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Otherworldly Evil Monarch - Chapter 50


Chapter 050 I Am A Bad Guy

’’Which department?’’ Jun Xie was very interested in this type of matter. Accessing his memories, he recalled that this Zhao Chengsong's family circumstances was only average. Even though he does possess the talent for learning, he was a power hungry person. Externally, he gave off the portrayal of a lofty gentlemen, but was in fact a subservient garbage.

Back then, both him and Tang Yuan competed against one another for the sake of winning the favour of the young lady from Grand Preceptor Li's Family. At the end of the day, none of the noble ladies took a fancy to him. How was it that Tang Yuan would suddenly become so generous as to accept this kind of person in? This action simply does not match that of Tang Yuan's character!

’’I first had him placed into the Ministry of State Revenue, then had my uncle find faults with him and had him transferred. After having him transferred several times, his only duty is to rub my back every time I take a bath, and wash my underwear and socks every day. The clothes of my lesser concubines are also his responsibility! Besides that, he has no other duties!’’

Tang Yuan laughed viciously. ’’If he had remained stubborn and quiet until the end, then I really would have no interest or reason to continue tormenting him. But this spineless guy actually tried to act high and mighty in front of me saying things like ’’scholar with distinguished and admirable reputation’’, pooh! That son of a bitch! Since he wanted to tear out the skirts of Grand Preceptor Li's Residence, I will just let him wash skirts every day!’’

Tang Yuan's uncle was the Outer Minister for the Ministry of State Revenue. Something like demoting a new person was naturally an easy thing for him to do.

’’Pfft!’’ Jun Xie spat out a mouthful of tea onto Tang Yuan's face and coughed. ’’Your uncle sure could listen to you! Eldest Young Master Tang, don't you think this action of yours is too demeaning? No matter how you cut it, he is still a gifted scholar, and a graduate of Wenxing Institute of Knowledge to boot, a person with some capabilities. This kind of action is simply too insulting...’’

’’Too insulting? Third Young Master, I cannot agree with these words of yours. What type of qualifications do those people have? They are nothing more than a bunch of bookworms! So what if they managed to learn the Heavenly way of bringing peace and prosperity to the country from their books? They only know how to debate about it on paper, but have no desire to utilize it, causing that knowledge to rot within them! Having a great deal of knowledge does not equate having a great deal of ability;most importantly, it does not equate having a great character! With just a glib mouth, how can one be considered a talent? These men have no significance at all! Wenxing Institute of Knowledge? What an exaggerated reputation! In the long history of Tianxiang Kingdom, how many famed individuals hailed from the Wenxing Institute of Knowledge? Pooh!’’ Tang Yuan let out a small laugh and patted Jun Xie on the shoulder. ’’Third Young Master, neither of us can be considered good materials...’’

’’Hold it! What do you mean ’’neither of us can be considered good materials’’?’’ Listening to Tang Yuan, Jun Xie had originally agreed with him again and again, secretly applauding. He deeply agreed with this perspective;when those students who graduated with top scores from the examination-oriented education entered the workforce, which had withstood the test of time, they would amount to nothing as their knowledge and eloquence would be of not much use. They would be no different from a newly weaned baby, similar in all aspect.

Unexpectedly, Tang Yuan actually possessed such a kind of perspective. As Jun Xie was feeling refreshed from hearing those words, Tang Yuan unexpectedly changed the subject, causing him to feel shocked. The difference between those two subjects were as vast as the difference between Heaven and Earth, North and South. This difference was simply too astonishing.

’’Haha... what I meant was, neither one of us are good men,’’ Tang Yuan laughed out. ’’However, Third Young Master, no matter how wicked we may be, even if we are to go out and do harm every day, how many people in this vast city can we harm? A thousand people would already be considered an accomplished number, don't you think? However, look at Zhao Chengsong, a spineless bastard with nothing but rot festering within him. If someone like him were to be appointed as an official, then one wicked action from him is enough to cause harm to countless commoners! Not to mention, after causing a calamity for the people here, he would just move to another place and repeat his actions. As long as the royal court does not decapitate him, he would continue causing harm to others! By the time he gets decapitated, how many people would have suffered under him? If we are to compare him with the two of us combined, which one is the true evil?’’

Tang Yuan suddenly became resentful after saying all that. ’’That is why this senior would choose to disgrace those shameless things! What gifted scholars? A bunch of sons of bitches! At any rate, anyone who dares to claim to be a gifted scholar in front of this senior will be flattened to their death! As long as these hypocritical gifted scholars fall into my hands, they can forget about squirming their way out!’’

Jun Xie laughed loudly. ’’Well said, Fatty Tang. This is the first time this senior heard you say something that could satisfy me to this extent! Well said indeed! Just by what you have said earlier, I shall toast this cup to you!’’

