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Noire De Plaisir ~ Pleasure Training Of The Fallen Vampire Princess~ - Chapter 9


Chapter 9

Chapter 09 - Anal Violation

TL: Aria Red

Editor: Shirayuki-hime, Fractal

TL Note: Some of you might be wondering why the title of the previous chapter was ’’Chrysanthemum’’, and how it was even related to the content of the chapter.

Long story short, in Chinese and Japanese, Chrysanthemum or 菊の門 in the raws, is a euphemism (or some kind of slang) that is used to describe ’’asshole’’ or ’’anus’’ se*ually, which is most commonly used to refer to ’’anal se*’’.

So basically, the title of the previous chapter was simply the beautification of the word ’’asshole’’, ’’anus’’ or ’’anal’’.

And how did I even know these kinds of stuff?? Let's just say that I have friends who like to tell me things.


Noire was lying on her belly on top of a rolled-up futon. She was raising her hips while desperately trying to keep up her posture.

It was a considerably painful posture for her to maintain due to the limp state of her body, but she had no choice as it would only lead to a more painful punishment if she refused to keep up.

Right now, two of Eiji's fingers were violating her butthole. The entirety of his index finger and middle finger were wrapped inside her ass, piercing deeply into it. The two fingers spun around as if gouging her bowels.

Even though earlier she was struggling to allow one finger inside, her buttholeーthough smaller than the size of a man's phallusー had expanded to the point where her ass could fairly easily swallow two fingers at the same time. However, she wasn't even allowed to feel that despair.

At any rate, the two fingers that were violating her were fixed in a position where they wouldn't reach her if she didn't keep her hips thrust up.

If Noire had not been desperately trying thrust up her hips and fell down, Eiji's finger would have been violently digging around in her ass.

Certainly, there was nothing more embarrassing than having to stick up your own ass just for it to get violated but the fear of what would happen to her if she stopped kept her going.


Beads of sweat started to appear on her forehead as continued to thrust her hips up high. However, she was nearing her limit and her arms started to tremble.

Naturally, it was nearly impossible for her to suppress the trembling in her waist and she shook just a little bit. However, by doing so, she ended up rubbing her insides against the two fingers that had been deeply inserted inside her.

Ironically, she ended up being in control of pleasuring her own ass.


Having two fingers thrust deep inside should have felt agonising, but she got used to it after a while.

Once she got used to the pressure, the pain she felt from having her insides lightly caressed changed into something else.

She started feeling aroused from the parts that were being touched and a strange itch started accumulating around her hips.

An intense heat swept through her head and she started to feel faint.

Her hazy consciousness could no longer deal with the ever growing itch in her hips, and so...


Her hips briefly trembled, weakening under the pressure.

Feeling Eiji's two fingers rubbing the inside of her ass, Noire let out a coquettish moan.

’’Afu, fua, hyaaaaa!’’

Reacting to that intense stimuli, Noire started to move her hips even more. It was as if she was purposely rubbing her own ass against Eiji's fingers.

That was a bit misleading, considering that was exactly what she was doing.

Right now it was plain to see that she was using Eiji's fingers to masturbate on her own.

’’Evーeven's my asshole...fuaa!

My hips, my hips won't stop.

Ah, nーno.....I'm cumming!’’

Noire was aware of her disgraceful appearance, moving her own hips and reaching climax using her filthy hole. Nonetheless, that feeling of shame and the sense of corruption within her did nothing but further heighten her arousal.

The rugged movements of her hips had reached its peak and she was only a moment's away from her climax.

Eiji looked at her while holding out his hand and waited for the perfect moment, twisting his fingers to rub her insides more violently.

Eiji moved his fingers while trying to synchronise with the movement of her hips. Noire was unable to endure it any longer and finally achieved climax.

’’Ahii!? Hyaaaaaaaaaーーー!?

She raised her hips up high and let out a lewd moan as she had an extreme orgasm.

Her body which had become stiff a while ago, trembled as her body started to spasm. She then lost all her strength and collapsed into the bed, drained.


Suddenly, as she she lay exhausted on the bed, Eiji's idle fingers inside her ass started to dig around again and brought Noire to her second climax in an instant.


Having been forced to experience a greater pleasure while climaxing, Noire lost the ability to speak as her body quivered.

With her crotch overflowing with love juices, the vampire princess of darkness collapsed.

Her butthole had been loosened and exposed by a man's finger and the pink-coloured insides had been violated.

Seeing the contrast between her fairly young appearance and her obscene asshole, Eiji swallowed his saliva.

If he let this opportunity slip by, he probably wouldn't have the chance to enjoy this kind of experience again.

As he thought so, he quickly removed his clothes, grabbed the waist of the young girl who was lying on her belly on top of the rolled-up futon, and targeted her swollen anus.

’’Fue? Whaーwhat are you...?’’

As she felt the hot sensation on her ass which jolted her exhausted body, she finally noticed the existence of something that looked like it was about to screw her ass.

Touching her ass was the frightening figure of a di*k that was trying to violate her poor asshole.

Noire's face turned pale as she tried to stop Eiji.

’’Na!? Sーsto...higuu!?’’

She was unable to complain until the end due to the phallus invading her body as she cried out in anguish.

