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Mythical Tyrant - Chapter 79


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Chapter 79 Follower

Lei Bao and several other deputy leaders' complexion changed, they all wanted to be a leader.

But without discussing with anyone, Jue Wuqing directly promised Jian Yi the position of a leader in the future, they were not too happy with this.

But, they were forced to keep their anger to themselves, Jue Wuqing had absolute authority in the Ten Extremes group.

’’This Ten Extremes group is really willing to spend!’’ Tuoba Ye sighed.

Lei Ting said: ’’Tuoba Ye, if you agree to join the Ten Extremes group, I think your treatment will also not be different from Jian Yi's.’’

’’I am definitely not as good as him because my innate talent is far inferior.’’ Tuoba Ye shook his head.

Unless Tuoba Ye was able to win the championship, there won't be people who would attach importance to him.

He knew that his five harmonious elements trash Spirit Root wouldn't even be given importance in a small sect.

Tuoba Ye wasn't dejected, however. He felt this was still good as he didn't even have a Spirit Root in his previous life, but he had still chosen to walk through the cultivation path. This life, he not only had Spirit Root, but there was also the divine Root concealed in his body, he was very satisfied and had full confidence in himself.

’’Tuoba Ye, I think you are a hypocrite!’’ said Lei Ting.

’’I am telling the truth but you don't believe!’’ Tuoba Ye shook his head and gave a bitter smile.

Jian Yi looked at Jue Wuqing and indifferently said: ’’Many thanks for your good intentions but I don't have any thoughts of joining groups. If I want to join a group, that will be the one I establish myself.’’

He directly refused Jue Wuqing's offer, making the latter's complexion very unsightly.

’’Good! Very good! I will see how strong the group, you established will be.’’ Jue Wuqing said, coldly.

Seeing Jian Yi refuse to join the Ten Extremes group, Jue Wuqing became angry, whereas Lei Bao and others were inwardly very happy, but on the outside, they looked to be extremely angry.

’’Jian Yi, our leader thought highly of you and immediately gave you the position of a deputy leader, you really don't know what's good for you.’’ Lei Bao loudly said.

Jian Yi's tone was cold: ’’Is your Ten Extremes group going to force others to join?’’

Jue Wuqing saw the situation was not good, if this was to be spread out, their Ten Extremes group's reputation would go bad.

He promptly said: ’’Absolutely not. You have full freedom to join the Ten Extremes group or not.’’

’’Then please step aside!’’ Jian Yi was polite on the outside but everyone could see that he didn't put the Ten Extremes group in his eyes, including Jue Wuqing.

Jue Wuqing felt very embarrassed, so he could only step aside.

Jian Yi walked past Jue Wuqing and stopped not far beside Tuoba Ye.

Tuoba Ye naturally didn't believe that Jian Yi was looking for him, but instead was looking for Lei Ting who was beside him. He was baffled, why would Jian Yi look for Lei Ting?

Jian Yi's expression was full of smiles, his smiles showing extreme elegance: ’’Miss Lei Ting, we finally meet again!’’

Lei Ting looked at Jian Yi: ’’Why are you looking for me? We only met once, so we are still strangers.’’

’’Miss Lei Ting, after I met you, your image became imprinted in my mind, so I requested to join Pill Cauldron Sect. After finally being able to join the Pill Cauldron sect, I will be able to accompany miss Lei Ting everywhere.’’ Jian Yi said earnestly.

Tuoba Ye said, smiling: ’’Miss Lei Ting, your charm seems to be very strong!’’

Lei Ting's expression gave off a bitter feeling: ’’Jian Yi, you joined the Pill Cauldron sect by yourself, I have no relation with it. Although I recognize you, we are not familiar.’’

She found it strange herself, she had no relation with Jian Yi so why would he try to follow her?

Moreover, she was secretly taking glances at Tuoba Ye, and seeing Tuoba Ye didn't have any change in expression, she was relieved.

She was very baffled at her sneaky actions, she was not able to explain it.