This toast was one Jun Xie had given truthfully from the bottom of his heart. Tang Yuan's words just now have won over Jun Xie's heart. For Jun Xie who had transmigrated over, a man of two worlds, the number of people that qualify for Jun Xie's toast were probably no more than three. For Tang Yuan to be able to receive this toast from Jun Xie showed how much fortune he has! Tang Yuan was the first person to receive a toast from Jun Xie in this world!

After having drunk down this cup, it meant that Jun Xie had already approved of Tang Yuan! Even though he was a debauchee, he was a true villain with a true character!

Jun Xie had always acted on his whims. Even if everyone condemned someone he favoured, he would still drink together with that person. Even if everyone applauded someone he disliked as a saint, he would still ignore that person!

At this moment, Fatty Tang has no understanding towards the extent of value that this cup of wine contained. Naturally, he would never have predicted that due to this cup of wine, he would be able to survive from several calamities! He would be saved from situations of life and death by Jun Xie! However, that story would come later.

Tang Yuan gulped down the cup of wine in one go, his small eyes gazing around. ’’I know what kind of person I am, I do not have good looks, I like to gamble, I like to fight, bullying people makes me feel good, when I see beautiful ladies, I must say some flowery words to relieve my boredom. I have a bad heart, but I also have the courage to be bad! I am a bad guy, but I am one who does bad things in broad daylight! As the saying goes, when a lady is beautiful, everyone would turn their heads. If a woman is beautiful, everyone would want to look at her longer. If you do not let us look at you, then is there any bloody reason to you being born beautiful? If some beautiful lady from some bloody good family notices me looking at them like this, they would surely run away and hide. On the other hand, I too will have no interest in pursuing a dead-end. But those who choose to continue standing there to tempt me even after seeing the way I look at them, can they be considered good? And yet, they actually dared to tell others that I am a detestable, unforgivable baddie! Look at those hypocrites;when they see a beautiful lady, they would quickly lower their heads to bow, showing a look of virtue and piousness. But after the lady turned away, they would quickly raise their heads to stare at that lady's big ass while salivating, secretly desiring fleshly pleasures! Pooh! That is a gifted scholar for you! A gifted scholar with cock for brains! With such a kind of gifted scholar, I yearn for the day I can eradicate them all!’’

After having vented his opinions, Fatty Tang became depressed, pouring one cup of wine after another, gulping each one down without reserve. His hands never stopped moving as he consumed more wine. Even though the wine was light and weak in strength, the amount of consumption and his feelings of sadness eventually caused him to become drunk. His eyes became vacant as his head swayed back and forth, eventually unable to hold on and falling face first into the hot bowl of fish soup. He wailed and woke up with a start!

Jun Xie looked at Tang Yuan who had fish soup dripping awkwardly from his face and made up his mind: Since I have decided to have Qin Hu and his son dealt with, I might as well hand this matter over to the Tang Family. Considering how desperate Grandfather Tang must be after losing his precious treasure, he would rather kill a thousand innocents than let off one criminal... Not to mention my current state of strength is still lacking and the men I am training still cannot be sent out. If Grandpa were to come out to do it, it would cause a big ruckus... Very well! I will go with this way! This is the only way to successfully resolve this important matter! Pooh! Getting rid of a bunch of garbage cannot even be considered an important matter!

Jun Xie did not want to mobilize the Jun Family forces for one reason: Xuan Core! The Xuan Core was a terrifyingly vast whirlpool of problems. Even though Qin Hu's expression was not enough to guarantee that he was connected to the theft of the Xuan Core, should it ever happen that he was connected to the theft, the Jun Family's actions of exterminating Northern City Clan would be tantamount to admitting their guilt in this matter. They would end up with a foot in a huge pit of mud for all to see. The Tang Family on the other hand, have no such concerns.

’’Fatty Tang, since we have eaten our fill, what do you say we get a change in scenery? I feel that the Red Joy Establishment is quite clean and quiet. What do you think?’’ Jun Xie was obviously intending to do something evil, but instead put on a pious appearance.

’’Red Joy Establishment? That is certainly a clean and quiet place, a very very good place, ahahah...’’ Tang Yuan's eyes brightened and he emerged from his drunken stupor, his face twisting with desire. ’’Hahaha, Third Young Master... you are a true friend. Come come come! Let's head there immediately! It just so happened that these few days have caused me no small amount of frustration, I am truly in need of some clean and quiet place...’’ He impatiently stood up, his belly falling all the way down to his thigh.

Jun Xie observed Tang Yuan with a straight face and wondered inwardly. He was having a hard time imagining how he intended on proceeding after entering the Red Joy Establishment. Could it be that he would use both hands to prop up his belly? But if he does not, it would be really hard to proceed. What a headache...


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