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Mythical Tyrant - Chapter 81


Chapter 81 Picking a quarrel!

’’Leader, you dared to wager everything on yourself, so why wouldn't I dare?’’ Jian Yi replied calmly.

It was noticeable that Jian Yi didn't care about the twenty thousand Yuan Force pills at all.

Also, the Yuan Force pills couldn't be seen on Jian Yi before, maybe he also had an artifact like Cosmos ring.

If Jian Yi had an artifact like Cosmos ring, it showed even more clearly that his origin was not ordinary.

There might probably be a very few amount of disciples who possessed Cosmos ring in the whole Pill Cauldron sect's million outer sect disciples. Those that possessed Cosmos ring were all disciples with great background.

Tuoba Ye didn't ask anymore, every person had their own secrets, there was no use in investigating it.

Just like how he was very interested in Lei Ting's identity, but he didn't make Yang Bin and others inquire about it.

’’Jian Yi, it would be better if you wagered everything on yourself, that would be more dependable.’’ said Tuoba Ye.

Jian Yi said: ’’My odds rate is rather low, five to four.’’

’’So it was like that, it seems the betting booths' people regards you with importance.’’ Tuoba Ye smiled.

Jian Yi asked: ’’Leader, do you understand miss Lei Ting?’’

’’No, I don't even know her identity, she has a goal in joining the Mythic group, i.e to dig out information on me.’’ Tuoba Ye gave a bitter laugh.

’’Could it be miss Lei Ting's purpose is to make you suffer?’’ Jian Yi smiled.

’’You are right, I didn't even know her but she proclaimed that I was going to win the championship, all around.’’ Tuoba Ye didn't know what to say, other than shaking his head.

Jian Yi smiled: ’’I had also suffered in miss Lei Ting's hands, but I ended up falling in love with her. Leader, you won't fall in love with miss Lei Ting, right?’’

’’Will not, I have no interest in the little witch.’’ Tuoba Ye flatly denied.

’’That's good!’’ Jian Yi clearly was relaxed now.

It seemed that after learning and finding out about Tuoba Ye's strength, Jian Yi naturally hoped Tuoba Ye wouldn't contend with him in his love.

The two chatted for a while and then each went to cultivate.

The following day, at dawn, Tuoba Ye and the rest set off.

Among the many troops, Jian Yi and Lei Ting's conversations were clearly very scarce.

Looks like, Lei Ting was afraid of being bothered so she didn't speak at all. So long as she opened her mouth, Jian Yi definitely would seize the opportunity to start a conversation.

The mood was somewhat heavy, so everyone quickened their pace.

When they hurried to the tournament area, the place was already packed.

’’Let's go, we are going to Ten Extremes group's area today.’’ said Lei Ting.

They were just about to walk into the viewing platform, when they were blocked by a group of people.

’’Oi! Isn't this the strongest dark horse of this year's year end great tournament, Tuoba Ye?’’

These people's words were vague but also filled with mockeries.

’’Yes. Who are you people?’’ Tuoba Ye was indifferent.

Yang Bin said: ’’Leader, these people should be from divine Wind group, they are led by Yu Jialin, your third round opponent.’’

’’No wonder. Coming to pick a quarrel!’’ Jian Yi coldly said.

Yu Jialin smiled: ’’Myself am Yu Jialin, I heard you liked to wager with your opponents, so I want to bet with you!’’

’’No problem! How much Yuan Force pills do you want to bet?’’ said Tuoba Ye.

’’Ten thousand Yuan Force pills, do you dare to accept?’’

’’Really worthy of being divine Wind group's leader, you are really rich! Ten thousand Yuan Force pills, I accept.’’ Tuoba Ye smilingly said.

Although he didn't have any Yuan Force pills on him, but he was certain to win, so he was indifferent to the amount of the wager.

Yu Jialin looked at Tuoba Ye and said: ’’Leader Tuoba Ye, do you have ten thousand Yuan Force pills? As long as you take them out, I will bet with you.’’

