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Mythical Tyrant - Chapter 76


Chapter 76 Bitter Cultivation of the divine Will

Returning to his residence, Tuoba Ye looked for Lei Ting: ’’Miss Lei Ting, can you tell me what your background is?’’

Tuoba Ye was full of curiosity regarding Lei Ting's identity, so he couldn't help asking.

Lei Ting looked at Tuoba Ye and then smiled: ’’My identity is not that big a secret. I believe you will know if you make some discreet inquiries. However, I don't intend to tell you, unless you tell me one of your secrets.’’

Hearing the first part, Tuoba Ye thought he could learn Lei Ting's identity but hearing the final part, he immediately felt miserable.

In fact, it wouldn't be difficult for him to investigate Lei Ting's background but he didn't make his subordinates do that.

Lei Ting actually wanted to trade secrets with Tuoba Ye, this made Tuoba Ye feel awkward.

’’Miss Lei Ting, you know everything about me, what do you still want to know?’’ Tuoba Ye said, smiling.

’’Let me think ....... I want to know what card you have up your sleeves that guarantees your victory in the tournament? You actually dared to wager everything on yourself.’’ said Lei Ting.

Tuoba Ye shook his head and gave a bitter laugh: ’’I can't say, there is no need for you to tell me your identity.’’

’’So petty! Just wait, I will definitely scoop out all your secrets.’’ Lei Ting said with her head held high. She was precisely a proud little princess and moreover, with belly full of crafty ideas.

Compared to Situ Yu'er's noble elegance, Lei Ting was more wild and was much more craty.

Even Tuoba Ye didn't know why he was comparing Lei Ting with Situ Yu'er.

They were still little girls, and although they had some relation to him, he ought to not have any thoughts of them.

It would take several days for the first round of the tournament to end. Tuoba Ye didn't want to go observe the matches anymore, because he found that the martial skills of those Outer Sect disciples were nothing great.

This couldn't be blamed on them, Tuoba Ye had previous life's memories and had gathered a lot of secret skills. But although he had gathered a lot of secret skills, he neglected them and his martial skills cultivation base was in a mess, he wholeheartedly wanted to concentrate in cultivating to become a true cultivator.

In this life, he had Innate divine Strength which was the best aptitude to cultivate body refining techniques, he naturally wouldn't abandon it. He chose to cultivate the Mythical Nine Transformations. Legend has it that the Mythical Nine Transformations was the strongest body refining technique in all the ten thousand realms of the heaven. Only, no one had ever cultivated it to the state of great perfection.

Tuoba Ye believed he could succeed in this. He chose to cultivate the Mythical Nine Transformations not because of a moment's impulse.

Since the tournament didn't have anything nice to show, Tuoba Ye didn't intend to go watch.

The next day morning, Yang Bin and others were preparing to go watch the tournament. Tuoba Ye said: ’’Yang Bin, go with Miss Lei Ting to watch the match, I believe you will get good seats. Don't cause trouble or you will lose out.’’

’’Leader, you aren't going?’’ asked Lei Ting.

’’I won't go, it will be okay if you go.’’

’’Tuoba Ye, don't you want to look at those powerful opponents' methods?’’ Lei Ting asked, puzzled.

Tuoba Ye said: ’’I am not interested, it would be better to go to seclusion.’’

’’Let it be then, we will go by ourselves.’’ Lei Ting was a little angry but she didn't know why she was angry.

Yang Bin arranged for several experts to guard Tuoba Ye, then he took over hundred Outer Sect disciples and left with Lei Ting.

Tuoba Ye saw Lei Ting had gotten angry, but he couldn't make head or tail out of it.

’’Better to go cultivate in seclusion, the little girl's thoughts can't be seen through.’’

He began his seclusion cultivation, he had been putting all his effort in cultivating divine Will, recently.

He already knew the importance of cultivating the divine Will. Hence, he naturally wanted to accumulate some more divine Will so as to be able to put them to good use.

Tuoba Ye originally wanted to research divine Punishment Jade talisman and divine Root, but his divine Will cultivation was not enough, so he simply couldn't begin his research.

Investigating into the divine Punishment Jade talisman and the divine Root, both needed spending divine Will force.

But, as Tuoba Ye's divine Will's cultivation base was too weak, he was unable to take even a step into understanding the divine Punishment Jade talisman and the divine root, let alone being able to use them. Naturally, it would be very difficult to restore the divine Punishment Jade talisman.

Before leaving the secular world, Tuoba Ye had collected great amounts of Jade stones, for refining talismans.

He was not refining talismans for the purpose of the talismans, but for cultivating the divine Will.

There were already large amounts of talismans accumulated in Tuoba Ye's Cosmos ring as he cultivated the divine Will.

Although, they were all rank one talismans, they could absolutely fetch large profits if they were sold.

However, Tuoba Ye knew he wouldn't be able to preserve his secrets. He even used the talismans very cautiously, let alone selling a large number of them.

Tuoba Ye first set up Qi Concealing arrays, then he took out a big pile of Jade stones, preparing to cultivate the divine Will.

After cultivating the Dao of divine talisman, Tuoba Ye's speed and success rate of refining the talismans, far surpassed that of his previous life. In his previous life, he was an absolute genius at refining talismans, although he was able to only refine rank one talismans, his success rate and speed were number one. Even those talisman great masters were unable to compare.

Wanting to quickly progress the divine Will cultivation, he exhausted it first and then began its cultivation immediately afterwards.

