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Night Ranger - Chapter 419


Chapter 419

The Cursing Banshee wasn't a lifeform but rather a very powerful Legendary spell!

It was actually a Death-type spell . The targets would be haunted by a Banshee and keep receiving Death checks .

It was like a stronger version of Disintegrate!

Very few people could use this spell, because it was way too ancient and had been mostly forgotten .

But Marvin wouldn't be surprised by any spell cast by Dark Phoenix .

Before he made a move, Owl suddenly used six Paper Clones .

His main body travelled back and forth among the six Paper Clones!

The Cursing Banshee shrieked and pounced forward . Every time she pounced on a Paper Clone, it would struggle for a few seconds before disintegrating!

Marvin frowned . This Cursing Banshee spell was Banshee spell was too frightening, and the duration was far longer than usual .

Owl thankfully had the Origami skill to protect himself and ended up using eight Paper Clones to barely cancel the Cursing Banshee's effects!

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