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Ore To Kawazu-san No Isekai Hourouki - Chapter 55


Chapter 55

Now that the show's over and we still have a lot of things on our schedule,

we decided to move our venue.

The place we relocated on was just a rocky area that's considerably far

from the village.

However, it already has the finishing touches which I've set-up beforehand.

As for me, I'm currently in a hut made of rock together with Naito-san.

There was nothing to do and Naito-san was restless beside me.

’’What do you plan to do here?’’

’’Well, well, Naito-san's turn is almost here. Here, a sunglass’’

’’? No thanks, I'm not really bothered or anything......’’

Naito-san was suspiciously eyeing the sunglasses that I was handing her.

It's dangerous without it and I'd be bothered if she doesn't take it.

It seems like the final preparations are done, as I could see Kawazu-san

and Dwarf-san (green) coming back over here.

I raised my hand at the two of them, giving a little signal.

If you're wondering what were they doing, it was setting a goal.

There's a hug log sticking out in the middle of the rocky terrain, and there,

the previously showcased Toramaru 01 was firmly fixed with metal chains.


There were some creaking sounds as Toramaru 01 was desperately

struggling, as he should be.

’’Hey, we're ready’’ (green)

’’Yup, shall we start’’ (K)

’’Yeah’’ (T)

I nodded.

Confirming that everyone's equipped with sunglasses, we commenced the


’’Well then, we had a preliminary demo earlier, so I think we should test it

against magic for a bit!’’

That's right. Even though we did some tests on it, it would be meaningless

if it can't actually stop attacks when you wear it.

Today's the day that the I'll have the giant experience it's prowess with his

own body.

’’If I may be too forward, I shall serve as the attacker!’’

I promptly lowered my head, having some appropriate applause in the


Dwarf-san (green) had a complex expression, seemingly uneasy even

though he joined in on the clapping.

’’Would it really be okay? For these past few days, I suffered and bore

witness to your ridiculousness and all......’’

’’It's okay, I tell you. Our Toramaru 01 will definitely survive without a

scratch. Didn't you hear the giant's voice that said [I'll definitely live and


Dwarf-san (green) silently moved his eyes from me to the giant.

At that time, the giant had given up on breaking the chain. In his

desperation, he targetted the log by digging through the ground.

’’...... I really don't get that impression’’ (D)

’’Hm, not even that. My calculations are insane!’’ (K)

’’......why is that? Listening to you two, I feel like you're saying that it's

already no good?’’ (T)

Dwarf-san (green) hummed but there shouldn't be any problem. That's

because the experiment is performed with extreme caution.

More importantly, if I don't do anything soon, the target will escape. I

immediately cut off the conversation and started casting magic.

I lit up a small fireball in my right hand, it burned like a candle's flame.

Looking at it, Dwarf-san (green) had a relieved expression.

’’So even you know how to hold back’’

’’Of course. Here I go, alright? Absolutely do not take off those glasses,

yea? It would be bad for you to look directly’’

’’Hm? What's that?’’

Whethere or not because I heard the Dwarf's (green) answer, as he doesn't

fully understand my meaning, it was the right timing to release my fireball.

The flame flew from the palm of my hand, slowly and surely making it's

way to the target.

At first glance, it was such a fragile flame that looks like it might disappear

at any moment - but that's not the case.

At the instant that it made contact with Toramaru 01...... it swelled up in a



I didn't know who it was that muttered that among us.

Said 'ghu-' or something, just that the sound was uneasy and hopeless. At

that moment, a flash was released from that small flame.

The color transformed beyond reds and blues, then it became white.

The air swelled, and the impact even reached the barrier on our side.

Cracks appeared in the surrounding rocks due to the dramatic difference in


It was a few seconds later when waves of heat passed by.

My barrier worked normally and there wasn't a scratch on our hut.

I checked everyone out, just to make sure. Dwarf-san (green) looked like he

wanted to say something but no voice would come out.

However, he finally found the right words and muttered,

’’...... you held back?’’

’’I already said I did. I contracted it as much as I could to minimize the

damage. I think my magicla skills have become quite something’’

’’...... I don't think that's the problem’’

Naito-san had also turned blue, but the magical power I've used this time

is around 1000.

It's about 1 Kawazu-unit.

When I said that, Kawazu-san was the only one besides me that wasn't

surprised. I'll leave it at that for now.

I went out of the hut in order to examine the result of the experiment.

Outside, the fireball became a continuously burning fire pillar, it was like a

scene from hell.

The globe of light had completely disappeared into the ground, turning

into lava. It had made shards of glass around the area.

I scanned my eyes around, but the air was distorted by the heat and

resulted in poor visibility.

It seems like it would take some time to properly check things out.

’’H-h-h-heyhey, hey. Won't this definitely kill him!?’’

Dwarf-san's (green) conciousness finally came back to him at this time, and

he anxiously ran to me. The surrounding are still hot so it was dangerous.

When he arrived at my side, I gave him a big nod to reassure him that

everything's all right.

’’It's fine. I tried this with double the power when I was experimenting on


’’And it was alright then?’’

’’...... kinda’’

Kawazu-san muttered a little when he was put on shelf (T/N: I'm assuming

this has something to do with him being used a unit of measurement).

Looking at it, Toramaru 01 would have certainly been called to the

heavens with the flames.

It was something else during the experiments so I just reduced it to half-

power, but it wasn't enough.

Even now, there's no sign of movement......

’’......I wonder if this is alright?’’ (T)

’’It would be over if you say something like that......’’ (K)

It would certainly be an interesting story.


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