’’Miss Lei Ting, please let me accompany you, time is long enough for us to come to know each other.’’ said Jian Yi.

Tuoba Ye laughed: ’’Miss Lei Ting, you should agree, Jian Yi is such a remarkable person, you really won't have made a loss if he becomes your attendant.’’

Jian Yi looked at Tuoba Ye only now, there was only Lei Ting in his eyes, before.

’’Tuoba Ye right? You are really a bosom friend!’’ Jian Yi was excited.

The hairs on the back of Tuoba Ye's neck stood up, he said: ’’Sir Jian Yi, I am not familiar with you, so we can't be bosom friends.’’

Inwardly, he said: ’’This Jian Yi looks outstanding and elegant, he isn't a homose*ual, right?’’

Naturally, he didn't speak out his thoughts, otherwise he would have surely offended Jian Yi.

’’Leader Tuoba Ye, I was unable to restrain myself because what you said was completely correct!’’ Jian Yi felt embarrassed.

Tuoba Ye again felt cold, thinking: ’’Is this guy homose*ual? Impossible, he is pursuing Lei Ting, he shouldn't be a homose*ual.’’

He didn't speak anymore, so as to not let Jian Yi speak more nauseating words.

Lei Ting saw Tuoba Ye had suffered a setback, so her mood became much better. But when she looked at Jian Yi, her mood changed to terrible again.

Jian Yi's influence was not small, his innate talent was excellent and he had been scouted by large sects, originally. But due to Lei Ting, he joined the Pill Cauldron sect.

Even though he couldn't refine pills, Pill Cauldron sect wouldn't refuse such an exceptional genius like Jian Yi.

There were a portion of Pill Cauldron sect's disciples who couldn't' refine pills, they were combat disciples. But, those disciples only occupied a small portion.

’’Jian Yi, I will let you accompany me, so long as you win this tournament.’’ Lei Ting pondered and spoke.

Jian Yi immediately became very happy: ’’Really? Too wonderful!’’

He excitedly moved his hands, his hand movements were natural and smooth, stunning several surrounding female disciples. But, as Lei Ting was here, those female disciples didn't dare to make any reckless actions.

’’Speak after winning the tournament, and I am only letting you follow me, don't think too much of it.’’ said Lei Ting.

Jian Yi smiled: ’’I don't dare to think too much, if I could be by your side, watch you every day, I will be satisfied.’’

Lei Ting's complexion darkened. She took a secret glance at Tuoba Ye and relaxed, after seeing Tuoba Ye watch the tournament matches and not getting angry.

She was involuntarily paying attention to Tuoba Ye, this was somewhat strange to her.

She was still young, so she didn't know what was causing this.

Jian Yi was considerably thick-skinned, taking advantage of sitting beside Lei Ting, his pair of eyes didn't leave Lei Ting at all. But his eyes were very clear and had no evil thoughts.

Lei Ting didn't pay attention to Jian Yi, and proceeded to watch the matches.

’’Leader, it seems Jian Yi joined the Pill Cauldron sect only to accompany miss Lei Ting.’’ Lei Bao said, smiling.

Jue Wuqing said deeply: ’’Who can't see that? Moreover, his influence is not small, even miss Lei Ting doesn't dare to excessively offend him.’’

His expression was somewhat unsightly as Jian Yi had offended him just before.

But as the latter's influence was too large, he didn't dare to go find trouble without learning the details.

’’Leader, look! Bi Yuntian is getting on the stage!’’ Yang Bin excitedly said.

Bi Yuntian stood at the tournament platform, his imposing aura was as broad as a mountain.

The opposing opponent was also not bad, a rank nine Xiantian Martial God expert, but as his opponent was Bi Yuntian, he didn't have even a sliver of fighting spirit.

’’Sir Bi Yuntian, I am not your match, so I ask you to be lenient.’’

Immediately admitting defeat was too much loss of face. This rank nine Xiantian Martial God expert wanted to fight for a while, so that he could walk with head held high later on.

