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One Child Two Treasures: The Billionaire Chief’s Good Wife - Chapter 175


Chapter 175: Attack on all sides

’’Mmm, I'm telling the truth! I swear to God!’’ Yun Na said while raising her right hand to make an oath.

’’Ok, I believe you!’’ Li Jiuxian said and then smile.

Yun Na's eyes got teary in gratitude.

Then, Li Jiuxian angrily said: ’’I think that girl Yun Shishi is really too much, you are basically her sister because your father raised her, but still she has guts to harm you?’’

’’Wu wu wu... ...’’(Crying sound) Yun Na's tears fall once again and pretended like he pokes her sour feelings.

But, inside her heart, she's actually very proud of herself.

She thought that Li Jiuxian will not believe her, but it seems like he's really a stupid and simple guy. She actually doesn't need to do something else.

And as long as he is willing to shield her, she will be able to get out of this mess easily!

’’Yun Shishi looks pure, but in fact, she has a very calculative mind! I really couldn't understand why men keep flocking around her despite that!’’ Yun Na's words seem to want to provoke the public's anger.

Just like how Gu Xingze protected her in front of everyone earlier.

This Yun Shishi is simply a reincarnation of a fox. She will manipulate any man that could protect her!

’’Yun Na, don't cry anymore, your eyes are already swelling! Believe me, such a sly woman like her will face the consequences of her actions sooner or later!’’ Li Jiuxian gently patted her shoulder and constantly comforted her.

’’Thank you, Big Brother Jiuxian.’’ Yun Na said while choking.

Yun Na's cheek blush and then, she looked at him with her red and swelling eyes, as if she wanted to poke the deepest part of his soft heart.

On the side, Yang Mi didn't expect that Li Jiuxian will actually act like a different person.

Does Li Jiuxian like this kind of woman?

’’You said that your sister is pretending to be pure, but who knows if you also just deliberately want to climb someone else's bed?’’

Lu Jingtian bluntly said and added: ’’Besides, who's the woman in the entertainment circle didn't do such unscrupulous things? Anyway, get out of our way now, I feel so sick just by seeing you!’’

When Li Jiuxian heard her words, he frowned and wanted to refute, but Yang Mi glared back at him.

This fool, he can't even identify now who can support him or not just because of that Yun Na?

Who does he think Lu Jingtian is?

She's the daughter of one of the big shareholder of the Universal Entertainment Company. So, if he angered this sister, he will be banned from the company without further discussion.

Now Li Jiuxian's career is rising. And because of their scandal, Yang Mi's career is rising too. Their popularity keeps rising in full swing, so she must take care of him.

’’Who played with you in... ...’’ Yang Mi suddenly blurted out, so she deliberately stops herself because she realized her words sounds very offensive and immediately corrected it: ’’Who made you like this?’’

Once Yun Na heard her question, her face immediately shows her distress.

Is Yang Mi trying to embarrassed her again?

When Yang Mi asked, they immediately got interested too.

Yes, they really want to know who is the hardcore guy that deliberately put all these hideous pinch marks and kiss marks all over her body!

’’Yeah, who made you like that?’’

’’No! ... I can't say it. I wouldn't dare... ...’’

Just by remembering how brutal Yang Shoucheng is, Yun Na's body couldn't stop from trembling again.

This fear is real!

Yang Shoucheng and He Lingxiang's way to play with women is very fierce. They just went inside that room to play with her, but she almost felt like her bones would scatter.

Which is really terrible......


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