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Only I Shall Be Immortal - Chapter 10.2


Chapter 0010-2 - First Time Leaving The Mountains

Translated by: Ken

Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition

Waterstop looked at Elysian with a weird expression and said, ’’Apprentice sister, could you have already fallen for him?’’

Elysian replied with a slight blush, ’’Don't say things wantonly. I've already been cultivating for more than 2000 years, how would I be moved so easily? I only feel that the kid is rather interesting and having him under the tutelage of Reverend Skyrock seems like a waste. I really hope to have him training at my peak.’’

Waterstop said, ’’I didn't feel anything special coming from that brat that time at the Heaventake Peak... I really don't know why Senior Six Ears found him so fascinating. Since you're interested, it wouldn't hurt to go take a look for a while.’’

Seeing the two bundles of blue and green clouds enlarge before his eyes, Hai Long grew even more excited and waved even harder.

Seeing the two Reverends descending slowly, Zhenren Dao Ming was truly shocked and thought, don't tell me that they're coming down to discipline Hai Long from that incident before? He quickly gave his disciples a glance before respectfully saying, ’’We pay our respects to the two great Reverends.’’

Reverend Elysian and Reverend Waterstop landed on the ground and waved their hands lightly. The rest of the people there could feel a slight breeze blow by and unconsciously straightened their bodies. Reverend Elysian looked like a common maiden standing there given that the halo at her back stopped shining. The slender robes really accentuated the curves on her body and entranced all present, including even Zhenren Dao Ming. They quickly averted their gazes in fear of offending her, with the exception of Hai Long. Seeing the beautiful maiden come over with Reverend Elysian, Hai Long rushed forward excitedly and said, ’’Goddess big sisters, you've come!’’

Reverend Waterstop's expression darkened as she shouted, ’’Insolent child, you dare to not salute us in our presence?’’

With a smile, Reverend Ethreal said, ’’Ninth sister, forget about it. This kid has never been much of a polite one anyway. Hmmm, let me see... You've really grown a whole lot all this time! It's only been three years and you're already at the Crouching Tiger Realm... I see that Dao Ming has been good at instructing you all these years.’’

Given that Zhenren Dao Ming didn't get along with Reverend Elysian's younger brother, Zhenren Dao Yun, and Reverend Elysian has always been rather protective of her brother, Zhenren Dao Ming had felt a slight fear that she would find some reason to take it out on him. Having listened to what Reverend Elysian had said, he quickly replied, ’’Do know that the credit doesn't lie entirely with me but with Tan Yu's own effort as well. Is there any instruction that the two Reverends want this one to carry out?’’

Reverend Elysian gave out a light laugh and said, ’’Don't you already have your hands full with Heaventake's errands? Waterstop and I are only here to take a look since we're passing through. Tan Yu, I'm not just any elder sister. Given my age, if we were to measure it with the time of mortals, I am senior than you for at least a hundred generations. So, just call me matriarch in the future. If anyone dares to make trouble for you, just go to my Elysian Peak to find me and I'll settle it for you.’’ Finishing what she had to say, she even gave Dao Ming a glare.

Seeing such a beautiful, sincere maiden before his eyes, Hai Long felt the blood rush to his head as he said, ’’Matriarch, you really look too young, as if you were the same age as me! That's why I called you elder sister. You really look like a beautiful goddess! Can you take me along with you as well? I really want to experience the outside world and go on some adventures.’’

Slightly shocked at that request, Elysian said, ’’We're going out on official business this time, not fun. Additionally, you're only at the Crouching Tiger Realm, so it's better for you to remain here and train more first.’’

Seeing Reverend Elysian's roundabout way of refusing him, Hai Long's determination peaked as he felt that he had a chance. He quickly said, ’’Matriarchs, even if you were going out on business, you would need a person to help you deal with the insignificant errands, right? I'm a real hard worker and I'll be willing to do anything! If you take me along, I'll be like your personal servant and make sure to carry out what you tell me to perfectly! Please, just let me come along with you. The journey to cultivation is not a short one either, so it's fine for me to take some time off. I definitely wouldn't cause you any trouble.’’

Seeing Hai Long so anxious about following them, Reverend Elysian's heart softened as she looked towards Reverend Waterstop and said, ’’Apprentice sister, what do you think?’’

Surprised, Reverend Waterstop thought, senior apprentice sister has never gotten this close with anyone on the mountains before, what's up with her today? She's even so patient towards a fifth generation disciple... Even though she was suspicious of Elysian's behavior, she wouldn't question her in front of so many other junior disciples. ’’Alright, I'll follow whatever you say.’’

Reverend Elysian turned to Hai Long and said, ’’I've already experienced how much of a rascal you can be. If you forget your standing like you did at the Heaventake Peak, I won't go easy on you. While you may be a disciple under Skyrock, he wouldn't say anything if I do anything to you. Remember, I'm really strict.’’

