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Only I Shall Be Immortal - Chapter 11.3


Chapter 0011-3 - Heavenly Lightning of the divine Night

Translated by: Ken

Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition

Reverend Waterstop said, ’’Apprentice sister, why are you giving him the Azure Heart Pellet? That spiritual medicine can even make an idiot smart. Why don't you give it to me instead? Look, he's behaving himself now. That will save us from more trouble later.’’

Reverend Elysian kept the pill with a hint of annoyance and sighed, ’’Apprentice sister, he is but a child... You didn't have to do that... Forget it. Continue explaining the matters of the sects to him. I'll speed up the Azure Spirit Cloud so that we can arrive there sooner.’’

Waterstop nodded and waved her right hand towards Hai Long. A warm stream of energy entered his body and made him feel rejuvenated. Standing up beside Reverend Waterstop, Hai Long didn't dare to utter a word. Satisfied, Waterstop said, ’’That's how you should've been behaving in the first place. As long as you maintain that kind of respectful behavior, you'll definitely benefit from following us around. I personally don't have any good opinions about the Fullmoon School and the Heavenask School as they are no different from the arrogant Pentashine Immortals. The Pentashine Immortals have five sect leaders who are in the Infallible Realm of cultivation. As each of them is really powerful, they stand at the top among the rest of the sects. Among the other sects, the buddhist sects are on friendlier terms with us, especially the Brahmaheart Sect. Bodhisattva Cloudwake often comes to the Cloudlink Mountains as a guest and can be said as one of the few people in the middle lands who know the extent of our capabilities. That's all you need to know for now. I'll tell you more in the future when the time comes.’’

Hai Long respectfully said, ’’Yes, matriarch.’’

Reverend Elysian called out to them, ’’Apprentice sister, it's better if you two to take a rest for now. I'm fine by myself controlling the Azure Spirit Cloud.’’ Hai Long looked at Reverend Elysian with a complicated expression and nodded. Just as he was about to sit down, he saw a large black miasma not too far away. Reverend Elysian noticed it as well and she activated the azurish halo behind her back as she quickly stopped the speeding cloud. ’’Which demon dares to bar my way!?’’

’’Kekeke... What a pretty young lady. I never thought that in the five hundred years of my absence, a person like you actually appeared in the cultivator world. If you surrender, I'll allow you to become my concubine. Otherwise, I'll devour your primal soul and let you be unable to even reincarnate.’’ The miasma coagulated into a physical body and a three-eyed man appeared in mid-air, standing on a dark cloud. Cold and painful screams could be heard coming from within the cloud, sending chills down the spines of the three. That man was over 2 meters tall and wore a long black robe. WIth his well built physique, yellow hair and green eyes, his domineering aura did not pale in comparison to that of the Reverends. The most eye-catching feature was the additional eye on his forehead which was purple in color unlike the other two that radiated a demonic light.

Ignoring the man's demands, Reverend Elysian merely stood on the end of the azure cloud and didn't waver at all under the pressure of the enemy. With a slight breeze, her long, lustrous black hair starting floating gently. ’’I didn't think that I would encounter a three-eyed demon the moment I left the mountains. You look like you've trained for more than a thousand years. If you leave now, I'll spare your life. Or else, don't blame me for destroying your thousand years of cultivation.’’ She sounded calm and collected as if she were singing, as she pushed the pressure back on the demonic man, causing him great shock and surprise.

Hai Long opened his eyes wide and looked at the nonhuman entity. He felt nervous and wanted to activate the Bluestar Ring he wore on his neck. Waterstop merely put her hand on Hai Long's shoulder and said mentally, ’’This thousand year old demon isn't any threat to senior apprentice sister. Just watch. This vile thing was originally a man who managed to gain a third demonic eye to form his three-eyed demonic body. He has rather good cultivation, but he isn't able to stop us from resisting. If you meet someone of this caliber in the future, you better run away immediately because not only has that creature trained for more than 1000 years, it seems that he has reached the level of the Greater Dao. ’’Weird, doesn't this creature understand that he cannot defeat senior apprentice sister?’’

The three-eyed demon let out a fierce light and laughed loudly, ’’My little daoist lady, don't think that you'll be able to stop me just because you have a thousand years of cultivation. I trained bitterly for five hundred years so that I can massacre righteous cultivators like you. Since you don't know your place, I'll let you witness my abilities first hand.’’ Clapping both of his hands together, the black cloud beneath his feet revolved and a dark gust started blowing as the sky itself darkened. A solid pillar of black gas gathered and rushed towards Elysian's direction. The malicious gas seemed like it had enveloped the whole area around the azure cloud they were standing on.

