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No Game No Life - Volume 7 - Chapter 2


Chapter 2

Chapter 2



Floating on the threshold of death, Miko saw a

distant dream.

That was a distant...... comparable to eternity for a

dead person, a far old memory.

But for the undesiring girl, wandering alone for an

eternity, falling asleep at last such a dream......


The girl recognized for the first time was the

universe wriggling into creation.

It wasn't even creation and destruction, the wriggling

heaven and earth merely painted over creation with


The girl asked [What place is this], [Who am I].

The universe had nothing that could reply, but what did

was the girl's [Quintessence].

Her [Quintessence] replied [This is a



[Thou is a god].

But the girl's next query, her [Quintessence] simply

remained forever silent without responding.

[What is a god] ......

In that long silence, the girl simply took up a single

brush, continued questioning, continued writing.

Just a few words, she waited to the end for something

to reply, but what arrived were only the fires of war.

Turning towards the conflicting gods breaking the star,

the girl who asked merrily received only an idle


Who are you I am a god. What is a god A god

is a god ............

The girl didn't know, but Miko drifting in her

memories knew.

She didn't have an ’’ego’’ on that star to still

question [why].

The lonely philosopher who held her knee questioning

eternity, disappointed fell into an eternal slumber.

Just one at the end of eternity. Finally getting an

answer, she embraced it lovingly

【 Yes. Until thou awakened me. 】

With the resounding voice, the drifting far away

Miko's consciousness was lifted up............


[......I wonder......? Why, am I still alive?]

Looking around to her surroundings, Miko noticed her

eyes were no.

She didn't have any of her senses.

Within the unclear silence, she heard the familiar

voice echoing inside her consciousness.

【 Denial. If you release this hand, then your soul

will soon fall off the dew and disappear. 】

Those words belonged to that girl, the [Quintessence],

she harbored within her body for many years.

It was a voice that sounded to be emotionless, lifeless

without any warmth.

[I see. But we can't talk if I die, you know? See, it's

exactly because we can't, you even became the dew,


Somehow, it seemed her soul was being held

literally, ’’in the palm of God's hands’’.

Although she didn't seem to not only have a mouth and

throat, but not even a body Miko laughed loudly.

Maybe it was because that didn't please her, but......

【 Thou. For scheming against god, know your

place. 】

For one instant, Miko's consciousness was certainly

cut off.

She surely should've ’’died’’ in the palm god put her

power into but she remained completely aloof


I admit it. Even proudly. That I deceived an Old

Deus, and used her and that's because

[Isn't ’’the one who got deceived the one at fault’’, a

rule of


this world?]

Once again, her consciousness got cut.

Did she die for a single moment again?

[I wish you'd stop killing and resurrecting me as you

please. It's making my blood run cold ah but I also

don't have blood, do I?]

【 Thou schemed. Twice. 】

The god's words of condemnation were words that,

just by themselves, would bring annihilation if it weren't

for the [Ten Oaths]. But

[Why are you sulking? I guess that means the game

must be proceeding as expected, huh.]

That's right, if it's proceeding just like she schemed,


As if replacing the reply, Miko's field of vision

opened even though she didn't have even one of her five


She saw each one of the participants proceeding on the

spiral drawn by the lands and separated as squares.

Apparently, things are all proceeding as planned

[ You will lose you know?]

She laughed pleased, even forgetting she was in a

situation where she was immersed in death to the top of

her head.

【Affirmative. That may happen to a god deceived

twice by the Provisional Fee everything is possible,

with nothing to be gained. 】

The god's face as she said that couldn't be seen.

But her voice didn't contain any traces of emotion,

concern or interest at all.

Desiring nothing, expecting nothing, discarding

everything as if it was meaningless, the same as worthless

【I care not for what will happen. Winning or losing

all that changes is the [outcome]. The [conclusion]

will not change. 】

It seemed to be...... just like a child sulking.

【Thou schemed and betrayed from the moment

thou sold me, the limit of the solution thou seeks would not

change anymore.】

Miko gave a wry smile since the girl wasn't aware


Miko knew no, she couldn't understand.

She simply found out that it was like that.

For an Old Deus for that girl, even the way to

measure the time itself seemed to differ from theirs.

Those eyes overlooking countless branches of futures,

and even the possible worlds, could already see the

outcome of this game in that case, surely it must be

seeing what lied ahead of that outcome, as if it were

countless predetermined facts.


[It'll change...... the outcome and also the conclusion,

along with you.]

It's useless.

For starters, from the moment she was deceived by

Miko, it was clear there were things unknown even to the


That's even more true when it's about ’’this girl’’

Miko erased her laugh from her voice.

[I schemed, deceived, and betrayed you. The first time

unintentionally, the second time intentionally. Still ]

With a tinge of loneliness dyeing her voice, Miko even

so spoke aggressively.

[I did not tell any lies. If you didn't understand that,

then that's the limit of what you can see.]

When she told Miko, ’’thou sold me’’.

In the end, the transcendental race's recognition, its

range of comprehension...... was ’’just to that degree’’,

she thought.

[I and those people;they will also bring you

along, beyond that.]

That's why she still declared, fearlessly.

[Skepticism is synonymous with trust. The move

which you don't know of and I also once gave up on

that will drag both the outcome and conclusion along with

the entire world, and change it all...... don't you think the

move that will pull in such a future will be a sight to


【So they are what will pull it in I see, so that must

be what thou calls a 'spectacle'.】

The scenery captured in God's eyes.

It was reflected in the vision it shared with Miko

the figure of the ones approaching.


[P-Probably...... surely...... ah...... I wonder if it

was too precipitated......?]

It's alright...... it should be. Probably,

maybe...... surely

■ ■ ■ ■ ■


th square.

The place they are aiming for with their third move

was the 204

th square.

Based on Shiro's map, it was a plain grazing the

country of Haywest, the Elven Garde's territory on the

Andalusia Continent.

From the rocks, it dissolved into an aqua color until

the barren wilderness halfway forming a desert.

The ones gathering attention from the pinnacle,

reaching for the ends of possibilities even god didn't

know of were right now,

’’Hyaahahh screw that about walking with a person's

legs, relying on tools is how we do it!’’

The potential of humans lies not on their bodies

but on their wisdom! or so he was shouting loudly.

A Harley ran through splitting the wind, and

tearing through the wasteland.

The roar of the engine hit the atmosphere as it went to

the end of the period, literally roaring through it.

’’S-Soraa!? Just what is thisssssss!?’’

’’......Ni, Nii...... r-reduce...... the, speed......’’

The middle-aged man, pushing the two screaming

children (provisionally two years old) into the sidecar,


’’Don't say something so rude, sister! Can't you hear it

the voice of the wind, telling me to become the


Towards her older brother, whose eyes through the

rider goggles were harboring madness while saying some

ambiguous things.

Shiro thought it traced back to a few hours



It's been 14 days since the start of the game they've

ran out of food supplies.

’’I've had enough...... I wanna go home, or rather, it's

already over so everyone will die ahahahaha.’’

’’......Nii...... can Shiro...... reach, the......


’’Ah, a pink elephant is flying~...... it won't take much

if we ride on that♪’’

The three of them were still in their second move

walking like ghosts on the 58

th square, where they

performed the


random number analysis.

......In the first place, it was by a miraculous luck they

managed to get hold of a cart so quick.

Losing the cart, they procured substitute legs, and in

the end they even made a bicycle on their own and


But the road-less path extending for 580km was far too

harsh for such a quickly-made ride.

Every time they lost the ride they struggled to obtain,

their hearts came closer to breaking and unaware of it.

I would rather walk than that, and the three of

them unthinkingly stepped forward with their own legs.

Only their dice increased smoothly, depending on

whom stepped on Sora and Shiro's tasks but.

Sora and the others simply kept walking mindlessly,

evading the sun, escaping from the rain and getting

frightened of wild animals.

After spending more than two weeks like that, they

exhausted their food supplies, and finally fell into despair

it was at that time.

Their vision blackened they reached their

destination at the end of the 119




Square Movement].

The place where the outcome of [58] pointed to......

was the 120

th square, the one with the【Task】.

Those three were standing up lonely on the open

wilderness and like them, there was a single billboard

standing alone.

【Answer the name of this motorcycle's maker. If

you can answer it, then you can take it! 】

At the side of the billboard, where they read one

sentence written by Sora and Shiro themselves, was that.

A high-consumption large-sized motorcycle vehicle

with a side-car attached, making its engine growl and with

the fuel tank full.

Like always, it was a task that only Sora and Shiro

could answer and, although unlikely, maybe Jibril

in other words.




Throwing the dice once again, Sora rode on the Harley

smiling at the miracle witnessed by God

’’Hahah!! Using over half of the Tasks for [legs] really

paid off! Roar, V-Type Air-Cooled DOHC Evolution



Run through the spiral's horizons, now, until

the sky!!!’’

And that's how it became like that.

’’......Ni, Nii, did you, have, a license......?’’

Shiro asked the obvious while the wind hit her face,

trying distract herself from the fear.

There's no way he had that.

Forget about the license for a large bike, he had no

experience on driving anything aside a granny's bike.

