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Only I Shall Be Immortal - Chapter 12.1


Chapter 0012-1 - Lightning Infinity

Translated by: Ken

Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition

Reverend Elysian, with her sword still pointed skyward, calmly said, ’’It took you so long to recognize the Heavenly Lightning of the divine Night? Three-eyed demon, I won't show you any mercy for the evils you've committed!’’

The three-eyed demon kneeled on his dark evil cloud and begged bitterly, ’’Oh great one, please let me live. I'm willing to hand you all my treasures!’’

Reverend Elysian was unfazed and continued, ’’Eradicating evils is equivalent to doing good! Die. The thunder shakes the heavens and the earth as the divine night shows its might. Appear!’’ She pointed her sword to the ground and a crimson bolt of electricity shot out with a bang. Struggling to defend against the attack, the three-eyed demon waved the banner in its hands desperately, but it was to no avail as the immense power of the lightning bolt totally disintegrated the evil banner and melted the dark cloud he was standing on. A dark ray shot out from the location of the three-eyed demon and tried to escape. Elysian merely let out a cold voice, ’’You think your primal soul can escape? What a joke. One more time!’’ Another bolt of lightning shot out and a mysterious suction force caused the dark orb of light to be totally swallowed up by the crimson lightning bolt, leaving no trace behind. Reverend Elysian coldly humphed and said, ’’Heavenly Lightning of the divine Night, return to whence you came now that the evil has been vanquished.’’ The longsword in her hand danced in the skies as the crimson light flew upwards, returning the scenery around them to normal as if no battle had transpired there at all.

Reverend Waterstop laughed out loud. ’’Apprentice sister, your Heavenly Lightning of the divine Night seems like it's getting stronger and stronger! I think even first apprentice brother won't have an easy time with that!’’

Lightly waving the longsword in her hand, Elysian said, ’’Had it not been for this divine Sky Sword that is almost at the stage of an immortal weapon, I wouldn't be able to utilize that technique this easily anyway. Huh, apprentice sister, what's going on with Hai Long?’’

Waterstop replied, ’’I don't know either. Just now when that demon brought that banner out, he was affected by the evil screams. I had wanted to offer him a hand just now but he sat down on the cloud on his own accord and managed to calm his mind down and wasn't interrupted by the noise any further! This brat really has quite a lot of weird qualities. That must be why Senior Six Ears helps him out so much.’’

Reverend Elysian's expression suddenly changed. ’’There's another cultivator approaching us. He must have discovered the heavenly lightning that I used. Let's go. We can't let them know our true power.’’ The two of them instantly willed the azurish cloud to increase its speed to the maximum and left the vicinity instantly.

Not long after, two silhouettes approached the spot where the battle had occurred. One of them was a male while the other was female. Both of them were dressed in elegant clothing and they stepped on flying swords which radiated colorful lights. The man looked handsome and bright, had a straight nose, and looked to be around his thirties with an air of majesty. The woman stood by the man's side had silky smooth skin, a face that seemed very gentle and wore a long purple robe which accentuated her stunning figure.

’’It definitely happened here! Where are they?’’ asked the middle-aged man with much curiosity.

The woman smiled and said, ’’Big brother, are you sure you saw that correctly? Maybe what you actually saw was a normal pink cloud instead of heavenly lightning!’’

The middle-aged man shook his head and continued, ’’Sister Phoenix, I can assure you that the red-colored light just now was definitely heavenly lightning, and it's the strongest one out there, the Heavenly Lightning of the divine Night! That fellow cultivator must have wiped out a demon around here and is surely a very strong figure. I fear that even our sect leader won't be able to match that person! WIth such high cultivation, I'm sure only the sect leaders of the Pentashine Immortals can rival that person in power.’’

The two of them were of the Fullmoon School and the Heavenask School. They both had about 500 years worth of cultivation and were undoubtedly experts. The man's name was called Coldheart (冷心) while the woman was called Snowphoenix (雪凤). They had been dao companions for countless years and were among the ranks of the strong in the cultivation world. Just now, they were just passing through the area until Coldheart witnessed the red lightning bolt from afar, heard the thundering roars in the sky and rushed over with his wife. While he was usually quite prideful, he still treated those who were stronger than him with utmost respect.

Snowphoenix said laughingly, ’’Is the Heavenly Lightning of the divine Night really as strong as you say it is? Are you sure that person can take both of us head on? Apart from several sect leaders, there aren't any among the six sects who can take us on you know. Come on, the seven sect gathering is coming and my master has summoned me to attend it. I really don't know what the sect leader of the Brahmaheart Sect is thinking, to go so far as to invite the backwater Cloudlink Sect to attend as well... What can those people who stay cooped up in their mountains do against the vile demons?’’

