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Mythical Tyrant - Chapter 77



Chapter 77 Jian Yi

The Mythic group was rather far away from the tournament area, so when they reached the place, the viewing platforms were already filled with crowds.

However, Lei Ting's influence was very big, so Six Dao group and Ten Extremes group alternated to provides seats for the Mythic group.

Lei Ting smiled: ’’It is really fortunate, we are going to the Ten Extremes group's area today.’’

Tuoba Ye felt somewhat miserable, they would definitely have conflicts with the Ten Extremes group's experts when they go to the latter's area.

Sure enough, when they saw Tuoba Ye and others show up, the Ten Extremes group's experts didn't have a good look.

’’The biggest dark horse has shown up!’’

’’The dark horse will stumble, once it comes across our brother Tian.’’

Tuoba Ye was tranquil in the midst of the sarcastic comments by those Ten Extremes group's experts, he didn't pay any attention to them.

Yang Bin and others, however, couldn't endure it as Shu Haiyang spoke: ’’I remember that on the first day, there was also a 'Brother Tian' at the Six Dao group who had said he would defeat our leader but the result was his elimination.’’

Liang Tian was originally of violent temperament, and when he heard this, he immediately stood up and furiously said: ’’Don't think your speed will gain you victory, you will definitely lose in my hands.’’

’’The betting booths' bankers were correct, they actually didn't open the bettings for our match, is it because the outcome of our match was already determined?’’ Tuoba Ye said doubtfully.

Liang Tian was a bit of a boor, but he heard Tuoba Ye's meaning: ’’Maybe the betting booths' people think I can easily defeat you, so they didn't open the bettings.’’

’’Liang Tian, do you think that is possible? You are similarly famous to Luo Xiao Tian, he was defeated by me but the bankers will think you can win?’’ Tuoba Ye sneered.

’’F*ck, I am going to ask what is going on.’’ Liang Tian felt very miserable.

Yang Bin said: ’’Leader, should we go watch?’’

’’Alright, let's go take a look at what is going on.’’ Tuoba Ye said flatly.

Lei Ting was interested: ’’Hey, you want to hassle the banker, consider me in too!’’

Those that were able to become bankers, their background naturally was not simple. Who would dare to hassle them, probably both the Six Dao group and the Ten Extremes group would not dare do that, they were only going to ask about the situation.

Lei Ting was shouting like this and it made Tuoba Ye's, Liang Tian's and others' complexion change.

Liang Tian promptly said: ’’Miss Lei Ting, don't make such comments, we are only going to inquire and not to hassle.’’

’’If not going to hassle, then I have no interest!’’ Lei Ting's interest was gone.

However, she still followed, intending to watch the show. And if there was an opportunity, she wouldn't mind driving a wedge in between.

Liang Tian found the betting booths' people and asked politely: ’’Hello, I have a little question. Why are the bettings closed in my and Tuoba Ye's match? I am Liang Tian, a member of the Ten Extremes group.’’

The opposite side looked at Liang Tian and didn't dare to offend him as he was a member of the Ten Extremes group, they replied: ’’We are really sorry. Us, subordinates, don't know about this.’’

’’Then I ask you, are the bettings not open because I am too strong and the match's conclusion is already decided?’’ said Liang Tian.

Yang Bin coldly said: ’’Shameless, I have never seen such shamelessness before.’’

Liang Tian's complexion became very unsightly, but he didn't dare to flare-up as Lei Ting was there.

’’Sir Liang Tian, I can't help you. If you want to bet, you can negotiate with the opponent and make private bets.’’

’’This idea is not bad, first round's Luo Xiao Tian lost the Flowing Cloud sword to our leader.’’ Yang Bin smiled: ’’Liang Tian, you dare to bet with our leader?’’

Liang Tian was immediately speechless, he knew Luo Xiao Tian had lost the match and also lost fifteen hundred Yuan Force pills.

However, he thought he could dominate a speed expert and so, his heart was somewhat tempted.

Lei Ting smiled: ’’You want to bet? I can be the witness.’’

’’I don't have any problem but some people might be afraid of losing.’’ Tuoba Ye said calmly.

’’Bet! I was afraid you wouldn't agree!’’ Liang Tian was infuriated.

’’That's good. We will increase the bet by a little, I will bet the previous winnings of fifteen hundred Yuan Force pills and Tiger Beheading blade, altogether around three thousand Yuan Force pills.’’ Tuoba Ye was very happy but he didn't let it show.

’’Liang Tian, you are an old Outer Sect disciple, you should have the capital to match Tuoba Ye's bet, right? You definitely have to accept this bet.’’ said Lei Ting.

Liang Tian was stunned, he wanted to refuse when he saw Tuoba Ye immediately betting three thousand Yuan Force pills, but he couldn't due to Lei Ting's words.

If he refused Tuoba Ye's bet, wouldn't that be admitting he was inferior to a new Outer Sect disciple?

'Can't do anything about it. I can only borrow some Yuan Force pills. I can't take out my Spirit tool as the bet.’’ Liang Tian planned out in his mind. He had over thousand Yuan Force pills on him, he just had to borrow over thousand Yuan Force pills to match the bet.

So, he agreed: ’’Good! I will match your bet!’’

’’It's a deal!’’

The wagers were decided, but it was still not their turns for the match.

Lei Ting smiled: ’’Let's go back to watch the tournament.’’

Liang Tian felt very miserable, he secretly borrowed Yuan Force pills from his group's members, after returning, and quickly gathered three thousand Yuan Force pills.

The tournament had already started, the battles were splendid.

’’Leader, look at the number four tournament platform. That bow and arrow expert is called Jian Yi, he is also this year's new Outer Sect disciple and is the strongest dark horse besides you.’’ said Yang Bin.