The community of the hikikomori NEETs don't even

have the slightest motivation needed to obtain something

like that.

’’The license to ride a Harley? Hah, of course I have


But the reply of her older brother as he raised his

thumb with all his heart went over diagonally above

her expectations.

’’The burning soul of an old man! The American

spirit!! Right here in my heart!!’’

’’......Nii, we are, Japanese...... also, it's unclear if

we, have even the Yamato-Damashii

[26]...... since we

are hikikomoris.’’

The shout came from provisionally 43.2-year-old

virgin, Sora, who collected Shiro and Steph's dice

’’......Furthermore, that's a 'misrepresentation of age'

......come back, to sanity......!’’

Regardless of the age he appeared, she asserted the

inside was definitely the 18-year-old virgin Sora, but.

’’Calm down, sister...... your brother's heart had

never before been this much enlightened. It's alright?’’

Shiro nodded insecure, as her brother once again

started speaking weirdly while smiling like a Buddha.

That change without any context was the best proof

nothing was okay at all, but

’’People are distinguished based on the country they

were born would you say something so sad?’’

We are the world;we are the children.

Seeming about to sing like that, Sora looked at the

distance through the goggles.

’’Would you be unable to know about Yamato if you

haven't been born on Japan? Feel the Yamato and honor

the Yamato...... Is that something you cannot do, as long

as you weren't born inside the frame border known as the

Japan drawn on the map? Your brother doesn't think so.’’

’’......That...... is...... b-but, Nii ’’

’’America that's a good example. The only ones

considered Americans are its citizens right?’’

’’......Y-yes...... it's a country, of immigrants......but’’

’’However, both those of American birth and the

immigrants pride themselves of the America. Touch the

heart and know the mind. Not as a frame border but on

the moment they touch that heart built up by the people,

that heart will also dwell in them.’’

Therefore, it's not a problem of birth.

As her brother revised his Buddha smile and yelled

with a Kongōrikishi


smile, Shiro became convinced.

’’I touched the


Harley and an AMERICAN dwelt there

I already am America!!’’

What should I do...... Nii is broken......

’’W-Well, besides, that's just in public isn't it? Aren't

those Earth's legislative regulations? There aren't any

policemen here either, are there?’’

The self-proclaimed American complemented while

mumbling with such a chicken heart.

’’Shiro, it's not just my impression right~ Sora is

already no good.’’

Although reluctant, Shiro held the exact opinion as that

disheartened comment, so she said out of despair.

’’A-And also well, isn't it about time to consider a

serious problem......?’’

’’Problem!? There are no problems! Put the love from

the America, and

what will be will be

let it be!!!’’

’’......Nii...... the Be○tles


, are...... from


’’As if I'll let that whatever it may be happen!! S-Shiro

understands too don't you? Like picking up flowers ’’

’’......Shiro, is a bishoujo...... and bishoujos, don't

use...... toilets......’’

’’Eh, what did you say!? It's hard to hear due to the

engine and the wind so please speak louder!!’’

The flow went with her older brother developing

(physically) a protagonist's deafness disease followed by

a combo of se*ual harassment, but she went with the flow

and ignored it.

Shiro took out a tablet PC from the rucksack crushing

Steph, and thought.

......Rather, it's normal for her brother to be this


It's been over 18 days since the game started......

436 hours and 18 minutes to be accurate.

Their food supplies been exhausted, the fatigue was

piling up, let alone they haven't had much sleep.

Even if it's not monsters...... dangers enough to kill

people, like wild dogs, insects, and weather where


It was a long journey that's scarce even in

environments where one could relax and rest it would

be weirder if one didn't break down.

......Though there was one exception, who was

carried on the back whenever she got tired of walking, and

would rest on the chest when laying down.

Except for Shiro, who had ’’Nii’’ the best

portable bed that allowed her to have a sound sleep

regardless of the place.

Then from here on it's my own job, Shiro murmured

on her mind, and started her thoughts sorting

situation, start.

The names, number of dice possessed, including

their provisional ages are as it follows:

Sora with [24] dice 43.2 years old.

Shiro with [2] dice 2.2 years old.

Steph with [1] die 1.8 years old.

The reason why Shiro and Steph are infants obviously

wasn't for the sake of the

Old man Soul

Harley's license.

If they become smaller, then the amount of food

supplies they need will reduce.

When walking, they would give priority to the stamina,

and would redistribute the dice.

The reason why Shiro would keep two dice and Steph

one, was so her dice wouldn't reach zero if her task was

coincidentally broken through.

It was exactly because they repeatedly adjusted the

dice based on the situation accurately that they came this

far but.

The one who carried the burden born from that

repetition without letting even a single complaint slip out

was her brother.

And as a result, Sora suffered a major damage one

making people think the only reason he hasn't sunk yet was

because he's the flagship.

Steph had excluded her requests along with her


She would live strongly with 'there's no shame since I

don't even have panties' spirit conclusion.

(......There's an urgent need to secure...... food

supplies, for Nii...... and an environment, which Nii can

get, a good sleep......)

Current position, 152

th square.

At somewhere grazing the western border of a country

on Elven Garde's territory, Haywest.

Number of dice and number of remaining squares until

the [Objective], the estimated time and amount of fuel



Pinching the LCD of the Tablet PC, Shiro widened the

map showing there.

Discovering ’’a certain thing’’ barely included on the

current coordinates'square, she raised her voice.

She immediately made a formula no, she indexed

a calculative formula, and murmured.

’’......Nii...... at 2.4km to the east from here......

there's a small city...... and an...... 'inn'......’’

’’Inn!? Lodgings! Aren't inns good when you've been

camping outside without taking a bath for more than two


Being crushed by luggage and Shiro, Steph reacted

with full force to that murmur, even faster than Sora.

There's also a toilet there, though Steph didn't

say it, she took a single glance at Shiro, who nodded.

But Sora slightly frowned his eyebrows, dubiously.

It's just natural, Shiro thought inside her mind.

That's because Shiro did not mind it even though the

word ’’bath’’ popped up but.

’’It's fine! Hurry up and go already! Hurry, hurry up!

The flower! The flower is!!’’

’’......You, saying flower in a situation like this, you

sure are strong huh...... what will you do with something

like a flower, eat it?’’

’’Right! Now! If you don't head there then I'll

jump down, alright!?’’

’’I-I got it, I said I got it! Really, and we finally got that

tension out......’’

Sora said in a good condition, but just good enough to

not let her notice it was the last shine before the candle

burned out.

Pouting he reluctantly lowered the bike's body.

Drifting loudly, he made the sidecar float while

making a turn and raised up sand

’’Hyaaaaaaaaaah is this vehicle unable to turn around

without doing thissss!?’’

’’That is right !!’’

Shiro even got moved at the lie her brother

instantly replied without a single moment of hesitation.

’’Is that so! Then it can't be helped rightttttttttttttttttttt!!’’

With Steph's screams as the klaxon, the bike went

heading towards the small forest.

■ ■ ■ ■ ■

On the same 152th square...... coincidentally at

the same time.

There was a figure of a man kicking the ground while

running on all fours, trying to overtake that klaxon.

It was Hatsuse Ino with four dice provisionally

39.2 years old, wearing a black and red aura.

The red vapor, was proof of the [Blood Devastation]

it was the vaporization of the boiling blood, but,

’’Yes, well, it was my mistake alright? It may be a

blunder I committed without a single speck of intention,

but you know what?’’

The pitch-black color was proof of the laughing

beast's boiling killing intent while baring its fangs.

Ino was enraged. He was boiling with more rage than

he ever did before.

Two moves before, Ino stopped on a certain square

and was told so by the voice that echoed:

[Pluck out the thingy in your crotch and die

for the sake of the world.] Death, through

the【Task】he wrote himself.

Naturally, Ino closed his eyes You'll kill people,

so you also will get killed.

He long since prepared himself for that natural

retribution, but he still shed a single tear for the sake of his

prided son who would get plucked out.

And then, after a few minutes, or maybe a few hours,

waiting for his own death after accepting everything

he finally noticed.

His tasks didn't contain any specifications and, as such,

there was no coercive power......

At the same time, he cried in relief since he kept

praying Izuna wouldn't step on his tasks.

He prayed...... every hour he would bow down on the

ground and make a wish for Miko-sama.

He burned with regret and repentance.

He prayed...... he even wholeheartedly begged that

Sole God for the first time in his life while shedding tears

of blood.

Hey almighty shitty brat residing on the heavens, do

something good once in a while.

His prayers were answered the cute Izuna

wouldn't die due to his own foolishness anymore.

But it wasn't goodwill making that come true it

was a mocking voice.

Thus he realized that in this world, there isn't

anyone who will listen to prayers of goodwill.

This world is simply and merely filled with evil

intentions...... it must be corrected no matter what.

And for the moment, there was someone who certainly

noticed it yet still incited him that monkey.

Ino's initial speculation was this.

Unlike himself, the clever Izuna would certainly

notice the true intention of this game, and be victorious.

Then it'd be fine if I just obliterate Sora without

fail, and transfer the dice to Izuna when the opportunity


But that'd be troubling now, Ino thought while

shaving his own life, sprinting towards the goal.

