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Otherworldly Evil Monarch - Chapter 252


Chapter 252: Brother Mo Xie Playing a Handsome Hoodlum!

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’’The Tang stock in the Aristocratic Hall is mine; it's Tang Yuan's personal money! The Tang

Family has nothing to do with it. I have no opinion about your desire to present this wine to His

Majesty, the Emperor. However, I cannot sustain a loss on the one hundred remaining bottles

that I own. Therefore, Third Prince can purchase them by paying the base price if he really

desires. However, I have no comment on how he plans to obtain the remaining two hundred

bottles.’’ Tang Yuan repeated the lines he had learnt by heart.

The Third Prince's voice and appearance was stern, but Fatty Tang didn't care much for him

from the start. Fatty didn't shout-back even though the Prince had dropped to a lowly status by

trying to force others. In reality, Tang Yuan would've already exploded if he had not received

instructions by Young Master Jun's ’’sound’’!

As for these words spoken by Fatty just now it was Jun Mo Xie who had used his secret

technique to transmit these lines to Tang Yuan's ears. Fatty Tang had listened to these words,

and had repeated them slowly.

However, did the Third Prince really wish to pay the base price for these hundred bottles? The

base price for a hundred of these bottles would be around three million in silver, and the Third

Prince did not have that kind of spare cash. This Fatty was a big dandy. However, he had the

Tang Family behind him. His grandfather and the Prince's father had really good relations.

Therefore, the Third Prince wouldn't be able to obtain those hundred bottles for cheap if this

Fatty was truly being earnest. Hence, he decided to let it be, even though the price wasn't low.

The Prince didn't wish to spur trouble with the Fatty, even though the Fatty wasn't exactly

being kind to him.

The Third Prince pondered on this for a while and then suddenly burst into loud and clear

laughter. He then said, ’’Very good! This Prince will get the remaining two hundred bottles of

this extraordinary wine stored in his carriage if chief auctioneer Tang has no objections

regarding them. It is important that this Prince presents his father with this huge gift. And I

will surely give credit to the Aristocratic Hall for such a contribution!’’

’’Did you finish your play's dialogue, Third Majesty?’’ a lazy voice resounded from upstairs.

Everyone looked up only to see the Young Master Jun dressed in his gown. His pretty face belied

his somewhat angry mood. He took one large step on to the railing. His legs were almost fully

upright as he looked down and sneered at the Third Prince.

’’What do you mean Young Master Jun? How on earth am I performing in a play?’’ The Third

Prince's expression sank.

’’What do I mean? I think I should inform the Third Prince that your performance is not

pleasant to hear.’’

Jun Mo Xie gave a rogue smile, ’’Fatty Tang is merely the chief auctioneer of the Aristocratic

Hall. This boy is the actual boss of the Aristocratic Hall! Moreover, this Young Master owns a

hundred bottles out of those three hundred! All this man can see is someone who's trying to

take away my share without willing to pay for it. You want to take these away? That's fine.

However, I, your father demand the highest price which has been bid up till now. I suppose this

is required even if the grandson is daring to give away his grandfather's belongings!’’

Jun Mo Xie had wickedly and skillfully changed his own designation around five times in his

accusation. He had gone from 'boy', to this 'this Young Master' to 'man' to 'father' before

finally settling on 'grandfather'.

Shockingly, he hadn't set aside even a little bit of respect for the Emperor's own son.

’’This kid is mad!’’ Dugu Wudi's spirits rose as he exclaimed to his daughter, ’’This is new to me.

But is this boy really that bold? Damn! His words make me comfortable! It's been a while since

I've seen something this rare! He is truly worthy of being called Elder Brother Jun's son! His

father was a hero, but this guy's got guts too!’’

Dugu Wudi was somewhat touched in his heart. [Jun Mo Xie is staring blankly right now. It

seems as if his brain hasn't yet processed his own words. However, this requires a lot of

courage! He is standing-in for the youthful vigor of his family. My sons wouldn't dare to speak

like this even if they were beaten to death. But Jun Mo Xie has! This one incident has proven

that he far exceeds my sons and nephews; regardless of the fact whether he has brain or not!]

