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Only I Shall Be Immortal - Chapter 8.2


Chapter 0008-2 - Three Immortal Treasures

Translated by: Ken

Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition

Putting on a fresh set of garments from the cabinet, that cloth robe that used to be so wide suddenly became more fitting, he sat on the bed and took in all the familiar feelings in the atmosphere, Hai Long seemed to have entered a trance.

’’Little brat, you're back.’’ As the door opened, an obese figure abruptly entered Hai Long's vision.

Hai Long was taken aback as he hoarsely said ’’Fatty, it's you?’’ the one that arrived was his grandmaster, Daoist Daoming.

Daoming's face colour suddenly changed as he winked and bitterly laughed, ’’I'm your Grandmaster, can't you be a bit more polite when talking to me?’’

Feeling that Daoist Daoming's attitude has changed, Hai Long gave off a blank look, ’’You, you also know how to laugh?’’

Daoming rubbed his fat face and smiled, ’’Why can't I laugh? Just now when I received notice from the old senior saying you were back, I immediately rushed here. How was it, sleeping for 3 years, it should have been comfortable?’’

Hai Long curled his lips and replied, What was comfortable, unknowingly I've slept for such a long time, I don't even know how I grew up.’’

Daoming softly sighed, ’’My temper was truly too overwhelming in the past. In these 3 years, I've reflected upon many things, the current Daoming is no longer the Daoming of the past. You don't have to be afraid of me anymore, I will properly pass down my skills to you.

Hai Long let out a mischievous laugh and said, ’’I don't recall ever being afraid of you, Fatty Daoming.’’

With a flash, Daoming had already appeared right in front of him, his fat right hand knocked Hai Long's head, bring about a painful sensation, ’’In the future, you have to address me as Grandmaster, if you call me fatty again, I will, I will....’’

Looking at the transformed Daoming, Hai Long suddenly became more relaxed as he smiled ’’You will what? Could it be you can't accept my words? You are truly fat to begin with’’.

Daoming replied, ’’Hmph, you little monkey, if you continue to be so audacious, I will let you bitterly cultivate here till you turn old, and disallow you to take a wife.’’

Hai Long was taken aback, he stood upright and replied, ’’What? We cultivators are actually allowed to take wives? This, how could this be? The 6 Junior masters told me before, we are born of this earth alone and should forsake all desires’’.

Daoming chuckled, ’’What is impossible? We are not like the Brahmaheart Sect monks that abandoned all things. As long as you are willing to find one, no one will stop you. In our Cloudlink Sect, apart from our 2nd generation Martial Ancestors, in the 3rd and 4th generations, there are disciples who found their other halves and got married, although it will have some effects on cultivation, it is not impossible.

Ling Feizi and Reverend Elysian's lovable countenance flashed past his eyes, Hai Long's heart was ignited as he hurriedly said some flattering words ’’Fat, ah! No, Grandmaster, wise and brilliant master, could you tell me about finding a wife in detail?’’

Daoming helplessly sighed, ’’I knew that an unruly troublemaker like you would display interest in this topic. Within us cultivators, as long as the guy and girl gets together, they can become a couple once they report to their masters. Becoming Dao companions will pose some sort of harm to the couple, hence a lot of these couples are all couples psychologically.

Hai Long curled his lips and said, ’’I don't believe that taking a wife will harm cultivation, aren't exchanges between a man and woman the most natural thing since ancient times? In the future, who knows I might actually be able to find a partner to attain immortality with.’’

Daoming snorted with disdain and said, ’’It's easy to imagine , although the old senior favours you, cultivation is a step-by-step process, you think it's like riding a flying sword? There's no such thing as gaining without putting in the effort. If you really have the capabilities to rise up and be a 3rd generation disciple like me within a short amount of time, I will listen to you from now on and call you master.’’

Hai Long was shocked and excitedly replied ’’You have to make your words count, let us make a bet. As long as I reach the realm of a 3rd generation disciple within 100 years, you have to pay respects to me as master, and do as I say henceforth.’’

Daoming touched Hai Long's forehead and said ’’You brat, are you dreaming? Ever since cultivators existed, I've never heard of any sect producing a genius disciple capable of reaching the Peak Ascension stage within 100 years. Alright, I'll gamble with you, but what happens if you lose?’’ Hai Long mulled over this for a while and said ’’If I lose, I'll call you my master’’

Daoming knocked Hai Long's head again and said, ’’Nonsense, I am already your Grandmaster, I don't need you to re-acknowledge that. How about this, if you lose, you have to admit your loss to me in front of everyone at the Cloudlink Sect mass gathering, and listen to me henceforth, you are also not allowed to disobey any of my orders.

Hai Long gave a slight smile and agreed casually, ’’Alright, I accept this gamble. He was secretly thinking in his heart, this fatty, could it be that he did not know what is breaking an agreement? So what if I lose? It's fine as long as I don't admit it’’

As though he could see through Hai Long's intentions, Daoming spoke seriously, ’’Brat, to us cultivators, agreements and promises have to be seen through, if not, great things will avoid you for the rest of your life. That crafty plot of yours, you'd better keep it off the table’’.

Hai Long stared blankly and said ’’Damn Fatty, you baited me.’’ He looked fiercely at the Grandmaster in front of him, Hai Long knew it was him who willingly took the bait, and regardless of the angle, it couldn't be blamed on Daoist Daoming, he indignantly said ’’I won't lose, you just sit tight and wait. Once I reach the Peak Ascension Realm in 100 years, the first thing I'll have you do is to lie flat on the floor and learn a few pig noises, then make you my disciple.’’

Daoist Daoming wasn't affected at all as he smiled ’’Sure! As long as you can do it, I will definitely keep my word. However there's a point I must clarify, it's not counted if you reach the Peak Ascension Realm in your dreams. Ha ha, Ha ha ha ha!’’

’’YOU ’’ Hai Long flared up, however he also knew that he didn't have a method to deal with the current fatty in front of him, whose cultivation surpassed his. He could only indignantly say ’’Fine, we'll see about this’’.

Daoist Daoming laughed ’’Tanyu ah! I've thought through one thing these few years, it is also a good way for me to ease anger in the heart. Since you're my grand-disciple, let me impart this knowledge to you’’.

Hai Long knitted his brows ’’What method?’’

Daoist Daoming purposely acted mysteriously ’’That is, to learn not to get angry, then anger others to death. Hehe, brat, you're still too tender to challenge me’’.

Hearing Daoming's words, Hai Long felt like blood was roiling in his chest, now he truly understood why Daoming would puke blood initially.

Daoming patted Hai Long's shoulders, as his expression turned solemn, he said ’’Alright, earlier, take it that I've took my revenge for you making me puke blood. From now on, there's no hatred between us. Both of us just need to do our part. I am the Grandmaster that you've acknowledged, and you are my disciple's successor. Although our Cloudlink Sect is generally quite leniant with disciples, you cannot cause too many troubles. The previous matter regarding Reverend Elysian, should not ever happen again.’’ Some lingering fear could be seen on his face as Daoming helplessly said ’’Truthfully speaking, I really admire your courage, you dared to be audacious towards someone as respected as Reverend Elysian, I'm truly unsure whether you are courageous or a fool.

Hearing Daoming's words, a sense of curiosity welled up in Hai Long, as he remembered the intoxicating feeling that Reverend Elysian's demeanour brought to him, he concentrated and said ’’I was speaking the truth, Reverend Elysian is indeed an exceptional beauty, she doesn't look one bit like an old hag that's aged over 2000.


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