If he reached the goal, then all of his requests would

be granted then.

I must run aiming for the world's victory known

as ’’make Sora-dono die’’ no matter what !!!

His rationality spoke...... you reap what you sow.

Rather, there's too much leniency since the retribution

for trying to kill someone ended up being just that.

Why do people fight they fight for the sake of

peace, isn't that putting the horse before the cart?

But after things came this far, it's too late to act

intelligently now.

Why do they fight? It's because they are stupid.

Then as the fool strangling his own neck while going

for yours and holding a misplaced anger now, I'll bark

like the fool I am.

In other words.

’’It seems I can't calm down unless I bury my fist in

that face at least once, isn't that so, damn monkey?!’’



’’Eh, excuse me for the rudeness, although I don't think

I'm being rude in the least. Are you Hatsuse Ino-sama?’’

......Ino hardened his resolve, and even shaved off his

life as he sprinted in order to surpass that sound.

But then that absurd Jibril abruptly asked with an

air of composure, while going in parallel with him.

’’Hahaha...... although it can be expected of a

birdbrain, but even birds have good sight, you know?’’

Even if he became younger, there was but one single

male Warbeast in this game.

After Ino acted sarcastically, Jibril gazed at a book for

some reason gave a single nod, and

’’Please excuse me for that...... I never really cared

much about the distinction between a


Warbeast and a



aside from whether they walk on two feet or four legs, so

something like their gender is ah, how about this: if

you remain on four legs for all eternity, wouldn't you also

be classified with the [beasts] and decrease the number of

items in the dictionary by one!?’’

Jibril said so with a full smile, Ino unintentionally

stopped on his feet.

He quietly stood up on two legs and showed a

wordless rejection.

’’A-ah~...... what a pity well, let's put that aside


She made a regretful face for a single instant, but

maybe she didn't really care about that she suddenly

pointed to the forest,

’’There are three presences of Imanity over there

two of them are the Masters, right?’’

’’......? ......Why, would you ask that to me?’’

’’No, it was just a little greeting and...... ah, please

continue crawling on the ground from now on too ♪’’

The sub-audio said ’’I have no more use to you

so disappear’’.

Sending off Jibril's back as she jumped and went off

with a smile, Ino said out doubtful.

’’......Why, is she still here?’’

That absurdity can teleport as much as she wants


Even if it was sealed due to the rule of proceeding

through the squares with the dice, it was someone who

could calmly follow him, even though he was running with

enough force to reach the speed of the sound.

What reason could she have for still being here


Why would she purposefully tell Ino she was going to

greet Sora and Shiro ?

’’......Are you telling me to cool down my head a bit

and 'question it'?’’

That uncomfortable feeling the true nature of this

game Ino had yet to understand.

That act was something far too unbecoming of

Jibril...... but

■ ■ ■ ■ ■

On the eastern border of the 152

th square, there

was a city...... just like Shiro calculated.

Elven Garde, in a country town in a remote place at

the suburbs of the Haywest province a fragment of it.

There was one part of a [human village] barely

reflected on this Sugoroku, since the square breaks down

just a little further ahead.

That place was nothing more than scraps just a little

further ahead from the border of Elven Garde but.

Compared to Elkia no, even with the previous

world, the cultural differences were dimensions apart.

A style with its own sophistication that one would

hesitate to call it an ’’architecture’’.

The house and the road woven with trees elegantly

blended into the forest filled with gorgeous colors from

the watery light released by the jellyfish-like flower

swimming in the air.

Though in such fantasy-like [


Forest] taken out by god

there weren't any signs of elves, the residents.

Everyone must have let out exclamation marks at

that scenery, and stood still.

That highlight was one that must've made the game

designer display all the sense he had in his spirit.

But what had echoed without any intention of reading

the mood was

Popo-papapararara~n ♪

’’Sora obtained a mysterious grass wait, this

again, I've already had enough of you, damn it!!’’

Making the sound effect himself, the middle-aged man

shouted while slamming the flowing [mysterious grass] to

the ground.

Before the urgent hunger, both admiration and

emotion won't be of any use.

Fully ignoring the scenery, the 43.2 years old Sora

violently rode through the house, Harley and all, and

rummaged it.

’’......Nii, the elves...... are, vegetarians......’’

’’That's a lie, right!? Then where the hell did the

nutrients from Fiel's breasts came from!? Even for cows

with their fats, they don't inflate like that, right?! There

should be at least rice, meat and meat somewhere right!?’’

Guessing by the sound effect it was the ’’Hero's’’

privilege of the eight Dra*** Que**



After arbitrarily entering people's house and making a

household inspection, he then claims a mysterious

authoritarianism, but.

When a grimy middle-aged man does that, it's

unmistakably the burglar act of a ’’bandit’’

’’......Can, I ask...... something......?’’

’’Hii!? W-What's it is? D-Does Shiro wants me to, w-

wash your clothes too?’’

The young girl secretly drying her washed clothes

jumped at Shiro's voice and laughed nervously.

Having fully ignored the scenery just like them, she ran

around searching for something at the same time they

invaded the house and then.

After a [Biee~en] voice echoed, the 1.8 years old

Steph came back with a single towel.

While measuring the distance with a shuffle

Shiro asked.

’’............L, size......?’’

’’It's S! wait that's wron wha I have no

idea what is this talk about *Biee-en*!!’’

Noticing there was no smoothing it, Steph dived onto

the bed as if to run away from Shiro.

And then in just a few seconds, she sank into a dream

this time, it was to run away from reality.

......For starters, they were completely exhausted.

Not a single one of them could afford to care about the


Sora couldn't nor did Steph and obviously Shiro

couldn't either.

That's right, that was because even now, Shiro was

ferociously filling her small head with a certain


The reason they came here, the reason why she

induced her brother to come to this place, and even the

sentences threw at Steph, everything.

It all was for the sake of the ’’formula’’ that would be

perfected if she removed Steph from this place

Theorem Proving Project, commencing the re-

verification of the



Induction of [


Point N] into the

this house

Specified Coordinates


Existence of the


necessary project values in

this house

Specified Coordinates Confirmed.

Established Project, variation of the


variable values

by three points Confirmed.

Turning the Established Project's


variable values



Point N twenty-four,


Point S two

Confirmed to be possible.

Removal of


floating random number Confirmed.

Re-verification is over.

Induction's Functional Equation Proving is


(...... Now, Nii let's, start, the




Saying so inside her mind, Shiro showed a wicked

smile behind Sora's back Sora and the two gourds.

Sora sensitively perceived that disturbing presence

and what lied beyond his gaze was .

’’ Wait, whaaaat!? Shiro, tha that's


Shiro's figure could be seen extending her hand above

a high shelf after piling up many platforms.

Sora hurriedly embraced Shiro, her foothold was

wavering unstably as if almost collapsing, and roared.

’’ Damn! Just why are you pretending to be playing



while letting a two-year-old infant work, are

you stupid or what, Sora provisionally 43 years old! It's

exactly because you're like that you're still are a virgin

even after your forties!!’’

Until now, Sora has been accurately and finely

controlling the situation and adjusting the number of dice.

But now that exhaustion reached the extreme, he

noticed, although late, he forgot about the distribution of

the dice and said.

’’......My bad, Shiro. I should've noticed it earlier


While being held up by her brother, Shiro lowered her

face and thinly laughed.

Sora was looking at the shelf Shiro extended her hand

to and this...... is what he is thinking.

How about I return a few dice to her.

That's what he's thinking...... that's what you would

definitely end up thinking.

For starters, it was a height Shiro couldn't reach, even

if he returned eight dice to her and she went back to ten

dice her original age.

The brother's excellence on situation judgment would

fetch Shiro's intention desire to help with searching

for supplies.

And he'll will determine that it wouldn't be bad

to have more manpower.

’’Hm. Then, I'll keep ten I'm alright with the 18-

year-old body, so I'll hand you the remaining fourteen,

okay Shiro?’’

That's right, he'll definitely do that.

Shiro gulped, and nodded with her head.

Until here it's exactly as I calculated Shiro

seemed apologetic, though it was to hide the faint smile

she let overflow.

Those dice he shared were age.

The original value was equivalent to [ten] dice, so if

you increase or decrease it by one the age would

increase or decrease by a tenth.

And so, if Shiro who's holding two dice were to

receive the fourteen dice handed out by Sora,

She would possess [sixteen dice].

Receiving the long-awaited dice Shiro laughed.

(...... Bye bye, loli body...... Bye bye, flatness )

Immediately following, Shiro's body got enveloped in

light her limbs suddenly grew and stretched.

The little Steph was sleeping peacefully Shiro

envisioned her original appearance.

She had breasts filled with dreams even though

she's just a Steph.

She had a gorgeous and selfish body even though

she's just a Steph.

That was...... but now, laughing with her nose, she

murmured in her heart.

I feel bad for tricking you, but this is also part

of the


job, see...... I'll be going ahead of you, Steph.

Farewell, the Shiro with an underdeveloped body......

Welcome, the Shiro with a gorgeous body......!

With that body, the first formula would be completed

basically, if she's just seducing Nii then !

