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Mythical Tyrant - Chapter 8


Translator : Just a Normal Guy

Editor : LikyLiky, kawaiikillaz123

Chapter 8  Training Preparations

Before long, hundreds of rank eight Houtian warriors appeared in the central area’s vacant space.

This boss’s business was not small, the fact that he was capable of having so many powerful slaves, it was definitely an accomplishment.

However, Tuoba Ye didn’t really care much and he promptly began to use his divine Will to look for the rank eight Houtian warriors who had enough talent to become a Xiantian Martial God.

As for raising them to become Lianqi stage expert, Tuoba Ye didn’t dare to even think about that just yet.

These slaves, they were too old. In addition, becoming slaves, their mental state was already damaged, so there really was no point in training them and also it was impossible for them to achieve great success.

Unfortunately, those who were able to attract Tuoba Ye’s attention were too few. Out of the hundreds of slaves Tuoba Ye looked at, he only selected two.

He used the Sound Transmission method and informed Xia Yuxuan of those two slaves, after which, Xia Yuxuan promptly purchased them.

“Lead us to see the rank nine Houtian warriors area.” Xia Yuxuan said.

The boss, seeing Xia Yuxuan only selected two rank eight Houtian warriors, was somewhat disappointed, but didn’t let it show.

Entering the fourth floor, the rooms were a lot fewer in numbers with more vacant space.

Not long after, the boss brought out thirty-eight rank nine Houtian warriors, lining them in a row for Xia Yuxuan to select.

Tuoba Ye swept through them with his divine Will, clearly seeing their abilities in his mind.

Among these rank nine Houtian warriors, two were highly talented, after that, he also selected four comparatively younger slaves, adding the two rank eight Houtian warriors, he had selected a total of eight Houtian warriors.

Xia Yuxuan, selecting these slaves, asked: “Boss, we want all of these slaves, how many gold coins for them?”

“Lady, rank eight Houtian warriors are sold for two thousand gold coins, rank nine for five thousand gold coins. You hold the gold card so I will give you a twenty percent discount, altogether, twenty-seven thousand two hundred gold coins, you can give me twenty-seven thousand gold coins.” The boss promptly replied.

“Take it out from the card!”  Xia Yuxuan handed over the gold card.

The boss received the gold card, after that, he gave ten slave contracts to Xia Yuxuan.

“Lady, Young Lord, in the future, if you have any needs, do not hesitate to find me.”

Holding Tuoba Ye and taking the slaves along with them, Xia Yuxuan and the group prepared to return.

Seeing the powerful slaves behind Xia Yuxuan and Tuoba Ye, all the pedestrians on the road made a path, there was no one who dared to provoke them.

They very quickly returned to the Tuoba Clan’s Central house. The matters of them going out and furthermore, buying slaves, were all known by Tuoba Wei.

“This Xia Yuxuan bought so many slaves, could it be she wants to hold on to the Central house by relying on these slaves ? What a useless dream.” Tuoba Ling spoke.

“Shut your mouth! Tuoba Ye is only three years old but he is capable of lifting Ji-er up and even making him lose any strength to resist, most likely, he has Innate Spirit Force. And there is this big movement by Xia Yuxuan, most likely they have some plans and it is unlikely they will move out of the Central house voluntarily. I am an elder, I cannot take advantage of the young by going myself. You, ah!, your strength is not good, it seems I need to call the third1, your brother back.” Tuoba Wei said furiously.

Tuoba Ling was surprised: “Isn’t the third out to cultivate his strength?”

“Be at ease, I can get him back.” Tuoba Wei knew what to do.


After entering the Central house, Xia Yuxuan made her maid and housekeeper Lin guard the door. She held the slave contracts and gave them to Tuoba Ye: “All of you listen, from now onwards, you will obey my son, Little Ye, no violations are permitted.”

“Yes! Master!”

Tuoba Ye cleared his throat and spoke: “You know where you are at? This is the high general’s residence, we are the Clan Master’s branch, so long as you are faithful and loyal to us, you are bound to get many benefits. Only, your strength is very weak. Your top priority is still to increase your strength or else, nothing can be done.”

A rank nine Houtian warrior snickered, clearly he didn’t approve of Tuoba Ye’s words.

