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Only I Shall Be Immortal - Chapter 9.1


Chapter 0009-1 - Disciple and Master Reuinion

Translated by: Ken

Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition

Stretching his hand outwards, Hai Long greedily stared at the other two floating treasures. Slightly smiling, Dao Ming flicked his right hand and willed the red-colored bagua to descend. As it landed in Hai Long's palm, Dao Ming suddenly flicked his finger and made an wound on Hai Long's palm that let out blood incessantly.

Hai Long was shocked at how his hand suddenly felt warm as the red bagua touched his wound. All of a sudden, a beam of red light soared skyward and Hai Long's body spasmed before the bagua melded into his palm.

Zhenren Dao Ming (真人 provisionary) said, ’’This item is called the Blood Bagua and will be your main offensive treasure from today onwards. It can only bind with you with the aid of your blood. Containing much power of the Dao, this treasure is normally used to slay demons and monsters. However, as it contains ravaging ki (凶戾之气) that carries some undesired implications, it is advised that you use it sparingly. It will only be useful for you until you reach the Enlightened Stage (了然境界). To prevent it from interfering with your training, you can use your internal energy (法力) to force it out of your body. Unlike the Bluestar Ring (星蓝环), it will emit more crimson light as you increase your internal energy input and deal more damage the brighter it is. If you use it to its maximum power, it should have enough power to break through something with the defense of the Bluestar Ring.’’

Waving his left arm and feeling the warm waves of power coming from the center of his palm, Hai Long said with a hint of satisfaction, ’’Master, this treasure you gave me seems pretty useful and convenient! Let me test it out.’’ As he said that, he willed his internal energy into his palm and the red-colored bagua lit up. The lines of the bagua diagram revolved violently as Hai Long said loudly, ’’Master, watch out.’’ In a flash, a red-colored spiral with a diameter of 5 cm shot out towards Zhenren Dao Ming.

Not expecting that Hai Long would actually use him as a guinea pig, the shocked Dao Ming didn't dare to be careless and took out a talisman-like object that let out a stream of golden light to block out that attack.

Having only reached the Crouching Tiger Stage (伏虎), the blood-red pillar instantly dissipated. Hai Long said discontentedly, ’’Meh, this wasn't that impressive after all.’’

Dao Ming roared in anger, ’’You damned rascal! How dare you attack me with the treasure I just gave you!?’’

Letting out a light laugh, Hai Long said, ’’Didn't I also have you test out the Bluestar Ring's armor before? I thought with my weak cultivation, I wouldn't be able to harm you in the slightest. Since you're still standing there fine, I guess the power of the Blood Bagua is not all that great after all.’’

Dao Ming gasped and said, ’’Not that great? That was because I used my ultimate defensive treasure, the Sky-supporting Talisman (承天牌) to protect myself! Had I been a little bit slower, you might have been able to get away with wounding me seriously! I'll hand this other one to you, but don't use me as a test subject anymore. Otherwise, I'll take back all the treasures I've given you.’’ As he said that, a white light flashed and the intricately crafted small white dragon landed in Hai Long's palm.

The little white dragon seemed to be made of jade and truly looked exquisite and even a little cute. Boasting five impressive claws and radiating an incessant flow of sacred light, the lifelike dragon seemed to have golden eyes which doesn't seem like it was made out of a gold-colored metal but rather a special type of crystalline ore. Hai Long could undoubtedly feel the vibrant life energy that flowed within the small white dragon that filled his whole body with comfort.

’’This treasure is called the Dragonformer (幻龙), it really is kind of a waste to give it to you. When you encounter a serious threat to your life, you can insert all your internal energy into the Dragonformer and it will transform into a full-sized dragon that will help hinder your enemies. However, given your level of cultivation, it can only last for a maximum of 10 minutes. Once you unleash the dragon, you should escape immediately. When its transformation expires, it will automatically find it way back to you. Additionally, it also has a special auxiliary effect: it can help neutralize common poisons. If for some reason you encounter some kind of miasma, as long as you hold that in your hand, your body will not be invaded by the toxins,’’ explained Zhenren Dao Ming.

Toying the little dragon around, Hai Long said, ’’This is going to be my favorite of the three! It's called the Dragonformer (pronounced Huan Long) while I'm called Hai Long (literally means sea dragon), Surely we're a match made in heaven! Thanks, master.’’

While Hai Long has been calling Dao Ming ’’master’’ in a casual tone without much respect, Zhenren Dao Ming could clearly feel Hai Long's sincerity when he thanked him just now. Humphing, he said, ’’Would a brat like you actually thank me? I bet you're just elated about this treasure's capabilities.’’

Keeping the Dragonformer away, Hai Long's smiling expression vanished as he asked in a light tone, ’’Master, I have a question for you. If that weird old senior didn't take much note on me, would you have given me these treasures?’’