...... If she did that, then......


The one who murmured that was Sora who

returned to being 18 years old with ten dice.

’’............What? ......? ...... Nii, this......?’’

But Is it just my impression? the one troubled

was Shiro who looked up to her brother.

The fact her height of vision remained the same as

she's used to was only her impression...... wasn't it?

Shiro tilted her neck, gave a smile, and suddenly let

her hands slip on her breasts,

...... Flat. Flat, flat flat flat......

’’......Nii, it's as flat as a board, you know? ......

It's quite flat, isn't it!?’’

The lights disappeared from Shiro's eyes at the

sensation of stroking nothing but air.

Shiro couldn't help but laugh at the sensation of the

ground beneath her feet collapsing along with her


’’Ca-caaaalm down Shiro! I-It's alright, you have grown


It was the greatest shock she suffered ever since the

game's start no, ever since she was born.

Seeing Shiro burn out and her already pale face turning

gray, her brother gave a follow-up in panic.

’’It's, well, that thing! Even if the number of dice

increase, it doesn't necessarily mean everyone will grow

up equally or something like that!?’’

The brother who was a middle-aged man until a little

ago lied no, he attempted to make a gentle hypothesis


......I know. That's wrong, Shiro self-deprecatingly

smiled deeper.

Indeed, it's exactly as her brother said, she certainly

had ’’grown’’.

Her limbs had extended slightly and her fat loli

stomach, too, had recessed.

By the way, it'll deviate from the talk, but.

You knew she'd be fine even if she continued being a

truant since there's no [grade repetition] in Japan's

primary schools, didn't you?

Even Shiro, who didn't go to school even once since

enrolling, is listed as a [primary school fifth grade

student] on paper.

But including the fact she was aware her own

growth was bad even for a fifth grader, she wondered.

How about we liken this ’’growth’’ or whatever to this:

After multiplying her age by 1.6 times, she finally

became a fifth grade schooler.

If you line up by order of height, then out of the fifth

graders she'll be the first one in the front, right!!

’’S-Shiro, stay strong!! It simply proved that Shiro is a

perfected beauty!!’’

’’......I, don't care, anymore...... Nii...... Shiro......

is, tired......’’

’’Wait wait wait, hey Shiro! Don't raise your thumbs

and try to go to heaven with a nice smile, hey!!’’

A smooth breeze rustled gently.

While she felt her soul turn into dust and blown by the

wind, her brother's voice sounded distant

Shiro cursed everything, had betrayed her.

She had been betrayed by the future.

She had been betrayed by the world.

A selfish and gorgeous body...... breasts filled with

dreams she would never become like that......

While Shiro's consciousness fell, as she gave up on


’’ !!!!?’’

’’Uwaaaah!? W-What is it this time!?’’

Suddenly, a lighting ran through as if anchoring

her consciousness as it sank.

And following the tsunami of information surging

through her brain, Shiro firmly stepped on the floor and


When people confronts death, it's said they see a

revolving lantern.

That is, in order to escape the predicament, they

search through each and every memories and knowledge.

It's said it's a phenomenon of abnormal activity

where the brain would overcome its limits.

......About the matter of it being a despair worthy of

death for Shiro, let's put it aside for now.

Shiro entrusted her body to the sensation of her brain

circuits burning, and ferociously pulled the information in.

I feel like there's something

She felt it was an ’’insight’’ one that would

rebuild the collapsed equation !!


Every entertainment product like games, comics and

movies her brother played, watched and finished reading

during the span of eight years after meeting Shiro.

Normal games: a total of 23.671.



: a total of 1.852 titles.

Comic titles and erotic doujin


magazines: a total

of 85.743 volumes.

Anime: a total of 2465.

Live-action dramas and movies: a total of 867 series.


Characters from within those who are specially liked

by her brother A total number of 874 [brides].

Without missing a single one, she forcefully aligned

her mind with videos, manga, and voice, adding up the


Every kind of information described in magazine

articles, conquest guides and collection of settings In

other words.

Along with various other information, the settings

about their age, height and three-sizes!

They are coherently being digitized, turned into

statistics, graphics, and analyzed !

’’......Erm, Shiro, -san? Now what are you ’’

Shiro's brain probably has the most prominent

capacity out of all humanity.

And right now it was being unknowingly abused,

overcoming its limits in an unprecedented waste.

As Shiro simply glared ghastly at the floor, Sora

timidly asked.

But time passed without it reaching her ears, and after

a few seconds Shiro concluded.

[Work out].

Sora her brother's liking, his tastes, preferences

and fetishes, all of these were mathematically indexed and


That's right, mathematics doesn't tell lies...... putting

it bluntly her brother's tastes are:

Age the person's exterior settings will be

calculated with the average height and age average

value [12.344...... old].


Body type bust-waist-hip average value [77.2

: 59.873 : 78.23].


Settings younger ratio [61.1%], little sister ratio

[48.4%], big-breast ratio a minor [3.2%].

[Conclude] !!!

’’....... I'm, glad...... so Nii...... was......

undoubtedly...... a loli-con......’’

The world got filled with light, as if an aurora

ripped through the night.

Shiro fell into her knees, and looked up to the heavens

there was still hope, a future.

’’ Hey little sister. I don't know what's going on,

but wasn't Nii-chan greatly insulted right now?’’

The brother who had mathematically and statistically

been defined as a pervert groaned with his eyes half-open


Insult? No way, it was salvation itself.

Shiro wiped her tears and stood up, as to not look


I see, it seems that no matter how old I become,

I'll remain with a loli body.

I don't know if it's the truth, or if it's only within this

game but!

(...... Bye bye...... breasts filled...... with

dreams...... but )

There's no...... problem.

Right, it's not a problem.

Shiro clenched her fists and howled, while pretending

that she didn't notice that her heart was bleeding.

Now that it was revealed that her brother was a loli-

con, there's no problem at all !!

If Nii doesn't like it, then

If Nii doesn't need something like breasts, then

I don't, need !


THAT !!!

......Holding such a fierce resolution in her chest,

Shiro pretended to be calm, and attempted to rebuild

the [Calculation].

The first equation crumbled miserably. But

’’......Nii...... Shiro...... is, tired...... I'll go......

take, a bath......’’

’’O, oh...... stay strong, okay! N-Nii-chan likes Shiro

no matter how you look, you see!’’

That's right, if it's Nii then, he will say that.

With Shiro's dream the future of a gorgeous body

breaking in front of him, he will definitely say that.

But that's exactly why! It's still possible to prove the

formula...... and the second equation is !

■ ■ ■ ■ ■

......Sora followed Shiro's back, as they tottered

while walking powerlessly.

’’H-Hey Shiro. There's still room for growth even after

seventeen years old. Cheer up, okay?’’

’’......Shiro...... is super, alright...... super,


She answered so with a voice that was like an

example of the antonym of fine.

As Shiro voluntarily went to the bathroom of all

things, Sora seriously reflected.

Shiro is 11 years old...... it's 1.1 years for each

single die.

With 16 dice, it's 17.6 years he shouldn't have

handed out so many.

He knew Shiro was bothered by her child-like figure

although it's natural, since she is a child.

Not only that, but spending 18 days in such an extreme

game, it's just natural for the mind and body to become


At such a time, what if he was carelessly handed more

than the initial amount and ended up looking different

than his own idealized appearance?

Surely, it would be a shock.

It's because you don't understand that side of a girl's

heart that you're no good Sora clenched his teeth.

He followed the figure of his sister entering the

dressing room with uncertain footsteps and called out.

’’W-well, it's that. Take a rest. Right? Hurry up and

enter the bath ’’

If she takes a good sleep and some rest, maybe

she'll recover a little bit.

’’......Hm...... wash...... my back......’’

’’That's it! Get your back washed! Get refreshed,


Sora brightly nodded diligently at Shiro's answer and

came out from the dressing room.

’’......Wash...... my hair......’’

’’Yeah! Doing this stop-it-right-now great adventure

for over two weeks is just too much, isn't it!?’’

And then...... in what must be the bathroom since he

didn't really understand the Elves architectural style.

Steam was rising without having a roof, so rather than

a bathroom with the ceiling open.

It was a hot spring.

Sora couldn't afford to care about something like the

scenery until now, but his heart jumped at this open-air


If one were to forget about everything and be healed

in this bath, he would surely recover in one go, wouldn't


’’......And so...... while...... washing...... Shiro's


Sora stood still as if he got charmed by the bathtub, but

Shiro was

’’......Nii...... who's been storing it up...... will

violate...... Shiro......’’


...... Hm?

’’......Being rough...... to Shiro...... like in a, erotic



’’, in an erotic, doujin......?’’

’’No, this silence isn't to make you say it twice you

know? Erm?’’

Though Shiro essentially remained with her back

turned to Sora,

’’ Why are you making it seems like we'll be

entering together. Both your back and hair, the one who

will be washing it will be ’’

Having told her so, Sora looked around but, the

ones standing there,

’’......Who...... will be the one washing it......?’’

Was just Shiro, who turned around showing a

smile, without a single thread covering her body.

And Sora who felt a shiver run down through his

back, wearing a single towel wrapped on his hip.

