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Otherworldly Evil Monarch - Chapter 190


Chapter 190 - A second time

The blood was constantly pouring out of the dead bodies while the rain continued to pour from of the sky above. The blood slowly started turning pink instead of red, and the soon became colorless.

The young woman had just turned around to retrieve the knife from the dead body closest to her since she wished to compare the blades. Her entire body started to shake from fear upon realizing that the blade had disappeared from such close proximity.

Do ghosts really exist? All five people were completely shocked!

Someone actually managed to silently sneak into a circle of five Sky Xuan experts undetected! Even an normal Spirit Xuan expert may not be capable of accomplishing this feat;and in case this man has already reached the Spirit Xuan realm, then why would he need to act in much a secretive manner to fight us?!

But if this man isn't a Spirit Xuan experts, then what other possible explanation could there be?

Explanation or no explanation, we definitely shouldn't stay here for one more second!

But we can't leave our brothers here....

The five of us could easily get out if we leave the four dead ones here, but what about the Sixth Brother? He's still alive.... Only barely so..... but if we leave him here then he will die for sure!

Could things get any worse?

The five of them decided to pick up one person each, and even though they were trying to get away as far as possible, as quickly as possible, their eyes would still glance back from time to time;even the pouring rain wasn't enough to simmer down the fire of hatred in their eyes, and it seemed that they were looking back to get just one glimpse of their attacker.....

Those throwing knives belonged to Jun Mo Xie;he had already decided to kill them at the time when he realized that they were Li You Ran's friends. They had obviously been asked to participate in the fight for the Xuan Core by him, and would most likely leave the Tian Xiang City once the fight for the Xuan Core was over, but since Li You Ran was able to seek their assistance once..... he could always do it again!

Moreover, since these people were Li You Ran's seniors, Jun Mo Xie simply couldn't take any chances with them. These Sky Xuan experts might have turned out to be completely useless in this fight since they were contesting against Spirit Xuan experts, but these people would still be capable of threatening the Jun Family's existence under normal circumstances! If the Li Family decided to pick a fight with the Jun Family, then they could easily use these people to a terrifying effect!

These people had just fought a tough battle, and had already exhausted the majority of their Xuan Qi;had the hitman Jun allowed this opportunity to slip by, then he would have regretted it forever.

And therefore, the young master Jun had decided to murder them under the cover of this rain!

However, the young master Jun had never imagined that he would actually succeed in killing all four of his intended targets! Controlling the direction of four knives while being in a stealth state had already pushed Jun Mo Xie to his current limits, which is why he had never thought that each of his strike would actually claim a life.....

I actually managed to kill a Sky Xuan expert! The young master Jun couldn't help feeling complacent about his achievement.

Everyone had already left the scene, while any remaining dead bodies had been cleared up the City's patrol. The venue which had been the center of an enormous and fierce battle between some legendary warriors was now completely empty, leaving behind only the rubble of the broken buildings and the decapitated vegetation as a requiem. Even the blood had already been washed away by the rain, but the intense smell of blood was surely going to linger for a long time to come......

Lei Jian Hong's remaining team had been walking in silence for a long, long time now when he suddenly turned around and whispered to a tree: ’’Ha Ha, I'm still waiting for you.....’’

He waited a while, and then whispered to another tree: ’’You think I won't catch you someday?’’

His voice was soft and low, but contained almost traces of anger;it seemed rather indifferent instead, almost as if he was talking to a friend in general. But there was no one present.....

He waited for some time, and then his voice rang again in an indifferent tone as he repeated his sentence: ’’I'm still waiting for you......’’

He paused for a while, and then spoke again: ’’Come out? Don't you want me to personally chop your body to pieces?’’

He repeated himself again after a while.

But still no one answered him.

He continued to whisper to the trees on the way from time to time, seemingly not getting disheartened by the lack of response from the other end. Had a doctor been listening to his emotionless threats then that doctor would have diagnosed Lei Jian Hong with a mental illness.....

He continued to repeat himself, seemingly never lacking the perseverance to stop.....

The two black colored men reappeared in the field again. The big and burly man opened his big lips and announced: ’’Who are you? You know we are here now? Stop playing games, and quickly come out!’’

These two mysterious people were obviously the ones who had captured the Xuan Core earlier, and had then fled the scene. However, Jun Mo Xie had initiated the Hongjun Pagoda's spin at full force at the time they were escaping away, hoping that it would attract them into coming back here to meet with him.

The logic was very simple;even an expert of Shi Chang Xiao's caliber had been unable to figure out the falsehood of this Xuan Core, but these two men had realized that this Xuan Core was different than a normal one. In fact, it almost felt as if these two people were extremely sensitive to the Aura coming from this fake Xuan Core....

Obviously, in case Jun Mo Xie's assumption was incorrect, then his wait would have been fruitless.