[This boy must be drunk. But still, how could he say such a thing so causally?]

[Leaving aside the fact that he's just a boy even a great general wouldn't have been able to

say something like this in this manner!]

’’Daddy, can't you speak without cursing for even once? Can't you speak a little gracefully? At

least appear a little bit like nobility!’’

Dugu Xiao Yi snorted as she playfully protested her father's vulgar language. She felt that his

vulgarity was somehow too much for this environment. Then, she stretched out her finger and

continued in a shy manner, ’’Daddy, I really like looking at brother Mo Xie playing the hoodlum.

And just look how handsome he is! Even his bearing is extremely graceful. The magnanimity

spoken of in legends and lore cannot surpass his chivalry.’’


The Great General Dugu Wudi was completely dumbfounded. [Is there no justice? I used profane

words, and she was discontent. But, now that this youngster is shamelessly playing a hoodlum

he is graceful and handsome?!What kind of magnanimity has he displayed to leave her so

mesmerized?] Although he hadn't read a lot of books, he had a rough idea what the meaning

behind these words was.

[What is this? Even the lover of the poet Pan Yue wouldn't describe this in such an outrageous

manner! The difference in the way she's treating us is too great, right? She's simply favoring

him too much, isn't she?]

’’What is the meaning of this Young Master Jun? Are you are disagreeing to gift these bottles to

my father, the Emperor? The Emperor only concerns himself with the welfare of the nation, and

exhausts himself both physically and mentally over it. Is my father not worthy enough in

Young Master Jun's eyes? Not even for you to offer him your wine? Hmm?’’

The Third Prince coldly looked up at Jun Mo Xie. He seemed to be looking at Jun Mo Xie humbly.

However, he only saw viciousness in the Hitman's eyes.

’’It doesn't matter to me! I am running a business here. And this place isn't called the

'Benevolent Hall'! One simply can't come in here and bully us!’’

An ominous light returned to Hitman Jun's eyes as he snorted in a cold manner, ’’I must

question the Third Prince's intentions. When Fatty Tang said that he would not offer you his

stock, and that you would have to buy it you did not do anything. However, now that the

stock of this fine wine is under this Young Master's name you think you can handle it as you

wish? I didn't know that the Third Prince looked at me as someone who will be fun to bully!

Perhaps he looks at my entire Jun Family as someone who is easy to bully? I believe that

everyone here can see through the ridiculousness you disguise as the so-called 'right and

wrong', 'the fair and equitable justice' and 'the will of the people'...Third Prince, Your Majesty...

this Young Master must question in this regard!’’

Young Master Jun's voice was full of righteousness as he raised his head, ’’My Jun Family

prefers to break over bending! We are ready to suffer a hundred calamities and still remain

unyielding! The Third Prince has insulted my Jun family in front of so many people today! He

has insulted us without reason, and all these people are a witness to it! How can I control these

emotions under such circumstances?’’

Jun Mo Xie sounded sad and indignant as he continued, ’’I feel sorry for my Jun Family, for we

have sacrificed so much for this country. My old grandfather has valiantly fought in the

country's service his whole life! My father and second uncle gave up their lives for the nation;

even their remains don't exist anymore! My third uncle was disabled for life in that carnage!

My two elder brothers also made the ultimate sacrifice, and died an untimely death! My entire

family has bathed in blood in an unyielding effort to safeguard this nation until their death.

They spend their entire life on a saddle. They gave their all. And then they died! Now, the Jun

Family is in its decline and has become very desolate. However, you still come over and

flagrantly dishonor us?! Where is the heaven's justice?

’’May I ask the Third Prince what is the reason behind all this? Are you just taking advantage

of our situation? Or are you targeting us in secrecy? Third Majesty, how can the most faithful

servants of the crown not be disappointed and disillusioned when you act like this? You act

oppressive, and disgrace this whole family of loyal soldiers over a trivial matter of a few wine

bottles! Moreover, you strike you father's banners, and use your powerful position to suppress

others as you please. You! You! You! You!... What are you trying to do!? What have the Jun's

done to deserve this?’’

