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Otherworldly Evil Monarch - Chapter 265


Chapter 265: I Will Withdraw When the Task Is Completed

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How could the experienced Mr. Wen not understand the situation he was in?

He had been planning to save the Princess. However, this person had then appeared very

inconveniently. Moreover, it was evident that this person had the strength to rescue the

Princess. But, he had tossed the Princess into his arms as soon as he had escaped outside. [But...

how was this man certain that I've come to save her?]

[This hateful man! He framed me for his actions to cover his tracks... now what do I do?]

[This is very problematic!]

He had initially decided to follow them in secrecy. It would've been a case of a mantis hunting a

cicada unaware of the oriole behind it.[1] Or perhaps it was like an elderly fisherman taking

advantage of the fight between two cranes. However, not only was the elderly fisherman unable

to take the advantage he had been made a scapegoat! This was ridiculous.

His presence had been exposed. He would no longer be able investigate the mysterious Sky

Xuan expert anymore... Moreover, he had been rendered incapable of capturing each of the

kidnappers since the Princess was in his arms now. And his plan to interrogate them

individually had obviously gone down the drain as well. This had obviously turned into a big

problem for him since he had no one to look for help. Hence, he was left staring at the

kidnappers with a stupefied expression on his face.

He analyzed the situation, [I won't be able to investigate anything since these young kidnappers

have spotted me...]

Mr. Wen was obviously much more powerful than Lei Jian Hong and his companions. However,

his mood was still very regretful.

[That mysterious man had come to save the Princess... but then why would he bring her here?

And why would you leave her mid-way; especially with these three in pursuit? They could've

captured her back again! Let's say your plot worked... how could you call yourself a 'man' even

if you were to succeed like this?]

Princess Ling Meng was still struggling and pleading non-stop, ’’Senior, I beg you to kill these

people and avenge my uncle Ye...’’

Princess Ling Meng hadn't been able to see the mysterious 'senior' properly despite the fact

that she had been in his arms. However, she had still felt safe. [He is very much like Uncle Ye.

I'll be in no danger as long as he's here.] Hence, her mind had subconsciously shifted to Ye Gu

Han's well-being.

Then, that towering person had tossed her away. She had then been caught by another person.

The young girl had been born with a keen sensing ability. She could tell from his person's odor

that he was the Imperial Palace's honored guest; the Emperor's mysterious friend Mr. Wen.

[He has also arrived here! Now these two extremely skilled people can join hands! No one can

escape their combined strength. They'll be able to avenge Uncle Ye! And such skilled people can

also save Uncle Ye's life...]

Mr. Wen's arms were also warm. But they lacked that inner-warmth which gives rise to a sense

of security...

Princess Ling Meng's thought process was wonderful. However, it was also naïve and

fantastical. How could life ever move according to one's wishes? The reality of this matter was

as different as from her wishes as it could've been. In fact, there were no similarities between


Mr. Wen had already been angered by the way things had turned out. Naturally, he was more

than brimming with a desire to fight. He secured Princess Ling Meng with one hand the

other he positioned in front to fight with. That hand didn't bear any weapon. Yet, it looked like

he held a huge cleaver in it. He seemed so formidable that he had already secured an advantage.

He fiercely looked at the three individuals from his younger generation; it seemed as if he

would cut them up to pieces.

Mr. Wen had figured that the man had somehow managed to follow their trail without getting

discovered. He was sure that the mysterious expert had saved the princess, and had then

choreographed this ridiculous scene to protect his own identity. He could tell that this

mysterious man didn't wish to expose his identity since it could've meant a great deal to him.

Hence, this highly skilled person had shifted the blame on Mr. Wen. The person who stands

up first is always considered superior; such was the thought process of this world. Naturally,

Mr. Wen was somewhat embarrassed to be the 'second'. However, what pinched Mr. Wen the

most was the fact that he hadn't been able to catch a single glimpse of that mysterious expert.

He had been left with a sense of gloom and inferiority, and had hence remained silent. This was

the main reason behind his enraged state of mind. He was a man of extraordinary self. But Mr.

Wen had never felt so inferior in his entire life. Mr. Wen's strength was unpredictable. No one

could ever consider him a mere peak Sky Xuan expert. In fact, even the Eight Great Masters

wouldn't find him an easy opponent.

However, Mr. Wen had been caught up in a tricky play here. But he was an experienced man,

and was quickly able to assess the variables involved. He jumped out of the circle and spoke

with a solemn expression on his face, ’’So, you guys are the Supreme Cold Blooded Master's

disciples? I am not aware of the Supreme Master Lei's well-being of late. And I certainly don't

know how my Tian Xiang Empire has offended the Supreme Master Lei! What could have we

possibly done for him to take an action such as this... sending his disciples to capture our

Imperial Princess? Has the honored senior forgotten the treaty we have as allies?’’

’’Supreme Master? What do you speak of Old Man? Come here and die by your father's hands!’’

Lei Jian Hong denied and abused. Though, he was rather amazed by these turn of events.

[Who is this old man? His strength is barely at the peak Sky Xuan realm. He's alone, and

surrounded by enemies on all sides... but he's so calm in this situation... His strength is

nowhere near my father's... and what's more... he even knows about the 'treaty of alliance' that

was signed all those years ago! How did such a high-level personality arrive here at this critical

juncture? This matter just got harder to get over with!]

[However, this old bastard's Xuan level must be very high. He had managed to kill four of my

brother disciples with those throwing knives... But such an enmity cannot be recompensed very

easily!] ’’Old fool, have the guts to tell us your name! We have a deep-seated blood feud with

you, and it is important to settle that debt!’’

