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One Child Two Treasures: The Billionaire Chief’s Good Wife - Chapter 83


Chapter 83: Superstar Gu Xingze

’’Just a glass of wine, please? I can drink a glass ... ...’’Yun Shishi carefully said.

Yan Liangxiong really like to see her tender looking face and laugh: ’’Well, a cup is a cup, so do drink them all or it won't be counted!’’

Yun Shishi bite the edge of the glass and drink all the wine in the glass in one gulp. With only one glass, her face turns flush red up to her ears.

’’Woo ... ...’’ This wine is extremely spicy, her eyes got red and her body suddenly felt hot.

Looking at her red face, Yan Liangxiong eyes stared straight back at her! That perverted line of sight of him never left her whole body.

But at this time, there were footsteps from outside the door.

’’Tuk tuk -’’

An elegant knock was heard and the door was slowly pushed open.

An icy cold atmosphere enters the door.

Yun Shishi felt some dizziness, she couldn't see clearly the person who just came in, but can vaguely saw a tall figure.

She got startled when her eyes saw a pair of black leather shoes and the impact of those on the ground is very clear and powerful.

The man elegantly walks with his straight and slender trousers, his high-grade dark red shirt exposes the beauty of his white skin that suits very well with his temperament.

The man's neckline is slightly open, there was a platinum chain necklace hanging on his delicate and beautiful neck.

This chain necklace is simple but stunning. Not any man can have this flirtatious beauty.

Yun Shishi felt that she's somehow drunk and felt her neck got stiff. So at that moment, she cannot lift her face to see the man's face, until he came near her.

The man has noble gesture, he seems to be arrogant and has melancholy eyes. This is her first impression of this man.

His white face is washing away his deep facial features. The distinct edge and corner of his face are like a fine carving from an immortal god.

His elegant eyebrows and se*y lips made all the things in front of him look small as dust.

He looks very young and clearly only 25 years old, but he gives a very mature feeling.

That mature appearance of his is not fake, so his age is not consistent with how he looks. His deep, cold and complex eyes make it difficult to figure out what was on his mind.

His exquisite face and deep eyes suddenly shocked Yun Shishi.

This cold man in front of her, how can she not recognize him?

Superstar Gu Xingze, the person who created the era of today's entertainment industry.

This man's brilliant background is the limelight of entertainment industry. At the age of 15, a scout invited him to sign a contract to the performing arts company followed by an album debut.

His first album sales were worth tens of millions, his first starring movie became a Hollywood blockbuster. He won the overnight fame award at the Film Festival that made him popular around the world.

Entertainment industry never lacks a handsome male artist, but in such a big and complex world, if you don't know how to fight and grab the opportunities, then sooner or later you will be eliminated.


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