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Ore To Kawazu-san No Isekai Hourouki - Chapter 54


Chapter 54

This Giant is a friend to the Dwarves and he grows crops.

He treated an injured Dwarf and became good friends, and was allowed to

come and go in the village. The vegetables that he grows are also popular

among dwarves. He seemed to have fit right in.

He was weak for a Giant, and he prefers to work the land instead of

fighting. A herbivore Giant.

Recently, there's supposed to be an upcoming huge war and he was also

required to train for it.

Still, he was able to last until the end of the training. It's just unfortunate

that this time's graduation exam requires him to hunt down a Wyvern for


However, he's very unlike a Giant because of his weak personality. He

wasn't able to defeat a Wyvern and that leads us to the present situation.

’’I'm just not strong. I ended up being a nuisance to the Dwarves’’

’’And so we've decided to pitch in and help! But since he's a giant, it will

be a lot of work no matter what’’

The Dwarf-san (red) said.

If that's their goal, then indeed they really can't afford to spare a hand as

the job is gonna be huge because it's for a giant.

But that's precisely the problem. Everyone had gathered here to work on it

and they can't make anything else inside the village. They've collectively

decided so.

For now, it seems to be decided that they're going to make an armor first,

just so that the giant won't die.

’’We're racking our brains right now because the materials aren't enough

for this size’’

’’I see, that's why you were wandering in search for good materials.

Indeed, this Giant doesn't seem suited for combat’’

’’I've no shame......’’

The Giant lowered his head apologetically, he bowed to the point that he

seems to be reaching for our hands.

No, in the first place, he's too tall.

But a Giant's armor huh.

For some reason...... an image of a certain robot flashed through my head.

Well then, a man who could be of help is right here.

That would be me.

’’...... so, can I help?’’

’’What is it, boy? Thought of something good?’’

’’Yea. I've heard quite a bit. As for the materials for that armor...... what

about orichalcum?’’

’’You bring up Orichalcum so casually’’

Dwarf-san (red) revealed some surprise after hearing me mention


As expected of legendary metals.

It could even elicit such a response from dwarves.

’’Of course I can prepare an appropriate amount’’

Even though orichalcum is precious in magic, it's just another metal for

me. In that department, it's not much different from a rock.

I could increase it's amount as much as I want with [Replication Magic].

Of course, I should put it in mind that I could only increase it as much as

needed. There shouldn't be a problem if it's just an armor.

However, the Dwarf (green) gave me a suspicious look.

’’And? Don't tell me that it's going to be free? We can't give you anything

to exchange for something like orichalcum’’

Even if that's not the case, it does sound fishy.

But I nodded with a wide smile.

’’Right? So I have a couple of suggestions, will you let me help with the

armor's making?’’

I thought that a reasonable compensation would probably be necessary

for craftsmen like them to let me handle stuff.

Even so, I still braced myself that they might treat me as some sort of

nuisance, but a Dwarf (green) grabbed my shoulder and closed in. He

grinned and laughed.

’’Ain't that just great? You have that much power, it's even in the sword's

magic. Won't it be interesting if you lend a hand?’’

It was unexpectedly easy, and I was a little scared of the Dwarves' (red,

green) wicked smile.

What is it, what? What's with this development?

I definitely had a difficult face, fully expecting a stubborn refusal.

This feels rather welcoming......

My image of a dwarf may be slipping, since I've just noticed this kind of

danger. I felt my expression grow more and more fearful.

’’What, what?’’

’’What's wrong, what's wrong?’’

Then I was surrounded by the dwarves that shuffled closer, blocking my

path of escape.

’’Hey everyone! Listen up for a bit! This guy suggested something


The Dwarf (green) said in a loud voice.

At this time, I finally understood that this was the Dwarf's (green) intention

from the beginning, when he brought me here.

These guys, they're people that will use whatever they can use.

But...... is this not what I want anyway?

I gathered a lot of attention and I was beginning to get nervous. Then i

beat my own chest and said,

’’That's right, you guys! Just leave it to me!’’

