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Only I Shall Be Immortal - Chapter 11.1


Chapter 0011-1 - Heavenly Lightning of the divine Night

Translated by: Ryogawa

Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition

Hai Long felt his chest tighten as he hurriedly said, ’’No, you won't. I believe that you will definitely pass your tribulation.’’

Reverend Elysian merely shook her head and said, ’’How can it be that easy? I only fear that even my senior apprentice brother, the sect leader, will be unable to succeed!’’ As she said that, her face revealed a melancholic expression as her aura turned slightly dark.

Thrusting his chest forward and standing straight up, Hai Long said, ’’Sister goddess, please don't worry. When you face your tribulation in the future, I will definitely help you break through your obstacles and reach the realm of immortality.’’

Seeing Hai Long's resolute expression, Reverend Elysian couldn't help but let out a laugh and shook her head lightly.

Being a little reckless in saying that, Hai Long understood that he couldn't do much to help anyway after hearing her soft laughter. Feeling a little awkward, he said, ’’Sister goddess, I'll definitely train even harder. Who knows what level I'll be at two thousand years later? Wait, am I being too full of myself here?’’

Seeing Hai Long, who is about her height but still had the face of a young child, Elysian's smile turned even warmer. ’’No, I won't blame you for being full of yourself. I'm already happy that you feel that way. Right now we have already exited the western area of the divine Continent and are already at the outer borders of the middle lands. While the density of the spiritual energy in this area isn't as high as that of the Cloundlink Mountains', it is still relatively good.’’

To Hai Long, every single action of Reverend Elysian was filled with boundless grace that moved him every time as if she were a true goddess. Currently, he has already been accepted as something like a little brother to her. Respectfully standing beside her, Hai Long solemnly swore in his heart that no matter what happens, when Reverend Elysian would undergo her tribulation, he would definitely help her out, even at the cost of his life.

It was at this moment when Reverend Waterstop said something, ’’Apprentice sister, are you alright? Why did I feel an unstable fluctuation from your Azure Spirit Cloud?’’ In a flash, another azurish cloud approached them and fused together with the cloud they were standing on and became a cloud platform made from internal energy with an area of about 20 square meters.

Seeing Reverend Waterstop's concerned expression, Elysian only smiled and said, ’’I'm fine. I just thought about something just now and felt a little down.’’

Waterstop made a surprised remark. ’’Apprentice sister, your mental state has always been very firm and stable. What caused you to feel that way? It isn't because of that kid, right?’’

Hai Long retorted. ’’Of course it wasn't me! I haven't even moved an inch from here!’’

Waterstop coldly replied, ’’We've already been quite generous to let you follow us out of the mountains this time. If you dare to cause some trouble, don't blame me for not holding back. Even if Senior Six Ears was backing you, I wouldn't let you get away with it if you infuriate me.’’

Hai Long was surprised at Reverend Waterstop's cold expression. He asked, ’’Senior Six Ears? Are you talking about that weird old senior? Does he really have six ears?’’

Elysian looked at her junior apprentice sister and said, ’’Ninth sister, don't say unnecessary things. Since that senior didn't reveal his identity to Hai Long, then it's better to keep it to ourselves. When the time comes, that senior will naturally tell Hai Long who he is. The daoist title Dao Ming gave this child is easily confused with spittoon, so when we get to the Brahmaheart Sect, call him Hai Long like I do so that we won't become the laughing stock for others.’’

Hai Long thankfully looked at Reverend Elysian and said, ’’Why didn't that weird senior tell me who he is? If he doesn't let me, I wouldn't reveal it to a soul!’’

Elysian smiled and replied, ’’Fate often plays a hand in matters like these. Maybe it just isn't the right time yet.’’

Waterstop sent a mental message to Elysian with her internal energy. ’’Apprentice sister, ever since we left Cloudstroke Peak, I've already been wanting to ask you something. This kid normal no matter how I look at him. Why are you so kind to him? Even if he's a disciple from the same sect, there's no need to go to such lengths to look out for him.’’

