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Only I Am Not Attacked In A World Overflowing With Zombies - Volume 2 - Chapter 36


36 「Food supply」

There were seven men who went to secure food and their age was various.

The youngest, blonde hair, ponytail man was about the same as Yusuke, others are older.

「Nii-chan have got a guts.」

After introducing himself, the leader's man said so, Yusuke responded to it with an ambiguous attitude.

Because it was not attacked by a zombie, there was neither a guts nor a shit. For men it was a death action, but for Yusuke it was just like go for a walk. But he didn't know what would happen if he came across the intelligent zombies.

While going underground to get out the vehicle, Yusuke observed each person implicitly. Originally they seemed to be the men of the same company, the man who seemed to be a leader was called the president from other members.

The car that parked in a dark underground parking lot was a box-shaped truck with a transport company's logo written on a silver body, and two long vans. There seemed to be one more, but that was a baggage holder.

The long body of van was bumped against the wall many times, so the body was dented and the paint was peeling off. There was also a crack in the side window, but many of steel bars were welded to the frame from above, it looked like a prison. It is similar to the front desk, like the armored car or the escort car.

After the simple meeting at the place, two people got on the truck and the rest took on the two vans. Yusuke was in the van.

He threw weapons in the car, preparing for departure, the voice of one of his group rose up.

「Someone's coming.」

At that word, everyone stopped moving.

Along with footsteps, a slight of light approached.

What appeared from the darkness was a college student who wearing glasses. He stopped when everyone was looking at, but after the silence passed several seconds, the glasses guy opened his mouth.

「A, ano.」


The leader answered.

「Can I go, too?」


The leader gave a puzzled expression.

The man is also delicate and didn't have much ambition. He did not look like a human being who could handle a serious problem.

「I'm happy to hear that, but... are you okay? You are going to fight with zombies though.」

The man hesitated for a moment but he said it clearly.

「I want to help.」

「Well.... Then I'll ask. Your name is?」

「I'm Onodera.」

「Good. Alright, Onodera-kun. Ask Sasaki, at the front. Kudo follows two of us here. 」

A man called Sasaki gently noded and walked toward the other van. He was a man in his 30s who stood next to a leader in the hall. Short black-haired, physique was also good, there was a unique atmosphere.

The one called Kudo is a young blonde ponytail man leaning against the van and looking down Onodera thoughtlessly. Crossed his arms, frown his eyebrows,

「He was the one who was in the hall earlier. Is that really okay.....」

Toward Yusuke, there was an aggressive line of sight.

When Yusuke shrugged his shoulders, Kudo snorted and returned to preparing for departure.

The destination seemed to have been decided in advance, it was set as a logistics center a little far away. It was the destination of the route using the highway.

From the underground parking lot, the train ran slowly towards the ground.

Running ahead was three people's van including Sasaki.

In the back, it was Yusuke and four other vans. At the end, the remaining two trucks are attached.

The rear seat of the van was folded and stored, and there was a spacious space including a loading platform. Three people peeping at the driving leader sat directly on the floor, gripped as a suspended leather like the latch of the belt on both sides.

Inside the dark car with the interior light, Kudo started talking about how to deal with zombies while wearing leather gloves in his hands.

「First thing that you need to remember for now. If a zombie comes, never open the door. Don't go outside. Wait in the car for the counter attack. If I give you a stake. pass it to that fellow in the back. That's all. Do you copy?」

Yusuke gazed around the line of sight and looked at some of the square pieces rolling behind. He took one of them. The length is about seventy centimeters. It seemed to be a heavy material, he felt heavy weight in his hand. To make it easier to grasp the part of the handle was rounded and the tip was sharp. A dark red stain attached here and there. Looking down on it closely,

「So this is a stake. ......Is it done only with this? Even though there are sharp edged and longs.」

「Use it outside. This is fine if you are in a car. It's a matter of course.」


Yusuke threw a stake up behind while looking puzzled.

The leader held the steering wheel and listened to the conversation silently. There seemed to be no intention to interrupt.

Onodera, on the other hand, looked at weapons and tools that are peculiarly facing up and stacked behind. Kudo said to that appearance.

「Do you understand?」

Onodera hurriedly raised his face,

「Y, yes. I'm okay.」

「Is that so...... Anyway, I will do the unnecessary thing. I will kill you if you pull that thing out.」

Kudo did not suit his well-ordered face, and there was a dangerous atmosphere somewhere. It was the atmosphere of those who killed a lot of zombies. The Onodera tempered with its sign and his face turned pale.

