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Otherworldly Evil Monarch - Chapter 286


Chapter 286: Elder Brother Will Remain at the Top... Even if the Sky Falls Down!

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Hundreds of tables were placed in a circle. A small space had been left vacant in the middle. [Would there be a performance at this feast? Will the senior men sing and dance? A normal man may not do it;perhaps those sour and gifted scholars will...]

’’The Golden Scholarly Feast has now commenced;everyone is requested to take their seats.’’

Jun Mo Xie took his seat. He looked up, and saw someone opposite him. It was none other than the Young Master of the Li Family, Li You Ran. The Young Master Li looked around. He saw the Young Master Jun acting like his debauchee self, and smiled faintly. He then lifted his wine cup to relay his best wishes. Jun Mo Xie sneered and took that opportunity to cross his legs by putting one over the other. This was his signature debauchee-move.

Then, a fragrant smell hit Jun Mo Xie's nose. It came from behind. He didn't need to look behind to know that this clean and fresh fragrance was coming from Dugu Xiao Yi. It wasn't very common, but he was familiar with it. He had been around her several times. So he realized that the Dugu Family would be seated behind him. The Young Master Jun hadn't turned around to look, but the 'lady-killer' Jun could distinctly feel a pair of eyes foolishly staring at his back.

There was another pair of beautiful eyes which were gazing at him from a seat above. Jun Mo Xie raised his eyes to look. Unexpectedly, he came to realize that those eyes belonged to Princess Ling Meng. Her cheeks turned bright red as she turned her head away upon meeting his gaze.

[What's the matter with that woman? Why was she looking at me like that... she has taken that bullsh*t blood oath... Even if she takes it seriously I don't!]

[Wouldn't the thought of that give me a back-ache?] The Hitman had deliberately concealed his murderous aura since this wasn't the place to exhibit it. Therefore, he didn't notice when someone appeared beside him. He turned his head and saw that it was Dugu Xiao Yi. She had come to converse with him. However, she had just seen him exchange 'flirtatious' glances with Princess Ling Meng. Therefore, she pinched him hard instead of giving him a tongue-lashing...

Jun Mo Xie bared his teeth. [How can I be bullied by that woman in such a way?] Jun Mo Xie's was unable to turn his head properly. So, he couldn't see what he had touched in his attempt to pinch her back in retaliation. However, that part of her body was extremely smooth and supple;he felt as if he had pinched a sponge. It was very full and elastic;it felt very good.

’’Ah!’’ Dugu Xiao Yi screamed in agony while Jun Mo Xie exclaimed in admiration. He was as thick-skinned as the city walls, but his face had unexpectedly turned red. He withdrew his hand very quickly. However, everyone had looked at them in unison and had witnessed the entire scene.

The entire hall watched as the little girl's face turn red. She straightened-up into a very awkward posture. Her small hands were subconsciously massaging the area where she had been pinched. She was visibly embarrassed and distressed. Her eyes had started to well-up.

Jun Mo Xie had accidentally pinched her fragrant posterior;everyone figured that the little girl would knife-out the life of him.

The sounds of scoffs and discussions started to well-up shortly after everyone witnessed this scene. The youngsters in the main hall had started to give Jun Mo Xie hate-full looks.

[He takes liberties with a woman in such a serious situation...! That brat is the city's biggest pest! Not only did he harass the Dugu Family's little gem... he did it out of lust...]

Dugu Xiao Yi had come up to Jun Mo Xie in high spirits. But she then saw Jun Mo Xie and Princess Ling Meng exchange amorous gazes. This annoyed her greatly. Therefore, she pinched him hard, and then turned around to leave. She had hoped that Jun Mo Xie would follow-after her to coax. Who would've thought that Jun Mo Xie would silently and quickly pinch her 'there' the moment she'd turn? However, he had done it at the first opportunity. He straight-away grabbed her butt and pinched;it seemed as if he had rehearsed the whole thing.

Everyone watched as the little girl's neck turned red with embarrassment. She flew to her seat and buried her head into her stomach. Then, she tried to cover her face with her little hands. She was conscious that she had been touched at that spot in front of several people. [That little rascal pinched me 'there' even though I haven't told him about my feelings yet... so how could he do that?]

The little girl's posture appeared somewhat strange... the place where she was pinched hurt. She couldn't walk fast. In fact, the pain remained even after she had taken her seat. So, she had no option but to re-adjust her posture a couple of times. And, the resultant posture appeared a bit strange...

Young Master Jun was perspiring all-over. He hadn't expected this to happen;...that he would grab that part... He then became aware of that feeling... that a green apple had ripened into a sweet peach... and he had taken a nibble...

He couldn't help but think what would've happened if she hadn't turned... [Where would I have grasped if she hadn't turned?] He smiled mischievously and twirled his fingers. It seemed as if he could still feel the satin-like sensation on his fingers. He couldn't help but bring them to his nose and smell the fragrance his face became vulgar.

’’Shameless! He's such a degenerate!’’ Everyone-present on the scene was red with anger. They turned their goat-like beards up;[that Third Young Master Jun is very shameless! He's a very vulgar man! I'd like to chop this little scum's hand off!

The young men looked at Jun Mo Xie with extreme disdain and cursed him. They cursed him inwardly in rage, but subconsciously rubbed their own two fingers together. They were then lost in the infinite reverie... thinking... how nice it would be if they could feel such a sensation. [One of Tian Xiang City's two beauties' fragrant butt!]