Tuoba Ye's complexion had a slight change, this Yu Jialin really was looking for trouble and hadn't sincerely come to bet.

Tuoba Ye was asked to take out ten thousand Yuan Force pills now, but he really couldn't do that. He was a new outer sect disciple, it was not easy for him to gain Yuan Force pills and he had already wagered them all.

Seeing that Tuoba Ye didn't reply, Yu Jialin laughed loudly: ’’With no Yuan Force pills, you want everything for nothing, really ridiculous.’’

Jian Yi whispered: ’’That twenty thousand Yuan Force pills I wagered were all I had remaining, I am unable help you.’’

Tuoba Ye said: ’’Although I don't have that much Yuan Force pills, but I will stake other treasures.’’

He didn't want to lose face at this time, at worst he could just take out some treasures from the Cosmos ring to bet, bringing up ten thousand Yuan Force pills was still not a problem.

Lei Ting said profoundly: ’’Yu Jialin, you really want to bet ten thousand Yuan Force pills?’’

’’Of course!’’ Since Lei Ting spoke up, Yu Jialin could only force himself to maintain his position.

’’Alright! I will take out the ten thousand Yuan Force pills for leader, it is decided now, I believe you won't renege on your promise.’’ Lei Ting coldly said.

Yu Jialin only wanted to humiliate Tuoba Ye, he hadn't expected Lei Ting to lend a hand to Tuoba Ye. Now, he must take out ten thousand Yuan Force pills, if he lost, ten thousand Yuan Force pills would be lost.

divine Wind group was very strong, but his family didn't have high background, any Yuan Force pills he had would all be exchanged for spirit tools and cultivation resources.

However, as Lei Ting decided this matter, he didn't dare to retort. He really had lifted a stone just to smash it on his own foot, reaping what he had sown.

’’Miss Lei Ting, you were really domineering just now, that Yu Jialin's complexion had turned all white.’’ Jian Yi was excited.

’’I didn't help you, why are you so excited?’’ Lei Ting was cold and detached towards Jian Yi's approach.

Jian Yi was still smiling: ’’You helped leader, that means you helped Mythic group, I am a member of the group, so naturally you also helped me.’’

Tuoba Ye couldn't help but laugh out, this Jian Yi could really talk, making the conversation about himself.

Lei Ting didn't reply, so as to avoid letting Jian Yi have another excuse to talk.

’’Jian Yi, you bother too much, no wonder miss Lei Ting dislikes you.’’ Tuoba Ye said in a low voice.

’’Leader, you know how to pursue women?’’ Jian Yi was pleasantly surprised.

Tuoba Ye shook his head: ’’Not too much!’’

’’You definitely know, you said it yourself that you had a beloved before.’’ Jian Yi started bothering Tuoba Ye.

’’I really don't know, I and my previous beloved were childhood sweethearts, we just went along with the flow.’’ Tuoba Ye told the truth.

Jian Yi's mouth was wide open: ’’So it was like that, it seems I can only feel about myself.’’

’’Letting yourself feel about is good, but don't be too clingy, that won't be useful against Lei Ting. It would be better off if you find some ways to attract her attention.’’ Tuoba Ye reminded him.

Jian Yi muttered to himself, and said: ’’Okay, I will listen to you, if it doesn't work, I will just have to think of other ways.’’

Lei Ting saw Tuoba Ye and Jian Yi whispering to each other, and said: ’’You two grown men, what are you whispering for?’’

Jian Yi was happy: ’’Miss Lei Ting said I am a grown man!’’

’’Stay calm, don't let it show!’’ Tuoba Ye whispered.

Jian Yi nodded his head: ’’I will keep in mind!’’

Seeing that Tuoba Ye and Jian Yi ignoring her, Lei Ting stood up and was about to walk towards them.

’’Miss Lei Ting, no need to trouble yourself, we will come over.’’ said Tuoba Ye.

Jian Yi, seeing Lei Ting's behavior just now, felt Tuoba Ye's words had some truth, he intended to give it a try.

They arrived to the front seats, although Jian Yi sat beside Lei Ting, he didn't take the initiative to talk like before.