He finally noticed he was in a situation where he was

alone with his naked little sister, facing the bathtub.

’’ No, no, no, no, that can't be HAHAHA, well

well, you, wait a little?’’

Sora diverted his gaze in a panic and stood still while

sweating cold like a waterfall.

’’S-Shiro, you're 17 years old, aren't you!? You must

consider the rating, because how would you take

responsibility if it gets prohibited ’’

’’......Nii, that's wrong......’’

Why is it.

With a smile that didn't hold a single speck of malice,

Shiro took one step closer.

Taking one step back in follow, Sora thought.

Why is Shiro's smile this scary !?

’’......Each one of, Shiro's dice...... isn't...... [1.1

years] ......’’

I see, Sora understood.

Although it's obvious, Shiro's age isn't exactly eleven

years old.

Reaching her eleventh birthday, they came to


this world so it's eleven and seven months.

A single die for Shiro didn't turn into [1.1 years]

but [1.15833...years].

But what about it. That's just a ’’measurement

error’’, isn't it?

*step* *step*

Step by step as if seeing through what Sora was

thinking in his mind while backing away,

Step by step while Shiro approached smiling,

Sora certainly heard what she answered.

That's correct. It's just a ’’measurement error’’.

The worst kind of stuf that would confound every

equation a ’’measurement error’’.

With that measurement error, two of Shiro's dice

changed from [2.2 years] to [2.3166...years].

And it changed the [17.6] years Shiro have from the

sixteen dice

Into [

18.533... years old

Above 18 years].

’’......I failed...... at fascinating you with a gorgeous

body...... but......’’

This is bad.

Sora understood that he failed since it was too late.

Seeing his little sister murmur like that he heard

his instincts shouting.

He didn't really understand why but, this is

’’......The operation...... went exactly as I calculated,

you see? Nii ’’

A pinch.

She let her mild voice bounce joyfully.

The smile that floated thinly trembled faintly with


Revealing her flushed body, the little sister leisurely

approached and behind her,

’’......With this, Nii...... has no other option, besides

entering the bath together, with Shiro...... right♪’’

Sora certainly felt like he saw a





laughing evilly while holding a great scythe.

*step* *step*

As the Death God rather, his little sister

approached step by step, Sora desperately attempted to

resist with a hollow voice.

’’B-But your looks haven't changed that much ah,

no, f-f-for starters what's inside is ’’

’’......Nii, had said...... Old Man Soul...... the

current Shiro...... has an above 18-year-old soul......’’

’’No, no, no! Somehow that's no good! According to

things like law, regulations or organizations!?’’

’’......The Earth's unrelated...... so does the

policemen...... that's...... what Nii, said......’’

But, as Sora backed away, his back finally hit the


Sora, whose words and escape had been cut off, was


This is a [lip attack].

Using Sora's own words as a weapon, Shiro was

cornering him

’’......Nii, self-destructed...... you don't have, any

excuse...... to escape......’’

And then she finally ’’slammed it on the wall’’.

Both of her hands, obstructing his left and right sides

though it was around his hip, due to the difference

between each other's height.

Looking down on the ruby eyes which showed a joyful

look, Sora thought.

Now, what will you do, Sora virgin,

provisionally and also confirmed to be currently 18

years old.



escape was cut off...... no the fact that he cut

it off himself ’’was used’’ !!

Losing to Shiro it would be a lie to say he wasn't

frustrated, but it also happens everyday but.

Sora felt the ground collapsing beneath his feet, having

lost at [tactics] of all things

...... Wait. Wait wait wait !?

’’ Hah...... haha, hahahahahahahahahaa!’’

Sora laughed loudly, as a flash of light ran in his mind

in other words, an insight.

He was about to get deceived.

Escape? An excuse to escape? That's unnecessary!

’’Fufu, my little sister, listen well, alright? I'll accept

your proclamation we're both 18 years old but!’’

That's right, this is still [Check] it's not [Check-


For starters

Just why would they have to enter the bath

together just because they're both 18 years old!?

’’Siblings who enter the bath together even after being

18 years old is truly the height of the unnatural!! If Shiro is

also 18 years old, then you should go alone ’’

Sora roared as he was convinced that the Check had

crumbled, but

It had already been over 18 days since this game


They kept going on extreme situations, with fatigue,

hunger, wild animals, 【Tasks】and

They managed to survive until now while constantly

feeling the Death God's scythe on their necks and yet.

’’......Nii...... do you, hate...... Shiro...... that


Shiro lowered her face and let her voice escape,

a few words that sounded like she was hurt.

At that, Sora finally felt like the scythe had cut a piece

of his neck's skin and his view darkened.


While hugging the naked Shiro whose face remained

lowered...... Sora thought.

What would be the reason for still saying [NO]

even after receiving that line?

Is it because she's a child?

He had accepted the proclamation that they were

both 18 years old Refuted.

I-Is because she looks like a child?

Then will he insist on calling Shiro a child for her

entire life? Refuted.

Is it because we're siblings? Refuted It had been

refuted by those few words !

It was exactly because they were siblings, because he

didn't hate her, that he could proudly stay together with

her without any guilty feelings

Guilty feelings?

...... There's something bugging me, Sora thought


(...... What. I feel like I'm about to notice something I

shouldn't furthermore)

With the height difference, Shiro's heartbeat could be

felt at his hips through the skin.

The girl looked up to him, with her heart beating

soundly, strong and big, like an alarm bell

(...... Just what is it! Those eyes telling me to ’’notice’’


It's a game where people deceive and betray each


But why is it that Shiro of all people the only one

who definitely wouldn't betray him,

Was cornering him this much !

That's right, in the exactly moment when the Death

God's scythe was about to slash Sora's windpipe

’’Excuse me for my rudeness, Master...... Is Sora-

sama ’’

’’Uwooah Jibril-kun!! Hey you!?

Your dice are~erm~oh me! They

decreased to two, didn't they!! What a

serious deal, so hurry, I'll give you

eight of mines! What, no need to hold

back you mustn't alright heeey!?’’

’’Eh? Ah, haa......?’’

A brutal angel descended into the bloody


So no matter the number of her


age, it won't affect her

appearance huh in any case.

For some reason the


brutal angel appeared with sharp

eyes, he then threw some dice at her.

Immediately after, it seemed like her expression

eased somewhat but.

But for now, that doesn't matter in the slightest, Sora

singed like he was dancing.

’’Aah, what a tragedy! All people commit mistakes

My heart that accidentally turned into that of a minor

due to the erroneous judgment! It has completely distanced

itself from all erotic things, and is now within the Hell of

despair, aah God! Once again you would steal from me the

opportunity of bathing together with a girl Is my sin

that heavy of a thing!?’’

Acting like an actor of a Shakespeare play, Sora,

provisionally 3.6 years old, trembled in delight.

I'm saved.

From what exactly, I don't really know.

Anyway, I survived from something, Sora turned to the

heavens and showed his gratitude but.

*whoosh*...... A wind filled with killing intent

brushed him, giving him goosebumps.

’’......Jibril...... you really, don't...... read the

mood...... I definitely......!’’

The small Imanity girl Shiro spoke with a voice that

echoed from the depths of Hell and behind her.

Now, which could be visualized clearly even by Sora

and Jibril that.

’’Ah, this, I'll die, won't I...... Master, what would be

the great sin I've committed?’’

’’......My bad, I don't I don't really know, either. But, seems

like it was a really heavy sin......’’

It even made the


Flügel count her own sins with a

trembling voice.

Nothing was saved at all, that was enough for

Sora's eyes go blank.

The Death God holding a great scythe with an evil


Now its face was distorted with killing intent, and was

about to throw the scythe with an overthrow.

- ......

Sora didn't know. Let alone Jibril, who didn't have

any way of knowing.

For Shiro, this was truly a golden opportunity, a once-

in-a-lifetime match.

Making her brother become conscious of her.

In the span of eight years since she met him, not even

once was a better situation, condition, and suitable time


And with Jibril's arrival, it was ruined.

Even though she could have

gotten Nii

completed the formula if

she just had a few more hours, no, a few more minutes


Yes, Shiro's view burned with rage but.

More importantly......

A red cloth swayed with the wind......

’’......Hmm. When you're being this carefree, it even

makes my rage and resentment disappear......’’

A red cloth a young macho stood erect in the

bathtub, and his loincloth swam in the wind......!

Aah, no matter how you distort the logic, Shiro is a

child Shiro thought.

Muscles pulsing like an independent organism this

indescribable shocking footage.

If one says watching R18G


that violates her mind

is a right, a duty of those with 18 year olds, then,

’’......Shiro, is fine with, remaining......


an 11-year-old soul......’’

Leaving behind that murmur, Shiro fainted on the spot.

■ ■ ■ ■ ■

’’Fainting at the physical beauty of my body from my

glory days...... Geez, falling in love once again?’’


The lump of meat soaked on the bathtub with the

worries of his younger days thinking of the ’’time

when he was too popular’’, which was wholeheartedly


’’......Hey, Geezer. Could you answer my question that

suddenly sprouted just now?’’

