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Otherworld Nation Founding Chronicles - Chapter 113


Chapter 113

Chapter 113 - Bloodless Capitulation


 I called for Ains and Gehenna's representative and moved ahead with talks of how postwar will be handled specifically.

 First order of business was that of territory but these talks went over smoothly.

 To put it briefly, the southern third of the Belvedere Kingdom would go to Lezzad and Gehenna. The north and central thirds would go to the Rosyth Kingdom.

 And so it was.

 This agreement reflects each of the three nation's power dynamic and geography.

 First, the my kingdom is much stronger than both Lezzad and Gehenna.

 Writing this [treaty?] makes it sound like I made a threat... but that's the case. [1]

 In fact it's the opposite. Lezzad and Gehenna insisted for me to take the majority of the land.

 It is obvious to reason that when you expand territory, you must divide some of your power to defend it.

 Because Lezzad and Gehenna are small countries, they do not hold the defensive capabilities to cover the territory. That's why we gained a majority of the territory.

 Also, the Belvedere Kingdom's unique demographics and political system influenced this.

 First, the biggest reason was that Belvedere Kingdom's ruler, King Belvedere, was an Aldernian.

 The Belvedere Kingdom in the beginning was a confederation of the Belvedere gens (family) and several other influential gens. Over time, the Belvedere gens stood out and became the leaders amongst their allies. They then claimed the title of ’’King’’... That is basically the origins of their political system. Well, we [the Rosyth Kingdom] are the same. [2]

 In other words, it's a country centered around Aldernians.

 However, the Cretians have built many colonies in the rich and warm southern part of the Aldernian peninsula.

 The number of Cretians immigrating rapidly increased and so too did the number of people who migrate to the Belvedere Kingdom. 

 Successive Belvedere kings have encouraged Cretian immigration for their technology and economic power.

 And so, the Cretians who had immigrated began to marry with Aldernians, and the number of multiracial people grew. [henceforth dubbed Cretian-Aldernians] [3]

 Like this, several autonomous cities made up of mostly Cretian-Aldernians started popping up in the central region of the Belvedere Kingdom.

 As time passed, the Belvedere Kingdom's national power grew, and so they began to invade the Cretian colonies to expand further.

 While I say this, they weren't really ’’invaded’’ but more coerced into a confederation.

 Even when influential city-states like Lezzad began formed alliances, the Belvedere Kingdom's policy of forcing other colonies to confederate did not change much.

 That's why much of the Belvedere Kingdom's south is made up of former Cretian city-states.

 In a nutshell, the north is run by Aldernian patricians. The middle is made up of Cretian-Aldernian autonomous cities. And the south made up of former Cretian city-states who were coerced into an unequal confederacy with the Belvedere kings.

 For Lezzad and Gehenna, it is not difficult to integrate the southern region. All they need to do is to make the same pact as King Belvedere had. [basically this]

 In contrast, the central and north portions are more troublesome.

 Although the people of the central region had autonomy, it was an autonomy policy allowed to the same level as the previous kings of the Belvedere Kingdom.

 Without the ’’king's guidance,’’ we don't know what we should do... is what many people thought.

 So, should Lezzad or Gehenna provide guidance? That said, thinking this way is no good for them either. Because they hold a lot of half-baked pride, they hate to see fellow ’’mere humans’’ be depended on. It can't be anyone but a ’’King.’’

 The northern region goes without saying. Because the Aldernian patricians are paying, an Aldernian king must also pay. [4]

 Well, anyways that's the situation that led to our country annexing the northern and central regions.

 In the negotiations, Lezzad and Gehenna did have a dispute over how the southern territory should be divided between them, but now the partitioning has been decided and agreed upon.

 All that's left now is the confrontation with the Belvedere Kingdom with the conditions.

 ’’What sort of conditions did you have in mind of King Rosyth?’’ (Ains)

 ’’All major state-owned mines are to be suppressed by my country. All castles and forts are to be abolished [or demolished?] with the exception of the one in the royal capital. The prohibition of military arms. The prohibition of going to war without permission from the Rosyth Kingdom. For all of the [former?] cities and patricians confederated/allied the Belvedere Kingdom who confederated/allied to Rosyth Kingdom [instead?] to be recognized. The wife and children of King Belvedere to be turned over to the Rosyth Kingdom for 10 years. ... I think that should be good.’’ (Almus)

 I carefully explain the conditions I thought up of until now.

 Ains and Gehenna's representative give a surprised look.

 ’’Those are some pretty harsh terms. But are you not going to demand them to pay reparations?’’ (Ains)

 ’’They won't be able to pay a high amount anyways. Because that's the case, it's better off to not demand reparations. Rather than reparations, it would be smarter to make it so they would be unable to turn against us in the future.’’ (Almus)

 To be honest, I wanted to add in more things such as banning alliances except with the Rosyth Kingdom but Lezzad and Gehenna are also here...