That rank nine Houtian warrior was precisely whom Tuoba Ye was optimistic about. He had a good talent. Even if he couldn’t become a Lianqi stage expert, cultivating to rank nine Xiantian Martial God realm would be no problem.

Tuoba Ye attached a lot of value to him, so he asked: “Do you have any complaints? Go ahead and say it.”

“Young Master, you are just few years old, you still haven’t begun cultivating, on what basis, do you think you can increase our cultivation base? Everyone, am I right or not?”


Zhan Meng stood in front of Tuoba Ye and coldly shouted: “In spite of everything, you are trying to go against the Young Lord ? You are courting death!”

Even though Zhan Meng still possessed some childhood innocence, his imposing manner was quite great. He only needed to hear Tuoba Ye’s order and he would go teach those slaves a lesson.

Tuoba Ye blocked him, said: “Since you are not convinced, if I am able to accomplish what I said then will you be persuaded?”

“If you can help us raise our cultivation base, we will be happy to throw our lives for you, no objections!” The rank nine Houtian warrior replied

Tuoba Ye nodded: “Very good, everyone, anymore complaints?”


Tuoba Ye thought, and said: “From now on, you are all Tuoba Clan’s retainers, before everything becomes a passing memory, I will now once again give you names, all over again.”

Eight slaves, individually named as Long Yi, Long Er, Long San, Long Si, Long Wu, Long Liu, Long Qi, Long Ba. The most talented four were named as Long Yi, Long Er, Long San, Long Si. The slave who had spoken just before was the most talented, he was named Long Yi.

Who would have thought, later on, the famous eight dragon guards of the Tuoba Clan were slaves bought by Tuoba Ye from the slave market.

“From today, you will be known as the Eight Dragon Guards, Long Yi will be the head of the group.” Tuoba Ye said: “If you are unwilling to accept this name, at the moment, this is no problem. But after you become Xiantian Martial Gods, you must use this name and obey my orders. If you don’t obey…Death!”

Tuoba Ye again went to Xia Yuxuan to request some Jade stones, intending to refine them to Yin talismans to assist the cultivation of the eight dragon guards.

He let the eight dragon guards build eight small rooms at the training house, to be used specifically for peaceful cultivation, an area for cultivating Yuan force.

Every room had a prayer mat, each prayer mat concealed a Yin talisman.

Tuoba Ye feared they would unintentionally leak the information about the talisman, therefore, he didn’t tell them about it.

The eight dragon guards moved quickly, that same day, in the evening, they started cultivating in the practice rooms.

For the sake of raising them to become Xiantian Martial Gods as soon as possible, Tuoba Ye arranged for them to eat and sleep in the practice rooms.

Moreover, both Zhan Meng and Rabbit Master also stayed in the practice rooms.

As for Tuoba Ye, he would cultivate divine Will in evening and to avoid any disturbance, he would return to his own room to continue cultivating. During the day, he, the eight dragon guards and Zhan Meng would cultivate together.

The eight dragon guards, seeing Tuoba Ye’s strength, were all shocked speechless.

Although, their cultivation base still hadn’t broken through to the Xiantian Martial God realm, they believed in Tuoba Ye, and cultivated very hard.

Tuoba Ye didn’t teach them martial skills, instead made them continuously absorb Heaven and Earth’s Yuan qi, so they could, as soon as possible, breakthrough to become Xiantian Martial God experts.

Time was pressing, it was unlikely that Tuoba Wei would easily forget, he was certain to have something up his sleeves.

Three days had gone by, Tuoba Ling hadn’t appeared again, but Tuoba Ye’s heart was restless.

He supervised the eight dragon guards, making them intensify their cultivation, striving for a breakthrough as soon as possible.

The eight dragon guards had personally seen Tuoba Ye lifting twenty thousand jin of spirit iron, so they were very convinced of his strength and did what he said.

Xia Yuxuan was also very concerned regarding the slave’s cultivation matters. Everyday, she would examine the practice rooms and also at the same time, cultivate.

Only, Xia Yuxuan, as the lady of the Central house, had many meddlesome affairs to handle so she didn’t have much time for cultivation.

