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Ore To Kawazu-san No Isekai Hourouki - Chapter 36


Chapter 36

There would come a time for everyone to necessarily have a conflicted mind.

Doing so would determine its place in one's heart.

It is more so when its happening right in front of you.

Right in front of our eyes was the figure of a suffering girl.

’’I'm alright, but it's true that a school uniform isn't some armor, and the people here don't say anything about it so I just wore it normally. Is it bad afterall? Isn't it? But even so there's a good reason for it and its definitely not wrong, yea me, I'm still alright!......’’

’’Don't you think, with your own words, you've started something depressing?’’

Kawazu-san doesn't seem to get it, but I understand fully.

This is a road that one cannot diverge from.

’’Well, if you change that part, it also changes it's embarrassing point. It's fine to be naked in a bathroom but a lot of things could happen if you're on the streets, right?’’

’’It's too obvious, making it weird’’

’’Well, she's embarrassed since it's like she ran into a classmate during a cosplay event...... don't make me comment on that’’

’’What are you talking about this time?’’

It's seems like my precise analogy was properly conveyed to the Sailor Soldier, so she beat the desk while having a red face.

’’It's not cosplay!’’

’’O, she's recovered’’

’’Won't you listen first!’’

In the face of Sailor Soldier who was releasing a tremendous amount of fighting intent, I can't seem to answer anything other than affirmation.

’’Of course, go ahead’’

’’These clothes! I was summoned on my way to school!’’

’’I see’’

’’That's right! I somehow feel like my connection with my original world would disappear if I'm not always wearing it! But I can't fight like this so I wore an armor on top of it! Is that weird! It's weird right! If you say it's weird, I won't care!’’

For the last act, she even had tearful eyes - it was a desperate appeal.

If you go that far, well, I don't really think it's a big deal.

’’My...... yea, isn't it fine? If there's no problem then that's that. Uniforms are surprisingly functional, aren't they?’’

’’Th-that's right!’’

’’But it seems easy to see inside the skirt’’

Actually you can see perfectly.

’’That can make people reveal an opening!’’ (T/N: for an attack)

’’It's surprisingly within your calculations......’’

I would like to properly praise this resolute Sailor Soldier.

’’That point is quite something. To be honest, we were definitely full of openings earlier. It's so cool. Right Kawazu-san?’’


’’No, wait, don't shake me’’

’’Um, about me....... can you tell me how I looked like when I was unconcious?’’

While the girl adapted a fearfully hesitant atmosphere, I stuck my thumb out and explained.

’’Exposed! Nice cat panties!’’

’’!? Nooo!!’’


Clean and instantaneously, straight to the right.

Part of the barrier was destroyed. The injuries healed immediately though.

My nose was spledidly bleeding, and I observed that this might be the so-called gag-correction*. (T/N: example - head explodes but becomes intact the next second, basically someone getting damaged for the sake of the gag but there's no actual consequence)

But I digress.

’’...... I'm sorry. I got a little distraught’’

It was mixed with laughter, but it seems like inwardly, it was serious.

Sailor Soldier seems to recall the panty incident, and the absurdity of her own situation. Even her ears turned red.

’’That is! ...... I just felt relieved to be in a room full of objects from my original world. Everything is of my selfish circumstances......’’

She gradually deflated. Really such a nice child for not blaming others.

However, as long you can properly answer, there are things that I simply must do.

’’Aah, then let's go ahead to the main topic. There's something that should be confirmed’’


’’What's your purpose in coming here? If it's not a plausible reason then I have to ask you to leave. Even if we're fellows from the same town, that doesn't mean I'll hold your hand throughout’’


The moment that the words were out of my mouth, Sailor Soldier revealed a conflicted expression.

For a moment, she diverted her eyes in contemplation, but she immediately tightened her expression.

’’......I came here for the purpose of investigating. Recently, a chunk of a mountain disappeared, a gargantuan tree appeared - such strange occurencces keep on happening. It's suspected to be the work of a new demonic weapon. So then Vanaria sent orders for me to investigate. And once I encounter the demon, I'm to eliminate it.’’


I covered my eyes.

......the hearsay that came from her was incredible to listen to.

Because of the circulating rumours, it seems that I've cause some trouble for the demons.

’’A-, that's bad. But is it okay? Telling me those things?’’

Damn, I thought I have to download some magic for interrogation, but that's just too outrageous.

But to the me who thought of that (T/N: interogation magic), Sailor Soldier was resolutely nodding.