 ’’But there is a problem with the prohibitions on arms and war. Would they obey that?’’ (Ains)

 ’’They would have no choice but to obey. The Belvedere Kingdom is surrounded by my country's allies after all.’’ (Almus)

 The Belvedere Kingdom's capital is in the northern region. Because the northern region's patricians and central region's cities are to fall under the Rosyth Kingdom, that will naturally make the Belvedere Kingdom surrounded by my country.

 The Belvedere Kingdom would not be able to fight a war against anyone but my country.

 In a way, it's not that harsh treatment. Rather, this treatment is a matter of course.

 This is the same with the prohibition on rearmament.

 Because money can't be taken, if it were just then it wouldn't be too difficult to swallow.

 Also, I don't think the terms are too bad.

 You could say this treaty is rather paradoxical, as it leaves all national defense to the Rosyth Kingdom.

 King Belvedere can turn his head to domestic affairs now since he would no longer have to manage national defense.

 It's a pretty good deal for the losing country.

 Well, that's assuming the Rosyth Kingdom honors the premise of the treaty...

 At the very least, I don't want to destroy the Belvedere Kingdom as long as King Belvedere doesn't make any suspicious moves.

 In> In the first place, I put in the clause to take hostages to convey this.

 If I were the type of person to attack after prohibiting rearming then it would be unnecessary to take hostages.

 If we are to keep surveillance over the hostages for 10 years, then that means we plan to let them survive for 10 years.

 Well, if you read too much into it, it seems like some kind of trick made by the fiendish Almus Ars Rosyth.

 ’’Actually... my home country says they want to claim reparations...’’ (Ains)

 ’’Same here.’’ (Gehenna's representative)

 Ains and Gehenna's representative say this with emberrassed faces.

 In other words, Lezzad and Gehenna need to be paid reparations...

 ’’About how much?’’ (Almus)

 ’’For now lets say it's double to triple the cost of the war for us...’’ (Ains)

 It seems it's the same with Gehenna.

 Over a thousand gold coins huh... without a doubt there is no way the Belvedere Kingdom can pay that much.

 ’’Can't you give me something more concrete?’’ (Almus)

 ’’No, we don't mind if the payment is made in installments. However we cannot wait more than 5 years for it to be paid.’’ (Ains)

 Hmmm, I don't want to really just deny this claim...

 What to do...

 ’’Then how about this. My country will shoulder the reparation debt. After 3 years, the Belvedere Kingdom will start to pay my country back the debt, then after 10 years the reparations will be paid off. What do you think?’’ (Almus)

 ’’No, we are completely fine with this but... is your majesty, King Rosyth, really fine with agreement?’’ (Ains)

 Ains is asking if Rosyth is really financially stable enough not to collapse from this.

 This is more my country's domestic affairs but... if it's going to lead to bankruptcy the proposal won't be put through.

 I'll figure something out. No, rather I'll do something.

 Thinking about it 3 years later...

 I had not thought about how dangerous it was to not crush King Belvedere. If you can crush someone, then crush them. In that time, it is time for your country to fall into ruin.

 ’’Well, it's time to end this...’’ (Almus)

 I wrote out the contents of the treaty on the paper.

King Belvedere will capitulate and hand over all arms.

From here on, King Belvedere is prohibited from any arms in the future.

With the exception of the royal capital's castle, all castles and forts are to be demolished.

Until the third clause is achieved, Lezzad and Gehenna's amies are to be stationed in the Belvedere Kingdom. The maintenance cost will be covered by the Belvedere Kingdom.

King Belvedere is forbidden from declaring war without the Rosyth's Kingdom's permission.

King Belvedere will accept the fact that the patricians and cities in the northern and central regions who have become King Rosyth's vassals are vassals.

King Belvedere will accept that the cities in the southern region have confederated with Lezzad and Gehenna.

The wife and children of the Belvedere king are to live in the Rosyth Kingdom for 10 years.

When someone from House Belvedere is getting married, the marriage must be approved by King Rosyth, Lezzad, and Gehenna.

King Belvedere must pay 2,000 gold [each?] to both Lezzad and Gehenna within 5 years.

If payment is impossible, the Rosyth Kingdom will shoulder the debt. The Belvedere Kingdom must Kingdom must repay that debt back to the Rosyth Kingdom after 3 years and must finish repaying within 10 years. (Depending on the financial situation of the Belvedere Kingdom, negotiations may be permitted.)

[WTF there is no 12th clause lol. Also that parenthesis in 11 is not mine fyi]

The Belvedere Kingdom shall maintain direct control over territory it had before the war.

Mines within the Belvedere Kingdom (salt, gold, silver, copper, iron, lead, tin, magic stones) are to be owned by King Rosyth.

When these are all done, the Rosyth Kingdom, Lezzad, and Gehenna will recognize the Belvedere Kingdom's sovereignty.

 ’’Your majesty, King Belvedere. It is a pleasure to meet you. I am Lezzad's representative, Ains Worth.’’ (Ains) [5]

 Ains gave King Belvedere a rountine greeting.

 And so the long preaching of the splendors of peace began.

 To summarize Ains' long talk, we want peace. If the Belvedere Kingdom, wishes it, then the war could be over. Basically that's what was said.

