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Otherworldly Evil Monarch - Chapter 33


Chapter 033 A Small Shop Within The Heavy Rain

The rain pitter-pattered on the bamboo rain hat. Jun Xie left the Jun Residence swiftly through the side door and strolled his way into the main street. The main street, which had been bustling with activities and pedestrians, was now empty due to the sudden heavy downpour. The shops on both sides however were brimming with crowds of people. Every now and again, the sounds of either laughter or curses can be heard coming out from the shops.

Under the heavy downpour, the clamorous noise seemed as though it had merged together with both Heaven and Earth. Jun Xie strolled alone within the heavy rain, watching as the rain transformed into a curtain between Heaven and Earth. As the rain pitter-pattered on his bamboo rain hat, Jun Xie felt his own insignificance and loneliness.

So what if he had been the world's number one assassin in his past life? So what if he had been granted a great opportunity to transcend death, transmigrating into a different world? So what if he managed to obtain the immeasurably mysterious treasure, the Hongjun Pagoda? So what if he has the opportunity to practice the mysterious ’’Art of Unlocking Heaven's Fortune’’?

In the end, he was but a droplet of water amidst an ocean between Heaven and Earth. So diminutive, so solitary, so alone...

’’The predecessors will never meet their ancestors;the successors will never meet their descendants. Leisurely studying Heaven and Earth, and yet alone and inferior,’’ Jun Xie laughed bitterly as he shook his head. He thought to himself that he should have written this poem. Born in another world, he was truly a man without precedence and without a descendant! The true descendant of Yan and Huang in this world was none other than himself!

[TL: ’’The descendant of Yan and Huang’’ represents the Han Chinese of today.]

The heavy rain and its accompanying fog was extremely heavy, water covered every inch of the ground. The rain and fog obscured the skies, causing everything to become illusory and hazy. Even the surrounding downpour seemed to have lost its sound... Jun Xie suddenly felt as though everything was a dream, every single person and every single matter no longer existed. There was only him, walking alone through the heavy rain...

Jun Xie suddenly felt as though he was a ghost, or perhaps he was simply sleepwalking, his heavy footsteps resounded in the rain and yet it sounded so far away. This incomplete feeling caused Jun Xie who was a cold-blooded assassin to feel vulnerable and weak.

He suddenly found himself facing a dark place and realized that he had unconsciously exited the main street into a narrow alley. In the midst of the rain, a bamboo pole stood tilted from a shop, singled out as it hung conspicuously. From within came the smell of wine.

The only way to solve sorrows was to shut it out!

The only way to make worries disappear was wine! Jun Xie hesitated for a moment before entering into the wine shop.

The shop had barely anyone within it. It had fifteen tables, yet all of them were empty. Considering how heavy the rain was, it was only natural for the shop's business to be affected. Especially when considering how small this shop was. But, within a corner of the shop, one person sat. Wearing a face concealing bamboo rain hat, he sat down and helped himself. He seemed to be entertaining himself, but it seemed more as though he was feeling solitary and lonely.

Jun Xie randomly ordered two side dishes and a jug of wine. He then sat silently in a corner, helping himself to it as well.

He was alone in a small shop within the heavy rain.

This cup I toast to those I've killed in my past life. Forgive me, for there is no chance for you to have revenge. Gulp!

This cup I toast to those whose life I will take in my new life. Forgive me, for you are fated to die by my hands. Cheers!

This cup I toast to my Master and fellow brother and sisters. I wish you success in your missions. May you all be able to retire early and live a peaceful life.

This cup I toast...

Jun Xie drank alone, one cup after the other. Without making a single noise, he poured all his emotions, all his lamentations, all his loneliness into the cups of wine and drank them all away. Everything flowed together with the wine into his stomach! From today onwards, in this world, I am Jun Moxie! Jun Xie, the number one assassin from another world is nothing more than a distant memory!

The wine of the small shop was nothing remarkable, it felt slightly weak in taste. As someone who was used to drinking high grade wines, this wine was actually a bit difficult for Jun Xie to drink! However, Jun Xie's mind at this moment was not considering whether the wine was good or not. Even if he were to be given the celestial fairy wine, he would not be able to taste any of it. All he could feel now was bitterness, tartness and sorrow...

Within this unfamiliar world, this will be the only time that he indulged in these feelings of weakness!

From now on, I will thread the path of the Evil Monarch! An iron blooded path! From this moment on, I will utilize the mountain of bones and ocean of blood from my past to achieve my unparalleled reputation as the Evil Monarch once more!

The Otherworldly Evil Monarch is I, Moxie!

Yet another cup was downed, but Jun Xie had yet to feel drowsy. He simply continued pouring one cup after another, gulping it down...


Jun Xie did not realize that his strange act where he casted everything he had encountered aside, as though he was the only one within this world, had completely cut him off from everything, the skies, the ground, the wind, the rain... It was an independent loneliness of a person forsaken by his own world. The faint feelings of joy, solitude and loneliness, all merged perfectly into one upon his body.

It was only at this moment that Jun Xie remained Jun Xie, the mysterious number one assassin and not Jun Moxie!

In the corner of the shop, the only customer who had only given Jun Xie a glance when he came in was now staring intently at Jun Xie. He watched as Jun Xie sat alone, drinking away his sorrows, exuding an elegant form of loneliness;his tolerance deep and far beyond the average person, causing him to become curious.

Jun Xie himself did not know how much wine he had drank;he only continued raising his cup. As he was about to drink another cup, he suddenly heard someone spoke out. ’’This brother is a remarkable drinker. Now that it is raining heavily outside, there is but the two of us here. Since we had such a fateful meeting, what do you say we drink together?’’

Jun Xie raised his head and saw that the customer had already placed down his bamboo rain hat, revealing a dignified face, showing a prestigious aura without being angry, his gaze as soft as water as he smiled at Jun Xie.

Jun Xie laughed. He reached out, removed the bamboo rain hat on his head, and left it hanging behind. ’’The anxious autumn wind and rain brings a halt to men. For us to be meeting here like this is indeed the work of fate. Since it is fate, why should we not drink together? Come!’’

The other party did not expect Jun Xie to be so young and was momentarily startled before laughing. ’’Indeed, observing fate is better than offering respects.’’ He then ordered a few more dishes and two jugs of wine. Holding the wine cup, he came over and sat before Jun Xie. He smiled and asked. ’’A magnificent youngster such as you is truly a rarity in this city. I wonder which great family does this younger generation hail from?’’

’’Great family's younger generation?’’ Jun Xie gave out a laugh and replied in disdain. ’’Floating namelessly through the world, treating the human world as a game, ask not the gentlemen his name! Could it be that in this brother's eyes, only someone from the great families can possess an outstanding demeanour?’’

’’Oh? Hehe, this is really a mistake on my part. Then please consider this cup my punishment!’’ The middle-aged man raised his cup and gulped it down, his movements casual and free of care. Observing his face, Jun Xie had since deduced that this person was no average person. The aura emitted from his brows were rich and coercive, every move made was innately elegant, indicating great skill and care. A few spiritual forces kept probing inside the small shop from the outside, believed to be from this person's bodyguards. This person must be someone with a high position and not easy to meet. To see such an individual admit his own mistakes towards a random person and even smile as he punished himself, Jun Xie felt his stance towards this person changing. He felt that sitting together and drinking wine together with this kind of individual was not an unworthy act.

’’My I ask for younger brother's esteemed name?’’ That man gulped down the wine as he watched Jun Xie. Jun Xie's aura of indifference caused this man to become very interested in his identity.


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