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Only I Shall Be Immortal - Chapter 3.2


Chapter 0003-2 - xxx

Translated by: Ken

Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition

In all reality Hai Long was still a curious child, so he picked up a stone from the ground, and squinted his eyes to take aim. He threw the stone with all his strength. However, it was a pity his aim wasn't anything special, as with a 'pa' sound, the stone only managed to hit the branch the monkey was on. Although it did not hit the monkey, it managed to scare it, as the monkey jumped in fright, and then turned around, glaring furiously at Hai Long.

Hai Long made a monkey-face at it, as he chuckled: ’’Little fellow, you dare come to our place and steal our food, you deserve to be hit.’’

The monkey seemed to understand him, and chirped and chattered back, as though it was telling Hai Long, that this place was his. All of a sudden, the monkey swung its arm towards Hai Long. Before he could react, a half-eaten peach hit Hai Long squarely in the face, at the same time spilling juice all over him. When the little monkey saw the pathetic-looking Hai Long, it shook with laughter, wobbling back and forth on the branch it was on, obviously extremely happy.

’’Damn it, even you dare to laugh at this daddy, go to hell!’’ After which, Hai Long picked up a handful of stones, and flung them at the monkey. Again, his aim was poor, but as there were a handful of stones, a few of them managed to hit the monkey, causing it to shriek in pain. Witnessing his achievement, Hai Long stuck out his chest proudly.

The monkey was obviously ill-tempered, and it shrieked out a few calls, before leaping furiously onto a branch above, and plucked 2 peaches before throwing them at Hai Long. The aim of the monkey was truly astonishing, as while Hai Long was in the midst of celebrating, he was hit twice more, and he looked even more awkward than before. With his growing anger, Hai Long picked up another handful of stones and engaged in a shooting contest against the monkey. The monkey had an elevated position, and relied on its agile hands, hence it had an advantage. In just a few rounds of exchange, Hai Long was covered in fruit juice from head to toe, while the monkey had not been hit much.

Although Hai Long had a strong competitive streak, he knew he had lost today, and furthermore, his Master and Uncle-Masters were waiting for him at home. He could not stay any longer to play. After scaring the monkey off, he hurriedly packed a few more fruits and ran back to Cloudstroke Plains. Before he got close, he heard the sounds of people chatting, and there were even the voices of some girls, which sounded abnormally clear and charming.

With a surprised feeling, Hai Long hurried back towards the plains, only to see all 8 of his Master and Uncle-Masters gathered, and before them, there were 4 people, dressed similarly to Ling Tongzi. 3 of them appeared to be female, however, they were still far away, and as their backs were facing Hai Long, he could not tell for sure.

From afar, Ling Yuzi saw Hai Long's poor appearance, and could not help but chuckled: ’’Aiya, Tan Yu, did you go and pluck fruits or did you make fruit juice?’’ Following his exclamation, the 4 outsiders turned around.

Hai Long was instantly captivated. Captivated. Of the 4 of them, the man did not look particularly striking, he was just tall and thin, looking about 30 or so, and his features were extremely normal. However, the 3 ladies shook Hai Long's little heart. On the left, the girl seemed to be about 17 or 18, and her long straight hair reached her back, while her skin had the lustre of gems, as though water droplets could appear on them. Her eyes were extremely dazzling as she looked at Hai Long with curiosity, and the sword on her back gave her a fairy-like appearance.

The lady in the middle looked to be older, roughly 20 and above, and her brows had a hint of tenderness. Her looks did not pale in comparison with the first girl, instead, she had a gentler demeanor. The lady on the right was the most ordinary-looking, and looked to be the eldest. She seemed to be reaching 30, but her looks weren't below the other 2 ladies. However, there was a brave look about her. Hai Long had grown up in the mountain village, and since he had never seen such beauties before, he was gaping at them in shock, his saliva dripping out. Fortunately, he was covered in fruit juice, and no one seemed to notice that he was drooling.

Ling Tongzi noticed that Long Hai was staring while captivated and could not help but frown, as he bade Hai Long over: ’’Tan Yu, come over here. Meet your Elders.’’ Hai Long shook out of his stupor, and hurried over.

