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Only I Shall Be Immortal - Chapter 15.2


Chapter 0015-2 - Battle of Immortal Artifacts

Translated by: Ken

Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition

Reverend Elysian suddenly felt a little sad that Hai Long was leaving, after interacting with him for some time, she was already used to this mischievous little brat being by her side. Gently nodding

her head, she said ’’Alright, you have to depend on yourself after leaving this place, once Junior Sister Waterstop uses her Spiritual Artifact, you leave immediately. After her battle, I won't let her go after you. This is for you, it will be of some use.’’ After speaking, she passed Hai Long a lustreless deep blue coloured ring.

Hai Long curiously asked ’’Martial Ancestor, what is this?’’

Reverend Elysian replied ’’This is a Qiankun Ring, it has storage. As long as your power is sufficient, you can store any spirit artifact within. When using it, you just have to direct some power into it.’’

With Hai Long's wit, he naturally knew the value of this item, he happily replied ’’This is good stuff, I will definitely bring gifts for Junior master and the rest.’’

Reverend Elysian smiled ’’Keep it well. Although this is a low-grade artifact, it is still considered a treasure to humans.’’

In the air, Reverend Waterstop and Patriarch Watercharm's battle was finally about to start. Two swords filled with magical power clashed like thunder. The sky erupted with huge waves of azure light, while Reverend Waterstop remained motionless. Whereas Watercharm retreated over ten metres, the glow from her flying sword grew dimmer, as if suffering some damage. Due to their intense clash, the clouds in the sky parted and formed a spiral, as the two clashed, the clouds dispersed into nothingness! From this it could be seen how strong the power of these two were.

Reverend Waterstop faintly said ’’Patriarch Watercharm, if you don't want any further embarassment, it would be better if you stop.’’

Watercharm's breathing was ragged. Although there was only a slight difference in the level of their cultivations, it was still a difference, and was enough to affect victory and defeat. Watercharm spitefully spoke: ’’Good, good, Cloudlink Sect's concealment ability truly is stong... Waterstop, I'm afraid it isn't that easy to win over me!’’

’’Water ring rotate, Heaven floods the sky.’’ A blue light gushed up from her hands, as large droplet of water floated by Watercharm's side, and circles of blue halos continuously erupted. Although it's power didn't seem strong, the pure profound power it emanated gave one a weird sensation, as though this huge water droplet was a bottomless fountain. Watercharm coldly said ’’Reverend Waterstop, if you can win over the power of my Water Sect's true treasure - Water Source, I'll admit defeat.’’

Reverend Waterstop's expression grew heavy, although she has never seen this magical artifact Water Source before, from the power that it emanated, she could be sure that it was a low-grade Immortal Artifact, it's power definitely cannot be casually overlooked. She then spoke in a low voice. ’’Alright, since you, Patriarch Watercharm, took out your special skill, Waterstop here also shouldn't be stingy.

’’Immortal, Buddhist, Deity, Demon, Undead! Everything follows heaven, the huge prayer wheel of heaven and earth, heeds my call!’’ Golden lights shot out as a circular dish-like artifact was taken out by Reverend Waterstop, this was the Immortal Artifact - Prayer Wheel.

The Prayer Wheel floated in front of Reverend Elysian, under Watercharm's surprised gaze, Reverend Waterstop formed complicated gestures one after another, the eye-piercing golden light continued shining even brighter, even the Jingang Incantation Barrier formed by Patriarch Cloudwake shuddered under it's overwhelming power.

Cloudwake kneaded a few buddhist gestures, making the Jingang barrier shift ten metres lower, and unendingly imbued his power into it, he sighed ’’This is power from an Immortal Grade Artifact! My Dao friends, please be careful.’’

Watercharm's situation was already like that of an arrow nocked on a bowstring, facing such daunting power from the Prayer Wheel, she kept Water Source close by her side and continuously channeled power into it. Circular blue lights rippled and formed layers of barriers in front of her, shielding her from the enormous pressure coming from the Prayer Wheel, power from the two Immortal Artifacts ceaselessly roiled and grew fiercer.

Under the Prayer Wheel's power, Reverend Waterstop in the sky was like a fairy, her appearance showed that she kept on increasing her power. In fact is was because of her delicate flower-like hands continuously imbuing power into the Prayer Wheel. The Immortal Artifact Prayer Wheel has already followed her for 500 years, and it was one of the strongest Immortal Artifacts in the Cloudlink Sect. In the beginning, it was because Waterstop was the weakest disciple within the second generation, that's why Reverend Heaventake gifted this artifact to her, after cultivating for 500 years, Reverend Waterstop already mastered the basic usage of this artifact, although the Prayer Wheel could not display its full power because of cultivation restrictions, once displayed, its power was still earth-shaking and supernatural.

The Prayer Wheel was a mid-grade Immortal Artifact belonging to the Cloudlink Sect, and was the bane of Demonic Powers. As long as it could be activated, all demonic qi will completely dissipate, and the power of prayer will lock the demonic generations within the wheel, never to let them rise up again. The power of the Prayer Wheel is at its pinnacle when used against Demons, and is the bane of Demonic Creatures, if anyone belonging to the Demon category sees this artifact, they would definitely run away in shock. Borrowing the Prayer Wheel's power, Reverend Waterstop previously accidently wounded Ancestor Blackwake, who launched a sudden sneak attack, that attack was ordinary, without any power imbued into the artifact. At this moment, under the activation of Reverend Waterstop's full power, the Prayer Wheel gradually displayed it's true demeanour. It's dish-like body grew endlessly larger, under the golden glow, it's true form was hard to be determined by the naked eyes, baritone bell sounds resounded from it which struck deep into the heart.

