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Other World Assassin Life Of A Man Who Was A Shut-in - Chapter 104


Chapter 104

Chapter 104 strength adjustment

After finishing the Guros Rabbitsu subjugation request, I departed from Barris village, I ran back to forks at half of my full power.

Even so, various things happened during this request.

Most importantly, I was lucky to have met Shingu.

Shingu had past many times more painful than my own. Even so, he still looked forward and tried hard without giving up in the middle.

It felt as if I was able to get a share of that courage and energy.

Perhaps Shingu will not fall into solitude since there many people in the people who look after him.

In time, he will surely become an excellent adventurer. At that time maybe we can go adventuring as promised.

[But, the truth still lies in the fact that it wasn't just good things that happened.]

What came to my mind was the appearance of the Majin Ranbiris.

For what purpose did he come to the Barris village? What kind of magic did he use on the villagers?

What kind of an existence is a Majin? There are a lot of things I couldn't understand.

I shall consult with Minarisu-san about this when I return to Forks. I think that Minarisu-san might know the Majin since Ranbiris did mention some kind of grudge.

Things will get busy after I get back to forks.

Thinking so, I sighed. I could feel that it was a little too noisy a few kilometres ahead.

There are definitely no settlements around here, but the noise was a little too loud for such a place.

Thinking so, I stopped and climbed a big tree so that I could see further ahead.

Indeed. A group of 4 comprised of females and a male seem to have been attacked by a bunch of bandits.

And the current situation was overwhelmingly disadvantageous to the group of 4.

A Red-haired man who seemed to be the leader of the 4 was desperately giving out instructions, but they were still getting pushed back by the great number of the enemies.

From my birds-eye-view from the tree, I deduced that the bandits would definitely win if this continued.

The difference in number between the two forces was too large.

They seemed to be a few minutes away.

The problem now was whether we should help or leave these 4 to their deaths.

To be honest, it would not matter to me even if the 4 people were killed by the bandits.

Although it is quite sad, I could not help the bitter smile that was making its way on my face.

[Alright, it's already been decided I should get a move on......No, wait just a moment]

Is this not a good opportunity.

As a result of overkilling Golden Rabbitsus recently, my level and abilities had been rising sharply.

Although it is a good thing, it also caused a few problems to arise.

It became harder to control how much force to use in close combat due to the rapid increase in in my abilities.

But if I was given a quest to protect a client or to catch an outlaw, then the situation would change extremely due to the difference in strength.

If we were to take it like that, then even if the opponent right now is a bandit then it wouldn't matter even if they were killed.

And I would be able to both help those 4 along by killing the bandits and experiment with them, this is a two-birds-with-one-stone opportunity. [1]

[If that's the case, then I should get going now. It is likely that they might fall in a few moments.]

Since I'd decided, I jumped off the tree putting extra power in my feet and flew towards the location of the 4 people and the bandits who were fighting. One of the bandits who saw me approaching cried out.

[Aniki, some kid in an unusual dress is coming over here]

A man who seemed to be the leader of the bandits heard the shout and looked at me with hatred in his eyes.

[Ahh, it's just one of those foolish kids, don't waste your time on him too much! I want to quickly kill this redhead and reach the ladies behind him!]

As soon as he said that, the leader of the bandits took his eyes off me and returned to the fight against the red-haired man.

And the bandits, who were ordered to take care of me, proudly took out their daggers from their waist.

[Keke, Even if Even if the other party is just a kid, since it's the boss's orders it can't be helped. Quickly kill hi----]

Before the man could even complete his words, my hand already pierced his chest.

[.....Wha- gah]

My hand easily pierced through his body and was embedded into his still beating heart.

I wedged it deeper into his heart, while the surrounding bandits stared at the scene.


The bandit whose heart was crushed bled from his mouth and soon collapsed.

I pulled out my arm from the bandit's body and stabbed again to confirm something.

[So this is the result of putting in that much force. But even so, I was not able to scoop out the heart with just that much force.]

The act of crushing the bandit's heart with my bare hands froze all the bandits along with the group of 4.

[Is this because the opponent was too stiff. Alright. I shall adjust it for now.]

To my words, the bandits'bodies shook heavily and slowly started to retreat away from me.

However, only the man who seemed to be the leader of the bandits still kept his sanity and issued an order to his subordinates.

[Oy all of you, no matter how much of monster he is! Just look at the number of people we have! Push him with numbers and victory will be assured! ]

With the words of their leader, the bandits'expression seemed to have regained their motivation to fight. They were trying to surround me to surround me with numbers as their leader said.

I gave a small smile to the bandits who had regained their will to fight.

Since I was going to train my close combat skills,

I guess it would not be bad to show my will to fight now.

[Go you idiots! Take him down quickly!]

The bandits all attacked me at once in response to his voice.

With a smile on my face, I moved and immediately disappeared from that spot.

[How is this possible! Where did he go------]

[I'm right behind you]

I forcibly twisted the bandit's neck off with my hands before he could even respond to my words and turned around.

The bandits who looked at the scene were stunned, I threw his head away.

I could use the head of the bandit as a throwing weapon, but this time it had a purpose.

I mean, the leader of the bandits with such a huge mouth did not come towards me.

Perhaps he wanted to leave his subordinates to stall me so that he could find a safe place.

There's no such thing as a good bandit or a bad bandit, but I didn't like that.

Alright, I have decided, I shall leave that man for last and continue with the experiment thoroughly.

[Alright then, shall we resume the experiment. Make sure not to plead until the end Bandits-kun]

[1] EN: Tsundere vibe anyone? If ya want to save 'em just save 'em, no need to come up with excuses


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