Although these two people had sensed the Aura which coming out from the Hongjun Pagoda, they had also assumed that the source of this Aura would be extremely powerful. Moreover, they had also come prepared to return empty handed since they weren't sure if the source of the Aura would actually reveal itself.

However, even though the source of Aura didn't reveal itself immediately, these people were a bit skeptical to leave so early;if someone has intentionally exuded this aura, then the person obviously had something mind. Perhaps another plan;or maybe he just wanted to say hello to us..... since the purity of that Aura had already coveted their desires, these men had immediately decided to take the risk of coming around a second time, fully aware that it could be very dangerous. Thus, these two people hid themselves immediately after escaping away with the Xuan Core, and waited till everyone had left, and then returned to the battle scene again.

After all, the purity of this Aura was the world's most seductive thing for them! No jewels, no riches, no techniques or power, and no medicines could ever have attracted them into taking such a big risk!

Even though Jun Mo Xie hadn't been sure of it at the time, but the plan had gone exactly as intended thus far!

Jun Mo Xie had managed to use the Xuan Core to instigate a battle between the competitors;he had managed to damage Li You Ran's strength by killing and weakening Lei Jian Hong's team, and had even managed to hurt the Three Elders of the Silver Blizzard City. This plan had indeed worked out very well so far, because these people were sworn enemies of the Jun Family and could cause some major trouble for the Jun Family in the future. Even though he hadn't succeeded in completely eliminating his enemies, he had at least managed to delay the arrival of their threats!

Jun Mo Xie had managed to plan all this, and had somehow managed to execute this plan to perfection with the help of some improvisation! But as far as these two mysterious people were concerned, it was time for Jun Mo Xie to start wracking his brain again!

'Ha Ha', the sound of a low, weirdly mystical, but powerful and sonorous laughter originated from a few meters in front of these two men. There is nothing in front... just a tree! But that sound definitely comes from in front of us!

Although the origination of these two people was very mysterious, but even they had never witnessed something this strange in their entire lives! They simultaneously stepped back, and immediately brought their hands up to their chests in defense!

’’What the hell are you? Come out!’’

Without any signs of warning, a third black robed man unexpectedly emerged in front of these two men in the most bizarre of ways! This man's body drilled its path out of the ground, almost as if the ground underneath his feet was just an illusion! The strength of these two men had already reached the Spirit Xuan realm, but even then they had never heard of a technique as weird as this one!

It could be said that even Yun Bei Chen would've refused to believe that something like this was ever possible!

It was simply to strange!

But another very strange this had happened right before this mysterious third man had made his entry;just before this man appeared, the two mysterious black people had sensed a faint hint of that same Aura which had lured them here, and it seemed to be coming straight from the body of this third man.

The two of them were now completely sure that this was no illusion!

’’What is your name sire? What's your purpose for bringing us here?’’ the tall and slender man asked cautiously.

’’I obviously have my reasons for bringing you here.’’ The newly emerged mysterious man replied lightly: ’’I'm Feng Jue Qing;may I know your names?’’

’’You don't know our history?’’ the burly man asked with a puzzled look on his face, I though this man was something extraordinary when he broke out of the ground in that manner, but his name is obviously fake.... I have a strange feeling about this......

’’I know your history, but I don't know your names;after all, isn't it very difficult to guess them given your history, right?’’ this third man was obviously Jun Mo Xie. If I hadn't guessed your origination, then why would I have come here?

’’Oh, that's right.... I'm Long Crane, and this is my fourth Brother, Big Bear.’’ The slender black man, Long Crane nodded as he spoke: ’’We've heard a lot about you Brother Feng Jue Qing! We've been dying to meet a man of your renowned reputation;we consider ourselves very fortunate for your company today!’’

’’You've heard the name Feng Jue Qing before?’’ Jun Mo Xie tilted his head, I've heard this name for the first time in my life, but you've actually heard it before? Don't tell me.... have I carelessly borrowed a famous celebrity's name?

The man called Big Bear replied with a straight face: ’’Isn't that what your people say as a courtesy remark? Don't they just pretend that they've already heard of your name?’’

Ah! Damn it!

’’He he, you've actually travelled two thousand miles to the Tian Xiang City for a peak level nine Xuan Core?’’ Jun Mo Xie scratched his nose.

’’This is a condensed peak level nine Xuan Core! Ordinary experts might have been taken in by it, but fortunately, we have too many years of experience.....’’ Long Crane turned and tossed the fake Xuan Core which Jun Mo Xie had fabricated, this trip had turned out to be completely useless, but it seems that things could get better now.

He looked at Jun Mo Xie meaningfully and spoke: ’’However, we don't think that our trip would be a complete waste now that we've met you sire;we now believe that there are a lot of unknown great things awaiting us here!’’


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