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One Child Two Treasures: The Billionaire Chief’s Good Wife - Chapter 304


Chapter 304

Chapter 304: Mother and daughter affection?

June 19, 2018Ai Hrist

Yun Tianyou deeply replied with: ’’Hmph! Too much brain need to rack out, what if I lowered my position one level or two.’’

Li Hanlin was very surprised, but then he busily said: ’’President Yun, no one can replace your position in the company.’’

’’That is inevitable.’’ Yun Tianyou looked back and stared at him deeply: ’’Without me, the company is nothing but ruins.’’

Li Hanlin was shocked.

Although Yun Tianyou said that sentence calmly, it hides an extraordinary meaning!

If you will change the speaker to someone else, a person will find this sentence arrogant.

However, from his mouth, it became extremely convincing!

’’Then, those documents... ...’’

’’Reject them all.’’


Li Hanlin picked up and organized the documents, then suddenly, he said after he stood up: ’’President Yun, do you want to meet the person outside?’’

’’Who is it?’’

’’Yun Liqin.’’

When Yun Tianyou opened the door, his face becomes cold as soon as he saw Yun Liqin, who was standing uneasily outside the door. And who knows how long she had been waiting.

Seeing the door opened up, Yun Liqin's face immediately glimmered with joy. But as soon as she saw who came out, her face become indifferent. And she looked at Yun Tianyou with sharp eyes.

’’How come it's you?’’

Yun Tianyou coldly looked at Yun Liqin and laughed with ridicule: ridicule: ’’This is my ward. So, why can't it be me?’’

Yun Liqin's tongue got twisted. But after remembering that she shouldn't have been quarreling at the moment, she hurriedly asked: ’’Where is your mommy? I want to see her!’’

Yun Tianyou sneered and didn't put her into his eyes: ’’Who are you? Why do you want to see my mommy?’’

Yun Liqin blushed and shouted in anger: ’’This kid, why are you being stubborn? And why do you talk like this to your elders?!’’

’’A bitch like you only deserve a talk like this.’’


Yun Liqin raised her hand and wave it towards Yun Tianyou's little face.

As she was so used to treat him like this.

Yun Tianyou only Tianyou only looked up at Yun Liqin coldly. And even if her palm was moving fast like a wind, his cold eyes didn't even change.

On the other hand, Li Hanlin's face sank. But then, he immediately blocked Yun Liqin's hand and grabbed her wrist. Due to tension, he pushed her down on the floor.

As soon as Yun Liqin fell on the floor, she felt like her body was broken. But, Li Hanlin was strong, so she didn't dare to fight back.

Yun Tianyou casually walked in front of Yun Liqin and looked at her in a condescending manner. And then, he raised his lips with a mocking smile.

’’Yun Liqin, why are you why are you looking for my mommy?’’

Yun Liqin grinned in pain. But after hearing his question, she disdainfully answered: ’’Why should I discuss it with you? What a child like you will understand?’’

’’Ha ha ha’’

’’Yun Tianyou, you are more and more getting arrogant, I am your elders... ...’’

’’I don't want to listen to your nonsense.’’

Yun Tianyou interrupted her words impatiently, and said: ’’Since you are asking me where my mommy is, you should give me a reason why should I help you.’’

Yun Liqin was upset, and her face showed a trace of sourness: ’’In these past 20 years, your mom and I, at least shared a mother and daughter affection!’’



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