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Mythical Tyrant - Chapter 74


Chapter 74 Contradictory Heart

The match going on the tournament platforms were less than amazing, there also weren't any especially difficult to deal with Outer Sect disciples.

One expert of the Six Dao group saw Tuoba Ye looking at the matches with keen interest, he couldn't help ridicule: ’’A country bumpkin, what good is there in looking at such matches?’’

’’That's right, if brother Tian went up, he could easily sweep away those people.’’ Another expert said.

Brother Tian was Luo Xiao Tian, a rank nine Xiantian Martial God. He wasn't among the strongest members of the Six Dao group, but he was very powerful and was regarded among rather difficult to deal with rank nine Xiantian Martial Gods. His strength was above Leng Yi Dao's.

Although he wasn't strong enough to be ranked among the top ten in the tournament but his place in the top hundred was secured, unless he ran into some formidable characters.

In particular was the knock-out competition rules, if anyone was knocked-out, they wouldn't have a chance at the rankings. If they could enter the top hundred, then even if they were knocked out they could still get rankings.

Tuoba Ye pretended he didn't hear anything and looked at the matches attentively. Matches were held on all the ten tournament platforms, so his eyes couldn't observe all of them.

But, nothing good could be said about these competitors' martial skills, there were no skills as exquisite as Battle Tyrant Dragon's blade displayed by the competitors.

Cultivation Sects usually didn't emphasize martial skills cultivation, it was more important to progress in Yuan force Cultivation Base and breakthrough to Lianqi realm as soon as possible.

In case one became a Lianqi expert, then they could use Spirit tools and learn some other offensive methods.

Martial skills weren't considered good enough if one could use the cultivator's methods.

Naturally, a body refining cultivator would give importance to martial skills and wouldn't learn spells, normally.

There were no body refining cultivators among these Outer Sect disciples so cultivating martial skills was naturally out of the question. Even if they cultivated some high level martial skills, they wouldn't able to bring out its full potential.

And who would waste time in cultivating martial skills, they would just put more effort in breaking through to Lianqi realm faster.

After becoming Lianqi experts, they could learn spells, increasing their fighting strength rapidly.

After looking for a while, Tuoba Ye felt there was nothing to see so he closed his eyes to rest.

As for Luo Xiao Tian, he just ignored him.

Luo Xiao Tian saw Tuoba Ye simply ignoring him which made him even more gloomy. He also had some status in the Six Dao group, even the leader wouldn't ignore him, but he didn't think that a new Outer Sect disciple would actually ignore him.

’’Tuoba Ye, if you run into me, I will definitely eliminate you. You won't even be able to enter the top hundred, let alone talk of winning the championship.’’

Tuoba Ye smiled: ’’I am really looking forward to it. If we meet in the first round, I will knock you out.’’

He hadn't wanted to argue but he also was not easily bullied. If others were allowed to do what they wanted, they would think the counterpart was too afraid to retaliate.

’’I also look forward to it!’’ said Luo Xiao Tian.

Tuoba Ye didn't speak anymore as he looked at the matches where the results were becoming apparent. There was no use in doing lip-service.

Lei Ting had all along been paying attention to Tuoba Ye, and she wasn't able to see through his temper.

Not only, did Lei Ting like making people suffer, she also liked figuring out others' thoughts, and she was pretty good at it.

But she was still not able to see through Tuoba Ye's character.

’’If you really meet with each other then how about making wagers. Naturally, if you don't meet with each other, the bets will be off.’’ Lei Ting wanted to see chaos.

Lei Ting took a glance at Tuoba Ye and coldly said: ’’I don't dare to be afraid of some people.’’

’’Haha, there still doesn't exist anything that I, Tuoba Ye, don't dare. If I lose, I will give you the Tiger Beheading blade.’’ Tuoba Ye laughed.

’’Good! If I lose, I will give you my rank one Spirit tool, Floating Cloud sword.’’ Luo Xiao Tian said confidently.

