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Otherworldly Evil Monarch - Chapter 154


Chapter 154 - The Debauchee Alliance

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Jun Wu Yi and Jun Zhan Tian had no idea that this issue surrounding Tang Yuan was one of the most insignificant ones which could be traced back to Jun Mo Xie. They were completely unaware that Jun Mo Xie was audaciously and innocently smiling at them after causing the majority of trouble which the Tian Xiang City had found itself in over the last few months..... they had no idea that he was behind the Imperial Tutor Li's injury, and the reason behind their enemy's state teacher's visit..... also, he was the reason why so many advanced Xuan's were flocking to the city......

’’This has gone too far, no one shall be allowed to know about this!’’ Old man Jun stated: ’’That good old Tang Wan Li must be going green with madness, and I hope that he doesn't find out about this...... he shouldn't, unless Tang Yuan rats you out.....’’

Jun Zhan Tian sighed, and then said: ’’Thanks to the heavens that he is Tang Wan Li's grandson, if he was anyone else's boy, Old Zhu would have blown him to dust on the spot. Mo Xie, you're lucky that your friend made it out alive, but this was way too dangerous.... If anyone finds out, and especially if Eunuch Zhu finds out about the reality behind this incident, then even the Old Tang will not be able to save the two of you.’’

’’What do you mean? What's so special about being Tang Wan Li's grandson? Even though fatty and I were only trying to make mischief, we never had any intention of hurting anyone..... but what does this have to do with his grandfather?’’ Jun Mo Xie simply couldn't fathom that the Old Eunuch would have enough influence to harm a 'Jun' and a 'Tang'.... He might be a Sky Xuan, but he's still just a palace eunuch.

’’Zhu Zhu Zhu is far more than just a palace eunuch, Mo Xie. I know you've matured a lot lately, but you need to be more careful before setting sail again.....’’ Jun Zhan Tian stated in an earnest tone.

Jun Mo Xie stared at his grandfather questioningly.

’’Mo Xie, I agree that you didn't know about this..... but Zhu Zhu Zhu is far more than a palace eunuch..... he used to be a military general..... he was a part of Empire's army, and was considered just below Old Dugu and me......’’ Grandfather Jun seemed to be getting a bit emotional at this point.

’’Is ah?......’’ this time it was Jun Wu Yi who interjected: ’’Father, you said that that you've never worked with Old Zhu before..... and that he's never served with you or Dugu Zhong Heng...... Didn't general Zhu Cong Long die in the battle as the legend states?’’

Jun Zhan Tian shook his head: ’’This is a secret which only a few people know apart from His Majesty, Tang Wan Li, Old Dugu and myself..... Many years ago, when the Emperor was only the crown price, he took his army into battle. The Jun army was flanking the right side of the enemy;the Dugu army was flanking the left, and the Prince was supposed to go head-on. At that time, the Tian Xiang Empire was still taking shape, and was only a very small Empire. The prince was ambushed, and we all arrived a little too late to rescue him. As a result, the prince was captured by the enemies along with two of his generals, Tang Wan Li, and Zhu Cong Long. The enemy wanted to rot the prince's body with vermin to stifle our military's motivation.... But Zhu Cong Long stood out as a hero and valiantly disguised himself as the prince, and was then detained by the enemy for conducting their tortures.....’’

’’Tortures?’’ Jun Mo Xie and Jun Wu Yi glanced at each other as they finally saw the light. They could finally see all the lies clearly!

’’Obviously, we charged at the enemy at night to rescue our prince, and killed their attackers. Somehow, we were able to carry Zhu Cong Long away from the danger at the last second. But by the time we rescued him, his body had already stopped resembling that of a human being. His upper and lower body had been eaten away by vermin, poisonous snakes, rats..... his injuries had brought him on the doorstep of death...... he had sustained at least a thousand wounds on his body;even his crotch had been torn to pieces.... This general.....’’ Jun Zhan Tian sighed regretfully.

So that's why! That's the reason why such an accomplished expert is only a palace eunuch! And that's why he's so obsessed with cleanliness.....

Jun Mo Xie was finally able to understand, no wonder the Old Eunuch occupies such a favored position in the palace... he suffered so much for the King..... his majesty wouldn't allow such a loyal servant of his to be mistreated at any cost......

This was another trait of the hitman, he couldn't admit that he was wrong;of course, he'd acknowledge it within his heart, but he wouldn't be able to bring it onto his tongue very easily!

’’The war continued and we emerged victorious, but Zhu Cong Long was left with no desire to live. He was so shaken that he couldn't even talk about his trauma... he simply lost all courage to live, and even refused all medical treatment;he wouldn't drink or eat, and it seemed that he would die soon. Tang Wan Li was looking after him at the time, and Old Tang kept telling him, 'you saved my life;if you die, then I won't live in this world either.' Tang Wan Li stopped eating in protest, but Zhu Cong Long remained indifferent to his hunger strike for the initial three days, and his condition continued to worsen. Then, Tang Wan Li took out a blade and started cutting himself in front of Zhu Cong Long's eyes;he kept saying, 'I will kill myself in front of you before I watch you die'.......’’