'Oooh!'s resounded among the Dwarves.

’’Ahh, whatever. It does sound interesting though’’

Kawazu-san was also for it and hopped on the bandwagon. Perhaps he

was interested in learning a thing or two about Dwarf magic.

’’Um...... what about our weapons?’’

Naito-san's timid mutterings were drowned out by the rowdiness of the


The conversation continued with that upbeat tempo, and the curtain was

opened for the great operation Giant's Armor.

Basing on the Dwarves gathered data regarding the measurements, the

making of the armor began.

But what will it be? That is the problem.

The problem will no doubt lessen if I leave everything to the Dwarves and

do exactly as they tell me.

However, there are too many people involved this time. It became a

problem that there's no concensus.

In a situation like this, we usually listen to the input of the the one who'll

use it and give that priority, but there's none of that from this weak-willed


So the white arrows all pointed at me since I provided the materials.

[You're not confident so you're asking for me to lend a hand? Can't be

helped ~♪]

In the end, I had no idea what to do with tha armor, so I decided to

consult on someone I could rely on.

So right now, Tonbo-chan's pleased face is shown on the screen.

’’My, sorry to bother you. So this is about the design, alright?’’

I drew an improvisation for the mean time and brought it to the computer

for the dragonfly to see. The dragonfly raised her shoulders in

exhasperation with a 'how hopeless'. And gave an immediate rejection.

’’No, absolutely no good. That's too sharp! The eyes are too nasty! It's too

slim that it looks like it'll break!’’

’’I-is that so?’’

It was a masterpiece that I gave everything to, so I was a little hurt.

But well, it feels like it had taken quite a lot of elements from anime-

inspired robots, so the comments are very good.

’’Oh well, what I'm trying to say is: It's not cute at all!’’

However, the dragonfly ruthlessly slashed away from the convincing


This had effectively made me raise complaints.

’’Eeeh, but the armor doesn't need to be cute’’

[That's so wrong! Cuteness is important! That's because only cuteness is

justice! Aren't armors just a type of clothing? You have to cherish that kind

of humour or your calliber will decline!’’

’’...... even if you say it like that, I still won't feel that way’’

I give up.

By the way, I think I've heard some interesting things about the Warlord's


The helmet really isn't designed for someone to be able to walk around

with it.

Anyway, would a certain creative flare, meant for standing out, be

something that you'd want in a battlefield?

[Therefore, I suggest something that looks like this!]

She immediately sent a design for me to look at. At first, I wanted to

interrupt and defend myself.

[Hehe...... I know what you wanna say, but hear me out?]


[Alright? The good thing about this armor is ......]

I listened to the dragonfly's speech for a few minutes.

’’...... and that's why the feet will be short but it makes sense!’’

......I was completely brainwashed by the dragonfly.

Well I also managed to arrange it a bit.

The Dwarves were listening to me attentively as I speak so confidently in

front of them.

’’But are we really going to make this out of Orichalcum? Aren't you

underestimating that thing's hardness? Even we would take a lot of time

just to make a plate out of it......’’

Even so, it's reasonable to see some faces that doubts the feasibility of it.

’’No no, it would be indeed very difficult if we make it normally but I'll

handle the rough parts. My magic can transform anything, be it

orichalcum, into any shape’’


’’So then we're going base the shape on this design. You'll make the

gerenal figure, while we're going to refine it’’

’’I'll completely leave the finer details to you guys. I'll just do as I'm told,

feel free to correct me if I make a mistake!’’

After I presented that with confidence, the Dwarves began to consult

amongst themselves.

’’Hmm. Well we won't know until we try and that's why it's interesting,


’’Hold on, I think there's some who oppose that this should be the armor's


Various opinions were exchange, arguing and deliberating on the pros and


’’Anyway, we have to try or else we can't start...... why don't you show us

your magical skills and what you can do with it?’’

At the end, everything was up to what I can do with my magic.

But that won't be a problem.

’’My magic is a quite awesome, you see?’’

Of course, I was prepared for it.