Soon they were overcome with pleasure. They moved their own fingers to their noses to take a sniff... [ah, such a wonderful and fragrant smell...]

Princess Ling Meng was seated many tables away;she didn't know what to think. Her pretty face turned red as she felt a strange itch on her own butt. She snorted since felt a vague envy in her heart.

Suddenly, everyone started to hear heavy footsteps coming from outside. It was clear that an important personality was approaching the Hall. The teachers of the Institute, and the patriarchs of the different families, entered... with sage-like but fast, old yet vigorous, earnest yet grave footsteps.

The main hall fell silent.

One couldn't trifle with such people.

Then... came the three princes... beaming with happiness.

The Golden Scholarly Talent Feast had officially commenced.

Various sorts of delicious foods were brought to the hall by an unceasing line of servants. The fabulous smell assailed every nostril. However, even a bold debauchee like Jun Mo Xie knew not to make a move.

It was because... the Emperor hadn't arrived yet.

The most important individual is always the last to make an appearance.

Admittedly, Jun Mo Xie didn't care much for the Emperor. However, he didn't desire to stir unnecessary trouble in such eventful times.

Then, everyone quickly sat-up straight since they suddenly heard heavy footsteps coming from outside.

Everyone looked solemn yet respectful as they stretched their necks to see who it was...

What they saw was merely... a large fat person being escorted by a court eunuch.

They recognized the man once he had walked all the way over;it was Tang Yuan!

Everyone was shocked at first. And then they burst into laughter. Tang Wan Li stood up;his face belied his rage, ’’You little devil! What insanity are you displaying?’’

Tang Yuan's face was awash with debilitating fear! He walked as slowly as a zombie taking his time with each stupefied step he took. His waist was bent-low for the most outrageous reason. A chair was stuck to the backside of his body. He was carrying a round chair on his butts. It seemed as if the chair was growing-out of his butt...

The Emperor's questions to Fatty weren't aimed Jun Mo Xie. His highness had thought-himself-clever and focused on Jun Wu Yi alone. But wasn't that the same thing in Fatty Tang's eyes?

[This matter is fuc*ed!] This was the only thing which was going-through Tang Yuan's mind during his audience with the Emperor.

He had obeyed the Emperor's order to leave, and had gotten up. But he had forgotten to give his salutation since he was beside-himself. He started to wobble at once. But his butt was too big... and the chair was too small for him. So, as he stood up... the chair was raised. It had got stuck to his backside. And it remained glued there the entire walk to this hall. But Tang Yuan was so overcome with anxiety that he hadn't noticed the chair... or its weight. In fact, he hadn't become aware of it until that very moment...

He came back to himself after he heard everyone's laughter and his grandfather's rebuke. He opened his eyes wider, and realized that he had reached the main hall. He suddenly became teary... like a small child who had been wronged.

’’Ha ha! Young Master Tang is very talented! His behavior genuinely stands-out from the masses! He's such a great guy! He must've feared that he may not find a suitable seat at the Palace... so he has brought his own seat! He's outstanding!’’ Meng Hai Zhou wasn't going to let this opportunity slip. He took the lead and made that comment. His words added oil to everyone's laughter.

Tang Wan Li's face swelled purple. He soared-up and struck that round chair hard. It shattered it into many pieces. His beard fluttered as he then looked around and gazed at everyone. However, he lowered his head once he realized that he couldn't stop the laughter.

He sighed when he saw his grandson in such a state. The old man's heart ached with sorrow. [I've known his Majesty for many years... has he forgotten the years of our friendship... why didn't he stop this mishap? However, this isn't the time to pose such questions;it's better to let this matter go.]

However, he then felt a person come-over and stand beside them. If he was not mistaken... then it was the Young Master Jun.

’’Buck up, Fatty!’’ Jun Mo Xie's voice was somewhat coquettish. He swayed as he spoke. However, Tang Yuan realized what was happening in reality. Jun Mo Xie's expression was full of warmth. He had decided to deal with this situation.

’’Elder Brother will remain at the top... even if the sky falls down! Come, have a drink with me!’’

Then, Jun Mo Xie laughed heartily. He had initiated the Art of Unlocking Heaven's Fortune as he had spoken his words, and had sneaked the real meaning into Tang Yuan's ears. Everyone else had only heard the last few words since he had spoken them in his normal mode.

’’Elder Brother will remain at the top... even if the sky falls down!’’ These words brimmed with domineering fearlessness. It came like a burst of reassurance and put Fatty's mind at ease. Tang Yuan's heart shook. It seemed like he was lost before... but had suddenly seen the light. He looked up;Jun Mo Xie's expression didn't matter. He then suddenly laughed mischievously and said, ’’It appears that the wine they're serving the guests in this feast is from our Aristocratic Hall! It won't do if the wine at such a big party isn't genuinely good! It seems that the Three Princes haven't appropriated all of it. That's good;isn't it?!’’

The two men laughed mischievously as they walked away together.

Tang Wan Li gaped in astonishment. His grandson had appeared very disheartened a moment ago. [It seemed as if he can't feel any love towards morality since his birth...! That little devil Jun Mo Xie started to talk about drinking... and he suddenly reverts to his old self...!]

[What's this about?]


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