Mr. Wen snorted. He knew that he had been unjustly implicated. He was aware that it wouldn't

be worthwhile to explain his true status to these argumentative youngsters. And even if he did

try to explain... would he be able to do it properly?

But, he was angered by the rude manner in which Lei Jian Hong spoke to him. He then suddenly

flew towards Lei Jian Hong and hit his face hard. Then, he shouted, ’’You're not fit to know this

old man's name! You youngsters have ruined Lei Wu Bei's reputation! Lei Wu Bei won't be able

to save you from my wrath if you violate the alliance-treaty again not even if you're his own

flesh! Now get lost!’’

His feet left the ground once he finished speaking; he was still facing Lei Jian Hong and his

companions, and was still holding the Princess's body. Then, he slowly started to float

backwards and deeper into the lush woods. But he didn't bump into a single tree it seemed

like he had eyes at the back of his head. It even looked as if he was riding a cloud... However,

they heard his faint voice again, ’’Tell Lei Wu Bei that the old man you spoke to is called 'Wen'.

Be sure to tell him properly so that he understands it clearly.’’

Lei Jian Hong and the others couldn't help but be overwhelmed with shock as they looked at

each other. Zhou Jian Ming shouted angrily after a good while had passed, ’’That old bastard

kills four of my brothers, and yet he shamelessly talks big! We must settle this debt! We'll see

where this bastard escapes-to when the Master arrives!’’

Lei Jian Hong and Fang Piao Hong agreed in unison. Their enemy's skills were extraordinary.

There was no way those three could've dealt with him by themselves. Therefore, they were left

with no option but to give-up on fighting him at that point... even if they did so unwillingly.

They could just wait for their master's arrival, and then make a plan...

Young Master Jun whistled as he slowly and leisurely returned to his tethered horse. The strong

horse freed itself, and Jun Mo Xie mounted it. The Young Master Jun felt rather proud of his

achievement. He raised his whip to urge his horse to return home.

He had quickly laid out the whole plan when he had realized that the mysterious expert was

also following Lei Jian Hong's trail. He knew that no one could see him once he'd initiate the

Yin Yang Escape. [Humph! First, come to find me; then you dogs can fight each other! This

uncle doesn't have free time to play with you!]

[This is good; I've saved Princess Ling Meng without exposing my identity. I've completed my

task with above satisfactory rating. The Princess should thank me by clapping her hands.]

He returned home to find Jun Wu Yi anxiously waiting for his arrival.

[What? But why?]

Ye Gu Han's condition had become so bad that he could stop breathing any moment... Even

asking the Solitary Falcon to transfer his Xuan Qi had been useless. Even the so-called 'pure

Xuan Qi' didn't have any effect on Ye Gu Han's condition... even an excess of Xuan Qi had been

useless in his case...

...because he lacked the vitality needed to produce flesh and blood...

Even Solitary Falcon was unable to help he didn't have any means to! The Solitary Falcon had

transferred a lot of pure and high-level Xuan Qi into Ye Gu Han without knowing if the man

was capable of supporting it...

Everyone stood-up as Jun Mo Xie walked in. His face immediately deflated as they asked, ’’Did

you find the Princess?’’ Jun Mo Xie shook his head listlessly as he sat down on a chair. He then

drank some tea and complained, ’’You thought too highly of me! Those people had captured her,

and had escaped a long while ago. How would I be able to find her? I couldn't!’’

Jun Wu Yi sighed and kept quiet. Dugu Xiao Yi wanted to say something but remained shut

since Sun Xiao Mei took her small hand and pinched it. But Solitary Falcon snorted and said,

’’This old man has squandered a lot of Xuan Qi by pouring it into his man. I will waste no more

since the Jun Kid has returned. This old man shall return to his cultivation,’’ Then, he suddenly

left without any indication. He seemed very carefree as he left.

Dugu Xiao Yi's lips twitched, ’’This old man is a quack. He just checked the pulse and nothing

else... how could your Jun Family invite in such a swindler? What a waste of food!’’

The Solitary Falcon had reached the door. He staggered when he heard this line; in fact, he

almost collapsed. He snorted angrily, [what is wrong with this little girl? This injured boy

couldn't have lasted if it weren't for this old man's assistance. He wouldn't have survived till

this scheming Jun 'Brat' returned unless this Old Man had poured his Xuan Qi and replenished

his life-force!]

However, the Solitary Falcon couldn't remain angry after he looked at that little girl's pretty

face. He then waved his sleeves and disappeared without a trace.

Jun Mo Xie and Jun Wu Yi's expression turned strange. They would've noisily laughed-out if it

weren't for Ye Gu Han lying at the doors of death.

Sun Xiao Mei, the Sun Family's eldest daughter had more experience and knowledge than the

other little girl. She couldn't completely understand Solitary Falcon's origins. But she could tell

that this person was someone very extraordinary by just looking at how he had prolonged the

near-dead Ye Gu Han's life by transferring his pure Qi until now. She could tell that this

seemingly powerful expert was quite smart as well since he had restrained his temper when he

was provoked by a naïve and inexperienced girl. [The consequences could've been very serious

if he had lost his cool.]

’’Mo Xie, hurry up and take a look at little Ye! His condition is quite serious!’’ Jun Wu Yi said.

Jun Mo Xie cleared his throat and sat down besides the injured man. To be honest he didn't

like Ye Gu Han. And similarly, Ye Gu Han didn't like the debauchee of the Jun Family. However,

he would save the man's life since he had promised his uncle.

Either don't try saving him or revive him completely. This was Hit-man Jun's 'standard'


Moreover, Ye Gu Han was an iron-boned warrior, and a good man. There was no harm in saving



A proverb derived from a popular Chinese story. There isn't much of an equivalent in English.

The reference can be looked up very easily, and a summaries of it are easily available in all



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