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Only I Shall Be Immortal - Chapter 15.3


Chapter 0015-3 - Battle of Immortal Artifacts

Translated by: Ken

Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition

With a flash, Reverend Waterstop and Watercharm landed on the floor,and Waterstop once again spoke. ’’Patriarch Watercharm's cultivation is deep, no wonder she's one of the Pentashine Immortals, Waterstop respects, if there's a chance in the future, I'll definitely exchange more pointers with you.’’

Watercharm's icy expression seemed to have thawed a little as she sighed ’’To be termed as ignorant is not completely wrong, I apologise to Reverend Waterstop for my previous arrogance. Hopefully my Pentashine Immortal Grotto can be eternal friends with your esteemed sect.’’ Patriarch Waterstop's formidable power already earned her utmost respect.

Reverend Elysian smiled ’’No friends without a fight they say. You both don't have to be too ceremonious, this outcome is for the best. Henceforth our two esteemed sects have to do our best in vanquishing demons. Patriarch Woodpine, what say you?’’

Even if others couldn't tell, Woodpine who was familiar with Watercharm could. Actually it was Watercharm's loss just now. With an embarrassed expression, he looked towards Reverend Elysian and said ’’Dao Friend, you are correct.’’

Reverend Waterstop suddenly sighed ’’Where did this brat Hai Long run to. He did not listen to my orders and spoke out of turn, I must punish him. This is needed to give Patriarchs Waterstop and Woodpine a justification.’’

Reverend Elysian smiled and said ’’He's long gone. His cultivation was too weak, hence he wouldn't be able to perform any deeds of merit for the Demon vanquishing expedition. While you were exchanging pointers earlier, I'd instructed him to return to Cloudlink Mountain.’’

Watercharm said ’’Reverend Waterstop you don't have to berate your sect's disciple, the words he said earlier weren't without truth.’’

Waterstop sighed and replied ’’Patriarch you don't know, this brat Hai Long is too mischievous. Regardless of the occasion, he even won't tone down a little! If this continues on, it will affect my Cloudlink Sect drastically. Senior Sister! You pamper him too much. Even if he's not here now, I won't let him off when we return to the sect. If I don't put him through some hardships, he will never learn from his mistakes.’’

Lianshu smiled and said ’’Actually this child's character is just more straightforward, he isn't totally at fault. Reverend Waterstop, if your sect doesn't like such a disciple, why not let him join my buddhist Lotus Sect to be a disciple?’’

Cloudwake faintly chuckled and said ’’Junior Sister, it seems like you've also discovered this child's affinity with Buddhism. I've already suggested the same thing before, but Reverend Elysian can't bear to! This child has great aptitude, if he doesn't stray down the wrong path, he will definitely become a prodigy of our righteous powers. If there's a chance in the future, even without any effort from you or I, he will come join us of his own accord.’’

Reverend Waterstop shook her head ’’I'm afraid I cannot fulfill the requests of you two Patriarchs. My Senior Sister dotes on this child, the other seniors also treat him with a lot of importance, they definitely won't agree.’’

Daoist Youngcrane laughed out ’’My fellow Dao friends, you guys are really interesting, first it was internal strife, now it's snatching of disciples, from what I see, let us return to the Brahmaheart Sect Sacred Ground to continue our discussion regarding the Demon vanquishing expedition.

Patriarch Cloudwake said ’’This old monk here has delayed all of you, fellow Dao Friends, please.’’

Reverend Elysian looked deeply at the direction which Hai Long left for, and thought to herself ’’Whether this period of exponential cultivation benefits you, it depends on yourself. You have to return to Cloudlink Mountain safely! Hai Long's departure left her with a profound sense of loss, she's already starting to regret letting Hai Long go by himself.

Hai Long slipped away when Reverend Waterstop was activating the Prayer Wheel, when everyone's concentration was focused on the intense battle, even though their cultivation was high, no one noticed him slipping away. With a feeling of excitement in his heart, Hai Long followed a small path through the forest below the mountain ridge, pushing his power to the limits, he flew away as fast as he could.

’’Reverend Waterstop you old witch, it's not that easy to settle your grandpa here. Just you wait, wait till my cultivation exceeds yours, I'll definitely make you kneel at my feet and beg for forgiveness. Damn it, those people's cultivation levels are perverse, I can't even hold my ground against a simple look from them. Seems like I have to hurry back and properly cultivate. Without strong power backing me up, I'll always be bullied. Ai, if only that eccentric senior was willing to impart some of his techniques to me, even Fairy Sister addressed him as the senior generation, his cultivation must definitely be profoundly deep.’’ As he mumbled to himself, Hai Long already left a distance of over 10 li behind.

