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Only I Shall Be Immortal - Chapter 6.2


Chapter 0006-2- The Iron Bar Displays Its Might

Translated by: Ken

Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition

’’Well said. I truly favour this sort of kid who speaks from the heart.’’ Within the flowery voice, Hai Long's vision was filled with flowers as a young lady appeared by his side. Similarly, a levitating azure halo could be seen hovering behind her back. ’’Greetings Reverend Elysian.’’ all the disciples chimed.

Daoist Daoyun lowered his head and stood behind the young lady as he greeted ’’Master’’.

Reverend Elysian was exceedingly beautiful, as compared to her, Ling Feizi's beauty could only be compared to that of a firefly, her supple skin, exquisite features as well as her waterfall-like dark green hair were not her most attractive points. The most moving was her tranquil yet elegant demeanour that was simply out of this world. Even the Cloundlink Sect disciples, were unable to believe that this first-class beauty was actually seated as the third of Cloudlink Sect's Reverends.

’’The two of you cannot even match up to a child! Which area did this child err, what's the issue with speaking the truth? As I see it, you guys should properly reflect. A newbie cultivator like him is much more proper than us when we were starting out. I think in another thousand years, our Cloudlink Sect will have another formidable genius. Skyrock, if you don't want him, let him cultivate under us.’’

A hint of anger flashed past Skyrock's eyes, but he also knew that he could not afford to offend Reverend Elysian, he lightly said ’’Senior Sister, he can be said to be one of my descendants, how could I possibly not want him? Since you said he's not at fault, then let it be.’’

Reverend Elysian smilingly said ’’I knew you couldn't bear it. Kid, don't be afraid, if they dare to bully you in the future, I'll stand up for you.’’ As she spoke, she turned and looked Hai Long's way. Ever since Reverend Elysian's appearance, Hai Long has been looking dazed, Ling Feizi's shadow disappeared, in his eyes, there was only this first-rate Reverend. Looking at Reverend Elysian's exquisite and curvaceous body hidden beneath the robes, as well as inhaling her bodily fragrance, streams of blood unknowingly flowed out of his nostrils.

’’Ah! Child, could it be that they injured you? Let martial ancestor take take a look.’’ For reasons unknown, Reverend Elysian felt a sense of affection looking at Hai Long

Endless warmth wrapped around his body as Hai Long's body quivered, it was as though all 3600 of his pores were open, it was exceedingly comfortable. In the midst of Reverend Elysian's treatment, in just a short moment, he was already reinstated to his previous state.

Hai Long then spoke some words that made everyone laugh till their sides hurt as he looked at Reverend Elysian standing in front of him:

’’Sister, you're truly gorgeous, will you marry me when I grow up?’’

Reverend Elysian's body rocked, the azure halo behind her back rhythmically moved for no reason, all the disciples were shocked. The still kneeling Daoist Daoming spat out a mouth of fresh blood. Although he knew Hai Long was gutsy, he didn't expect him to verbally defile Reverend Elysian, an earth-shaking figure of the cultivation world.

Reverend Skyrock angrily rebuked ’’Daoming, the disciple you accepted...’’ The azure halo behind his back shone brightly as a towering beam of white light left the precious gem in his hands and headed straight for Hai Long's forehead. To be able to instigate such bloodlust in Reverend Skyrock, whose cultivation was extremely high, Hai Long should feel proud.

After hearing Hai Long's words, Reverend Elysian felt extremely perplexed. She entered the cultivation fray since the age of 7, in the past 2300 years, she's never left the Cloudlink Ranges, although her cultivation was high, and her status was highly revered, it was her first time hearing such philandering words. Hai Long's child-like words were so genuine that it gave rise to a mysterious feeling within her. As she stood by Hai Long's side, memories of the past replayed in her mind as she fell into a stupor. Reverend Skyrock's attack was so quick that Reverend Boundless could not intervene, together with the fact that Reverend Elysian was in a daze, everyone could only watch as Hai Long's life was about to disappear.

As he watched the white light shoot towards him, Hai Long could not even dodge as he mustered his feeble strength, it was as though the air around him locked him in tightly. Even his mental state felt feeble and powerless as he could only watch the stream of white light fly towards his forehead. Hai Long let out a meek cry as he resigned to his fate and shut his eyes.

’’Martial Ancestor, don't!’’ Ling Tongzi and the 3 other disciples cried out in shock, a year spent together with Hai Long has already imbued them with deep affection for the boy.