Ignoring the expression on Zhenren Dao Ming, Hai Long said, ’’Matriarch, please be rest assured. No matter what you order me to do, I'll make sure it's done perfectly. I'm willing to come along with you.’’ Master, I'm sorry. The outside world simply is too alluring! While I promised you not to talk crap just now, I really couldn't resist!

Seeing Elysian being serious about bringing Hai Long around, Waterstop furrowed her brows and said, ’’Apprentice sister, our schedule this time will be a little tight. With a burden like him coming along, our traveling speed will definitely be held back.’’

Elysian said, ’’Don't worry. Even if I'm bringing him along, my flying speed will still be faster than yours. And, it won't be too proper for the two of us to go out without any helpers, right? It's decided. Dao Ming, you won't miss your disciple too much, right?’’

Not daring to reveal his true thoughts, Dao Ming could only say reluctantly, ’’I'll go along with whatever the Reverend has planned.’’

Smiling, Reverend Elysian said, ’’Alright, I'll take him along with me then. We'll be back within two or three years at most. With me and Waterstop guiding him, I believe that his cultivation will rise even faster.’’

Ling Yu looked at Hai Long enviously and said softly, ’’Little one, you really have lucked out this time. Wait for a bit, I'll go get you your SevenCycle Sword (七修剑).’’ He quickly went to Ling Tong's room and came back within the time of a few breaths. Handing Hai Long the sword, he said, ’’Please be careful at all times and follow what the matriarchs have to say.’’

Looking at his uncle-masters and master with a reluctant expression, Hai Long was about to say something until Reverend Elysian interrupted, ’’Let's not drag this out. Come on.’’ An upward force propelled them up as bundles of clouds surrounded them. The scenery Hai Long saw changed instantly and by the time he regained his composure, he was already high up in the air with Reverend Elysian floating gracefully by his side. The azurish cloud he stood on felt firm like the ground and didn't make him feel any discomfort. Even though they sped through one mountain after another, Hai Long didn't feel any strong gusts of wind hitting him in the face.

’’Elder sister goddess, how are you able to fly without using a flying sword?’’

Replying with a chuckle, Elysian said, ’’Tan Yu, didn't I tell you to call me matriarch just now? I am three generations above you in the sect, you know. At my level, flying swords are no longer necessary. I won't even use my treasures unless the situation really calls for it. The cloud underneath your feet is formed by my internal energy and it's called the Azure Spirit Cloud (青灵云). When you reach the Dawn Raising Realm, you will be able to do this too.’’

Hai Long laughed and said, ’’Sister goddess, you're truly too beautiful and youthful looking. I feel that matriarch sounds too old to be used on you. How about this, when we're in front of others, I'll call you matriarch but when we're not in a public setting, I'll just call you sister goddess. That sounds much more appropriate as I doubt even real fairies aren't as beautiful as you.’’

Snickering, Elysian replied, ’’Sheesh, you little rascal... Do whatever you like.’’

Hai Long was elated at Reverend Elysian's words. ’’Thank you, sister goddess! Ah, next time, please don't call me Tan Yu. It sounds too much like spittoon. Just call me by my name, Hai Long.’’

’’Hai Long?’’ These words seemed to make her think of something as Elysian let out a weird expression.

’’Sister goddess, I came from a small village a few hundred li away from the mountains. I have a friend there who went to the mountains together with me, but couldn't join the sect because he wanted to take care of his parents. Can I take a slight detour to go see him?’’

Reverend Elysian snapped out of her thoughts and shook her head. ’’Little monkey, don't ask for too much. Ninth sister is already slightly annoyed for bringing you along. And, we're in quite a bit of rush here so we must absolutely go straight to the Brahmaheart Sect. If you're truly fated to meet him, you will sooner or later. Additionally, haven't you noticed that we're already more than 500 li away from the Cloudlink Mountains?’’

The main reason why Hai Long wanted to get out of the Cloudlink Mountains so badly was because he wanted to go see Zhang Hao. Having been refused by Reverend Elysian, he had no choice but to give up on that notion. He thought about that frail young child Zhang Hao was and felt a little down. After all, they'd grown up together in their childhood. How he wished he could reunited with him again!

Seeing Hai Long's dejected look, Reverend Elysian felt a slight pain in her heart and said, ’’Alright, stop thinking too much about that matter. We'll have more time on our return trip, so we can go see him then.’’

Hai Long's eyes instantly lit up and he said excitedly, ’’Thank you sister goddess. You're the best!’’

What is wrong with me? Why can't I help but I feel so good about this child? Is it because of his proposal? No, with my mental strength that has been cultivated over two millenia, I won't be so easily shaken. Sigh, it must be due to fate. It is true that no one can escape what fate has planned for them, Reverend Elysian thought in her heart.


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