Jun Mo Xie and Jun Wu Yi glanced at each other with dismal in their hearts. The tragic atmosphere of that moment from the past had left their hearts gloomy, but they were still very fascinated with the strength of their previous generation's brotherhood.

’’Soon, Tang Wan Li had cut-off almost thirty pieces of flesh from his own body..... then, suddenly Zhu Cong Long broke into tears, and started eating his food. But Tang Wan Li fell down.... The condition of his injuries was far worse than the General's.....’’

Jun Zhan Tian continued: ’’At the end of the war, the prince ascended to the throne as the new Emperor. Tang Wan Li was given the status of nobility, and Zhu Cong Long volunteered to become a palace eunuch. He changed his name to Zhu Zhu Zhu and dedicated his life for safeguarding the Emperor in secrecy. The general Zhu, who died in the battle protecting the prince, is still alive in the man named Zhu Zhu Zhu!’’

’’No one has ever been able to find out that Zhu Zhu Zhu and General Zhu Cong Long is the same person since he changed his appearance.......’’

The entire room had gone silent by the time this secret was fully revealed. The breathtaking tale of their unshakeable friendship and brotherhood seemed to have taken control of Jun Zhan Tian's heart!

No wonder grandfather said that any other man's boy would have been killed on the spot!

Just as Jun Zhan Tian finished, a servant came in to inform: A regiment from the Tang Family has arrived at the door asking for the master of the house.... They are carrying an injured and half-dead Tang Yuan with them......

Grandfather Jun started to panic: has my grandson been exposed? They have come to our doorstep!

They walked out nervously, and were informed that Tang Yuan had been excommunicated from the Tang Family, but the womenfolk of the Tang Family didn't wish to leave him out in the open, which is why they wish for him to stay with the Jun Family for now......

The womenfolk of the Tang Family were afraid that the Jun Family might refuse fatty Tang since his reputation was very degenerate. But Grandfather Jun straightaway nodded in approval and had him carried away to Jun Mo Xie's courtyard. Feeling guilty, the Tang Family's representatives promptly bowed their heads in courtesy and the quickly left, believing that fatty Tang was at the reason behind the mishap.....

’’Third young master......this is all because of you.... You almost got me killed.’’ Tang Yuan stated as he lay on the bed upon his stomach, after the two of them had been left alone. Zhu Zhu Zhu's palm had damaged his buttocks to such an extent that the fatty would have no option but to sleep on his stomach for a long while.

’’You you you, you never told me that the pill would give me gas.......!’’ Tang Yuan gnashed his teeth grimly: ’’You sent me into the palace after giving me a laxative! I realized that something was wrong, and even though I tried to restrain myself, but once the Old Eunuch put those sticks up my butt, I.....I was unable to restrain myself any longer and ended up.......’’

’’Stop it!’’ it appeared as if Jun Mo Xie would end up vomiting... blood: ’’I only gave you a mild laxative, so how did this happen?!’’

’’I did as you said.... I ate a belly-full before going to the palace, and then ate that pill before seeing the Old Eunuch, but then....... This happened......’’ Tang Yuan strained his voice hard as he tearfully condemned and accused Jun Mo Xie.

’’What?’’ Jun Mo Xie finally understood where things went wrong, ’’You ate food in the morning? Didn't I specifically tell you not to eat anything under any circumstances? And you still ate a 'belly-full'? That obviously acted as a catalyst, and made the laxative even more potent.... Why would you do such a thing?’’

’’Ah?’’ Tang Yuan immediately remembered Jun Mo Xie's exact words, and then started shaking: ’’I did the exact opposite.....’’

’’Okay, but either way you still got what you wished for since your purpose was still accomplish. But what about this issue?’’ Jun Mo Xie asked disdainfully: ’’According to my original plan, you would have gotten out of the palace looking a lot better than this......’’ Jun Mo Xie retched loudly: ’’You should be glad that I'm letting you live!’’

’’Sure, but you don't scare me right now. That Old Eunuch actually turned out to be a Sky Xuan expert! A blue light flashed from his hand when he raised his blade to cut my clothes, and he actually managed to strip me naked without even scratching my flesh! I obviously gave up then, and this is what happened as a result.... I was at his mercy, and I reckon that the only reason I'm still alive is because he's friends with my grandfather!’’

Fatty Tang actually seemed a bit proud: ’’Fortunately, by the time Grandpa kicked me out of the house, I was already prepared for it. I have been saving money for a while now, and I know that it's not much, but it's enough to get by for a while.’’ Then, he suddenly became nervous and said: ’’Third young master, you'll have to gamble again.... But be careful.... I cannot lose this money.... this isn't my family's money, it's my own.....’’

Jun Mo Xie was left dumbstruck;he hasn't even changed one bit after getting kicked out of his family?

Fatty Tang winked: ’’Third young master, before you say something, let me tell you this...... you don't know this, but my brother has been kicked out of the family three times now. So even though it's surprising to outsiders, you see why I'm not worried......?’’

Jun Mo Xie was left completely dazed at this point..... Ultimately, he was unable to hold his neck in an upright position, and ended up landing it on the coffee table in front;twice!


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