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Otherworldly Evil Monarch - Chapter 508


Chapter 508: Stunning Sword Strike!

Huang Tai Yang's figure quickly shot up high into the sky while blood dripped from his body. He flew over eighteen to twenty meters;his golden armor was shining quite conspicuously under the bright moonlight.

Solitary Falcon and the Snake King couldn't catch up with him at this time since he had covered this much distance. After all, the Huang Ancestor's speed was to fast. In fact, no one except for the extremely beautiful Mei Xue Yan could catch him now.

Huang Tai Yang turned around while fleeing, and gave a sharp roar, "You brat of the Jun Family! You've mounted such a sneak attack on this old man! I swear to take my revenge! I swear to not be called a man if I don't flatten the Jun residence! Moreover, you've mounted a sneak attack on me whilst remaining hidden in the sidelines! This old man won't let you off! This old man will show you what 'courting death' means for having the cheek to do such a thing!"

He was aware that his life wasn't in danger anymore. But, his defeat and ill-treatment that evening had still left him feeling sullen. Therefore, there was no way that he wouldn't attempt to take revenge later.

Huang Tai Yang's body had been dropping to lower altitudes throughout his flight. After all, he had used up a lot of his Xuan Qi. So, he was falling rather quickly as a result. He gasped for air from his nose and mouth at the same time, and took off again the moment his legs touched the ground. The old man had enough strength to make his escape by fly-jumping two or three times…

Huang Tai Yang's mind was brimming with malicious thoughts and plans of vengeance!

He had walked the wider society for two-hundred years. Had he ever suffered such a humiliating defeat before? There had been times in the past where he been entangled with other families who harbored deep hatred towards him. He had often been surrounded by hundreds of experts. However, he had always killed seven of eight of them by charging into their ranks. And, he'd then make an unhurried escape from the battle. However, he had never expected that this seemingly harmless and insignificant Jun Family would nearly take his life.

A flame of seemingly endless rage was burning inside his chest. And, his severe internal injuries had filled his mind with even more hatred. He had even counted;[I was attacked by no less than two-hundred palms in quick succession.]

[It's also fortunate that this old man had come alone. Wouldn't the others from my faction been beaten to minced meat here?] Huang Tai Yang had forgotten that the last of these individuals hadn't intended to kill him. Instead, he only remembered that he had been attacked by over two-hundred palms!

His hatred was extreme! In fact, it was irreconcilable!

The old man would certainly give vent to his hatred. In fact, this hatred was so extreme that it had been engraved in his mind forever!

His feet were barely a hairsbreadth away the ground. He would leap into the air the moment the tip of his toes would touch the ground. [I'll annihilate the Jun Family! How can a family from the regular society ever provoke the anger of a Holy Land beyond the mortal realms?]

He couldn't make any reprisals at this moment. In fact, he was still running away. But, his mind was flooded with pleasurable thoughts of the indescribable tortures he would inflict. He was even imagining the various methods he'd use to torture and humiliate the Jun Family's members. [I'll pay them back a hundred times for today's humiliation. No;a thousand times! Ten-thousand times! Hundred-thousand times!]

He didn't wish to make reprisals for his family's enmity alone anymore;he also wanted to do it for the injuries he had suffered. [I can't tolerate this! I won't let them off! The Jun Family's members won't be the only ones… Even the members of their wives' families… visitors and friends… anyone who has any relationship with the Jun Family — all of them will suffer from my revenge! All of them will suffer my bloody revenge!]

The Huang Ancestor had sworn this. He considered for a bit. Then, he shouted out, "Jun Family! I'll trample all of you in the future! I won't be considered a man if I allow even a single dog to slip away! So, you people must enjoy the amount of time you have left! Ha ha ha…"

That cruel roar had shaken the entire night sky!

However, a cold voice replied at this moment, "You won't be considered a man? That's not even a funny joke! Do you think that you can still be considered a man? You befuddled fool, do you think you can leave alive?" a genuinely 'scorching sun' appeared in front of Huang Tai Yang along with those cold words.

The extremely bright sun rays filled his eyes.

This glowing sun emitted bright multicolored rays in all directions;it was undoubtedly far more dazzling than this Huang Tai Yang —'The Sun who Scorches a Thousand Mountains'!

Those countless multicolored rays of light issued uncountable sword sword auras as they lit up the dark night sky from high above. Then, those glowing sword-lights merged as they flew towards Huang Tai Yang's weak throat like a lightning.

It was going to strike him in mid-flight!

That sword-strike had ingeniously grasped the most opportune moment to approach him. In fact, its angle of approach was so mischievous that this two-hundred-year-old supreme expert — Huang Tai Yang — felt like cursing. In fact, he felt like cursing in the most malicious language.

However, he didn't have time to do that. In fact, he wouldn't have wasted whatever little energy he had left on cursing out loud even if he had gotten the time for it. And, that's because he wouldn't have been left with any time to react if he had done so!

The person who had struck that fatal blow was obviously none-other-than Jun Mo Xie! Young Master Jun had been hiding for quite a while in wait for such a great opportunity to spring his ambush. So, how could he let such an opportunity slip by? He had cultivated a very sharp sense of assassination in his previous life. And, it had helped him determine that Huang Tai Yang had lost his strength a fair amount of time back. And, this meant that he could kill this old man as long as he was able to take advantage of the proper opportunity.

