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Ore Ga Isekai Dungeon Da! – Tensei Shitara Karada Ga Dungeon To Kashiteita - Chapter 6


─────────────────────────────────── OreDungeon ‐ Chapter 6

Translation by Solistia, Edited by Creed, and GeekyOtaku36

’’All right !’’

Selene was so ecstatic she was jumping up and down, her happiness expressed with her entire

body. Having made a contract with a spirit, thus now being able to use magic, I could

understand the excitement.

Up until now, she'd been a slave. Even in her wildest dreams, I bet she never thought she'd be

able to make a contract.

But, as I looked at her stat screen, I remembered my concerns. ──────────────────────────────────── Race: Elf

Job: Mage

Health: 45

Magic: 650

Intelligence: 500

Attack: 12

Defense: 14

Magic Defense: 680

Magic Attack: 700

Skills: Shoutarou Sagami's Blessings ────────────────────────────────────

Shoutarou Sagami's Blessing... Looking at it again, it still seemed pretty useless. Would

everything really turn out all right?

(Selene. The kind of magic you can use depends on the spirit, right?)

’’Yes! Ah, but you can't start off with overly powerful magic. Like, if you contracted with a Fire

Spirit, you would only be able to start a small campfire with the magic at first.’’

I see, so as one trained, they'd gradually be able to increase their abilities.

’’That's why I should be able to S­spirit­san, what kind of magic are you able

to use? I don't know what kind of magic I should be casting...’’

What kind indeed. A Dungeon Spirit... I suppose I should look at the details of the Blessing first. ────────────────────────────────────

Shoutarou Sagami's Blessing

Dungeon Warp: A target inside the dungeon can be warped to any specified point in the

dungeon. Required magic: 10. ──────────────────────────────────── Oooh?! It actually looked kinda useful! It was just limited to the dungeon, though. I kinda wanted

to see her use it. I spent some DP and placed down an herb for Selene.

(Selene. Let's try moving that herb. Create an image in your mind of moving it to your room.)

’’ Understood.’’

Selene placed the herb on the palm of her hand, and concentrated with a 'mmmmm'. As she

did, the herb disappeared, and reappeared in the back room.

’’Eh, wha, the herb. What just happened?’’

(This is the magic you can use now, Selene. The Dungeon Warp. As long as it's in the dungeon,

you can warp anything it seems.)

’’I­is that really true?! To think I could use a spatial movement magic...’’

Selene was acting pretty nervous. A Warp――in other words, instantaneous movement. It was

a cheat­like power within the confines of the dungeon.

Oh, if Selene had this power, then it'd be fine if I sealed off the passageway to her room. Thank

goodness. That solved the problem of what to do if raiders were to find Selene's room.

I went ahead and closed the 3 block passageway to Selene's room. It was nice that it still cost

the same 1DP to close it as to excavate it.

(Selene. Next, could you try warping yourself to your room? I've blocked off the passageway.)

’’Yes, understood.’’

Selene again closed her eyes and concentrated.

And then Selene disappeared――――leaving behind her robe and boots.

(Huh? S­Selene?)

’’I did it! it really...worked?! W­where are my clothes?!’’

I moved my view to Selene's room and saw her stark naked and in a tizzy. She successfully

warped...except for everything she was wearing.

(Selene! Go back to where you were before.)


Selene warped back, and quickly donned her clothes.

(I wonder why that happened?)

’’It's probably, because I'm not used to it yet. I've just got to practice more...’’

(Got it. Then try practicing some more.)

I couldn't have Selene continue to do that. She had no choice but to just give it her best.

’’Understood! I'll do my best!’’

Selene warped again. And again, clothes were left behind.

’’Hya?! A­again.’’

It was gonna be a long day.

Well then, since I gained so much DP, it was time to expand the dungeon. Getting to expand the

dungeon myself...I was suddenly itching for the chance.

The spoils of the last raiders, hatchet x3, brigandine x3, and the cursed collar...what should I do

with them?

The hatchets and brigandines were worth 100DP each. And the cursed collar was worth――a

whole whopping 1000DP. It was a horrible item, but it was worth a lot.

After converting them, altogether I had 2,478DP. First off, I should expand this room.

On the first floor, I cleared out 7 blocks from the far right to the far left in a straight line. Then to

add two rooms, I spent 20DP x2.

The result was 2 30­block rooms, each 5 x 6 blocks wide and long. Making rooms this way was

a better deal in DP.

30 blocks seemed to be the minimum size recognized as an additional room.

In order to test my theory, I tried to place the Lightning Magic Circle: Biologics in the room will

trigger Lightning Magic. in Selene's 3 x 3 block room, but it couldn't be set down. So, it couldn't

be placed in a room too small to count as a 'room'.

I also couldn't place traps in the passageways. So traps must also be placed inside rooms.

That was the limit for the always reliable traps. ...Okay, I've got more DP, time to get to work.

I hoped Selene could eventually help with this part. It had been an hour since I left her.

Speaking of that, I wondered if she got any better at warping?

I returned to the first room.


In there was a fairly worn out, scraped up, and teary­eyed Selene. In the short period of time

since I left her, what exactly happened?

(Selene! A­are you okay? What happened?)

’’Ugu..Ah. Spi­rit­san­’’

(C­calm down, Selene. Here, look, an herb.)

That was some pretty horrible sobbing. I placed down an herb for her.

(So, can you tell me what happened?)

’’That's, I...’’

What Selene was trying to say, was that in trying to keep her clothes with her, this last time she

warped was unstable. When she warped in, she was upside down.

(Well, about that. All you can do is give it your best.)

’’'s bitter...’’

Selene munched on the herb, stuffing it into her mouth. The bitterness and frustration became

her nourishment. Probably. ──────────────────────────────────── Dungeon Name: Shoutarou Sagami

Classification: Cave Type

Number of Rooms: 3

Number of Levels: 1

Number of Biologics: 1

Number of Non­biologics: 3

Number of Drops: 0

Number of Dungeon Skills: 0

Number of Titles: 0

Dungeon Rank: W-

Remaining DP: 2439


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