 Then, while laughing and smiling, King Belvedere was presented the conditions.

 ’’This is...’’ (King Belvedere)

 Kign Belvedere frowned.

 These conditions would make it so they would become something like a client state of the Rosyth Kingdom.

 The only good thing about this is that Lezzad and Gehenna are involved. Freedom of diplomacy is permitted.

 In the first place, it was Lezzad and Gehenna who cornered him this far.

 But, these are not bad conditions for situation that the royal capital is being sieged.

 For a crushed country, completely getting rid of the Belvedere family would be normal, so these conditions that left a bit of hope are not bad.

 Territories are being greatly partitioned, but areas under direct control will be maintained.

 In the first place, most of those territories are owned by the patricians and autonomous cities so there would be no major changes.

 There is the minus that taxes from the patricians and autonomous cities will be lost but that cancels out with the fact that military spending will be cut.

 These are favourable conditions for a country right before capitulating.

 The problem is...

 (There is the Eville Kingdom...)

 If we let the siege keep going, it may be possible for either the Eville Kingdom or the Rozel Kingdom to destroy the Rosyth Kingdom.

 If that happens, then Belvedere can gain some territory from the Rosyth Kingdom.

 A choice between high risk, high reward and low risk, low reward...

 King Belvedere closes his eyes for a while and then gives his response.

 ’’We accept.’’ (King Belvedere)

 ’’I thought that would be the case if it were with King Belvedere.’’ (Ains)

 Ains laughed and smiled.

 King Belvedere saw this and gave a self-deprecating smile.

 (This was a treaty made after considering my cowardly personality after all.)

 King Belvedere gave out a sigh.

 In the first place, King Belvedere never wanted to be king. However, because his siblings were so engrossed in plotting against each other, they ended up killing each other and so the position naturally went to him.

 King Belvedere was aware he had no talent. That's why he never tried to compete.

 But the messenger from Rozel had convinced him.

 ’’You can definitely win if it's now.’’ (Rozel messenger)

 The Rozel messenger said this. King Belvedere also thought that if King Rosyth were besieged by Rozel, Eville, Belvedere, Rozel, Eville, Belvedere, and Equus then he would be defeated.

 In addition, he saw ambition in King Rosyth's eyes. Get your enemies before they you. That is the rule of the world.

 Originally, because he was accused of being a coward, he had gotten a complex about it.

 Therefore, he thought this was going to be his once in a lifetime chance...

 ’’Sigh... it seems I've stepped on the griffon's tail.’’ (King Belvedere)

 King Belvedere sighed.

 (But it's good that my generation did not become the last generation. Not that that was decided but... sigh, I suppose I'll be known be carved into the annals of history as a foolish ruler. A stepping stone for that young king...)

 Later, King Belvedere would dramatically increase his income by spending more on domestic affairs over the military and successfully paid off all debts to the Rosyth Kingdom without fail.

 Although it would written in the history books that he had no military talent, because he had not allowed for unnecessary blood to be spilt and with his『resolution』 , he would go down in history as a wise ruler.

 What kind of face would King Belvedere make if he knew this...

 Author's note:


 Translator's note:

 Hope you enjoyed this chapter. I've been pretty busy since last week (what with moving into my new apartment and helping my parents move) but am completely free now for this week so I might be able to come out with the next chapter really soon. Anyways I'm tired. In the words of a certain isekai protagonist, ’’Sleep is justice.’’

[1] Writing out the treaty I guess? I don't think this is meta to the point where Almus is the one writing the web novel down in-universe. That'd be very odd on why he would know certain character POVs lol. Just caught me off guard there for a second and wanted to comment on that.

[2] The author is making a distinction between 豪族 and 氏族. Both can be translated into clans I suppose but the former refers to a powerful and wealthy family (basically the upper class) and the latter refers to any group of a family. The distinction I made to translate this is 豪族 are still ’’patricians’’ since they were the Roman ruling/upper class and for 氏族 to be gens, which is the Roman term for a family (by blood generally). Basically in both the Japanese here and English I'm giving, all patrician families are gens but not all gens are patricians, just the important ones are.

[3] I didn't have a really good way to say this. Basically what is being said that the Aldernian and Cretian cultures/blood was being more mixed together? Like the people became something not completely Aldernian or Cretian I think. The Japanese translated literally says ’’Thus, the Cretians who moved married the Aldernians, and the multiracial advanced.’’ Also Cretian-Aldernians means an Aldernian of Aldernian and Cretian heritage. I suppose an Aldernian-Cretian would be a Cretian of Aldernian and Cretian heritage

[4] I guess they must mean they spend resources to maintain the direct control? This part in general was a bit awkward for me to translate so honestly I just directly translated what the literal Japanese said here so if anyone else has a better idea let me know: 北部地域は言うまでも無いだろう。アデルニア人の豪族が納めているのだから、同じアデルニア人の王が納めなくてはいけない。

[5] Lol really? Ains Worth? Wonder where the author got that name. Also Ains had a last name lol?


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