Tuoba Ye glanced at the platform and was immediately stunned.

He looked over with his divine Will and everything was clear. He could see the counterpart's cultivation base, Spirit root attribute and also the bone age.

At a glance, he saw Jian Yi was only twelve, with rank nine Xiantian Martial God cultivation base and moreover, single Wind attribute Spirit Root, a top quality innate talent.

Jian Yi looked to be an absolute genius, there were very few people that could compare. But, his attribute didn't match with alchemy requirements, so why would he join the Pill Cauldron sect?

Jian Yi hadn't made any moves, his movement technique was very graceful, it was unpredictable just like the wind.

The opponent had attacked several times but he dodged them all.

Suddenly, Jian Yi made his move, his movements were very fast as he released an arrow, the arrow struck off the opponent's weapon.

His movement technique reached its fastest speed and he floated beside his opponent, he then used his bowstring to choke the opponent's neck.

The opponent's eyes widened, he couldn't believe what was happening.

Jian Yi scored victory, he looked very graceful and elegant, it was simply brilliant!

’’Jian Yi! Jian Yi! I love you! .....’’ A loud frightening voice echoed out.

Jian Yi turned around and saw a large flat-bread face with pockmarks, his face immediately turned pale and he almost threw away the food which he had ate earlier.

Jian Yi's popularity was extremely high, even exceeding Tuoba Ye's.

The main reason was that he was very handsome and his fighting style was very elegant and good-looking, so he naturally received those female disciples' hearts.

There were not many female disciples at the Pill Cauldron sect, but the some that were present were all cheering loudly.

’’Leader, can you compare to Jian Yi?’’ Lei Ting asked.

Tuoba Ye sighed: ’’I am not as good as him!’’

’’Eh?’’ Lei Ting was somewhat stunned.

Tuoba Ye said: ’’I don't have his handsomeness, he can even attract a female dinosaur, he is too valiant!’’

’’Pu!’’ Lei Ting couldn't help smiling.

And immediately afterwards, she laughed loudly: ’’Hahaha.....’’

’’Is it that funny?’’ Tuoba Ye shook his head.

’’If Jian Yi heard it, he would probably vomit blood.’’ said Lei ting.

’’Miss Lei Ting, you know Jian Yi?’’ Tuoba Ye was curious.

Lei Ting indifferently said: ’’I know his name but we are not familiar.’’

Tuoba didn't ask more, since they were not familiar, asking questions would give no results. He also could see that Lei Ting didn't want to talk about Jian Yi.

The tournament was still continuing, but experts like Jian Yi were very few. Tuoba Ye didn't wish to watch anymore, so he closed his eyes to rest.

And when powerful experts went to compete, Yang Bin would remind him.

’’Tuoba Ye, please go to the number six tournament platform!’’ The Jade slip prompted.

Tuoba Ye opened his eyes and then walked with large strides.

Liang Tian didn't want to fall behind as he walked ahead of Tuoba Ye.

Although Liang Tian was only seventeen or eighteen, he looked very robust and was two meters tall, like an iron tower.

Although Tuoba Ye looked to be eleven or twelve, he was only one hundred thirty four centimeter tall, he looked completely like a child behind Liang Tian.

’’Tuoba Ye! Tuoba Ye! ......’’

Tuoba Ye went on the platform, the cheers shook the skies but it was a little less than Jian Yi's.

His present reputation was very high and very notorious as he had proclaimed to win the championship.

Previously, a lot of people doubted Tuoba Ye and thought he was very arrogant, they simply didn't believe he could win the championship.

In the first round, Tuoba Ye met a formidable opponent, Luo Xiao Tian. The latter was a favorite to enter the top twenty, but Tuoba Ye won which showed that he had the strength. They didn't know whether he could win the championship or not but at least, they couldn't say he was arrogant now.

Now, there was another test for Tuoba Ye again, because Liang Tian was a well known figure among the Outer Sect disciples.

Although Liang Tian was similarly powerful as Luo Xiao Tian, some people believed he was more difficult to deal with.

Liang Tian's Yuan Force cultivation base was rank nine Xiantian Martial God, and moreover, he could be said to be half a body refining cultivator.

Although his body refining cultivation base hadn't entered the initial success, he was barely able to enter the body refining first stage - divine Strength Chuxian.

Because he had made some accomplishments in body refining, his fighting strength far surpassed that of rank nine Xiantian Martial God.

Tuoba Ye and Liang Tian walked to the tournament platform, the contrast between them as they stood on the platform was even more strong.

’’Tuoba Ye is so small, I reckon Liang Tian could easily send him flying. Fortunately I didn't wager on Tuoba Ye winning the championship, otherwise I would definitely lose.’’ An Outer Sect disciple sighed.

’’Tuoba Ye seems to be an expert in speed, and his speed is above Leng Yi Dao's and Luo Xiao Tian's, but his strength can't be said to be much. He met an opponent like Liang Tian, I am afraid there is no chance for him to win. There could be a chance at victory if his strength is also similar to Luo Xiao Tian's.’’ Some experts had pretty good insight, their analysis were clear and logical.

’’Speed against strength, who is superior is hard to say.’’

The members of the Ten Extremes group naturally had full confidence in Liang Tian.

’’Liang Tian, throw that kid out of the platform!’’

’’Liang Tian, you must win, show your ferocity to the new disciples, show the ferocity of our Ten Extremes group!’’


Ten Extremes group's members shouted loudly, Yang Bin and others couldn't look at it anymore.

’’Leader is unrivalled! He will defeat that blockhead!’’ Yang Bin and others also shouted loudly.

Both sides were supporting their members but this was also deepening their hatred.

The Ten Extremes group and the Mythic group were glaring at each other, both were extremely hostile.

However, this was the year-end great tournament, who would dare to cause disorder.


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