「Kudo, do not scare him to much. He is an important companion.」

In the words of the leader, Kudo answered with a can-not-bear voices.

When the car entered the ground, the inside of the car got brighter with light coming in. Turned off the headlights, the van slowly went to the bridge. Whether the story passed, people who were guarding the bridge passed through the car without stopping.

Crossing the bridge and stepping into the city of zombies, the interior of the car was enveloped by the tense feeling of tightness.

The leader was running a car slowly while getting in touch with the previous van with a radio. Kudo kept his eyes open to see if zombies are popping out of buildings and sideways, and Onodera also learned from it.

In the cold air in the winter, the city was quiet. The blue sky had no clouds, but the temperature was falling. Even in the car breathing became white. For a gasoline saving, the heating was not able to be turned on.

「Where were you before you came to the city hall?」

In the question of Yusuke, the answer did not came up for a while.

After a few seconds, the leader opened his mouth.

「It's the company's office」

「An office. Food was well held. 」

「I was in a newly-built office where the stockpiles for employees' earthquake disaster were also in stock warehouse.... I was lucky. When I didn't go outside, I ran out of the second half.」

「What kind of company?」

「Construction company. It was a construction building. 」

「Hmm...... That's good.」

「.....By what means?」

「It's convenient. You can build a house.」

「Well, if you have materials and tools.」

The leader answered with an unexpected looks. It was a tone says that he did not think he would pay attention to such a place.

「Well, in the world today, I don't know if there are meaning of it......」

The president's words of the construction company were interrupted in the shadow swept across the car. It came through the bridge.

At a wide intersection, the car parked here and there. They turned right while putting a van to the gap inside. Kudo is speechless, as if the zombies are not hiding behind the stopping vehicle.

In the middle of a right turn, the van slowly stopping.

「This is impossible.......」

The mutter of the president leaked out.

Several cars collided and were a dumpling ahead of their eyes. There was also some which have turned sideways.

The van may be passed through somehow, but width is not enough for the following truck.

「Let's detour.」

Van in the front made a contact by a radio and turned the car body.

Changing the route and proceeding about one block, the van stopped again. A reason was understood immediately. There was a convenience store.

The interior of the dark shop didn't look bad and there was no sign of zombies. As a result of consultation on the radio, they decided to look inside.

「Leave the inside to Sasaki. Standby here. Prepare.」


Two vans was set next to the convenience store.

Kudo was preparing for interception,

「Anyway don't go outside.」

He said without looking.

The window of the rear seat that was Yusuke's was stuck and couldn't open fully. Instead, a small window was installed in the center, and it was a mechanism to slide it sideways. It was about the size of the human head.

Kudo was waiting in front of the opened small window, with a long and thin iron weapon in hand.

If you look closely it was a stake that had rag clothes wrapped up to the handle with several layer, and was trimmed by a scissors. 50 centimeters long handle portion and 30 centimeters long for the blade edge.

Yusuke took a handy stake for the time, and gazed outside again.

Sasaki got off the car and was approaching the entrance of the convenience store with a sharp-edged iron pipe in hand. After him, a beard man and a hat man followed.

Three people broke open the automatic door where electricity ceased and carefully watched the situation and stepped on the foot into the inside.

(Now... what will happen)

It was a precious battle scene of humans and zombies. To watch it was also one of the purposes of this time.

There was no figure of a zombie in the part that can be seen from the outside.

Sasaki, who had been leading the way, stopped in front of the counter.

Take one drink from the nearby shelf and threw it to the floor a little far away. A dull sound of a can filled with liquid can be heard, but there was no reaction inside the store. There seemed to be no zombies behind the display case either.

When they tried to advance further, the movement of the three people ceased.

Something hit the wall, a small noises can be heard.

It came from the toilet.

Left one person at the entrance, Sasaki and another person headed for the sound. Their appearance was hidden in the fixture, it disappeared from the sight of Yusuke.

「Isn't it better to go to support?」

「...It's okay, keep silent.」

Kudo answered.

The interior was quiet for a while, but a sound like hitting the wall was made and suddenly became noisy. It sounded like people was rampaging in a small space.

Once again, there was a sound like something was hit again, then became quiet again.

The president listened to the radio and checked something. Facing this,

「One of them was in the restroom. seem like they already killed it.」

「I guess.」

Kudo's voice sounds like a whistle.

But the next moment.


On the other side of the toilet, from the door of the backyard, a zombie wearing a clerk's uniform appeared. From the neck to the bottom was dirty with dry blood.