Along with the increase in the divine Will inside Tuoba Ye, the exhaustion of the divine Will became small even after refining a number of talismans, increasing his divine Will cultivation difficulty.

Formerly, he could cultivate the divine Will after refining only a few talismans. Now, he had to refine around tens of talismans before his divine Will was exhausted. Only after exhausting the divine Will, could there be result in its cultivation.

Like this, Tuoba Ye's speed of cultivating divine Will became slow.

Naturally, in the course of refining the talismans, he was also cultivating the divine Will because he was using it to record the talisman arrays.

Otherwise, he would have to use other methods to exhaust the divine Will but they didn't give as good a result as refining the talismans.

Without any better methods, he could only continuously refine every kind of rank one talismans.

Anyway, Jade stones were not expensive, he could just buy more Jade stones and continue to refine the talismans, if their stock got depleted.

Once he became powerful, he could sell these talismans and make great profits.

Hence, Tuoba Ye endured the loneliness and continued to cultivate the divine Will.

He had a feeling that if he cultivated the divine Will to a certain level, he would be able to cultivate the divine talisman physique.

Tuoba Ye staked it all in cultivating the divine talisman physique of the Mythical Nine Transformations.

For several days afterwards, he didn't go observe the match and didn't even go out to eat. If he was hungry, he would just eat a little of the stored rations.

Until, a message appeared on the Jade slip 'Tuoba Ye, second round's opponent - Liang Tian, be on time tomorrow.’’

Tuoba Ye had no choice but to exit his seclusion after this message.

He had reaped a good harvest in the past few days of seclusion. His divine Will had increased by ten percent.

It was very difficult to even take a step further in divine Will cultivation. Being able to increase the divine Will by ten percent in these few days, already made Tuoba Ye wild with joy. The Jade stones which he had brought were almost all used up, the Cosmos ring was also quickly filling up with rank one talismans.

He needed to purchase large amounts of Jade stones before he could continue to cultivate the divine Will.

After Tuoba Ye exited his seclusion, he immediately looked for Yang Bin: ’’Yang Bin, do you know about Liang Tian?’’

Know yourself and know your enemy.

This principle, Tuoba Ye clearly understood better than anyone.

Even if he was very powerful, he wanted to first understand his opponent and then make good preparations.

’’Leader, I know about Liang Tian. He is not simple;he is a member of the Ten Extremes group, his strength is similar to Luo Xiao Tian and is also a favorite to enter the top twenty. However, he is different from Luo Xiao Tian, the latter is strong at speed but he is more specialized in strength. Strength versus speed, it is difficult to say which is stronger and which is inferior.’’ Yang Bin said: ’’Leader, if you defeat him tomorrow, then our Mythic group can be said to have offended the two strongest groups of the Pill Cauldron sect.’’

’’I must win the championship, I will defeat anyone, no matter who it is.’’ Tuoba Ye said indifferently.

The Six Dao group and the Ten Extremes group were very strong but Tuoba Ye was not afraid of them.

If he couldn't even suppress the groups at the Pill Cauldron sect, then how would he speak of returning to the Silver River world.

Shenwu Continent couldn't compare to the Silver River world, it definitely would not be easy for him to return back. He had to continuously increase his strength and still needed to increase the rank of the Shenwu Continent.

Increasing his own strength was closely tied to increasing the Shenwu Continent's rank.

Tuoba Ye had still not begun his journey yet, there was still a long road to walk.

’’Leader, since you defeated Luo Xiao Tian before, there are no bettings opened in your match against Liang Tian. Otherwise, we could have made some profits.’’ Yang Bin said, excitedly.

Although Tuoba Ye had only fought one match, he was able to gain victory and defeat Luo Xiao Tian, this gave a great boost to the Mythic group's reputation.

As a whole, Mythic group's strength was lower than the divine Sea and Heaven's Dream group. But their reputation already surpassed that of the latters.

In the past few days, there were many old Outer Sect disciples who requested to join the Mythic group. Although they were not very strong, they were still stronger than the outer members that joined previously.

Yang Bin had been handling these affairs from the beginning, so he naturally was very excited.

’’Yuan Force pills are a small matter, take a rest, we need to set off early tomorrow.’’ said Tuoba Ye.

’’Leader, don't you want to know the tournament situations these past few days?’’ Yang Bin asked.

’’No need. Just gathering information on some powerful Outer Sect disciples will do, I might look for you, at any time, to know their information.’’ said Tuoba Ye.

’’Leader, don't worry. We will gather as much accurate information as possible, you can ask me at any time.’’ said Yang Bin.

Yang Bin worked very carefully, they collected accurate information of the Outer Sect disciples, step by step;consisting of those peoples' weapons, martial skills and also, their background.

However, it hadn't been long since the Mythic group was established and most of the members were new disciples. So, gathering the information was not easy and needed to be done step by step.

Tuoba Ye also knew this, hence, he didn't demand too much.

Evening, Tuoba Ye cultivated for several hours and then went to rest.

Early next morning, Tuoba Ye saw Lei Ting.

He hadn't seen her for several days, she still didn't have a good look: ’’Leader, you finally showed up.’’

’’Miss Lei Ting, what's the matter?’’ Tuoba Ye asked.

’’Nothing, going to watch the tournament, right?’’ Lei Ting's tone was very cold.

Tuoba Ye heard her tone but he didn't have any ways to deal with it, hence, he pretended to not know.

’’Let's go see the tournament.’’ Tuoba Ye said loudly.

Yang Bin had made very good arrangements, everyday different group of outer members would go watch the tournament, so that there wouldn't be any complaints from the outer members.


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