an on-looker would find no flesh on his thigs and shoulders if they were to look at his body . Instead, they would only see his bared dense bones . In fact, even a thick layer of those bones had worn out out by now .

However, the Huang Ancestor wasn't feeling any pain . And, that was because his mind had been enshrouded in the possibility of his death . In fact, he would get about to chopping-off his head without any hesitation if he were told that he could escape by doing so .

And, that's because he had already fallen apart — he had thoroughly fallen apart!

That sword was like a bone-eating maggot that was chiseling-away at his body even though it was persistently aiming at his throat . That expert was even stronger than the Great Master Level . However, he hadn't even had time to get up . Instead, he had been forced into such a horrible situation!

He could've decided to resist that sword's attack if he had been in his peak condition . Perhaps, he could've clamped that sword between his chin and collarbone, and could've struck back at the attacker . He could've done that with his strength! But, his body had lost the stamina required for something like that since he had suffered from two-hundred continuous attacks .  

He knew that he would die if his throat was pierced by that sword . Therefore, Huang Tai Yang was struggling to look for any opportunity to stand up, or fight, or even escape… Even the slightest opportunity!

However, he had never expected that this man's sword would tail him so closely and terrifyingly . It was needless to talk about an opportunity of standing up — he hadn't even had a chance to blink!

The strongest expert of generation… An expert who was stronger than the Great Masters… An apex expert who roamed the world free and unimpeded in his days… However, he had been brought to such a pitiful condition by an unknown youngster at this time .

It was sorrowful — extremely sorrowful!

It was the Huang Ancestor's sheer will to live which had made him skid-along against the friction in his attempt to escape . However, the unceasing friction from the ground meant that he was leaving behind a pool of blood amidst the green smoke that was arising from the burns of friction . In fact, it could be assumed that Huang Tai Yang would die on the spot even if Jun Mo Xie were to stop his pursuit . After all, the old man was unlikely to persist once his mind had loosened up by any margin .

That was because the blood in his body had more-or-less flowed out by now!

However, Jun Mo Xie didn't stop . In fact, he showed no indications of coming to a stop!

He genuinely hated it when someone threatened him . And, the Huang Family's Huang Tai Yang had committed this greatest sin!

Jun Mo Xie's intentions had changed from his initial ones;he didn't wish to kill this man anymore . Instead, he wanted this man to grind himself to death!

The sword pierced with a 'whoosh', and Huang Tai Yang again dodged it narrowly in desperation . However, his golden armor couldn't bear the strain anymore, and got ripped away from his body with a 'chi'sound . And, this resulted in the formation of a new pile of blooded flesh on the ground . But, this pile seemed entirely intact . After all, it was the flesh which had previously been preserved by his sleeveless armor .  

He had lost the flesh above and below his vest-area long back . Therefore, the flesh of his vest had basically ended-up becoming like an object that was suspended in mid-air . And, this meant that it was bound to fall down at first contact once it had lost support of that golden armor .

It was an extremely shocking and bloody sight!

[It's finally time!] Jun Mo Xie took a long breath . The sound of a small bell's tinkling was heard as he sheathed his sword in its scabbard . Then, he coldly looked at Huang Tai Yang, and the corners of his mouth turned into a sneer .

The Huang Ancestor finally breathed in relief . It was unknown where he found the strength from, but he jumped up to stand . The old man wanted to turn and scram, but he found he had no strength left . He tried to move his aura to heal himself . But, he found that his two-hundred years'worth of hard-earned Xuan strength had disappeared as well .

Huang Tai Yang turned pale with fright, and looked down . However, he found that his chest seemed deflated . In fact, it seemed like there was a big cave in its place . He screamed in pain as one of his hands dawdled to the side . Then, his stomach suddenly fell through . And, he could shockingly see the ground through it now .

His spine was the only obstruction to the line of sight . But, even his spine was bare on its side;there were no ribs left!

Huang Tai Yang stared wide-eyed . [What's the matter with me? How can I see the ground through my own body? What happened to my body? Where are my internal organs? Where the hell's my back?]

[Where have they gone?]

He turned with difficulty to look at his own back . Then, he screamed out loudly . After all, he had discovered that his back had disappeared… Or it could be said that it had been grounded to extinction .

Only a thin layer remained of his thighs and posterior . He then turned at a loss to look at Jun Mo Xie, and asked, "Where's my… flesh?"

Jun Mo Xie frowned as he coldly replied, "It has turned into such a lowly trash that it can't even be fed to the dogs!"

Huang Tai Yang gave a blank, "Oh…"in reply . In fact, it seemed that he had understood things very clearly . There was a snapping sound as he showed that sign of understanding;this was the sound of his fracturing spine . And, he was forced into a sitting-like position because of this . It must've been very painful . But, his face didn't seem to be reflecting it . Instead, his expression was still as blank, and he looked stupefied for a moment . Then, a strange smile suddenly appeared on his face .

He then muttered in a low voice, "He he… when I was young . . . I had gone to the Valley of the Nine Hidden Lands in those days… hehe . . . Inside . . . there were four people fighting to the death… And . . . Surprisingly… all of them were Great Master Level experts! They were next-to done for by that time . . . And, I had promised to fulfill a single wish for each one of them . I had vowed that my flesh would be shredded until I died in case I didn't keep my promise! They believed my oath . So, they made their Xuan Qi flow in reverse, and transferred it into me because they were at death's door . Consequently, I became a peak expert between dawn and dusk . I first became a Sky Xuan… And then, I went to the Great Master Level from there . Then, I became even stronger . . . But, I didn't fulfill a single oath I had made to them! Any living man has more work than he can handle . . . So, who would be interested in fulfilling a dead man's wishes? The death mentioned in the oath I had made was the cruelest of ways to die… But, it was also the most impossible way to die . . . he he he . . . "

His eyes shone as he smiled in pain . He then spoke dully, "Is this cruel death the repercussion of the oath I had taken? Is that what this is? Is that what this is…?"

Huang Tai Yang could only speak till here when his head tilted . It then snapped as he died in silence . Then, there was a "Pop!"since his spine wasn't able to support his head anymore . So, it broke, and the Huang Ancestor's head came down rolling . It rolled for a while before it came to a rest with Huang Tai Yang's eyes looking lifelessly at the dark sky…

He was the peak expert of his generation . He was stronger than the Great Masters . However, he had still been forced into this position by a sword . In fact, he had died after he had grinded his flesh to nothingness .


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