Reverend Elysian clasped her hands together in front of her chest and chanted, ’’The heaven and the earth are boundless and all powers return to their origin. Break.’’ The azure halo behind Elysian shot out and blocked the path in front of the cloud as Elysian switched from one hand sign to another. The halo increased in size until it was about 3 meters in diameter and dissipated the black pillar of malign gas coming towards them. Elysian let out a smile as she said, ’’Even the smoothest rice grain can shine brightly under the light. Do you think you can fight me with your cultivation?’’

Seeing the demonic light dissipate, the three-eyed man looked at the angelic woman with a heart full of shock. He thought that a young woman like her couldn't have trained for more than a thousand years. He himself had created a few demonic treasures that had amazing penetrative attacks that were hard to block. That attack he unleashed just now had contained his full force but it was deflected so easily. Renewing his impressions on Reverend Elysian, he didn't dare to be careless and shouted, ’’O' great and mighty lord of darkness, the quarter of the day is your domain, especially when you grace your might towards the great evils that wreak destruction in your name! Damned woman, watch out! Greater Yin Banner of Ten thousand Evils!’’

A large black demon banner was flung out, unleashing countless deathly cries into the darkening sky as if it were a large mouth of death that rushed towards the ones at the azure cloud, wanting to swallow them whole. The azure cloud's force field struggled to hold up and seemed that it would crumble at any moment.

Hai Long was terrified by the cold, deathly screams that felt like it was going to pull his soul out of his body as his body temperature fluctuated wildly. The nauseating scene in front of him made his whole body feel like it was about to explode and caused rivers of sweat to flow down his body. The noise itself was causing him enough agony. It was at that moment when a clear energy flow emerged from Hai Long's spirit core and filled his body, sealing all his senses and causing the pain to vanish. Hai Long sat cross-legged on the azure cloud and subconsciously willed the flow of energy to circulate around his body. To his astonishment, he could still witness the scene before him even though all his senses were blocked off.

Reverend Elysian's facial expression changed when she saw that evil banner. She bellowed, ’’Vile demon, you actually created such a deathly demonic treasure. I will definitely not spare you. divine Sky Sword, materialize.’’ A green light flashed and a seemingly normal top-ranked longsword appeared in the palm of Elysian, giving of a pure, sacred glow. With its tip pointed skyward towards the constellation of the big dipper, she solemnly chanted, ’’The heavenly dipper's head contains the power of thunder and lightning and enhances the power of the remaining six. With the power of thee, may fortune be in my palms. Let the demonic form perish under thy illumination and let not one speck of that which is vile be allowed to exist! As she chanted, one blue sigil after another appeared and fused into the azure cloud. The incoming evil force was completely blocked off and unable to even cause any damage. When Reverend Elysian finished the chant, the blue sigils glowed even brighter as the divine Sky Sword turned into a blue ray. Reverend Elysian shouted at the top of her lungs, ’’Perish from your tribulation, vile demon!’’ The blue ray shot through the sky with the aid of the sigils and vanquished all the evil presence that hung in the air.

The three-eyed demon's most precious arsenal, the newly-created Greater Yin Banner of Ten thousand Evils, allowed him to fight cultivators of half a realm of strength and above his own. It was a shame that the enemy he encountered was far stronger than him. As the boundless blue lights pierced past the evil banner, he already understood that the situation had gone bad and prepared to keep his banner away and escape. Just as he had that notion, he could feel a large threatening righteous energy rushing towards him and fully enveloping his body. In a fit of fear, three-eyed withdrew all his evil energy and concentrated it into his banner in an attempt to defend against the attack.

Hai Long could clearly see a six meter wide black flag with a dark fog mixed with the whites of bones circulating around it being held in the hands of the demon.

Just when three-eyed was withdrawing his evil energy and preparing to attack Reverend Elysian, an explosion rang out in the skies and caused that man's face to turn white. Looking towards the area the sound rang out from, he only managed to see a bright red light filled with righteous aura span hundreds of li, enveloping him within. At the end of his wits, he wailed, ’’No... It can't be! This... this it the Heavenly Lightning of the divine Night!’’ The arm which held that banner shivered uncontrollably with his arrogant expression nowhere to be seen and his face deathly white without a hint of blood.


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