Coldheart said, ’’That's right! However, Bodhisattva Cloudwake is the most powerful figure among the six sects and I believe he has a good reason for doing so. Sister Phoenix, don't look down on the Heavenly Lightning of the divine Night, that is one of the strongest techniques a daoist cultivator can use and has immeasurable power. Some one thousand years ago, the five sect leaders of the Pentashine Immortals combined their powers and used that very technique to slaughter almost half of the demonic cultivators' experts! Even the leader of the Demonic Alliance (连魔宗) could barely hold up against the power of the heavenly lightning. It's a shame that we arrived a little late. Otherwise,we could've greeted those five seniors and asked for their guidance.’’

Snowphoenix laughed lightly. ’’Although the divine Continent currently has dangerous hidden undercurrents and the slumbering demonic and devilish sects have been showing some movements, as long as the righteous sects form an alliance, there's no way that they can do anything to us. Just the combined power of my Fullmoon School with your Heavenask School would be enough to eradicate three of these demonic sects. Let's go, we're going to be late. My master will definitely reprimand me.’’ Two flashes of pink and yellow could be seen as the two of them disappeared into the distant horizons.

Hai Long took a deep breath and felt that the waves of flows within his body had vanished gradually. Within a short amount of time, his internal energy had fully recovered. The impressive display of power by Reverend Elysian caused Hai Long to have renewed respect for his senior with unparalleled beauty.

Having expended quite an amount of power when she used the Heavenly Lightning of the divine Night, Elysian let her apprentice sister handle the controlling of the flying cloud. Seeing Hai Long wake up from his trance, Elysian smiled. ’’Hai Long, you really surprised me this time around. You could actually withstand the evil voices of the banner with your own power! Your mental strength is definitely something to be praised.’’

Hai Long laughed bitterly and said, ’’The sound almost made my body explode. Had I been the target of the attack, I would've been wiped out in an instant.’’

Elysian softly said ’’You don't have to sound so humble. After all, you've only trained for four years while that demon had a thousand years of cultivation. You can absolutely feel proud at the fact that you've resisted the evil cries of that demonic banner yourself. Know that the Greater Yin Banner of Ten Thousand evils is an extremely evil treasure. While that demon hasn't cultivated to the pinnacle of his potential, that treasure he used definitely boosted him with immense ability. Do you know how that weapon was formed? The ten thousand evils part of its name means that to make that banner, at least ten thousand human souls were harvested. If he had been able to infuse it with the primal soul of cultivators, it would be even more disastrous and powerful! That's why I had no choice but to put the fire out when it's still small and shatter that demon's soul with the Heavenly Lightning of the divine Night. I haven't killed anyone for more than a thousand years... It really is a shame to break that streak!’’

Waterstop commented as she controlled the cloud, ’’Apprentice sister, you're worrying too much about killing that demon. That three-eyed demon should be glad that you had used the Heavenly Thunder of the divine Night to end its existence! It really is an ability that can rival the first stage of the heavenly tribulation!’’

Reverend Elysian merely sighed. ’’I didn't want to use such a powerful move on him either. It's just that the escaping abilities of that banner were too strong. I could not risk letting that demon run away and cause even more trouble elsewhere. I didn't expect us to encounter any trouble on our way to the Brahmaheart Sect. It seems that trouble really is coming to the divine Continent.’’

Hai Long said, ’’Matriarch, what kind of technique is the Heavenly Lightning of the divine Night? How long does one have to train to be able to execute a move like that?’’

Reverend Elysian replied, ’’The Heavenly Lightning of the divine Night is one of the strongest techniques available to a cultivator of the dao and has immensely high requirements on the user. Even those of the Grand Dao Realm will only be able to unleash a portion of its power. Given that I have the aid of the divine Sky Sword, I was able to use half of its power. The Heavenly Lightning of the divine Night is also called the Lightning tribulation with lightning as the yang component while thunder fulfills the yin component. The fusion of the yin and yang components form the thunderbolt. The thunderbolt relies on the power of the sun while its might relies on the power of the moon. The divine part of it draws its powers from the Nine Emperor Stars (the stars of the big dipper with another two assistant stars, also called the Nine Emperors of the Dipper) and functions as a pivot. Whether it is controlling the spiritual energy of the heavens and the earth, wreaking calamity or disaster, or enforcing the celestial ordinances, the thunderbolt is undoubtedly involved. The ones with the power to call the thunderbolt basically decree the laws of the heavens. Those who have that ability can call the thunders and lightnings, summon storms on days of clear weather, strike down vile demons, absolve lost souls;it truly is one of the most powerful techniques in the cultivation world. Upon reaching the Fetal Forming Stage and forming one's golden pellet (金丹), one can train in the ways of the thunderbolt (雷法), which can be said to be one of the strongest paths that one can take. The one who commands the thunderbolt is the pivot of fate and has the authority to control all things thunder and lightning in the three worlds and nine realms. When you reach that point in your cultivation, I'll pass on the way of the thunderbolt to you. And, as long as you put in a little bit of effort, you can definitely stand your own ground in the world of cultivators. The Heavenly Lightning of the divine Night that I used just now is the strongest technique in the vast arsenal of the way of the thunderbolt and in the hands of an immortal, its immense power is truly unimaginable. However, that is just my conjecture as I've never actually seen an immortal use it.’’


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