The two Spirit tools were both rank one Spirit tools, their prices were also similar, and were sufficient as the wagers.

Lei Ting smiled: ’’I will be the witness, I hope you don't back out on your wagers.’’

Bi Yuntian said: ’’Right, so many people are witnesses, who will dare to back out.’’

Tuoba Ye smiled: ’’Don't worry, I won't go back on my wager.’’

After a while, victories and defeats were decided one after the other, on the tournament platforms.

The Jade slip on Tuoba Ye's hand produced a sound to signal him, and coincidentally, Luo Xiao Tian's Jade slips also produced a sound.

On Tuoba Ye's Jade slip, several characters saying 'number three tournament platform' appeared.

The meaning was very clear, it was Tuoba Ye's turn and moreover, he had to go to the number three tournament platform.

It was also Luo Xiao Tian's turn to go on the stage, there was one in ten chances that he would run across Tuoba Ye.

Many people were hoping they ran into each other, especially Lei Ting. She wanted to see a good show.

Seeing Luo Xiao Tian walk out, Tuoba Ye also took large strides.

When Luo Xiao Tian walked to the number three tournament platform, Tuoba Ye immediately smiled: ’’It seems I will make an unexpected harvest in this round!’’

Seeing Tuoba Ye also enter the number three tournament platform, Luo Xiao Tian smiled: ’’Tuoba Ye, it seems your Tiger Beheading blade will quickly change its owner.’’

’’Yes, your Flowing Cloud sword is not bad, it will exchange for quite a bit of Yuan Force pills.’’ Tuoba Ye said indifferently.

The surrounding spectators started commenting in succession.

’’I didn't expect Tuoba Ye would meet Luo Xiao Tian as his first opponent. It seems we will be able to see a brilliant match.’’

’’Didn't Tuoba Ye say grand words about winning the tournament, it seems his path to the championship won't be easy.’’

’’Luo Xiao Tian! You must win! Luo Xiao Tian! Gain the victory! ......’’ Luo Xiao Tian was a renowned experts and there were many cheering for him.

Yang Bin and others were also cheering for Tuoba Ye but their voices were quickly drowned. There were way too many cheering for Luo Xiao Tian, solely the members of the Six Dao group weren't the numbers they could compare to.

Tuoba Ye didn't care about this as he looked at the judge.

Number three tournament platform's judge was an old man, he was very powerful, Tuoba Ye was unable see through his Cultivation Base.

The old man clearly had no interest in Tuoba Ye and Luo Xiao Tian as he glanced at them, and then he indifferently said: ’’Are you ready?’’



The old man nodded his head: ’’Then let the match begin!’’

Luo Xiao Tian knew Tuoba Ye had defeated Leng Yi Dao before, and so he didn't dare to be careless. He made the first move and moreover, he used his unique move.

’’Flowing Cloud sword technique!’’

Flowing Cloud sword technique was graceful and fast, just like the flowing clouds, and was a move to gain quick victory.

’’Brother Tian is really amazing, his sword techniques are getting more faster, even the sword flashes can't be seen clearly.’’

’’Of course, Flowing Cloud sword technique is unrivalled, there are few that are its match.’’

The Six Dao group's experts were bragging in a very loud voice, they were intentionally doing that to force the Mythic group's members listen to them.

Hearing these people's discussions, Yang bin and others became somewhat worried for Tuoba Ye.

Shu Haiyang said: ’’Leader is very powerful, even Leng Yi Dao was not his match, he should be able to win, right?’’

His tone didn't have the previous confidence. After all, Luo Xiao Tian wasn't an ordinary person, he was an expert of the Six Dao group.

The Six Dao group was the strongest group at the Pill Cauldron sect, they were a little stronger than even the Ten Extremes group. The Six Dao group's experts were naturally not simple, they had formidable strength.

Besides, Shu Haiyang and others had also collected information on some rather formidable Outer Sect disciples, and Luo Xiao Tian was one of them. He was a favorite to enter the top twenty rankings.