The zombies distorted their faces and approached the man who remained at the entrance with their teeth bare.

「Sasaki, come back!」

The president shouted to the radio.

A beard man who was at the entrance avoided a zombie rush by rolling.

With the momentum of a zombie body, the shelves in which the items lined up are knocked down. A rack in which weekly magazines and manga lined jumped, and one side of the glass facing the road cracked shattered with a crushing sound that pressed in the ear. They became scattered in the sidewalk as light grains.

Sasaki, who came back in a hurry, rescued the fallen guy.

In a far place, the zombies were also about to rose from above the rack. Another zombie was appearing from the door in the back.

Yusuke noticed the surrounding air changed. Sounds was heard from around the buildings that had been resting until the previous time. It seemed that the crushing sound of the earlier made zombies woke up, and it was a dangerous atmosphere.


「I know it.」

Kudo replied shortly to Yusuke mutters.

「Break it in.」

At the president's word.

The standing zombies was following the back of the three who ran up to the sidewalk. A van pushed into it and cut in between the zombies. Immediately afterwards, the van shook as a result of the collision of zombies.


Onodera's screamed with no voice.

A zombie flipped on the door rolled on the street rose again and hit the small window that was open. Trying to pinched its face from among the welded iron grates and trying to bit him with a brutally shaped form.


Kudo's clippers clasped in its mouth. He crushed its teeth, penetrated its throat, penetrated the skin of its cervical spine, and the tip jumped from the back of its neck. Red-black blood hung on the frame, the body of the zombie shaking. Then slowly stopped moving.

When Kudo put the foot on the door and pulled out the clippers, the zombie crawled down as it was, it fell down under the car body.

It was a spectacular sight that was pretty rough.

(......I see.......)

Yusuke let voice of admiration leaked in his heart.

Kudo's duties was the same, but he felt the merit of the way of counter attacking with the car. The risk of exposing to zombies was minimal, you can attack the head which was the weak point of your opponent. If this was a street, against the zombie with the dash power, It would not easily gone like this.

「It's coming from the rear!」

Onodera's scream rose.

From the entrance of the next building, two zombies appeared on the sidewalk. Also on the opposite side across the road, they could see the empty figure.

The president clicked the tongue and operated a shift lever. Sasaki's van suddenly started. After that.


The president's shouted.

One zombie tried to face to the truck.

When Kudo started the fight from a window and provoked it, It was tempted to came inside.

This time the zombies caught in the small window, while being dragged by the car, the right hand was stretched in. Kudo hurriedly took distance to the action that scraped the inside of the van. Looking at that, Yusuke moved.

He caught the arm of the zombie that acting violently from the side and dragged it in with the power. He was wearing a jacket and gloves for the bike, so he did not have to worry about getting scratched. When the body of the zombie was pressed against the van and an unprotected part from the shoulder to the neck appeared, it did not escape the gap, and Kudo's clippers was thrusted vigorously.

The human being's skin is torn apart and the feeling that the neck bone is broken is transmitted from the grasping arm. That finger was struggling like a spider.


It was a bad feeling. There was no tension to be attacked by zombies, so it wasn't possible to cheat on adrenaline. It was an uncomfortable feeling that they were holding back bastards with bare hands.

As soon as the movement became quiet, Yusuke let go. The zombie just slipped outside and fell down.


Kudo cursed a little before closed the small window.

The car line speeded up and pulled away the zombies behind, the air inside the car finally settled.

「It's no use. Outside gathers quickly. Let's go down the way.」

「Roger that.」

When replying lightly to Kudo's words, he looked down at the stake that were soiled with reddish black blood, started to wipe off the cloth with a piece of cloth.

Yusuke returned the stake that was rolling near to the back and said with a comfortable tone.

「It's a convenient method. Waiting in the car.」


Kudo stopped holding hands and was silent for a while.

He gazed toward Yusuke,

「.....Well. Things like stand straight and living like sentries, only an idiot doing that.

Kudo answered then again moving his hand.

It seemed that he was criticizing the security of the city hall.

Surely unlike barricades, you can move cars as you like. Durability was also perfect. Once you removed the seat, it was ideal as a bunker.

While the president held the steering wheel,

「They are dangerous if surrounded, but two or three of those fellows are all right. Don't be freaked out so much.」

The gaze was facing toward Onodera who reflected in the rearview mirror.

Onodera was looking down on the direction of the zombies that had already disappeared, while holding the stake, with a lost expression of blood.


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