Water Source was one of the five Immortal Artifacts of the Pentashine Immortal Grotto, and released water attribute powers. However, due to the fact that it's grade was slightly inferior to the Prayer Wheel, also adding onto the fact that Watercharm's cultivation was slightly weaker than Reverend Waterstop's, it was suppressed to the point that it could only stray five metres from Watercharm's body. Blue light continuously rushed out of Water Source to counter the power from the Prayer Wheel.

Under the strong pressure, Watercharm could not allow the Prayer Wheel's power to grow any stronger, in her helplessness, she attacked first. Her left hand grabbed her right arm as she raised her right arm and pointed out, all the blue streams of light crazily gathered at her right palm, ’’Water which flows forth from the North is the source of all Waters!’’ As she waved her right palm, a huge blue coloured river was born and accompanied by sounds of crashing waves, the surging water from the river was like a melted avalanche which mercilessly crashed down, and blustered towards the Prayer Wheel.

Reverend Elysian wrinkled her brows slightly. She clearly knew that this was not real river water, and was actually a large amount of magical power. Even under the concealment of the Jingang Incantation, she could still feel the surging power of the heavenly river as her heart couldn't help but give birth to some worry.

Woodpine was feeling equally restless, as he saw Reverend Waterstop call forth the Prayer Wheel, the colour on his face had already paled. Never did he expect that this miniscule Daoist Waterstop from the Cloudlink Sect could possess power of the Reverend-class, and even owned an Immortal Artifact. In this situation, Watercharm might not do so well.

As the heavenly river torrented down, Reverend Waterstop's facial color looked as calm and peaceful as a dried up well. She continued forming magical gestures with her hand, and transferred power into the Prayer Wheel hovering in front of her as it suppressed the power from the heavenly river. Pillars of gold coloured light brightened up the sky, the heavenly river's fierce gushing failed to push Reverend Waterstop back by even half a step!.

’’Fear Exorcising, Evils! Expect dissolution of diseases! The Great Smelting of spirits! Prayer Wheel revolve as the universe revolves!’’ These four sentences resounded like morning bells in the hearts of the crowd. The Prayer Wheel started to slowly revolve under the rushing waves of the heavenly river, the golden coloured lights twinkled with every movement of the wheel. As it's speed gradually increased, and with a little bit of user skill, it transformed into a golden vortex! The heavenly river was no longer repelled, but sucked into the vortex instead, while the golden-coloured vortex was like a black hole, no matter how strong or how much power the waves contained, it was all sucked in without leaving a single drop.

Reverend Elysian's face finally let out a slight smile, Reverend Waterstop's method of handling the situation left her very satisfied.

Reverend Waterstop controlled the Prayer Wheel on one hand, and scrutinised Watercharm in front of her with the other half of her concentration. Since the river did not serve any purpose, and used up a lot of magical power, the lights glowing around Watercharm turned dimmer.

Watercharm distinctly felt that the golden coloured vortex in front of her was like a huge mountain suffocating her, no matter how she urged her power, she could not break through the boundary! Gritting her teeth, she was just about to hurl the main body of Water Source into the heavenly river for one final offensive attempt, when she heard Reverend Waterstop's voice.

’’Patriarch Watercharm, we both belong to the righteous sects, there's no need for us to have a life-death battle. This is the Brahmaheart Sect Sacred Ground, if we truly display the power of the Immortal Artifacts, I'm afraid it will affect the entire bearing of the Sacred Ground. How about this, let's call this off as a draw, let's take the words before as a show, after going back, I will properly discipline my sect's disciple.

Reverend Waterstop's words gave sufficient face to Watercharm. Watercharm had cultivated for about 2,000 years, she clearly understood the situation she was in. Even if she overused the power limit of Water Source, she clearly could not win against the unexpectedly powerful Waterstop. How could she not accept such good negotiation terms?

Lightly sighing, she said ’’Reverend Waterstop, Watercharm has offended you previously, so thank you for showing mercy.’’ ’’Let's withdraw our powers at the same time.’’ Both the blue and gold powers disappeared at the same time, as both Watercharm and Waterstop retreated over a hundred meters. Water Source and Prayer Wheel both reverted back to the state in which they were summoned, and just as swiftly, they made a few gestures and the artifacts disappeared. The previous state of hostility even disappeared. The only things left in the air were the crestfallen Watercharm and the expressionless Reverend Waterstop.

Cloudwake let out a faint smile, as he waved both his hands. ’’Buddha says stop. The elder is enlightened. The Monk. The Nun. The Uncle. The Aunt. None on earth are evil. Buddha once said. Accept happiness. Accept the teachings. My two Da friends here have amiably settled their disagreement, it is indeed a blessing for our righteous powers.’’ The yellow light from the Jingang Incantation dissipated, and everything went back to normal.


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