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Otherworldly Evil Monarch - Chapter 273


Chapter 273: A Supreme Master's Rage

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That's right;lonely!

It seemed that no matter where they stood and no matter how many people they had standing beside them they were always very lonely. They were incompatible with their surroundings. It seemed that they were alone in the scope of this boundless heaven and earth.

Such loneliness was indeed heroic.

Yet, there was a sense of desolation to it.

[Was this the price one had to pay to become a peerless master? Or was this what they call... 'being lonely at the top'? If one reaches their level... would one also be lonely like them? ]

[However, I am convinced that if I'm to talk about loneliness... I've reached greater heights than them.] Jun Mo Xie snorted coldly. [I can't compare with you in terms of strength, but I'm far lonelier than you!]

Jun Mo Xie pondered deeply for a while. Then, he suddenly saw a couple of shadows. Two more people climbed onto the roof. Their white beards were floating in the wind, and their expressions were dignified. The new arrivals were none other than the Silver Blizzard City's Third and Ninth Elders.

’’The two seniors honor us with their presence. It's a pleasure to have Elder Brother Wen in our company. My Silver Blizzard City is truly honored. Why don't we all go down and have some tea?’’ Third Elder cupped his hands and smiled.

He could see that the three men had their 'daggers drawn against each other'. He knew his words weren't suited for this environment. However, he still requested them to follow him into the Magnificent Jewel Hall. No one would wish to lose the Silver Blizzard City's favor. Therefore, he put on a brave face and invited them in.

Lei Wu Bei was very sad. He gave a long smile, but then ignored the Third Elder's request. He then shouted, ’’Solitary Falcon! My Sixth Disciple suffered serious fractures and torn tendons. He has been disabled for life. Why did you do it?’’

The Third Elder's face was filled with embarrassment. His strength wasn't comparable, but he was the Silver Blizzard City representative. Lei Wu Bei's attitude had made the Third Elder very angry. However, he kept his rage at bay since he could see Lei Wu Bei's obvious sorrow and somewhat crazed expression.

Solitary Falcon laughed in an understated manner, ’’Why are you so angry Elder Brother Lei? He was just a disciple. This Old Man did him a favor, and taught him a lesson in your stead. You have ten disciples;one getting crippled shouldn't matter that much. And he was the only one amongst your disciples who hadn't reached the Sky Xuan realm yet. I removed the garbage that plagued your name. I've taken out the trash for you. I avoided you so much embarrassment! Ha Ha Ha...’’

Ferocious Qi arose within Lei Wu Bei's body. There seemed to be an invisible undercurrent in his body, and it was slowly rising-up. He stared at Solitary Falcon. His eyes showed an endless increase in murderous intentions. He nodded slowly, and then said in a deep voice, ’’Well! Very well! Solitary Falcon, you're not worthy of calling yourself a 'teacher' of the senior generation. You attacked a member of the younger generation! You must be ashamed of yourself!’’

Solitary Falcon snorted and looked at Lei Wu Bei with disdain. He sneered, ’’What? Are you going to avenge your disciple? Then come on Lei Wu Bei. I've waited thirty years for this opportunity! I've long felt that the rankings are wrong!’’

Lei Wu Bei repressed his emotions and smiled, ’’I'm not exactly worried about it. Solitary Falcon, what I'm really interested to know is... how had my disciple offended you? What made you do this evil deed despite being aware of his identity?!’’

Solitary Falcon replied coldly, ’’Could he dare to offend me? He just wasn't pleasing to my eyes! Will this reason suffice, Lei Wu Bei?’’

The Solitary Falcon, Shi Chang Xiao and others had been fighting over the Xuan Core. Lei Wu Bei's sixth disciple had snuck-in in an attempt to steal the Xuan Core from the Solitary Falcon. And he had almost succeeded. This had caused immense embarrassment for the Solitary Falcon. However, how could he admit it now?

Moreover, there was no way the Solitary Falcon would ever explain anything to the cold-blooded master;especially given the arrogant tone in which Lei Wu Bei had asked him the question. The proud master would never bow his head.

Who was right and who was wrong... strength was the only truth in this world.

’’This is a good reason! A very good one! Solitary Falcon, I'll remember this reason.’’ Lei Wu Bei laughed heartily. He then changed the direction of his gaze, and spoke to Wen Cang Yu in a dignified voice, ’’Elder Brother Wen... you are here? You're staying at Tian Xiang City?’’

Wen Can Yu smiled gently, ’’Master Lei is very perceptive! Wen has arrived to protect the sacred contract with the Empire!’’

Lei Wu Bei closed his eyes. His eyes somewhat twinkled and became gloomy. Then, he suddenly opened his eyes, and they started to emit a burst of cold, poisonous and a miserable green-colored light. It felt as if there was an evil and unsettling wind around them;this wind seemed to screaming the agony of his heart. He spoke in an incomparably cold manner, ’’Elder Brother Wen Cang Yu, protecting the treaty is not a proper justification for killing four of my disciples! Guarding the treaty doesn't mean you can act unscrupulously!’’

Wen Cang Yu looked-up to the sky, and let out a faint sigh. A trace of anger flit across his face... Lei Wu Bei wasn't in a position to distinguish between good and evil. Moreover, he was acting in a forceful and somewhat unreasonable manner. However, Mr. Wen remembered his duty. He took a deep breath and somehow managed to restrain his anger.

He pondered for a while and then lowered his head. He then looked at Lei Wu Bei indifferently, ’’Master Lei... I did not kill your disciples!’’

Wen Cang Yu's voice sank, ’’I have to address Master Lei since you've questioned and ridiculed. But I will only explain this to you once! Whether you believe it or not... or accept it or not...!’’