In the process of transportation, Hai Long startledly realised, even though his cultivation level did not increase, his power was not as easily exhausted as before! His spirit altar was now like a storage house, once the power was almost used up, the altar would send over a wave of warm replenishment. After speeding along for a few hours, he actually didn't even feel a hint of tiredness.

Half a day later, Hai Long already travelled over 200 li away from the Brahmaheart Sect Sacred Ground. Although his power didn't feel like it was going to run out, after long hours of flying, he was still mentally exhausted.

Sounds of rushing water resounded from somewhere nearby. Hai Long was startled, he thought to himself, since there is water, there must definitely be fishes. Being in the mountains for the past few days, all he ate everyday were fruits, berries and plants. His taste buds were feeling plain to the extreme. Presented in front of him was a chance to get back to a proper diet. His body responded to the signals from his brain as he quickly traversed the small hill in front of him, a river of about five metres wide appeared in front of Hai Long. The river water was so clear that you could see the bottom, the flashing sounds of river current crashing against the rocks made a sort of natural noise that was pleasing to the ears.

Sitting his butt on the floor, Hai Long stretched out his slightly tired legs and breathed in a mouth of fresh air as he said to himself ’’This seems like an amazing place, there are trees and water, even fresh air. Since it's still early, I'll rest here for a bit.’’

A weak qi flow streamed out of Hai Long's body as it enriched his body in tandem with his breathing. His mental exhaustion gradually seeped away after some time.

’’Waa, being a cultivator is awesome, I can recover back to my original state even without sleeping. No wonder all my masters coop themselves up to cultivate all day long.’’ While playing with the Qiankun Ring in his hand, he thought back to Reverend Elysian's refined demeanour. Hai Long couldn't help but feel stirrings in his heart. ’’Fairy Sister seems to be genuinely good to me, she even gifted such a precious item to me, and let me go in fear the witch Waterstop would punish me, I definitely have to treat her well next time. A pity that raising cultivation levels is so difficult, If I possess the same level of cultivation as her, I will definitely ask her to be my wife, anyway she won't get old, so with such a beautiful wife, I'll make Little Beansprout green with envy. How should I use this Qiankun Ring? Let me try.’’ Closing his eyes, he slowly imbued his power into the ring. His whole body shuddered as he realised that he could feel a vast empty space, and a strange sensation appeared where he willed his power to go. Opening his eyes, he only saw the lusterless ring flash a green of light, Hai Long scratched his head. He still didn't understand how to operate the Qiankun Ring.

A sound suddenly broke the silence behind him, due to his long playing hours with Little Smarty, Hai Long's reaction was lightning quick, with a sudden sideways movement, he grabbed towards the flying object. The cause of the previous sound was actually just a fallen leaf. A weird occurrence took place, when the leaf touched the green light shining out of the Qiankun Ring, with a flash, the leaf was gone.

Hai Long stared dumbly, and suddenly understood how to use the ring, seems like, as long as he wished to deposit an item, he just need to expose it to the green light from the Ring, then it would be sucked in. With this new discovery, he tried storing various objects like stones and wood into the ring, it's effect was satisfying, with repeated successes, it increased Hai Long's confidence.

Halfway through, Hai Long stopped, he suddenly thought of a problem. He looked at the ring and laughed bitterly ’’Depositing is simple, but how about withdrawing? If Fairy Sister knew I stored a huge pile of rubbish, I'm afraid she'll get mad. Come out, come out, everything out!’’

As if heeding his words, the Qiankun ring shone with bright light and everything that he stored previously came spilling out, it actually was lined up neatly in front of him. Seems like withdrawing items was willed simply by a thought....

Displaying the power of the Qiankun ring, Hai Long couldn't help but feel excited ’’Darling, what a treasure you are, in the future I won't have to bring a luggage bag around with me wherever I go, Fairy Sister, you're really too good to me.' 'Growrlll!' ’’Oh, my stomach is hungry.’’ ’’Let me first fix something to eat’’ Since leaving Cloudlink Sect till now, the events had been so crazy, that he hadn't eaten anything whatsoever at all!


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