’’Although I think it's bad if it's ever found out ...... but I have something to ask of you’’

’’Which is?’’

I have a vague inkling, but I still asked.

Then, she said while looking reliant to me,

’’If you have a way to return to the original world! ....... I wish you would tell me!’’

’’A, I thought so’’

’’This room! You made it this way, right? Please, I don't have anyone I can depend on! Even now, i stole their eyes and desperately searched but I can't find anything......!’’

With a pained face, she desperately begged while clenching her teeth, in any case, it would be bad if she's found out.

At least, I can't say until she explains the reason why she obediently follows that Vanaria country.

The result of analyzing Sailor Soldier, her magical power is about 700.

If you check it with Kawazu-san, it seems to be a pretty high level.

I thought an otherworlder would be like me, but it doesn't seem to be that way.

However, 700 is still plenty enough to be called a powerful magician. Judging from her reaction after just waking up, she must have received considerable training.

For such a girl to not run away, there must be a reason that prevents her from escaping, so we stared at her.

’’Calm down a bit, didn't I say earlier? I just arrived here myself. If you've been here for a year, haven't you thought to betray your country much earlier and searched for a way to return?’’

We~ll, it seemed no-good so I raised the question. Sailor Soldier bit her lips in frustration.

’’I really wanted to, but I can't......’’


’’That's...... because of this bracelet’’

Looking at her white arm, there certainly was a weird black bracelet.

But this bracelet is giving me the creeps, for some reason.

Well this seem to be pretty simple.

It seems that she despises her summoner quite a bit.

’’I tried to escape back when I first came here, so this...... this bracelet will kill me if I break the contract. I'll get killed if I don't return to the Master after a week. Besides that, it can take my life as long as the Master wills it.’’

She smiled at herself self-depracatingly, there's nothing but regret.

Even I was quite irked by this.

’’Uwaa, so there's that kind of magic as well huh’’

’’Isn't this the same as being a slave! Absolutely unforgivable!’’

It's also impossible to hide the anger in her voice.

It is hateful.

It should be so, a hundrefold more, in Kawazu-san's case.

But well, just talking about it won't change the fact that it's hateful.

’’Can you show it to me?’’


I examined the bracelet.

The black bracelet, if I had to describe it, a devastating curse seem to cling to it.

This, it just oozes of the maker's character and his distasteful hobby.

’’Really, they did well in making an undesirable object......’’


But as soon as I touched the bracelet, I heard a strange sound and it suddenly brightened.

’’...... huh?’’

It was the same for Sailor Soldier, and the reason for the strangeness was on my hands.


Therein laid the broken bracelet.

However...... this is quite awkward.

It was explained as a source of extensive tragedy, but it broke after just a touch.

It was as fragile as a festival toy.

What exactly happened?

The fact that the responsible party doesn't have a full understanding makes it all the more awkward.

’’......sorry, it broke ?’’

I explained sheepishly, but the frosty atmosphere won't go back to normal.

I want a refund for my courage.

As the said 'responsible party' that was in a state of disorientation, I can't think of anything to say.

I flapped my mouth open and close, and somehow tried to think of something to say.

’’What is this about! It's supposedly industructible! I definitely wasn't able to break it!’’

’’No...... but I just held it for a bit’’

’’It's still not over yet! Pay attention, Tarou!’’

At that time, I heard Kawazu-san's sharp voice resound to my eardrums. Then I noticed.

I ended up fending off Sailor Soldier, who was looming over me.

Something black and slimy slithered from the bracelet to my arm.

’’Ugh! Disgusting!’’

I somewhat wanted to drop it but I held myself back.

So this is a curse, how straightforward.

It tried to jump from me to Sailor Soldier, but I barehandedly grabbed it immediately.

I thought there was something to it, but it was nothing special.

The captured curse showed some resistance, but its struggling on my bare hands eventually weakened that I snorted a laugh through my nose.

Compared to this, mosquitos could do a better job.

Gently, I let my magical power flow to the hand I was using to grasp, and the curse disintegrated with just that, to my disappointment.

’’Phew, that was something’’

’’Despite that, it was a deadly curse...... is it normal to just grab it?’’ (K)

’’Well I had no choice, so it can't be helped, right? Besides, wasn't it Kawazu-san who told me that cheap magic won't work on me?’’

It seems that the sitting Sailor Soldier had finally returned after the consecutive weird occurences.

’’Right now......’’

She started with a trembling voice, but oh, it broke.

Till next time.


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