Daoist Skyrock suddenly reacted in shock as he thought to himself, he was someone with 2000 years of cultivation, how could he still produce such profound killing intent? Moreover, the other party was his own downline disciple. As his thoughts struck, just as he was about to retract his power that was just 1 metre away from Hai Long, a peculiarity occurred. A black glow swiftly floated out of Hai Long's body and actually struck towards Reverend Skyrock's power. In a split second, the black glow dispersed into tens of thousands of multicoloured streaks that bedazzled the crowd. A surge of pure power surfaced and gave everyone a domineering feeling as an aged voice sounded out ’’Do not harm him’’.

*Hooong~* All the disciples of the descendant generation were struck to the borders of the Heaventake Peak training ground by the aggressive power. The entire training ground swayed and quaked as though Heaventake Peak was about to crumble. If not for the fact that this place was the fulcrum of the Cloudlink Range's spiritual array, such strong impact would definitely bring about an unimaginable catastrophe. Although that was the case, the jade-like granite material that the ground was made of still sported numerous cracks. Reverend Skyrock retreated several tens of metres, a small crack actually appeared on the milky white precious gem of his. Reverend Boundless and Reverend Elysian also retreated tens of metres as well, at the centre of the commotion, there was only Hai Long who stood there expressionlessly. A Black Iron bar was hovering in front of him.

As Reverend Skyrock watched his magical item get damaged, he burst into a rage and shouted ’’Who is it that dares behave so atrociously in the Cloudlink Sect?’’ A spiralling power that seemed to engulf everyone emerged, he was about to flip out.

Reverend Elysian was first to act as she laid a slender jade hand onto Reverend Elysian's shoulders, ’’5th Brother, calm yourself, there isn't even a single person here, that was divine attachment, couldn't you tell?’’

Hearing Reverend Elysian's words, Reverend Skyrock gradually simmered down, his gaze fell upon the black iron bar in front of Hai Long, it's been a long while and seemingly everyone lost their ability to speak.

Reverend Boundless floated beside the two of them, he seem to be dumbfounded as he spoke ’’Just based on the divine attachment, he could exhibit power that withstood Reverend Skyrock's, could this be an evil magical item?’’

Reverend Elysian shook her head and said ’’Wrong. The power just now was undoubtedly pure, it even carried hints of Buddhist power, it definitely isn't an evil magical item. Child, how did you come upon this magical item?’’

The dazed Hai Long looked at the 3 Reverends in front of him, as well as the iron bar, he muttered, ’’Golden Fire Eyes’’. After saying these words, his body went limp as he collapsed onto the floor, the iron bar then floated back into his chest.

6 balls of light seemingly approached Heaventake peak from 6 different directions, they were as fast as lightning. One of them, came directly from the 7-coloured dazzling Heaventake Palace. As the lights vanished, four males and two females gently landed onto the central area of Heaventake Peak's training ground. One of the males sported a deep-blue coloured halo behind his back, he was Cloudlink Sect's Chief Patriarch, Reverend Heaventake. Reverend Heaventake looked truly divine, but anger was written all over his face. The moment he stepped on the training ground, a stern gaze fell upon Reverend Elysian and the other 2 Reverends as he coldly spoke, ’’Who was it that dared to go against Ancestral Decrees and made attacks here, could it be that you want to topple our Cloudlink Sect by invoking a heavenly calamity?

Including the other 5 Reverends that arrived, all 8 of them bowed synchronously, ’’Greetings Sect Chief’’

Cold lightning flashed within Reverend Heaventake, ’’Junior Sister Elysian, what happened?’’

Reverend Elysian lightly sighed as she retold the previous happenings in detail, after hearing what she has to say, Reverend Heaventake gave off a surprised look, he waved his sleeve and brought Hai Long to float in front of him. Both his hands formed endless gestures as his power attracted the iron bar out of Hai Long's chest. When the iron bar appeared, Reverend Heaventake's face colour changed, the halo on his back grew brighter as well. The iron bar was exceptionally heavy, even he had to expend a lot of power to control it. Such a small existence actually sported such weight, Reverend Heaventake couldn't help but feel shock in his heart. The most mysterious thing however, was that this didn't seem like a magical item, it did not contain any trace of spiritual power, apart from it's daunting weight, it was like any other ordinary iron bar.

’’Fellow Junior brothers and sisters, this iron bar's origin isn't simple, do any of you know the meaning of 'Golden Fire Eyes'?’’


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