The Young Master Jun had just added a completely different flavor to the frying pan. He had

clearly added an emotional and political layer to this whole matter. He had cleverly twisted this

situation, and had then brought that frying pan right above the Prince's head. The Third Prince

had never faced this kind of an opponent. He was left panting, while his complexion turned

deep reddish-purple. He had realized that his reply was somehow wrong. Hence, he did not

dare to say anything for a moment.

’’My Jun Family...has been wrongly accused.’’ The Young Master Jun's voice became shrill as he

choked with emotions. He held the railing to support himself while he trembled. Then, with a

long sigh he looked up; his face resembled a beautiful lotus which had been abandoned.

Eventually, he stationed himself upright once again...

Those who had heard the desolation in his voice... soon turned mournful in their hearts. It was

like the winter snow had rained-in on the summer night the injustice of it couldn't be borne.

The Third Prince had been completely outplayed. He had almost spit dozens of units of blood on

his opponent in anger.

Everyone was dumbstruck.

They all stared at Jun Mo Xie. [How did he do that? He just publicly criticized the Third Prince,

and too in such a terrifying manner!] They had witnessed the Third Prince distorting the truth

and acting tyrannical just moments ago. And they had though that he was being outrageous.

However, now they had seen the Young Master Jun do the same, but not a wisp of that earlier

feeling prevailed. These two men were simply beyond comparison!

This youngster had truly distorted the facts; he had confused the right from the wrong, and had

actually created something where there was nothing to begin with. He was a true master of the


Dugu Wudi had just burst out in laughter. However, Dugu Xiao Yi covered his mouth with her

hand before his laugh could even properly escape it. Her eyes were full of anger. The entire

matter would go down the drain if he were to laugh. Dugu Xiao Yi's heart thumped madly. She

had only aimed to shut his mouth, but hadn't paid attention and was actually preventing her

father from breathing. She was choking him; so much so that it could've easily led to an

unfortunate event.

Dugu Wudi forcefully removed his daughter's hand from his mouth. His breath whistled as he

deeply sucked in air before coughing violently. He then scolded her in a low voice, ’’You,

you wish to murder your own father?!’’

The two black clad people sitting behind Princess Ling Meng were men of exceedingly high

skill. It was a pity that commoners didn't have the wisdom they did. However, even they were

completely flabbergasted. They saw the snot and the tears on Jun Mo Xie's face, and felt a sense

of inferiority. [That face of his has surpassed all the legends, and has shaken the heavens! I am

truly not as good as him! ]

The Third Prince panted since he found it difficult to breath. Then, he finally controlled after a

while. However, it seemed as if his eyes would shoot flames. He gnashed his teeth as he looked

towards Jun Mo Xie and said, ’’Since this is the case, this Prince will leave your hundred bottles

alone! But, you should have no problems regarding the remaining hundred, right?’’

’’That matter does not concern me. I am not the person you should be asking regarding the last

hundred bottles!’’ Jun Mo Xie suddenly changed; it was obvious from his face that it was no

longer his concern, ’’That stock is the Prince Equivalent's son Yang Mo's share. What does

that have anything to do with me?’’ [Humph...add to the fire...bully him...]

’’Yang Mo! You leave him to me!’’ The Third Prince was very flustered. Moreover, he wanted to

retrieve some honor. Therefore, he shouted loudly. Everyone shook their heads. Unexpectedly,

he wasn't demonstrating the graceful demeanor an Imperial Prince should in such situations;

in fact, he his behavior had started to disgust many people...

’’What... what do you want?’’ Yang Mo trembled as he raised his head to expose himself.

’’Will you give the hundred bottles under your name to your uncle, the Emperor? Will you be

willing to do it?’’ the Third Prince asked in an oppressive manner as he looked coldly at Yang



Pan Yue was a famous poet in China (247-300) who was also said to have been exceedingly



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