’’Aguuuu, ku, it hurts.

No way, there is no way that...’’

Even after having her butthole loosened and expanded by his fingers, Eiji's first-rate di*k was still bigger than his two fingers combined.

Trying to force its way into her anus which was still too tight, Noire screamed in agony.

Realising that he wouldn't be able to insert his di*k, he gave up for now and instead charged his spearhead into the wet hole beneath her anus.

’’Auuuuuu!? Whーwhy did you suddenly...!’’

Different to her anus, his di*k was happily greeted by her vaaa**.

Even though a di*k had rammed deeply inside her, she didn't feel any pain, but only pleasure from it. Her indecent hole that was being exploited held his di*k deep with pleasure.

Nevertheless, Eiji didn't insert his di*k inside with it being his main target.

After thrusting several times, he quickly took his di*k out from her vaaa**.

’’Fue!? Whーwhy?’’

Accompanied by the sound of his di*k slipping out, Noire looked at him at him pleadingly. It could only be seen as a plea to ask Eiji to continue.

However, the di*k that slipped out didn't return to her vaaa**. Instead, it recommenced its attack on the asshole which it previously failed to invade.

’’Hi, hiii.....again!?’’

Eiji tried to force his flesh into the depth of her anus like before.

The friction was the same as before, but having the love juice that soaked her vaaa** as a lubricant allowed him to plunge his phallus slowly into the depth of her ass. That was why he had inserted his pen** into her vaaa** in the first place.

Eiji pushed his flesh deep inside until it his di*k was fully buried inside her ass.

’’U, uaaa...It's inside, this thick thing is.

Pleーplease. Don't move.’’

Noire pleaded Eiji to stay still. As a matter of fact, Eiji also wasn't able to move freely because his di*k was being tightly gripped by her anus. Even if he tried to force his way using brute strength, she probably wouldn't feel anything aside from extreme pain. In the end, Eiji's goal wasn't to torment Noire with pain.

He stayed unmoving for a while, as he waited for her to calm down.

A few minutes later, Noire's breathing steadily calmed down after having suffered the earlier pain.

Feeling that the clamping in her ass became weaker every time she breathed out, Eiji decided to observe the situation for a little while. After a few more breaths, Eiji decided on the right timing and resolutely pulled his di*k out.


Dーdidn't I say not to move.’’

’’But we can't stay like that forever, right?’’

’’Thaーthat's true...but, can't you just be finished with it?’’

’’Ah, I'll finish it then.’’


Eiji replied as he stopped pulling his di*k out, and conversely pushed his di*k deep inside with all his might. Doing exactly the opposite of the word 'finish', Noire raised a protest.

’’Aguuuu, I thought you said you were finished already!?’’

’’I said I was going to finish at least once, didn't I?’’

’’IーI didn't mean it like tha...aguu!?’’

While talking lightly, he pulled out once more and thrust deep inside her over and over.

He pulled out slowly, but when he pushed back inside he did it in one motion into the depths of her anus.

Before she knew it, Noire had started to move her hips as her hips as if trying to match the rhythm. Needless to say, she was unaware of the fact that she was moving her own hips.

’’Ah, ah, ah, weird, I feel weird.’’

’’What is?’’

’’Why am I, with my ass...why?’’

Noire was bewildered by the fact that she was feeling pleasure from her ass.

Hearing that, Eiji unintentionally laughed and stopped moving.

’’Why you ask, it's obviously because you're a pervert who feels pleasure from playing with her ass.’’

’’Nーno, I'm not...I'm not a pervert!’’

’’Then, can you explain why you're moving your hips?

I've stopped moving a while ago.’’


As Eiji said, he was not moving right now.

The one who was moving was Noire.

She was moving her hips of her own accord in order to indulge in her own pleasure. Even after having realised that, she was still unable to stop her hips from moving.

In actuality, the reason why she was feeling it wasn't really because she liked having her anus violated. It was because of the magic power that was in Eiji's precum that had been shot inside her.

Although the liquid's effect paled in comparison to Eiji's semen, it was still as potent as Eiji's blood and it had the effect to make vampires fall into pleasure.

Nonetheless, Noire failed to realise that and she ended up seriously considering the possibility that she might have been a pervert who felt pleasure from having her anus violated.

’’I can't stop, I can't stop at all.

Why, even though this is so embarrassing.

My ass...feels good...’’

’’You finally admitted it.

Well then, it's time for the last spurt.’’

After stopping temporarily, Eiji finally grabbed Noire's waist and started moving. Additionally, he was moving even more intensely than before.

After realising the intense amounts of pleasure she had been feeling from her ass, Noire could no longer resist the climax that she was about to experience.

’’Ahyaaaaaa, ha, this is too intense!?

There is no way, I can endure this.

Cumming, I'm cummingーcummingーcummingーcumming, I'M CUMMING!’’

’’Ah, I'm cumming as well!’’

’’Mmph!? Hyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaーーー!’’

He barely managed to pull out while grinding on her insides. His semen shot out onto her buttocks. She felt the hot liquid splattering on her as her orgasm caused her to quiver intensely.

Her body continued spasming for quite a while before she fainted and flopped on the bed.


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