[I may never get such a rare opportunity again if I miss it at this time!]

Therefore, Jun Mo Xie had decided to attack with everything he had!

It was needless to mention the speed, the angle, and the opportune moment — after all, Jun Mo Xie had even considered the air-resistance before he had launched this attack.

Therefore, Jun Mo Xie was very confident!

Even the greatest assassin of this generation — Chu Qi Hun — couldn't have produced such a divine sword attack.

This sword-attack was the absolute best any assassin could achieve!

This sword-attack was akin to a legendary strike for any assassin!

This was a sword-attack which would deliver a fatal blow, and kill for certain!

Not only would it chop at its target — it would chop them to extinction!

Mei Xue Yan was standing afar, and was observing everything. So, she had obviously seen that splendidly shining sword-attack. It had reached the pinnacle of skill. That breath-taking sword-attack had left her amazed. But, it had also left her to feel somewhat ashamed. She implored herself, and realized that even she wouldn't have been able to exploit this opportunity with such perfection.

[That Jun Mo Xie's swordsmanship… or specifically… his assassination swordsmanship assassination swordsmanship has surprisingly reached a level of such wondrous perfection!] However, a doubt also emerged in her mind;[This brat is an assassin by his very nature… Or, he's a born-assassin…]

[Otherwise, how could a brat who is not even eighteen years old be capable of issuing such a perfectly resplendent sword-attack? Even the people who possess hundreds of years of cultivation won't be able to hide from such a sword-attack despite having reached the Great Master Level of above.] Venerable Mei — the most powerful individual from Tian Fa — also felt somewhat inferior to that sword attack.

[Don't tell me that he can kill a Great Master Level exert by using his mere Sky Xuan strength?]

[However, this is happening right now in front of everyone present!]

Huang Tai Yang's toes hadn't touched land at this moment. However, his toes could feel the approaching ground. It was close;there was only a tiny gap in between.

But, that tiny gap seemed a world away!

The entire body seemed like a tilting candle that was trying its hardest to fall down. In fact, he had exhaled the air he had just gasped in, and was waiting take another gulp in order to escape. But, it was in that tiny space of time that this killer sword-attack had suddenly made its appearance.

This space of time was infinitely subtle, but it was enough for this deadly sword-attack!

Huang Tai Yang issued a shriek of despair. He didn't even have the time to think about making his escape at this time since this sword was about to strike him in a moment. His body faced upwards with the final burst of strength. He hit his chest with his fist, and sent the aura in his dantian shaking. This instantly aroused the last remnants of aura within his body. Then, a column of blood rushed forth from his mouth, and shot towards the attacking sword like a javelin.

He knew that would lose the greater part of his Xuan strength because of this move he was making. In fact, he would never be able to restore his strength to its current peak even after his injuries had been cured. But, he had no choice in the matter.

That was because this was the only way he could save his life. After all, a big hole would be pierced into his throat if he didn't do this. What would be better — losing half of his life's worth of cultivation, or losing his life? Even a three year old child could answer this. And, this was Huang Tai Yang — Tai Yang — a man who cherished life very dearly. A hope of living-on is often the greatest desire of old men. He had already lived two for over two-hundred years, but he wanted to live for two-hundred more.

He still hadn't enjoyed the beautiful things of life to his heart's content. He still wanted to maintain the pinnacle of his glory. Therefore, he had preferred to cripple himself if could somehow escape with his life!

After all, one needn't worry about fire-wood as long as the forests are around!

The sword-light had approached so close that it had even incited a knot of cold inside Huang Tai Yang's neck!

The blood-arrow suddenly shot forth. It passed the sword-light, and went towards Jun Mo Xie. However, the Young Master merely tilted his head. The blood arrow nearly hit his ear. It then went whooshing by the sides of his temple, and sent his hair flowing. Then, it flew into the empty sky!

However, Huang Tai Yang had managed to distance his body from that deadly sword-attack in this brief moment that wasn't even enough to blink one's eyes. But, his body was still dropping to the ground. His toes eventually reached the ground as his body descended. However, they faltered. Therefore, his heels hit the ground with such force that lots of dirt was stirred upwards. This dirt then shot towards Jun Mo Xie and Huang Tia Yang's body like numerous concealed weapons as the old man's body glided on the ground at a very sharp speed. In fact, the reactionary effect his body produced against the ground was similar to the one produced by a sword fish gliding through the water's surface…

His back pressed tightly against the ground as his body went sliding.

This sliding motion exhausted the remaining of Huang Tai Yang's strength as slid to nearly one-fifty meters on his back. In fact, he had slid so fast on his back that the friction produced against the ground had resulted in a strange green smoke. His skin had been scorched as a result, and was emitting a strange smell at this time.

That extreme speed of sliding had scorched the skin on his back…

He wasn't thinking about where he was sliding to at this time. In fact, he wasn't thinking of anything. The old man was only shooting backwards like an arrow. Then, there was a "Bang!" since a wall collapsed as his head hit the Jun Family's boundary wall. He left a huge gap in the wall after hitting it. Then, he went 'whooshing' further into the Jun Family's courtyard.


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