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One Child Two Treasures: The Billionaire Chief’s Good Wife - Chapter 335


Chapter 335

Chapter 335: Why?

Mu Yazhe frowned slightly. Seeing the woman's sight fell on his lips. He unconsciously licked the bloodstain on his lips with his tongue. He didn't say a word, he coldly turned and left.

Proud, cold, and handsome. With his style, he was definitely a rich celebrity.

Jiang Yutong can't believe it.

She originally thought that such a man will only appear in fantasy. She never thought she would get a chance to see it with her own eyes. So, for a long time, she was somewhat dreaming!

However, why did he come out from Yun Shishi's private room?

Does it mean... ... they have that kind of relationship?

Jiang Yutong began to guess wildly.

With Yun Shishi, although she was friendly and polite, who doesn't have a selfish side?

Yun Shishi hasn't debuted, she was not famous.

Not to mention, she was a newcomer. Compared to other artists, there were many questions and suspicions about her.

There were rumors that Yun Shishi can only become the heroin to Lin Fengtian's movie without a debut. Because she has a golden master behind her.

Otherwise, in this new generation, where an artist has no fame, who can get in Lin Fengtian's movie?

But, that's not all.

What qualifications does she have to be invited and participate in UEC's annual cocktail party? Even Yang Mi and Tang Yu got only mixed in because of their connection. So, why can she?

Another, why did she she became Gu Xingze's partner?

She heard that Gu Xingze personally invited her.

But, is that possible?

Gu Xingze was famous for his arrogance in the circle. So, will he personally invite an unknown female to be his partner?

Is it because of her face?

In the entertainment circle, there were many talented and beautiful women. No matter what style of beauty, there was no lack.

There were se*y and hot. Pure and well behave... ...

The competition was cruel and fierce.

Not only that.

With the fame of the movie and the cocktail party, she was introduced as the female heroine?

If people will say she has no superior resources or golden master, who will believe it?

At this point, she can't say that Yun Shishi was Shishi was completely wronged.

People say that the reason why Lin Fengtian personally picked her was that, she was the exact portrait of the heroine in his mind.

Even Gu Xingze, who was picky, believed that she was the suitable person to be the heroine.

On the contrary, the investors have already set their own heroine. But, Lin Fengtian didn't agree. He would rather not shoot than choose the investor's picked artist.

However, there was a saying that people can really be terrible with words.

As a result, these speculation has been circulating in private.

Jiang Yutong was only a bit suspicious.

But now, she believed it all.

She believed that there was a golden master behind this Yun Shishi.

Could it be that man, who just left who just left was her golden master?

But, why?


A series of questions flashed quickly in Jiang Yutong's heart.

When she was a teenager, she dropped out in school and came to the capital. As a young girl dreaming to be an actress, just to sign a contract, she had taken any opportunities. It took her several years, just to reach this point.

But, why was someone like her can get ahead of her? Or even... ... get a much better result than her?!


Inside her heart, she was more or less jealous of Yun Shishi.

But, this was a human nature.

Therefore, when Yun Shishi took out her coat and walked out of the room. Jiang Yutong was looking at her in a different way.


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