Lei Ting was somewhat baffled, but she was still glad to be left alone.

The tournament was about to start, it was the third round now, there were still over thousand competitors left, with very powerful strength.

Right now, the tournament had become very splendid, a vast majority of the competitors were rank nineXiantian Martial God, remaining rank eight Xiantian Marital God experts were also at the peak of their stage.

Naturally there were some that met with bad luck, for instant Luo Xiao Tian, Liang Tian and so on, they were eliminated early due to running into formidable opponents.

Every year, the tournament would be like this, some competitors who were favorites to enter top ten would be eliminated before the third round.

Although the tournament was very brilliant, Tuoba Ye didn't have the mood to watch it unless it was the match of some powerful competitors.

’’Leader, Ten Extremes group's deputy leader Lei Bao has gone to the stage.’’ The tournament had only started for some matches when Yang Bin saw a formidable outer sect disciple going up the platform, he immediately reminded Tuoba Ye.

’’Lei Bao, a rampant guy with a strength that is nothing to boast about.’’ Jian Yi coldly said.

They were talking in low voices so as to not let the Ten Extremes group's members hear their conversation.

Tuoba Ye smiled: ’’Lei Bao is a veteran expert, he definitely has some cards up his sleeves, for instance he could have spirit tools and so on, it is not something we new disciples can compare to.’’

’’Leader, don't you have spirit tools?’’ said Jian Yi.

’’My spirit tool is from betting, I am afraid Lei Bao and the rest not only have attack spirit tools, but even defense spirit tools.’’ said Tuoba Ye.

Jian Yi: ’’There is no use in having too many spirit tools, Lianqi realm cultivators have limited Yuan Force. Rather than using so many spirit tools, it'd be better off controlling an attack spirit tool and scoring a victory with one blow.’’

He himself followed this and he almost always ended up successful.

If he let enemy attack him, he would lose.

He had a clear understanding of his strong and weak points, so he focused on his strong points to the extreme, making his attack power very formidable. As for defense, it was a far cry from his offensive power, but his movement technique was very magical, his enemies could hardly strike him.

Not all cultivators could exploit their strong points like Jian Yi did.

A lot of cultivators focused on their strength, they didn't have the thoughts of constantly improving by allocating the spirit tools like Jian Yi.

’’What Jian Yi said is pretty good. Not everyone can arm themselves completely, and since they cannot completely arm themselves it would be better off to focus on one aspect, their fighting strength would be much formidable.’’ Tuoba Ye smilingly said.

Lei Ting: ’’You both are correct. Everyone knows body refining cultivators are very strong, Qi refining and body refining twin cultivators are even more unequalled. But cultivators who chose to cultivate both are rare, because it might result in achieving nothing. Leader, do you think I am correct?’’

Jian Yi still was unaware that Lei Ting's words were meant for Tuoba Ye.

Very few knew that Tuoba Ye was a Qi and body refining twin cultivator.

Naturally, a lot of body refining cultivators cultivated their Qi too at early stages, but body refining would become more difficult at later stages, so they naturally couldn't twin cultivate.

However, if twin cultivation was successful, one would absolutely be a top expert, skipping a realm to fight would be an easy matter.

Tuoba Ye had already decided to twin cultivate till the end, and become a genuine absolutely expert.

Since he could cultivate now, he absolutely didn't wish to be below others.

’’Correct! If one has skills, twin cultivating also won't be any issue, it depends on who the cultivator is.’’ Tuoba Ye calmly said.

’’Leader, tell me if a cultivator has an extremely poor innate talent, but still futilely attempts twin cultivating, isn't it conceited?’’ said Lei Ting.

These words similarly were directly towards Tuoba Ye, Tuoba Ye was very clear on that.

’’Let's see, some people overestimate their capabilities, the end result definitely will be very miserable.’’ Lei Ting gave a sarcastic smile.

’’Alright! It's a deal!’’

Jian Yi was baffled: ’’Leader, miss Lei ting, what were you two talking about?’’


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