Dao Ming's expression changed as he focused his gaze on Hai Long. With a darkened expression, he paused for a while and said, ’’Of course I wouldn't. Did you see me give those other uncle-masters (师傅) of yours treasures like these? I only helped augment their flying swords for a bit. Oh well, you can think of this however you want. After all, the treasures are already in your hands.’’

Having his question answered, Hai Long felt a pang of regret given that he had just ruined the pleasant relationship he had with his master by his own action. Letting out a sigh, Hai Long muttered, ’’No matter what aims you had when you gave me these treasures, I still have to thank you, master. I, Hai Long, swear that within a hundred years before the day we check on the result of our bet, I will show you the respect a disciple shows his master as long as we're in front of any other people.’’

Feeling his facial muscles twitch slightly, Zhenren Dao Ming said, ’’That will be sufficient. Oh, it's getting late. Ling Tong and the others should have awakened from their meditation training. I have told them that for this period of time, you were undergoing closed door instruction under my tutelage to hide the fact that you have been in the care of that enigmatic senior of yours. So, be careful and don't blurt the truth out.’’

Giving Zhenren Dao Ming a serious look, Hai Long respectfully nodded his head. Uncle-masters, we're finally going to meet again. ai Long really misses you guys, thought Hai Long to himself as he looked back at that old wooden house.

The sun slowly rose to the center of the sky and under the intense heat radiated by the sun, the fog that enveloped Cloudstroke Peak (摩云峰) dissipated slightly. Ling Tong regained all his senses as he awoke from his meditation. Ever since entering the Fetal Formation Stage (胎成境界) three years ago, his cultivation speed had slowed down dramatically. He was currently quite some time away from reaching the middle rank of the Fetal Formation Stage. Spreading his will outwards, he detected the presence of a person on Cloudstroke Peak that was different from his other apprentice brothers. Alerted, he got off his bed quickly and sped out of the room with his flying sword.

Ling Tong stopped in his tracks just when he exited his room and his hand that held his flying sword could be seen shivering slightly. His whole body emitted a slight greenish glow as his emotions started to waver. That was because the person who stood several feet in front of him was someone he had worried about for more than a thousand days and nights!

’’Hai Long.’’

’’Sixth Uncle-master.’’

Two silhouettes that let out differing intensities of green glows rushed towards each other. The two glows melded into a pristine emerald in the sky as several drops of crystal-like tears trailed behind each one of them. Three years later, the teacher-disciple pair finally reunited.

Looking at the master and disciple pair embracing so tightly, Zhenren Dao Ming suddenly felt a hint of jealousy. He knew that while he had given Hai Long three precious treasures, he would never measure up to Ling Tong in Hai Long's heart.

The rest of the Ling disciples have all awoken from their meditation and rushed over after feeling the changes on Cloudstroke Peak. Seeing Hai Long back and all grown up, the cultivators couldn't help but feel moved and tears welled up in their eyes. At this moment, not one of them noticed that their master, Zhenren Dao Ming, was just standing nearby by himself.

Hai Long subsequently eased out of his embrace with Ling Tong, looked at his teary face, and said in a choppy tone, ’’Sixth uncle-master, how I have missed you!’’ While to Hai Long, everything that happened three years ago felt like it just happened the day before, he understood that he had left their sides for more or less a thousand days.

The group of people gathered together and they said in unison, ’’We really missed you too!’’

Clearing his throat audibly by the side, Zhenren Dao Ming walked slowly to the group of people and said, ’’It's not like you guys wouldn't meet ever again, why are you so emotional? This will negatively affect your training.’’ When the group noticed Zhenren Dao Ming's presence, they hurriedly paid him their respects under the lead of Ling Yun.

Waving his fat hand, Dao Ming said, ’’I have returned this precious disciple to you guys, so stop pandering me for him anymore, you hear? Ling Tong, Tan Yu has already entered the Crouching Tiger Stage, so I'd like you to instruct him properly from now on. You can now pass on the core mantra of the Skyheart Technique (天心决) to him.’’

Ling Yu muttered, ’’So Hai Long was under master's personal tutelage all along... I thought that he had...’’ He stopped abruptly after seeing Dao Ming's fierce gaze and swallowed the rest of his words.

Zhenren Dao Ming said, ’’Please train hard. I will not enter seclusion training in the recent times so do come over to the Cloudstroke Caverns should you have any questions.’’ Finishing what he had to say, he got on his flying sword and flew in the direction of his cavern home.

The group let out a sigh of relief upon Zhenren Dao Ming's departure and launched a barrage of questions at Hai Long.

’’Little one, you haven't met us during all these years. Did you know how worried we were?’’


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