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Nidome No Yuusha - Volume 2 - Chapter 25


Chapter 25

Chapter 25: The Hero's Party, Rejoice in Blood and Slaughter

’’IT IS!! And I'll make due on my vow, right now!! I'll kill you! I'll kill you all!! Starting with YOU, Yumiss!! I'll send you to the pits of despair, desolation and derangement, I'll make sure you DIE, painfully!!’’

It was finally time. My mind, my body, my soul, my everything was absolutely ready for this.

First, we'll destroy her forces in a head on battle.

’’Such nonsense!! Even if I can't see your status, I can feel that you're much weaker now!! Lightni...’’

Yumis' words got caught in her throat the moment she attempted to cast.

’’Nope, that dagger I had you stabbed with was covered in a spell venom that messes with your ability to mold mana. Even if you use an antidote item, until all the poison is out of your system, you can't cast even the tiniest fireball.’’


Making a frustrated expression, Yumis fell back, opting to deal with her poison situation. Now that she had her 1st run memories, the mage could actually finish counteracting Minnalis' handmade spell venom in a matter of 3 minutes.

Basically, this meant we had all the time we needed to kill every one of them.

’’Now, we'll be crushing you. Be sure to enjoy this 3 minute opening act, from the edge of your front stage seat.’’

Right then, let's have a small warm up finishing off her personal troops.

My blades of choice were the 【Soulblade of Origin】 and the 【Ghostblade of Heartfire】.

The battle then started as if a fuse had been lit.

’’They got only 3 of 'em!! Don't panic, we can kill 'em easy!!’’

That man, I think he was called Ronbert, stood in front of Yumis and calmly handed down orders.

There were 50 enemies, so we'd each get 15 or so. Then again, it was Shuria's village that got decimated, so they were all rightfully her prey. So basically, Minnalis and I were going to hold back on how many we crush, we should behave ourselves after all.

’’... Hahahah!! What's wrong, you chicken shit bastards!! Fight like you mean it, f*king pussies!!’’

The three of us dispersed in separate directions, and like putting sugar on an anthill, the goons, who only relied on their confidence in numbers, split up to hunt us down.

Of course, I wouldn't dream of instantly ending their lives like I did that mountain of monsters. We would break them just enough so that they won't be a threat, deal fatal attacks in a way that they bleed slowly and painfully before dying.

’’What's with these b-GAAHH!!’’

’’They're too fas-GYAAHHH!!’’

’’No, NOO-GAHBRHR!! ’’

I stabbed both eyes, then cut the tendons in both legs. Once their bodies started falling, I broke the bones in their arms backwards, and for an extra helping of pain, I made it so that those jagged bone tips tear through the muscle and jut out from the outside.

In no time at all, 3 wonderful objets d'art were rolling on the ground.

’’Kuhahahah, hm? Oops, that's a miss, he's passed out already’’

Here I was, giving them the opportunity to see their life slowly dwindling away, but that unconscious guy was going to just die bleeding out normally.

Meh, no biggie, there was lots more where they came from.

’’What, that scare you now? Where'd those balls go, damn useless mercs!’’

When I looked again, their initial willingness to fight was all gone, they looked scared, hesitant to approach any closer. I wasn't going to wait for their balls to grow back though.

’’GUHAAA!!’’ x 2

I jumped into the fray myself, shoving my swords into the gaps in the armor of the frontmost two, slicing into their elbows, I avoided lopping their arms off since I didn't want them passing out on me again.

’’Hah, an idiot, you die now!!’’

Seeing both my weapons currently occupied, one of the prey tried to stab me in the chest.

Normally, this wouldn't be a bad move. None of these soldiers were gutless enough to let a prime opportunity pass. Problem was, this wasn't an opportunity at all.


’’Not so sure about that, are ya now!’’

The 【Wingblade of the Healbug】had a thin, translucent blade like an insect's wing, with a red hilt and handle.