Elysian replied through mental messaging, ’’Didn't I already say so? It is due to the fate we have. While Hai Long is indeed quite common, for some reason, I felt a familiar connection with him when we first met and it has been like this ever since. I remember what my master used to say. 'If one wishes to ascend to immortality, one might need the help of an important figure. Only with that person's help would one be able to successfully complete the journey.' When I talked about the tribulation with Hai Long just now, I suddenly felt that he, a mere cultivator at the Crouching Tiger Realm, might be the important figure that my master mentioned. While I can't be sure about that, the possibility is certainly there.’’

Waterstop was slightly startled as she replied the mental message cynically, ’’Apprentice sister, you know what? I've heard the same words from the master. Now that you might have an idea that he might be your important figure, I have almost no clue about mine! Who knew that person that could help you would be him... Even though it might be a different person, you should definitely pay attention to him. Maybe two thousand years later he might really become the person who will come to you in your time of need. Relax, I'll treat him better from now on. When we go back, we'll inform the sect leader about this and try our best to get him to go to your peak.’’

Nodding, Elysian replied telepathically, ’’Apprentice sister, you're wrong about one thing. If he really is my fated helper, he will help me no matter the circumstances. Us cultivators prioritize letting things unfold naturally without being forced. Given your cultivation, can't you faintly see some kind of kingly aura from his face, especially between his eyebrows? Maybe if he receives proper training in the Cloudlink Sect, even though he is but a snake in the lake, after the storm clears, he would rise up as a dragon. His future achievements are really not to be underestimated! As seniors, we should offer him all the help we can from the sidelines.’’

Hai Long looked at Elysian and turned to Waterstop and wondered why they were just standing there without saying anything. He could only see their lips twitch slightly occasionally. Scratching his head, he thought, these high-leveled cultivators really are weird. What are they doing when they move their eyes like that?

Reverend Elysian finally made a sound. She turned to Hai Long and said, ’’It wouldn't be suitable to train at the speed we're moving. Since there's still quite a way until we reach the place, let us tell you more about the rest of the sects so that you will have some understanding.’’

Hai Long cried out, ’’That's great! I love listening to stories!’’

Reverend Elysian smiled and said, ’’Apprentice sister, I'll let you do the talking. I have to control the flying cloud.’’

Waterstop gave Hai Long a meaningful look before continuing, ’’Other than our Cloudlink Sect, there are six other great sects in the divine Continent. They are respectively the Brahmaheart Sect, the Lotus Sect, the Heavenask School, the Fullmoon School, the Thousand Wisdom Valley and the Pentashine Immortals. These sects belong to the righteous faction and the ones that train in the buddhist path are the Brahmaheart Sect, and the Lotus Sect while the other sects train in the way of the Dao just like us. Among the sects, the top ranked one in power is the Pentashine Immortals followed by the Brahmaheart Sect, Thousand Wisdom Valley, Heavenask School, Fullmoon School, the Lotus Sect. The Lotus Sect is considered the weakest because they have far fewer people in their sect, approximately 30 to my knowledge. Unlike the Brahmaheart Sect, the practitioners in the Lotus Sect are all women. The Lotus Sect is located at the Sacred Lotus Realm while the Brahmaheart is situated at the Brahmaheart Zen Realm and those two places are considered to be the most sacred places for buddhist practitioners. The Fullmoon School and Heavenask School, on the other hand, are pretty normal when it comes to the forces they have. But when they work together, their strength exceeds that of the Pentashine Immortals. There's a saying in the cultivation realm that goes, 'The Fullmoon Crimson Sword of the Red dust and the Heavenask Goldwind-slaying Lance' which describes the weapons these two sects are proficient at using. The two sects are based at the Bixi Realm (僻奚境 not sure how to tl this) and the weird thing is the two techniques passed down within these two sects complement each other perfectly. A disciple of the Heavenask School and another of the Fullmoon School both at the Enlightened Realm of power can exhibit the strength of the Perforation Realm!’’


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