In a flash, a month passed by, Long Yi, Long Er, Long San and Long Si all broke through. Long Er and Long Si became rank nine Houtian warriors, moreover, Long Yi and Long Er, finally broke through and became rank one Xiantian Martial Gods.

After the breakthrough, they prostrated themselves before Tuoba Ye in admiration, promising to follow him.

Because Tuoba Ye had the advantage of possessing his previous life’s memories, raising a batch of Xiantian Martial Gods was not difficult but raising Lianqi stage cultivators would be extremely difficult.

Thinking to become a cultivator, first of all, one must have Spirit Root. The eight dragon guards didn’t have Spirit Root. Tuoba Ye could refine a Spirit Root talisman, but the materials for it were also not easy to gather.

In his previous life, he spent a fortune and a long period of time, only then did he gather enough materials to refine a Spirit Root talisman.

As for Zhan Meng, he possessed the best quality Spirit Root and his cultivation speed was even faster.

Originally, he had a rank nine Houtian warrior cultivation base, adding his physical strength, he was comparable to a rank one Xiantian Martial God.

Going through the one month of cultivation, Zhan Meng’s cultivation base broke through to rank one Xiantian Martial God realm, moreover the increase in his strength was very big and he also succeeded in cultivating the first form of divine Overlord’s Fist –Overlord Lifting the Cauldron. Now, Zhan Meng’s strength could absolutely rival a rank two Xiantian Martial God.

Zhan Meng was worthy to be called fighting race’s genius. He was an expert in battle and exceedingly brave in fights. Moreover, his defense was extremely strong, his recovery speed was very quick and even if he received heavy injuries, he was capable of recovering much faster than people of the human race. The people of the fighting race were born for the sake of battles, among them, Zhan Meng was the most extraordinary in fights. He alone was capable of fighting the eight dragon guards to a tie, making the eight dragon guards very wary of him.

For the time being, Tuoba Ye hadn’t imparted any cultivation methods to Zhan Meng, only slowly allowing him to build a solid foundation. After that, entering Lianqi stage should be very easy.

Zhan Meng was still very young, entering Lianqi stage, then cultivating cultivation methods would still be quite an accomplishment.

From then onwards, wherever he went, he would bring Zhan Meng. Zhan Meng was a good assistant.

As for Rabbit Master, Tuoba Ye was at his wit’s end, up until now, he still wasn’t clear on which race the Rabbit Master belonged to. The Rabbit Master also was unwilling to talk.

Rabbit Master was very sly, he would disappear as soon as he had food. His appetite was extremely big, one hundred jin sheep was still not enough for him to stop eating.

No wonder the Rabbit Master was so adorable. He was also returned several times, common households could simply not afford him.

Also, what did he do all day? He ate and slept all day, he was even lazier than a pig.

Tuoba Ye, seeing that he could not see through the Rabbit Master, gave up.

Tuoba Ye had also not idled around. In this month, he cultivated his Yuan force till he reached rank three Xiantian Martial God realm. His strength increased again by five thousand jin. He was now capable of lifting, with both his hands  fifty thousand jin of spirit iron. This kind of spiritual force was something he told nobody about. Instead, he secretly experimented by himself.

He always felt that it was currently calm before the storm, his heart somewhat restless, therefore intensifying cultivation to increase his strength.

Only by having enough strength, can one crush any plots the counterpart may devise.

Xia Yuxuan felt her heartache when Tuoba Ye holed himself up in the practice room.

“Little Ye, you are only three years old, making you undertake such heavy responsibilities, your parents are truly sorry.”

“Mother, you must never say that, if there wasn’t you, then how would I be here!”, Tuoba Ye smiled.

Xia Yuxuan showed a gentle smile: “Little Ye, fortunately, there is you!”

“Mother, thank you !”

A loving mother and dutiful son really was a very warm scene.

But the happy atmosphere was broken down by housekeeper Lin, he hastily came in: “Young Mistress, Young Lord, not good…….”


Long –龙 –this character means dragon. The names Yi, Er, San, Si, Wu, Liu, Qi, Ba  mean chinese numbers from 1 –8. So basically Dragon one, dragon two ………dragon eight.

1. third 老三: Here, the third means his third son.


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