It felt good hearing the man's pain as this sharp sword smoothed out his face, slicing away his lips, nose and eyebrows.

After that one quick swing, I got rid of the 【Wingblade of the Healbug】, pulled out the 【Soulblade of Origin】 and 【Ghostblade of Heartfire】, turned them vertical, and stabbed them into his feet.

I then proceeded to kick his completely defenseless body, sending him flying.


As usual, I reinforced that kick with an instantaneous coating of mana right before it hit, generating many times more power.

His flesh and bones were much weaker than my soulblades that were extra toughened with a ton of mana. The impact of my kick was being counteracted by the swords stabbed deep into his feet, and he ended up basically torn off at the ankles.

’’Shit, that monster!!’’

’’Nope, no running away now, be a good sport.’’


One of them attempted to run away screaming, but I closed in with sky walk and used one of the longswords strewn about about to pin one of his feet to the ground.

The prey around me realized that they couldn't even afford to run away now and their movements greatly lagged due to their incredible fear.

’’The f*k is that guy!! Hey Miss, what's the hold up with yer spells!!’’

’’I need just a little more time, hold them off until then!!’’

’’What the hell!! We're getting annihilated out there, I'm running!!’’

’’What!? You dare betray me!?’’

’’Shut it ya dyke!! Either I run or they kill me!!’’

But there was still some idiot stupid enough to try. So to set an example, I gifted him with a throwing knife.


The knife struck the man, Ronbert, perfectly in the shoulder, after this he started to roll around on the ground, screaming in pain.

We'd prepared for runaways by having these knives coated in Minnalis' pain poison. As the name implied, the effect of this venom was to heighten the target's senses and spread continuous, searing pain all over their body.

It also promoted blood circulation, preventing the target from fainting too easily. It was unlike other poisons in that it dealt damage at a much slower rate, focusing on causing as much pain as possible.

’’Hey, what'd I just say? Give me a show here you bastards, not one of you will get out of here alive unless you kill us.’’

’’Aieee!!’’ x 3

I spoke in pure bloodlust, without even bothering to augment the effect with mana.

’’You got everything to lose, so fight like you mean it, I'll massacre every one of you.’’


’’Kufuh, kufufufufuh!! Heyheyhey, what's the matter everyone? What ever happened to me being just a weak girl?’’

I had expected men such as them, men who readily accepted dirty work, to put up a better fight. Quite a disappointment.

We'd looked into their levels and status values beforehand and so knew that, at least according to the numbers, I wasn't all that much stronger.

They were all around level 50, in adventurer terms, from D up to C ranked. Meanwhile, I was level 76 currently, and going by simple numbers, I would have a hard time dealing with just 4 of them simultaneously.

That said, my Technique stat had risen to D+ as of late, and goshujin-sama had determined that I'd be fine as long as I used Phantom Flame Poison Demon.

Their technique was weak. Just the way they swung their swords would affect the outcome in deadly combat. Their fighting styles were inferior.

Their blades were slow, their reaction speeds were slow, their slow, their unbalanced exertion of strength made their attacks exceedingly easy to deflect.

Their so-called dirty work might just have consisted of ganging up on weaker foes or committing assassinations on sleeping targets, not exactly the type of work that honed their combat techniques. In other words, they were weaklings.

It was just as goshujin-sama had declared, we were not fighting, but crushing them.

(Oh my, that won't do. I'm supposed to be merely supporting cast this time around. I shouldn't be too greedy with them.)

’’Die, you slutty bunny whore!!’’

’’I am not a whore, you flea.’’


As I cut away at the foolish insect who'd charged at me, a tiny spurt of his blood touched my cheek.

How dirty, I naturally scowled.

Still, it was indeed difficult having to hold back so as not to kill them instantly. Presently, I wasn't quite as skilled as goshujin-sama, like how he pierced through the gaps of their armor, or how he thinly sliced away at moving opponents. I needed much training.