Making an effort to not look at him directly, Sora

asked in a low, yet, shrunken voice of a 3.6-year-old.

’’Would appearing in front of the masses fully naked be

a rights infringement a violation of the [Ten Oaths]?’’

Hmm? he lowered his gaze.

Ino then answered with a good smile.

’’There's no one who would be afraid of such a small

thing. How about you live true to your desires?’’

’’What I'm asking is if it isn't a violence to show

around the grotesque footage of the 'muscle doing fetal

movements'! Like always, you don't even get sarcasm, do

you also, don't say small thing, it's the circumstances

of age, you know!?’’

It's just that a lot of things shrank because the dice

decreased, Sora raised an assertion.

And as he strolled through the bathtub he simply

made a screen.

Shiro's hand, which he was holding under it, trembled


His little sister who suffered a deep trauma from that

very violence was

’’......Machos are scary...... uuuhhh, the meat, is......


She kept repeating delirious words due to the

punishment that was far too heavy for a rating scam.

Likewise, from the other side of the screen one

more voice said.

’’......Being hit awake and getting told [go wash

Shiro's hair] isn't violence?’’

’’It can't be helped right...... since Shiro completely

snapped at Jibril......’’

Like the flow of a river, Steph, taken along by Jibril,

said sleepily.

Sora couldn't see the other side of the screen but.

Steph received six dice from Shiro and was washing

her hair with the figure of a 12.6-year-old.

By the sound of the bubbles, Jibril should be getting

stepped on by Shiro and at the bottom of the bath.


’’......I can't believe how you can give away the dice

like that so carefree that's [life] you know?’’


Skepticism, confusion...... Ino's murmur contained

countless meanings.

Sensing the gazes gathering at him, even from those on

the other side of the screen, Sora sighed.

’’It's not like there's any problem, right...... as long as

it doesn't become zero, it'll be the same thing even if it's

one or ten. And besides ’’

But he waved his hand carefree, and pointed at Steph's

way with his chin.

’’The problem is the same for everyone. For us, we

can't survive since the living capacity is null, right.’’


It was a silence coming from each one's own

contemplation and deep emotions, but Sora shook his

hands fluttered, as if he disliked that.

He changed the topic, as if to hide his embarrassment.

’’Rather, just what did you guys come here for?

Specially you, geezer old man? In any case, you.’’

Although as a result, I've been saved by these two's

appearance, Sora thought as he questioned their intention

’’Of course, I came here as soon as possible to crush

Sora-dono's balls


, but what about it?’’

’’Hey, heyy!! At least change your words! I'll cry a lot,

damn it!!’’

Even if violence is forbidden due to the Oaths

consider the heyday body of someone like Schwa-



for example.

After being told [I'll terminate you] by said robot, if

you didn't freak out it would be a lie, right.

’’But, I changed my mind. I'll leave killing you for


......Hohoo...... so you're saying [I'll kill you lastly]


The next words are obvious [That was a lie].

This is bad. My balls will be crushed !!

’’......Sora-dono...... just how much do you know

about the Eastern Union's history?’’


At Ino's suddenly question, Sora, pondering furiously

how should he escape, switched his thoughts.

......This surely it's the kind of flow where, depending

on my answer, I can avoid the death flag.

’’Even if you say history...... the Eastern Union is

concealing most of its history, isn't it......?’’

Sora answered while examining his words fearfully.

That's right the Eastern Union is hiding its

detailed history from the outsiders, just like their game's


Though it must be because it's related to the

’’circumstances behind the development of the

trumph card

electronic game’’ in any case.

’’That's why I'm restricted to what's in the books.

There were various islands where tribal strife continued

for over six thousand years ’’

It continued after the end of the [Great War],

due to the dif erences in their physical features .

In short, they divided into factions of either dog ears

or cat ears and kept fighting with their kindred.

It's truly despicable, unforgivable. Why would you

try to say you're the better one? Sora thought.

A great person once said [Heaven does not create

one kemonomimi above another]

[37] !

Dog ears, cat ears and bunny ears, too wouldn't

it be fine if they're loved equally the way they are?

For those great treasures to fight and not envelope

the world in love...... it's extremely inexcusable.

Although I won't say where, but you see.

It seems there's also a world where they kill each

other due to dif erences in the skin color?

Thinking about that, Sora and the others aren't really in

any position to say anything, or rather

’’One of the Three Great Powers, the Eastern Union,

who pacified in half a century, and even obtained a



of sure-victory against the other races.’’

Terrific, that single word wasn't enough to describe

that incredibly dif icult feat.

It's something which admiration and compliments

shouldn't be spared.

I see, so this world has other intelligent living beings

the Exceed.

Do you think bringing them together is something

easy if it's just one of them?

That dirty peace covered in brutality, filled with

discrimination and prejudice for over 6,000 years?

’’If there was someone like Miko-san in the previous

world maybe wars would end someday, too.’’

’’......That's unexpected.’’

’’What is?’’

’’ I thought you'd say...... if it's 'a feat

accomplished with an Old Deus' power then it makes


But, it was these very words Ino said that were

completely unexpected.

’’Ahahahaha! What's this, Gramps! So you can tell

some interesting jokes!’’

Sora hit the water as he laughed out and looked at

the giant game board over his head.

’’Pacifying a conflict zone in half a century? If such

divine feat was something that could be done just by

praying to a mere god then by now, wars should have

disappeared without a trace, even from our previous


Indeed, if it's what an Old Deus' power is

capable of, then this


scenery eloquently speaks for itself.

Mimicking the ground, distorting the law of nature, and

creating a land of spiral in the sky

If the energy required to make this possible was

physically calculated, he wondered what number would


He had no clue, but surely it must be equivalent to

[almost infinite] it's indeed the deed of a ’’god’’.

It's the kind of unimaginable power overwriting the

world and controlling the laws...... but.

It's completely futile.

In this world, no matter how much power one has,

right infringement isn't possible.

Much less no matter which world, while ending

wars is good, there's only one method to make peace.

’’If it's an Old Deus behind [


the divine Gamer] being

able to make such a '


negotiation', then I'll think this first.’’

And, as if looking at the figure of someone he

respected with all his heart Sora spoke to Ino.

’’ Miko-san is using the Old Deus. And obviously,

she's outwitting her in a game, right.’’

According to the Oaths neither of them can

infringe upon the other's rights.

Both Miko using the Old Deus, and also the Old Deus

using Miko.

It's something only possible for the first time after

making an agreement, playing a game and ’’being



’’............So that's, how it...... is, huh...... Miko-


At the end of a long silence, maybe he earned

something Ino dropped his gaze with his shoulders.

He smiled bitterly.

’’......Seems like I have overstayed a little too

long...... it's about time for me to leave.’’

’’I'm grateful for it. I can't relax in the long-awaited

hot springs with those intimidating muscles around.’’

He looked at Ino's back as he stood up from the

bathtub and left.

It seems I was able to evade the death flag, Sora

secretly felt relieved but.

’’By the way, may I ask you one last thing?’’

His heart jumped at Ino's words, who suddenly turned


But, as if not knowing about it though, there's no

way he could've known it Ino questioned.

No .

’’The [Traitor] who retained its memories Sora-

dono, it's you, isn't it?’’

He affirmed.

The sound of Steph holding her breath could be heard

beyond the screen.

If Ino was correct then it would explain why Sora

talked about this game with an ’’assertive’’ tone.

I wonder if they thought something like this, Sora

answered with a bitter smile.

’’Hohou~? What basis are you using to say I am the


’’What, is there a need for a basis?’’

But after saying ’’No need for something like that’’, Ino

continued with a sharp gaze.



the Sole God who gathered all the Exceed were to

say [there's a traitor] then it'd be you,


’’Haha! How good, that's really easy to understand!

Nice reasoning!’’


You guys' existence itself is the basis, even

though he was told that, Sora clapped his hands and


Exactly this game is something that started with

everyone's agreement.

If one accepted the rules at face value, then this is

what the [Traitor] or whatever thing is implying:

On top of everyone confirming the rules, in order for

them, alone, to escape the memory erasure

They will deceive everyone and it'll be as if it

was something everyone agreed upon.


Sora is the only one who could pull of such stunt,

Ino gave him that ’’compliment’’ but.

’’Let's just say if it was me in that case, I would doubt

Tet straight away.’’

And, if I had to say more, Sora continued his


’’I wouldn't go as far as doing that [impossibility] just

for such a stingy preparation.’’

Ino and, beyond the screen, Steph and even Jibil

held their breaths in doubt.

The retention of the memories meant ’’knowing the real

victory condition.’’

They seemed to question Sora's true intention for

calling it a ’’stingy preparation’’ he smiled wryly.

[The second explanation of the rules.]

There are ’’falsehoods’’ among it...... but.

No big lies were incorporated between the first and

the second times.

When asked about erasing their memories the

danger anyone would consider immediately should be


They will lie about the rule of ’’winning if you

ascend’’ by saying ’’you'll lose if you ascend’’.

Greatly falsifying the rules should've been sealed in

advance...... with ’’everyone's consent’’.

On top of that, what would get falsified ? No,

even before that !!

