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Only I Shall Be Immortal - Chapter 10.1


Chapter 0010-1 - Text Redacted

Translated by: Ryogawa

Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition

Zhenren Dao Ming nodded and said, ’’I only got wind of this a few days ago. The reason the barrier was unsealed was because two of the senior masters are preparing to leave to settle some matters. Three years ago at the gathering at Heaventake Peak, the sect leader received a spirit transmission. Spirit transmissions were a common way of exchanging information between fellow cultivators. If the sender was a powerful person, it could even ignore boundaries such as formation barriers. That spirit transmission was sent from the sect leader of the Brahmaheart Buddhist Sect (梵心宗), Bodhisattva Enlightened Cloud (悟云). He said that the demons and devils all over the divine Continent (神州大地) have been preparing to cause chaos against the righteous sects. To come up with countermeasures for that problem, the Cloudlink Sect leader has been invited to the gathering of seven sects.’’

Ling Yu asked, ’’Then, which two of the senior masters are attending? Among the seven righteous sects, our Cloudlink Sect has been relatively low profile and is considered by the others among the lower end of the spectrum. Why would the other six sects give any heed to what we have to say? They aren't planning to have us act as cannon fodder, are they?’’

Dao Ming's face darkened as he said, ’’The senior masters will worry about that. You just have to perform your duties and not step out of your boundaries.’’

Pulling on Zhenren Dao Ming's sleeve, Hai Long said, ’’Master, I think that my 11 uncle-masters are being pretty reasonable! I'd like to know which senior masters are going as the representatives as well!’’

Dao Ming really couldn't handle that kid as Hai Long was supported by a mighty figure. He said in an annoyed tone, ’’It should be Reverend (道尊) Elysian (飘渺) and Reverend Waterstop (止水). Given their cultivation, no matter where they go, they would be able to handle the situation. Hai Long, this time you have indeed spent quite a long time cultivating, about a hundred days! I see that you have finally picked up the correct pace.’’

Surprised, Hai Long exclaimed, ’’A hundred days? It only felt like one or two to me! No wonder the senior disciples can bear to stay here for thousands of years without leaving. Time really flies without one noticing during training.’’

Zhenren Dao Ming looked at him with an odd gaze and said, ’’While cultivating for long periods of time yields many benefits, you will have to find a pure and clean place to avoid having your cultivation go astray from demonic possession.’’

Nodding his head, Hai Long said, ’’Then, can I go to the Cloudstroke Caverns to train? That place is nice and pure and is also filled with spiritual energy!’’

Shocked at that daring request, Zhenren Dao Ming said, ’’Why don't you go to your Grandmaster's Windstrom Mountains (风雨山) to train? It is even better there.’’ The last time Hai Long went to his place, he had totally devastated it by ruining the spiritual herbs as well as consuming every precious bit of spiritual medicine available. Dao Ming was so afraid that he wouldn't allow Hai Long to come over another time.

Ling Yun said, ’’Master, the senior masters should be passing by our Cloudstroke Peak if they want to leave the mountains, right?’’

Nodding, Dao Ming turned to Hai Long and warned, ’’When the senior masters come over, don't even dare to spout nonsense, you hear me?’’

Hai Long nodded seriously. ’’Master, don't worry. I'll definitely not mess around this time.’’

Dao Ming had already prepared his mind reading abilities to test if Hai Long was lying. But everything from Hai Long's expression and intonation revealed no suspicious tick and it seemed that Hai Long was telling the truth this time. But Dao Ming felt that it wouldn't be that simple. Just when he was about to say something, a slight vibration reverberated through Cloudstroke Peak. In an instant, the fog and clouds cleared away in the skies and revealed an odd sight to the spectators below.

Seeing the fig rushing downward, Hai Long asked, ’’Master, what's going on with the barrier formation?’’

Shaking his head, Dai Ming replied, ’’Even though the senior masters know how to use the barrier, they themselves don't know on what principles it operates, not to say much about me. I've only heard my master, Reverend Skyrock, say that this barrier has the 72 peaks in the Cloudlink Mountains as the base formation with the Heaventake Peak as its core and the 12 outer peaks as the boundary of the barrier. What happens in between is truly a mystery.’’

The fluctuating air above calmed down and it seemed like the light of the sun had disappeared. Far away several peaks stood imposingly in the clear view of the spectators. Growing vegetation could be seen at the parts on the mountains that were illuminated while at the parts that were darkened, only cold, grey rock could be seen. Ever since coming to the Cloudstroke Peak, it was the first time Hai Long truly witnessed the rest of the mountains and it made him feel shaken and impressed.

Dao Ming said, ’’The nine senior masters' cultivation truly is great. They opened the barrier so quickly.’’

Pointing to something afar, Ling Tong said, ’’Master, look. Two Reverends are coming in our direction.’’ As the spectators turned their head in that direction, they could see two streams of green and blue light fly past the mountains with lightning speed. Dao Ming said hurriedly, ’’Quick, stand together in an orderly manner.’’

Reverend Elysian and Reverend Waterstop relaxedly flew through the skies. While leaving the mountains would temporarily affect their cultivation progress, they were nevertheless quite elated as it was not everyday when one got to leave the mountains. When they got wind of that spirit transmission, they went straight to the other apprentice brothers and sisters to open the barrier formation and leave the Cloudlink Mountains with the regalia (信物) of the sect.

’’Apprentice sister, since it's not everyday that we get to leave the mountains, we better take the opportunity to have some fun outside. Given our cultivation now, it will still be another two thousand years or more for us to reach the Tribulation Taking Realm (劫成境界), so it won't hurt for us to slack off a bit.’’

With a light smile, Reverend Elysian replied, ’’For once, I couldn't agree with you more. After attending the seven sect gathering, let's journey around the divine Continent for a few years before returning to the sect.’’

Reverend Waterstop flied around like an excited child. ’’That's great! Senior apprentice sister's always the best!’’

Reverend Elysian seemed like she had something she wanted to say but had stopped after seeing a blue light emitting from one of the peaks below. Activating the All-seeing Eye, what she saw made her stop unconsciously. The wielder of the treasure that emitted blue light was that child who had asked her to marry him three years ago at the Heaventake Peak, a fifth generation disciple called Tan Yu! She really had a deep impression of this young teenage child.

Seeing the two streams of light coming closer to the Cloudstroke Peak, Hai Long waved his hands fervently as if he was trying to grab their attention. When he got to know that Reverend Elysian and Reverend Waterstop was going out for some business, he already started scheming. Reverend Elysian's alluring beauty was too big of a temptation for him. Thinking back at the warm smile she had showed him years ago, Hai Long's body warmed up by a few degrees.

’’Apprentice sister, what are you looking at? Oh, isn't that the insolent child from back then?’’

’’Yes, that's him! He looks like quite an interesting one. He has grown quite a bit within a short few years. I see that Dao Ming has been treating him well and even gave him the Blustar Ring.’’

Waterstop lightly laughed. ’’Apprentice sister, let's go. The deadline of the gathering is coming soon within three years.’’

Hesitating for a moment, Elysian said, ’’Wait for a bit. Let's go down for a while. That kid was actually taken note of by Senior Six Ears (六耳老前辈), there's bound to be something special about him.’’


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