’’Admit defeat immediately. Otherwise, I don't know if my attacks will be light or not.’’ Bi Yuntian coldly spoke.

That rank nine Xiantian Martial God's complexion immediately became very unsightly. If Bi Yuntian really made a fierce attack, one move would be enough to defeat him and serious injuries were much more likely.

He hesitated, thinking of whether to concede the match. He would lose all his face if he admitted defeat now, and the situation would be much more embarrassing.

He clenched his teeth and decided to not admit defeat, he really cared about his face.

’’That kid didn't admit defeat, I reckon he will end up in bed for few months.’’ Jue Wuqing laughed.

He was very familiar with Bi Yuntian, so he knew of the latter's ferocity.

Bi Yuntian's fights would often be settled with one move, that one move was enough to seriously injure the opponent.

There was still a large gap between rank nine Xiantian Martial Gods. Bi Yuntian was absolutely at the top of the rank nine Xiantian Martial Gods, the gap between him and his opponent was too large.

’’What leader said is true. Let alone leader Bi Yuntian, even I could easily defeat that kid.’’ Lei Bao spoke.

’’Tuoba Ye, how many moves do you think Bi Yuntian would need to finish the fight?’’ Lei Ting asked.

Jian Yi spoke: ’’If I fought, one attack would be enough to settle the fight.’’

’’It's not your business, why are you speaking up?’’ Lei Ting was dissatisfied.

Seeing as Lei Ting was angered, Jian Yi promptly replied: ’’Yes, yes, I spoke out of turn!’’

Tuoba Ye couldn't help but laugh, when he saw this strange combination: ’’There is no use in asking me this, you need to ask Bi Yuntian himself. He can definitely finish the fight whenever he wants.’’

Lei Ting wanted to make things difficult for Tuoba Ye, but hearing this reply, she couldn't think of anything to speak back.

Jian Yi looked at Tuoba Ye and then looked at Lei Ting, he felt there was something fishy between them.

He was very shrewd, he didn't speak and instead, secretly observed.

Bi Yuntian's match started, he immediately punched out, enormous fist shadows sent his opponent flying out of the platform.

’’Kach!’’ The sounds of bone fractures were very clear and the nearby spectators could clearly hear it.

Bi Yuntian's opponent was seriously injured and was not able to stand up at all. He probably would really be in bed for some time before he could walk.

’’Bi Yuntian! Bi Yuntian! ......’’

Cheering sounds came in wave upon waves, the sound shook the skies and surpassed even Jian Yi's.

Bi Yuntian was the strongest favorite to win the tournament, only Jue Wuqing was barely able to compare to him.

Jue Wuqing was very cold, Bi Yuntian was smart and great, when they were compared, Bi Yuntian was more popular.

Bi Yuntian unrestrainedly waved his hands, he hadn't walked off the platform.

The judge also gave him face and didn't hurry him out.

The cheers continued on for five minutes, Bi Yuntian only then walked slowly off the tournament platform.

Jue Wuqing was extremely angry when he looked at Bi Yuntian: ’’This Bi Yuntian is happily pretending to be elegant, such a hypocrite.’’

’’That's right. When it is time for leader to go on the stage, it will definitely be much more awesome.’’ An expert of the Ten Extremes group flattered.

Jue Wuqing enjoyed this, his complexion became better.

’’Tuoba Ye, what do you think of Bi Yuntian?’’ Lei Ting asked.

Jian Yi's expression immediately changed. Why was Lei Ting always taking the initiative to talk with Tuoba Ye but was indifferent towards him? He had noticed this discrepancy in a short while.

Tuoba Ye felt someone staring at him, he turned around to look and saw Jian Yi staring at him with wide eyes, his eyes were a little red.

He had experiences of two lives, he immediately realized what the problem was.

’’Miss Lei Ting, why don't you ask Sir Jian Yi? There is no use in asking me, I am a new Outer Sect disciple and I don't know much about Bi Yuntian.’’ Tuoba Ye calmly said.


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