As such, I had decided to basically aim for their fingers, ears and eyes, for men, their manhoods, and for women, their chests, as cutting those away wouldn't cause them to die that easily.

’’You won't be using it anymore, so think of it as me doing you a favor.’’

’’Eh? GIYAAAHH!!’’

’’Quite loud aren't you, even a dog would come to behave after you neuter them. Ah, I forgot that you were much more stupid than even dogs. I suppose I can't blame you too much then.’’

I turned away from the now frothing man and faced another enemy.

’’Please try not to bore me too much, alright? Since, well, I won't be fighting all that much after this. Kufufuh, kufufufuh!!’’

’’What the f*k is this doll, no, my, MY EYES!!’’

This man must've killed the nice uncle who brought us those tasty vegetables.

’’What's my sister-!? No, she's not... GAH!’’

This soldier must've murdered the innocent neighborhood children in cold blood.

’’STOP, WHY ARE YOU-GUEHH!?’’ ’’No, it, it's not me!! My armor, it's, it's moving!! GUEHH!!’’

These monsters must've sent mother and Shelmy to their graves with wide smiles on their faces.

’’Kusu, kusukusukusu, ahh, fear, fear to your heart's content.’’

Gourmet Kitty-san scooped out their eyes, chopped off their noses, sheared off their ears, and finally lopped off their tongues before feasting on all of it.

Teddy-san took on the guises of their loved ones, and took advantage of their hesitation to defeat them.

I was using Spirit Puppeteering to extend mana threads into their swords and armor, making them kill each other, making them kill making them kill themselves.

I was quite a bit weaker level-wise, but I more than made up for it by using Spirit Puppeteering which was quite effective in dealing with humans.

Since, after all, every one of them was in tough metal armor.

Most of them couldn't resist my force of mana with their simple brute strength. Those who could would be slowed enough for Kitty-san and Teddy-san to bring them down, taking care not to kill them too quickly.

’’Aw, does it hurt? But this isn't even close. I simply must have you taste the pain of my village much, much more.’’

Yes, I, Shuria, could now take delight as I killed, killed and killed them. This stage, these 3 minutes were what Kaito-sama and Minnalis-san had prepared solely for my enjoyment.

This was the stage set for me to kill with my own hands, the fiends who killed and captured my fellow villagers under orders from Yumis nee-sama.

’’Ahah, cry more, scream more, more!! Feel with your bodies all the pain and suffering those villagers faced at your hands!!’’

I will directly control the full plate armored corpses Teddy-san made and slaughter those villains.

’’Stop, I beg you, please!! I, I'm just a hired hand!’’

’’Surely you jest!! Do you expect me to not hold you responsible with that sort of excuse!? What of my innocent fellow villagers then!! What did they do to deserve their peaceful everyday to fall into hell, all because of you!!’’


I was so enraged, I chopped off his right arm, left leg, left arm, then right leg before finally piercing his neck, killing him instantly.

’’Ah~ my bad. I hadn't needed to do that last stab... Killing them is such a waste.’’

I was grinding my teeth.

... ... 3 years, 3 whole years.

Mother, Shelmy, all those villagers had been played with all that time.

Inside that dungeon, they'd been subjected to inhumane experiments and reduced to monsters.

I had to make them pay, I had to make them suffer all that span of pain in a matter of hours as they died. Pain enough that their minds become mush, enough that they break.

’’Yes. All of you, all of you should break down into mush. Kyahah, kyahahahahahahah!!’’



Kitty-san and Teddy-san resonated with my feelings, raising shrill laughter as well.



’’Kusukusu, ah~, I'm about to get so wet!!’’

So much fun, so little time.

Kaito-sama and Minnalis-san said that they would cover for any mistakes on my part, so I could revel as my heart desired.

So I will lick, suck and savor it.

―― ――― ― Every delicious morsel of this limited time.


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