’’We would worry over what to do about [movement]

and [food] before preparing something like that, right!! If

we didn't get the [


legs] then forget about the goal, it's

doubtful whether we would even live and reach

the next stop

fifty-two more squares, you know!?’’

’’ Ah~...... there's nothing but persuasiveness


Sora nodded, having the suspicions cleared due to the

scathing thoughts which only those who went through the

same life-and-death situation could relate to.

That's right a preparation of just that level is

still a long way from [Victory].



[ ]'s methods is always only one namely

’’Since we're going to prepare something, then

we'll prepare something critical’’

Right, that's

’’We'll prepare it in a way that, no matter how things

turn out, we will win.’’

Resting his head in the stone edge of the bathtub, he

looked directly into Ino's eyes with anticipation.

Sora fearlessly, yet friendly spoke.

’’I would do that if it was me...... anyone would do it


Of course.

You did it, too, right? Sora's eyes were telling

him so.

’’......I see. That's natural......’’

Like that, Ino looked down and left without turning

around again and on his back,

’’ By the way. Can I also ask one thing?’’

’’What would it be?’’

’’......That's, well. It's about that one thing regarding

the size of my arms. Is that during peacetime? Or for


At Sora's fearful question, Ino let out a smile and

continued walking without stopping in his legs,

’’Hahaha, unlike Sora-dono, I do have a heart that takes

others' feelings into consideration, you see let's just

answer that I do not like hurting others for no reason and,

as such, I will refuse to answer.’’

’’That's answering it, isn't it! You're answering it,

aren't you!?’’

As Ino laughed loudly and left while Sora still roaring

at his back, abruptly,

’’Master, you do not need to listen to a dog's


Maybe Shiro finally forgived her since Jibril said so

with her face peeking from the screen.

’’Isn't this something that's also said in Masters' world

[Too much is as bad as too little


] even if

it's unnecessarily big, there's not really any benefit for

girls ♪’’

Beyond the screen, he could feel the girls nodding all

together, but

’’......Right now, I'm having an unprecedented sense

of alienation. Could it be, well ’’

It can't be could it be that I'm the only one who

don't have any experience?

If that's true then that's a


reality I won't be able to

recover from, and as Sora clang to it with his eyes,

’’Please be at ease Master, for I am brand new. Dora-

chan too is just a young woman with the knowledge ’’

’’ Huuh!? T-That's wron wait I can't deny or

affirm that, can I!! A-About the size of Sora's arms, you

say, regardless of the possession or lack of experience, as

long as you think about it normally you would die,

wouldn't you!!’’

’’......It doesn't, matter...... everything about, that

geezer, is...... disgusting...... scary...... *tremble*’’

Sora narrowed his eyes at the answering voices

as it if was dazzling.

I'm glad so I wasn't alone......

’’If I had to add, then before becoming smaller with the

decrease of the dice Master in his original size also

has nothing to lament about.’’

’’S-Seriously......? S-So I'm alright?’’

It wasn't about the current 3.6 years old Sora with two

dice, but about the size of the original Sora's Sora.

Let's put aside how Jibril knows that for now, but if

that moving library I mean.

If he has the flying library causing natural disasters

Jibril's guarantee, then he can have some confiden

’’Yes. It's a gentle size or better, I memorized it as

being the ideal if the other party is a child ❤’’

’’......Jibril...... you're forgiven...... this is the best

thing, you've said, this year......’’

’’I will give up on this game. Rather, I'll retire. I'll I'll retire. I'll re-

do the character creation......’’

Right, let's re-do it, this life as Sora let out


’’Aah Master please wait! This Jibril was talking

about how it would be fine if I just restructured my body

and became a child!!’’

’’......Jibril, I take back, about forgiving you...... sink

in the, bathtub...... and go count, your sins......!’’

A loud sound of water echoed at Shiro's ’’command’’.

Jibril, who fell from above the screen into the bathtub

like a cannonball was


[Ahaaa~❤ I'm being kicked by the Master it

gives me shivers!]

’’......Jibril. Just where are you heading to......’’

Making bubbles flashily did she bother to use

magic for that?

As Jibril pryed the information directly from their

brains, Sora let out a tired sigh.

A game where people betray, deceive and steal

each other's lives.

While the peaceful conversation far too unbecoming of

it echoed he just said,

’’Hah~ it brings me back to life...... the Elves onsen

have magic in it, both beauty and fatigue ’’

Maybe only Steph decided to give up on thinking.

Since her lengthy monologue of it's a nice bath to run

away from reality~ continued

■ ■ ■ ■ ■

Having suddenly opened his eyes, Sora looked


Seems like I was more tired than I thought, he

scratched his head.

After the bath, he redistributed the dice with Steph and

Shiro he didn't remember anything after that.

Staying in an extreme situation for too long, it's only

natural for a person to get so tired, his memories flew


But Shiro the one who cornered him, and was the

biggest cause of his exhaustion, was

’’......Uu...... the muscles are...... don't, come......

Nii, help, me......’’

She was within Sora's arms as if was something

natural no, simply obvious.

It seems like she's fighting with the incurable wound

even within dreams.

......It's too cruel. Is this violence something that can

be allowed?

As Sora petted Shiro's head, and pondered about

complaining to Tet and telling him to do his job already

’’Oh? I'm very sorry Master, but did I wake you up?’’

Let's see.

’’I presume that, after picking up Shiro who came out

from the bath and feel asleep, I brought her to the room

where I too collapsed at the bed exhausted, and woke up

due to the mutterings about muscles wriggling that's

about it, so?’’

’’I'm thankful for the explanatory tone, Master.’’

’’Not that, it's about you. I understand the geezer, but

what are you doing here, Jibril?’’

While absent-mindedly being thinly illuminated by the

shine of the two dice on her chest and the light of the


Jibril was sitting on a chair while writing in a book as

if it was also something natural.

It seems that Ino came to ’’question’’ Sora, but what

about Jibril ?

’’Nothing much...... Master slept without putting on a

blanket so I thought it'd be a problem if you get a cold


Jibril answered Sora's question with a gentle smile.

’’It's good that you two could sleep since I considered

lying naked together to warm ’’

’’Damn it all! Why why was I sleeping all carefree


If it was all dark, and with Shiro sleeping, then !

I could've l-legally enjoyed touching many kinds of

things and yet !!

Why I am always like this in the critical times as

Sora held his head and trembled ashamed

’’......I came to see the Masters faces...... that's all.’’

Literally, with a shadow in her smile illuminated only

by the dim light,

As Jibril quietly told him so, Sora had an

uncomfortable feeling and faced her again with his gaze,


Jibril kept on without stopping the brush that was

writing in the book a diary

She simply responded with a sudden question that, like

always, had no context.

’’What does the Master think about......


’’......? Even if you ask me that, is there even a cycle

of transmigration in this world? ......So now it's anything

goes, huh.’’

Reincarnation, cycle of transmigration.

Although its existence hadn't been proved, there are

many who believe in it even in the previous world.

So even if she asked him about his thoughts on such

common sense

’’Ah, no. There isn't.’’

So there isn't, Sora directed his gaze with his

eyes half-open at her as she parried the question.

But Jibril, still not stopping the brush, continued


’’......The [soul] that loses its [vessel] melts in the

Spiritual Circuit and disappears.’’

She indifferently spoke about this world's [death].

’’......Just like how [water] can't accumulate in a

broken [cup], a


soul that lost its


body will stain the ground

and melt in air, returning to the planet...... This world has

no cycle of transmigration but.’’

And so, Jibril stopped the brush. Then she turned to

Sora with a meek look in her face and continued.

Although it's a possibility that's infinitely

equivalent to zero.

Although it's the same irrational argument as

saying a monkey will be able to write a novel if he kept

typing endlessly.

’’For someone possessing 'exactly the same soul' to

appear once again theoretically, it's possible.’’

When was it exactly that the existence of the

[soul] was asserted as common sense?

At the time, Sora had vaguely understood it as

’’something like DNA’’, but

’’......Basically, it's that? The story about how it's

possible for

a clone

someone with the same genes be born by


So if the soul or whatever, holding even more

information than the genes, were to appear in a

completely equal state, then.

I see, maybe you could possibly call that a way of


’’......Master, this is just a supposition but if

'Shiro-sama was someone's reincarnation' then what

would you thin ’’

’’I wouldn't think anything, it doesn't matter and I'm

not interested, either.’’

Jibril asked meekly but Sora answered


’’Shiro is just Shiro. She isn't anyone of the past and

even if it's someone of the future, it won't be Shiro.’’

Taking a billion steps back, even if such


reincarnation were to appear,

It would be just ’’an unknown someone’’ with Shiro's


’’......Then let's suppose even more, but...... what if,

something was to happen to Shiro-sama ’’

......That's a supposition beyond unimaginable.

If you want to make me cry then just say so, as Sora

grumbled in his heart.

’’And the 'reincarnation' with the exact same soul were

to rely on Master, what would you think?’’

Until where it would be oneself and by which

means it would be a stranger.

As he got asked such a philosophical question

Sora who wasn't blessed with a noble brain.

’’HAHAHA, the premises won't hold with that, you


’’......Why is that?’’