Lei Wu Bei remained silent for a while. He then replied coldly, ’’When Elder Brother Wen says it like that... how can I not believe you!’’ His voice was still cold, but the murderous tinge in it seemed to have reduced. His voice then became gentle, ’’If Elder Brother Wen tells me... he can leave any time!

’’But then who killed my disciples? Can you tell me, Elder Brother Wen? If Elder Brother is willing to accept my questions and tells me the truth... then Lei Wu Bei would offer apologies for his conduct!’’ Lei Wu Bei removed his hands from his sleeves, and kept them at his side in a gesture of friendship.

Li Wu Bei was a Supreme Master. His disciples had been slaughtered. Yet, he was speaking in a very dignified manner, and was willing to listen to logic. It would be considered very commendable even if the opposite party was a Spirit Xuan expert like himself.

’’That man's origins and strength are quite mysterious. Mr. Wen is also very interested in him. It is such a pity that this is so muddled and confusing. So much so that Wen is convinced that he shifted the blame to me.’’

A short yet bright burst of a smile spread across Wen Cang Yu's face. He didn't seem ashamed. His smile was like a cloud in the face of insipid wind. It seemed as if the matter was frivolous and unimportant.

’’And now I see Master Lei has personally set-out to find that person. But Wen is helpless, and willingly concedes defeat.’’

’’You have my many thanks for this, Elder Brother Wen.’’ Lei Wu Bei's eyes flashed with a cold light as he cupped his hands, ’’Do as you wish Elder Brother Wen;many apologies for today's matter.’’

Wen Cang Yu laughed and cupped his hands in return, ’’That's very noble of you. I hope to see you again. Wen has some pressing duties;so kindly forgive me!’’

He cupped his hands again. And then, he was swept away like a dead leaf in the strong wind. He flew-up to the sky;his slim body seemed to resemble a piece of parchment. He swayed in the air for a while, and then vanished without a trace.

Young Master Jun had been watching in secrecy. He couldn't help but curse in his heart endlessly. [This senior's explanation was so plain. He merely said that it was a misunderstanding... Wasn't this too easy? And how did the Cold-Blooded Master Lei Wu Bei get convinced so easily?! ...The other person merely told him that he hadn't done it. And surprisingly this Fifth-ranking Master of the Eight Great Master was convinced by it?!]

[Is Mr. Wen incapable of telling lies? Or is he too good at swindling!]

[I'm genuinely... speechless!]

Jun Mo Xie understood one thing as he cursed in his heart people at such levels of cultivation didn't have a need to lie. It was unlikely that they'd be afraid of anything after having reached such a level. However, this explanation still seemed strange.

[That explanation shouldn't have cut-it even if it were a misunderstanding.... That explanation was too weak!]

[The Solitary Falcon's attitude wasn't very different either...!]

Lei Wu Bei had genuinely believed Wen Cang Yu's explanation. Moreover, the Cold-Blooded Master's attitude towards him was entirely different. It seemed as if Lei Wu Bei had no option but to agree with Wen Cang Yu even if he didn't give a proper explanation. And it seemed as this had something to do with Wen Cang Yu's identity.

Mr. Wen's Xuan Level was lesser than Lei Wu Bei's. However, it seemed that the man had only given an explanation since he didn't wish to disrespect the Cold-Blooded Master.

[Is that man from 'that' place?] Jun Mo Xie's attention shifted to 'those' words as he pondered inside, [But where is that place? How did Lei Wu Bei a member of the Eight Great Masters seem fearful of him? Is there something fishy between them?]

Lei Wu Bei then turned towards the Solitary Falcon. He withdrew his hands and snorted coldly, ’’Now it's only the two of us, Solitary Falcon.’’ Then, he suddenly swung his sleeves in anger towards the Third and the Ninth Elders. He then shouted, ’’This matter doesn't concern you! The Silver Blizzard City doesn't have any qualifications to get involved in this matter!’’

It seemed as if a strong wind had screamed at them. The Third and the Ninth Elders were left in pain. They were extremely angry at this, but the other person was far stronger. Therefore, they had no choice but to cup their hands, jump into the gale and disappear. However, their minds were singing a different tune, [let's see if you dare to act so arrogant when more people from our Silver City arrive!]

Solitary Falcon laughed. His tall body rose up in the air like an eagle as he sneered, ’’You had a good relationship with your disciple! So, you wish to avenge him? Follow me!’’

Lei Wu Bei screamed. It seemed like a thousand ghosts were escaping from the gates of hell. His body slowly rose into the air. He followed the Solitary Falcon closely, and then vanished with him in a blink of an eye.

The Milky Way lit-up the night like a cold and starry river.

Jun Mo Xie activated the Yin-Yang Escape and followed after them.

He couldn't help but admit that the masters' strength was in a league of its own. Jun Mo Xie had activated the highest level of the Yin-Yang Escape. Yet, it was very strenuous for him to keep up with them.

Jun Mo Xie was an expert in tailing stealthily. He was convinced that no one in the Tian Xiang City would've been as successful in his place. And that included the mysterious Mr. Wen.

Solitary Falcon's bird-like movements were the fastest in the Xuan Xuan Continent. Moreover, Solitary Falcon was confident that he was one of the strongest amongst the Eight Great Masters. Therefore, he employed his full strength to show his authority to Lei Wu Bei. Lei Wu Bei obviously didn't dare to neglect this. Hence, the two individuals promptly began a competition of 'Swiftness'.

The two men had merely exchanged a 'battle of words' after they had met. However, they had reached the threshold of such a fierce competition.

The coiling sounds of their roars seemed to have been the first round. However, it had appeared that the Solitary Falcon's cultivation was a bit lacking in that regard. But it seemed that 'Speed' was the second round of their competition.


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