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Naruto Hiden - Volume 3 - Chapter 4.3


Pages 106 and 107

RAW English
状況が、キドの望む方向に変化しつつあった。 The situation was in the process of changing. It was turning into the way that Kido wanted it to be.
偽のサスケは、キドが指示した通り、 世界各地で闇社会の住人と接触し、テロの意志を見せたうえで相手を殺害していた。 The imitation Sasuke was following Kido's instructions. He was contacting those who dwelled within shady societies from all over the world. After showing them his intentions of terrorism, he was then killing the enemies.
砂隠れの里でテロリストが殺害された事件は、 風影が里外にもれぬよう手を打ったようだが、それ以降起きた事件については、徐々に噂となって各国に広まりつつある。 As for the incident when the terrorists were killed within Sunagakure Village, it seemed as though the Kazekage had taken measures in order to prevent the knowledge of it from leaking outside the village. But since then, more incidents had happened. Rumours were gradually starting to spread out to each of the countries.
人の口に戸は立てられない。噂はやがて、各国各里の上層部も知るところとなり、うちはサスケをどうすべきかが話し合われるだろう。 It opened the door for people to talk and propagate the rumours. Before long, the rumours would reach the upper executives of every country and every nation, and they would know about him. They should discuss amongst themselves about what should be done about Uchiha Sasuke.
すぐにサスケを討て、という結論にはならないはずだ。それはキドにもわかっている。忍界大戦の功労者を問答無用で犯罪者にするようなことを、各里の長がするはずがない。 They ought to come to the conclusion that they cannot help but immediately defeat Sasuke. Even Kido understood that would happen. Sasuke was someone who rendered distinguished services during the Great Shinobi World War. So there seemed to be no use in arguing that he was someone like a criminal. The heads of each of the countries couldn't do something like that.
だが、状況がそのようになっている頃には、本物のうちはサスケがアクションを起こすはずだった。 However, when the situation becomes something like that...It ought to cause the genuine Uchiha Sasuke to take action.
本物のサスケは旅を打ち切り、 一旦は木ノ葉隠れの里に戻ってくるだろう。 The genuine Sasuke will discontinue his journey. Momentarily, he should return back to Konohagakure Village.
キドの狙いはそこだった。 露骨に偽者を動かし、 当人が姿を現さざるをえない状況を作る。そして、里に戻ったあの男を、尾獣ドラッグで強化したキドの私兵で捕える。捕えたあとは―― That was Kido's aim. By openly mobilizing the imposter, he would create the circumstances such that Sasuke would have no other choice but to appear. Kido's private army would be strengthened by the tailed-beast drugs. And then when that man returned to the village, he would capture him. After capturing him――
里内某所――隠れ家のひとつにキドはいた。 Kido was at one of his hideouts――It was certain place within the village.
執務室で一人。 キドは薄笑いを浮かべていた。 He was alone in his office. Kido was expressing a faint smile.
「早く出て来い。うちはサスケ......」 ’’Hurry and come out, Uchiha Sasuke....’’
低く呟いた。 He muttered in a low voice.
「お前は金になる......。金に ......」 ’’You'll be profitable.....Into a profit.....’’

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