The youngest girl on the left covered her mouth as she laughed: ’’You must be the recent 5th generation disciple that our Sect has received?’’

Hai Long nodded his head profusely: ’’Fairy sister, you're too beautiful!!’’

Ling Tongzi was shocked and reprimanded: ’’Tan Yu, don't spout nonsense, quick greet your Uncle-Masters.’’ He pointed to the man and said: ’’This is your Uncle-Master Ling Mu.’’ He then pointed to the 3 ladies, and introduced them from left to right: ’’These are your Uncle-Masters Ling Fei, Ling Ya and Ling Ying’’

Ling Feizi laughed out: ’’There's finally a disciple that's of a junior generation, Little Spittoon, just now when I heard your given Daoist Title, I almost could not believe it, but it turned out to be true!’’

Hai Long was jolted nastily, as he looked to Ling Yuzi in anger, saying: ’’I'm not some Little Spittoon, my Daoist Title is Tan Yu. Uncle-Master Ling Feizi, you sure are pretty! You must be 50 years old right.’’ At first, he had a favourable impression of her, but the moment she called him Little Spittoon, he could not help but retort.

Ling Feizi became dumb with shock, before muttering: ’’I, I'm not 50 years old!! I'm only 37 this year!! Ah!! You, you little rascal, you dare to mock me.’’ Ling Feizi had entered Cloudlink Sect 20 years ago, and was the youngest of the current 4th generation disciples. She had decent talent and had cultivated to the late Soaring Cloud Stage.

Ling Tongzi knocked Hai Long's head and said: ’’Don't be rude to your Uncle-Master. How did you become like this? Quickly, go and wash up.’’

Hai Long made a monkey face at Ling Feizi, then ran behind the houses to wash up. As he cleaned himself of the filth, he pricked his ears to listen in on the conversation between the elders.

By the time he had completely washed himself and changed into a clean set of clothes, he had roughly understood what was going on. The 4 Uncle-Masters outside were the 4th generation disciples belonging to Reverend Elysian's Elysian Peak, and were under the tutelage of the eldest disciple Daoist Daoyun. They had come to Cloudstroke Peak to ask Hai Long's Great Ancestor-Master Daoist Daoming for some Ninglu gel to refine some pills back at their place.

Ling Yunzi brought out a white jade bottle. ’’Fellow junior disciples, there are 3 drops of the Ninglu gel, please use them sparingly.’’ The 3 drops of Ninglu gel took a hundred years to form, and were considered a top-rate ingredient in pill-refining. Initially, he was not willing to lend it, but since they were fellow disciples, and he didn't want to make a big scene, he could only take it out.

Ling Muzi received the jade bottle, and smiled gently: ’’Many thanks, Senior Brother.’’ As he said that, he waved his right hand, and with a flash of green light, a small box made of wood appeared in his hands, ’’Senior Brother Lingyun, this is a 5th Grade Purple Lingzhi, it can help those nearing death, and boost health, please accept it. At least, it won't be too much of a problem if Uncle-Master Daoming asks.’’

Ling Yunzi sighed and replied: ’’We're from the same sect anyway, helping each other is natural. How can I accept this? Junior Brother, please keep it. At most, if my Master asks in the future, I hope Uncle-Master Daoyun can help put in a few good words for us.’’

’’Why not accept it! It's not like it's for free.’’ Hai Long leapt out from Ling Tongzi's side and grabbed the wooden box over from Ling Muzi's hands.

Ling Muzi was surprised, while Ling Yunzi was shocked, and reprimanded hastily: ’’Tan Yu, return the item!’’

Hai Long hugged the wooden box tightly: ’’No way, this was exchanged! Why can't we keep it, 4th Uncle-Master? Unless... unless it's fake?!’’

Ling Muzi's face drained of colour and frowned: ’’Nephew, you can't spout nonsense! This 5th Grade Purple Lingzhi had been growing on Elysian Peak for the past 200 years. Senior Brother Lingyun, we'll make a move first.’’ After that, he bid Ling Feizi and the rest as they leapt onto their swords and shot to the skies.


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