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One Sword To Immortality - Chapter 52


Chapter 52 - Tian Peng Dynasty


This isn't the first time Xu Liao visited Luo Yang Street. Previously, he only came to the street to visit the Demon Affair's Headquarters for other matters and did not bother to shop.

On the street, there were more than ten shopping malls.

Xu Liao had heard Zhao Yan Qin mention that the real high-grade treasures will not appear in the malls publically. But instead, it would be featured in some private-hosted events. However the thought of buying those luxurious treasures totally flew past his head as at that point of time he was almost broke and didn't even dare to think about even browsing those items. Other expensive household appliances such as smartphones, laptops, and branded shoes were all fleeting dreams to him.

For now, Xu Liao didn't choose to visit a shopping mall based on its grade, but rather, the largest one available - the Tian Peng Dynasty shopping mall.

Tian Peng Dynasty was developed and built by a well-known demon. The reputation of this demon's ability didn't pale in comparison with Commander Xu Fu either. He even opened a few chain outlets worldwide! China itself had already featured eighteen of his outlets.

Xu Liao shopped without a particular item in mind, striding aimlessly down the huge walkways in the mall. The Tian Peng Dynasty was really too huge. Even when he walked for thirty minutes, he wasn't even completed with the first floor. It was at this point of time when he realized he couldn't shop aimlessly any longer or he would be heading home after midnight. Xu Liao found the nearest directory and checked the floors for their specialized goods. Initially, he was inclining to visit the floor with a large variety of new electronic products, but when his eyes suddenly spotted the description on the eighteenth floor he felt that he could not resist and made his way there. The eighteenth floor is the top of the shopping mall, featuring a vast amount of battle beasts.

Normal shopping malls seldom surpass eight floors. This is because of the physical limitation of human beings even with the help of escalators and lifts. For them to finish shopping the entire mall with eighteen floors? Impossible to finish within a day. However, demons were different. Demons have much stronger physique when compared to the humans so the Tian Peng Dynasty Shopping map could be designed to cater for eighteen floors. As a result, it is much more spectacular than all of the shopping malls built for humans.

Xu Liao didn't bother with the escalator and went straight to the lift all the way to the eighteenth floor. The moment he stepped out of the lift, a glorious scene rocked his mind. The whole floor is full of counters storing battle beasts. Most of them belongs to the Million Demon Clan, but there were also some that belonged to the Big For Legions and the Eighteen Xian Faction. A small section even featured the Western Ying Zong Liu Faction's beasts.

The first few battle beasts Xu Liao had seen were Sun Bo Fang's battle beasts. So in his mind, Xu Liao had a mental image that all of the battle beasts were of a similar style and usefulness. But this time, he realized that he had indeed been a frog in a well.

The Eighteen Xian Faction's battle beasts were designed to be largely similar to the Longevity Sect. They wouldn't change the host's body, but only converse the aura Qi and provide a solution to quickly train a specific set of martial arts.

Many of the Western Ying Zong Liu Faction's battle beasts mostly appeared to be shaped as auxiliary objects. Mainly magical wands.

Lastly, the Million Demon Clan and the Big Four Legion's battle beasts were much more violent in nature. Almost all of the beasts had the ability to fuse with the flesh and create a new appearance.

For example, just beside the lift entrance there is a new product called the <<Giant Spiritual Dragon>>. After fusing with this battle beast, one can become a towering giant dragon over fifty meters tall. The martial arts included in this battle beast require the user to be in the dragon body form. A human body will have no chance of cultivating this set of martial arts. The <<Giant Spiritual Dragon>>isn't the largest product though. Not too far away from it was the <<Giant Sun God>>. This ferocious battle beast is over seventy meters tall. The weapon of choice is a giant mace. Even just by looking at it gives an overpowering might.

Almost all of the battle beasts produced by demons had an ’’Attack on Titan’’ feel to it. Each of them were huge and vicious. Not only they can provide quick cultivation of martial arts, but it can also enhance the strength of its user. It can be considered to be a number one war machine.

As all of the information flooded into Xu Liao's eyes, he couldn't help but smile in admiration. He found these battle beasts very interesting. But despite his interest, he would definitely not buy one because of their huge size. Moreover, the ability to change his outlook would not be suitable to be used in the city.

As for the Western Ying Zong Liu's auxiliary based battle beasts, he wasn't much interested in it. Maybe it is because in western countries, cultivators prefer to carry an object that shows their character and also possibly a status symbol. But this style wasn't popular in the east.

Xu Liao walked an entire round and realized that he preferred the Eighteen Xian Faction's battle beasts more than the rest. Moreover, there were a few beasts that suits his very needs. But the moment he checked the price tag, he almost fainted in shock.

The beasts that he liked came with overwhelming prices. For example, a beast named Aurora Ice Cicada that provides the user with the <<Aurora Palm>>actually costs at least 100k credits - almost equalled to half of what Xu Liao had.

Although Xu Liao might consider himself to be rich, but he couldn't bear spending so much money to buy something that he merely fancied. The importance of the item didn't outweigh the sum needed to buy it. The <<Aurora Palm>>is indeed strong, but Xu Liao only liked it because he liked the ice attribute which was quite compatible with his demonic Qi. Comparing the power of the skill alone, the <<Aurora Palm>>isn't stronger than the other martial arts he cultivated such as the Stars Devouring Formula. Not to even mention the overpowering nature of the Tyrant's Prestige, the Aurora Palm didn't even come close to their power levels.

Xu Liao walked for a few more rounds and suddenly stopped in front of a simple looking counter. He spotted something that caught his attention.

This counter is owned by the West Kunlun Sect. What caught his attention wasn't the products that were on display, but rather, it was the salesperson. The salesperson was a petite young girl donning a maid dress. If it wasn't for the huge black sword leaning against the wall beside her, Xu Liao definitely wouldn't recognize that this was the girl he met while he was freefalling off the skyscraper.

The young girl stared at Xu Liao for a moment before becoming excided. She waved her small hands at him and said: ’’Why would you come here to shop? All the products are really expensive!’’

Xu Liao had more self-confidence now that his abilities had risen much more than when they first met. He then gave a laugh and spoke with confidence.

’’You are doing business here eh? Is it all right to say such things?’’

The young girl gave a smile and waved her sleeve.

’’It doesn't matter! We, the west Kunlun sect don't rely on this for money. Being the strongest sect of the Eighteen Xian Faction, we love the black market even more! We can sell a lot more prohibited items in the black market. Compared to here, selling items here has to follow so many rules and regulations. As a result, a lot of products from our sect can't be sold here.’’

Xu Liao tilted his head in confusion and scanned the counter a few more times.

’’If you're looking for something that suit your needs, follow me to the store house! All the products here are only just for show and not really practical in fact.’’ The young girl spoke, with a slight impatience in her voice.

Translated by Gary. Edited by Jason.


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