In front of the Dwarves, I showed them how I could mold the Orichalcum

like it was sugar candy.

It made a stir among the audience.

The conversation flowed more easily after I demonstrated.

It quickly reached a concensus, and it rapidly translated to actions.

The Dwarves drew some blueprints and gave me detailed instructions.

When I mold orichalcum for each individual part, the Dwarves would make

a commotion.

As I knew later on, it should be because orichalcum is a material that isn't

just hard.

It has excellent magic resistance, so it should be difficult to change with


But I ignored that resistance and forcefully shape it like clay, leaving it to


It should come as a surprise to dwarves.

Originally, it takes days of hammering just to form the gerenal shape.

Because of that, even with small hands, I was able to process the

orichalcum in moments- like the chest plate. It saves a considerable

amount of time.

It was the Dwarves job after that.

They hammered the resulting orichalcum chunks, refine it, and added to

the armor.

Orichalcum is still a metal.

As pure metal is brittle, it could become stronger through forging.

It could be said that it's only possible because of dwarves.

Then the ridiculous design that we thought up took form with all the

gathered ideas. They are indeed hard-working and devoted craftsmen.

With that, I cast some magic on the product as a finishing touch.

I left the physical durability to the natural strength of the orichalcum, then

I added Repel Attribute Magic. I used some magic that would make the

interior of the armor comfortable.

It was designed while thinking of the Wyvern's tendency to release it's

breath of fire when it feels threatened.

I've also put in a little something called playfulness in it.

It took some improvements and experimentations to get the right magic

for the pair of eyes. I took some pride out of the cumulative improvements

that results in its considerable defensive capabilities.

With our sweat and tears, as well as plenty of our mischief, it was

completed after a week.

’’Alright! Come out now, it's showtime!’’

The dwarf (red) called out in a loud voice. I built a decorative docking area

during the whole process, and from there, an armored giant emerged.

It's body of silver was revealed under the sun, there wasn't a single

distorted area on it's surface. It was brilliantly polished.

The trunk is big, like a drum. The feet were very short.

On the other hand, the arms were unnaturally long while the head was

quite large.

It was round overall, but the mecha-like design was my hobby made

manifest by the dwarves.

There are several lines here and there, all over the body. However, the

joints themselves are distinctively hidden as much as possible.

The first thing that one will notice would be its unique shape.

There's a tail that shakes like a snake toy, and huge round ears.

On it's head, where the eyes should be, large yellow lenses were fitten in.

It occationally blinks with a 'boun' sound.

’’It's um...... cute’’

Naito-san said that helplessly, as she came to watch the show. In contrast,

everyone else were incredibly pleased as we finally finished that gallant


’’Brothers, it's finally done!’’

’’And it's all thanks to this dude! It was an interesting project!’’

’’Ah, you made something nice!’’

Kawazu-san also tearfully looked up at the completed armor.


’’It let out a cry!’’

Naito-san was incredibly surprised, as expected, but that's just the way it


It was great to wear it for the Giant that has a height of five meters when

he stands.

I'll just make it clear that the figure is a completely deformed tiger. (T/N:

'deform' was in English. It doesn't have a negative connotation but making

an animal or whatever look ’’cute’’ is generally termed as 'deformed')

From now on, it will fight Wyverns which resembled dragons so the design

has to be a tiger.

It's more of a costume than an armor, and it's made to look like a round

and cute tiger.

While we're at it, the stripes are programmed to appear when the owner

wears the armor.

This is a robotic tiger-model total defense armor......

’’Toramaru 01!’’ (T/N: Tora = tiger;maru = usually found in names)


It blinked its huge yellow eyes, and the cheers in the village heightened.

Just according to our rehearsals.

Let's send an ale from me to the giant.

Toramaru 01 raised both of its arms with some metalic sounds, making

some noise in honor of it's birth.

’’...... it 'meow'-ed right? Isn't this a cat?’’

Naito-san voiced her impression of it, but for now, it's unmistakable that

this is the best seat to watch the show.


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