Luo Xiao Tian was able to achieve sixteenth ranking in the last year's year-end great tournament. Only, there were more experts this year and some disciples who were not very conspicuous previous years had also popped up, this made Luo Xiao Tian's predicted ranking unable to reach top ten.

Tuoba Ye's first opponent was so strong, this naturally made Yang Bin and others scared and on edge.

’’Leader will definitely win, we need to have faith in him.’’ Yang Bin still chose to believe in Tuoba Ye.

At the tournament platform, Tuoba Ye saw Luo Xiao Tian's sword technique that was full of holes, he really wanted to defeat the latter in a single move.

But, he didn't do that because after he won the Flowing Cloud sword, he still intended to make more bets.

If he showed too much power, he was afraid that in the later matches, either there would be no bets for his matches or the odds rate would become very low.

He didn't want to bet if the odds rate became too low.

So, he was exercising restraint and concealing his strength. Then when he later came across Jue Wuqing or Bi Yuntian, his odds rate would be very high and it would be worth it to make wagers.

With these thoughts in his mind, Tuoba Ye didn't make a move hurriedly, he kept on dodging around and clearly looked to be in a difficult situation.

Luo Xiao Tian's Flowing Cloud sword technique was too fast and Tuoba Ye was cutting out a sorry figure, the outsiders couldn't see any problems with this.

But due to this, Yang Bin and others were getting worried, they were afraid he might lose.

By contrast, the Six Dao group's members were very excited, they continuously cheered for Luo Xiao Tian and also continued their satires and ridicules which annoyed the Mythic group's members.

’’What's going on with Tuoba Ye? He was able to easily defeat Leng Yi Dao and he is also very fast, so he shouldn't be cutting out such a sorry figure!’’ Lei Ting was puzzled.

Lei Ting was curious about this, but Leng Yi Dao was depressed: ’’How come Tuoba Ye is so bad? He defeated me with a single move before and now he is cutting a sorry figure, doesn't this mean that I am far inferior to Luo Xiao Tian?’’

Leng Yi Dao was indeed not as strong as Luo Xiao Tian, but the gap between their strengths wasn't that big.

But now, looking at the situation, the gap between Leng Yi Dao and Luo Xiao Tian looked to be very big, he was naturally feeling uncomfortable.

Frankly, his heart was contradicted;in one aspect, he hoped Tuoba Ye would lose the match because Tuoba Ye had defeated him, so he didn't wish for the latter to win.

But in another aspect, he hoped Tuoba Ye could show more power, better if he defeated Luo Xiao Tian, so that he wouldn't feel too much humiliated and have such contrast with Luo Xiao Tian.

Lu Junfeng saw Leng Yi Dao's complexion was not good, he asked: ’’Brother Leng Yi Dao, what's wrong?’’

’’Nothing, I am somewhat baffled, how can Tuoba Ye be so weak? Did his strength take a backward step?’’ said Leng Yi Dao.

Lu Junfeng sneered: ’’That Tuoba Ye is our enemy, isn't it better if he loses?’’

’’Of course, I hope for him to lose but I hadn't thought he would be this bad.’’ said Leng Yi Dao.

He naturally didn't say his true thoughts as that would make people despise him.

Yuan Yangning suddenly opened his mouth: ’’Tuoba Ye isn't that easy to defeat, I am afraid he is looking for the optimum opportunity to defeat Luo Xiao Tian with a single move.’’

’’Leader is correct, that Tuoba Ye is absolutely not simple. He hasn't made any moves till now and is only dodging.’’ said Lu Junfeng.

Yuan Yangning pondered and said: ’’Lu Junfeng, Leng Yi Dao, you must be careful to not provoke Tuoba Ye in the future. You absolutely are not his match. This kid is not simple, what a pity that he cannot join our divine Punishment group.’’

Seeing Tuoba Ye so young but so strong, Yuan Yangning again gave more importance to him. Only, Tuoba Ye founded the Mythic group so he couldn't join the divine Punishment group.


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