’’It's because 'it's someone else'! Regardless of how I

think before anything else, it won't become attached

to me and won't rely on me, you see!’’

A Shiro, who becomes attached to him, and

walks alongside him he wondered.

Compared to someone with exactly the same genes as

her appearing naturally the probabilities of there

having someone like that are far lower, right?

Saying so, tears shined in the corners of his eyes

but maybe it wasn't a satisfying answer.

Jibril silently lowered her face at that moment,


’’......Nii...... that's, wrong......’’

’’ Hey little sister, since when were you awake?’’

’’......Since, the moment...... the word...... [lying

naked together] ...... came out......’’

*glare* and took the place of Sora, who drew back

after being overpowered by the red eyes in the gloomy


Shiro who faced Jibril said with the same small,

whisper-like voice she always used.

’’......Shiro, don't understand...... what Jibril......

wants, to ask......’’

It seems as if Sora and even Jibril, herself, didn't

seem to understand.

But Shiro with the awareness of being

disinterested in people's subtleties though, exactly

because of that.

I don't know what you're seeking but I don't give

a damn, she said plainly.

’’......Shiro, won't recognize...... something like, a


Both probabilities and suppositions should just

screw themselves, she said with a whisper-like voice

but with a tone that wouldn't approve disagreement.

’’......If it's, Shiro's, '


reincarnation' then...... it will,

go once again, to Nii's, side.’’


’’......No matter how many times, I reincarnate......

I'll search for Nii, as many times as necessary...... I'll go,

to his side.’’

As she said so with the red eyes looking over to him,

Sora asked himself.

’’......Nii, too...... surely, won't...... reject......


The figure looking up to him with this white hair, this

faint voice, and with these red eyes.

It's another person. It's not Shiro would he

be able to push her away like that?

’’......But, having Shiro's, appearance...... Shiro's,

voice...... dressing like, Shiro......’’

Then the story is simple, and Shiro, just like a

child sulking and whining,

’’......Someone who, isn't Shiro...... being stroked by

Nii, and laughing...... happily......’’

With watery eyes, she concluded.

’’............I definitely, won't recognize......

something like that......’’

I see, it's a simple story, Sora gave a wry smile in the

middle of the silence.

Just think about it backwards someone with my

appearance, someone who isn't me is stroking Shiro.

It doesn't matter what Sora, Shiro or the others would

think of that.

What do you think about it it can end with just


Maybe this time the answer was satisfying.

Jibril cast down her eyes, closed the book she had

once again ran the brush through and stood up

’’I am very sorry for intruding during your rest. It's

about time for me to leave so please take your time and


’’......By the way. In the end, you haven't really

answered what you came here for, have you?’’

While she stroked happily the two dice on her chest,

Sora asked with his eyes half-open towards her back as

she stood to leave but.

’’I came to see Masters' faces...... it was really, just

that ♪’’

[Though there was a greater harvest than that],

Jibril laughed as if jesting,

’’Lastly...... a [report] and a [confirmation] one of


Starting from the report, Jibril gave a somewhat

complicated smile.

’’I was correct to come here it was an extremely

happy time.’’

And now onto the confirmation, still with a

meaningful smile, but resolutely

’’......This game it's alright if I win it, isn't it?’’

This game is a game where the players betray and

deceive each other.

Regardless of what each one thinks behind the scenes,

there's just one single thing that won't waver.

Only one of them will be able to



Sora had said everyone made it so that they would

be the ones to win.



I , too receiving the Masters' permission,

must've done that she confirmed with her eyes

’’Obviously. Likewise, obviously we won't be

letting you win.’’

’’......Jibril, really...... will, get...... punished,


As the two of them answered challenging, she bowed


’’......Forgive me, but this time alone I shall win. No

matter what methods I have to use.’’

Saying so, Jibril turned on her heels and flapped her

wings, flying through the window to the night sky.

She disappeared suddenly like when she appeared

and, gazing at the place she was standing, Shiro suddenly


’’......Nii, what about, the dice...... you handed out, to


’’Huh? No, but Jibril had two dice, you know? I had

her re ’’

turn, but Sora, who has about to say that, noticed

startled and stopped his words.

What about that memory? There's nothing.

On Sora and Shiro's chests, there were nine dice each

and if there's one with Steph who must be sleeping in

another room then

’’~Jibrill~lll!! What do you think you're doing,

performing such a stingy cheat right after giving such an

exaggerated proclamation of war!?’’

As he shouted, blaming the one disguising the

number of dice with magic and nicely ’’borrowed and ran

away’’ with eight dice,

’’......Nii...... super, idiot...... super, dumb......’’

But it was originally for a stupid reason it's a

transference he did for the sake of running from Shiro.

As the voice said it was entirely Sora's fault, there

were no allies or room for him to disagree.

Sora simply went back to holding his knees ......


TLC: ’’Beautiful/Pretty (Girls)’’ for those unfamiliar with Japanese

animation (anime) or comics (manga).


TLC: Sugoroku is a traditionalJapanese board game played with dice,

like USA's variant, Backgammon, if people know what that game is.


TLC: Funnily enough, ’’Dona, Dona’’ is a Yiddish theater song about a

calf being led to slaughter.


TL: He's making a reference to a few games, but, the only one I found

was the reference to Final Fantasy IX.


TLC: For those that use USA (Imperial) measurements: 131cm = 4'

3.5748’’ and 0.48m = 1' 6.8976’’


TLC: 10km = 6.2137mi


TLC: 3,500km = 2,174.79917mi


TL: In the beginning volumes, the continent is introduced as Andalusia,

but here it's written as Lusia.


TL: Vár is a Norse goddess that's associated with oaths and pledges.

TLC: ’’Pullum’’ means pull in Icelandic/Scandinavian/Latin, where Norse

stemmed from, so the ship's meaning would be ’’The Pull of Vár’’.

However, in the Japanese text, it's actually ヴァ―・ル・ブルム, which is three

separate words having nothing to do with Vár or pulling. Translated directly,

it'd be ’’Va Lu Blum’’, completely different, right? Since I can't tell what it's

supposed to be, I left it as is for now.


TL:JAR〇 is referencing to the Japan Association for Refugees.


TL: It's a kind of explosive. The official formula is C6H6N12O12

, but,

it appears in order of elemental composition in the novel. It's also called HNIW

and CL-20 way easier to remember than that absurd name/formula.


TLC: Dark organic material in soils, produced by decomposition of

vegetable/animal matter and essential to earth's fertility.


TL: Referencing to Biohazard, if readers couldn't get it.


TLC: USA readers: 380km = 236.121mi.


TL: Paarthurnax is a reference to the RPG, Elder Scrolls.


TL: Siddartha Gautama is the real name of Buddha.


TL: A cartridge-based, arcade system board and home video game

console released in 1990. Some of the platform's popular series included Fatal

Fury, King of Fighters and Metal Slug.


TLC: In Japanese, the word used was ガバガバ. It's an onomatopoetic

word to represent a sound of something that's oversized, or in large quantities,

i.e. water gushing down the drain. Basically, Ino's original plan is going down

the drain for the reason explained afterwards.


TL: Referring to Japan's famous pro wrestlers.


TL: ’’Kusoge of The Year’’. Kusoge refers to ’’kuso geemu’’, which

means ’’shitty game’’.


TL: DT = ’’doutei’’, which means virgin in Japanese.


TL: Complicated joke. It refers to a tag given to a series which the

upload of the next episode is late for example, it should've been uploaded

after a week, yet, there's no sign of it after an entire month. The missing part

is a black joke, which is irrelevant to whether the uploader really went missing

or not. So, it means that ’’since the episode is late, Sora still haven't seen

what 'happened'to make Steph reach that kind of development.’’


TL: Romancing Saga 3, the sixth title in the SaGa role-playing video

game series developed and published by Square (now Square Enix), and

released exclusively for the Super Famicom system in Japan.


TL: Harley-Davidson is an American motorcycle manufacturer.

Harley is the name given to the motorcycles produced by him.


TL: It's a kind of combustion engine utilized in Harley's motorcycles.


TL: Yamato-Damashii (’’Japanese spirit’’) is a term referring to the

spiritual and cultural values of the Japanese people.


TL: Niō or Kongōrikishi are two wrath-filled and muscular guardians

standing at the entrance of many Buddhist temples.


TL: The Beatles.


TL: Dragon Quest.


TL: Dragon Quest again.


TL: Eroge refers to Erotic Games (18+ games).


TL: Doujin generally refers to self-published works of magazines,

manga and novels. Though it may be done by professionals, it's usually done by



TL: 死神 Shinigami Death God.


TL: R18G: Rated 18 Guro (Grotesque stuff).


TL: Word says ’’take’’, kanjisays ’’kill’’. ’’Take his balls’’ or ’’kill his

balls’’ sounds weird, so I left it as crush.


TL: Arnold Schwarzenegger from the Terminator movies.


TL: The originalsaying is: ’’Heaven does not create one man above or

below another man.’’ In Japanese, it's separated into two sentences, the first

one referring to ’’above’’ and the second one to ’’below’’. Sora only said the



TL: It's a Japanese saying. Simply put, moderation is better.


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